Grab This Invite

Warning…this could be a life-changer.  A purpose finder.  The door to the dream you don’t talk about.

It’s an invitation. It could be the vehicle for putting you on a direct route to your secret wish.  It’s free, 12-15 weeks long and as private as you want it to be.

The Invite: consider registering for the next available FREE “Immunity to Change” course offered by Harvard through Edx.

Want to peek at the course outline HERE?

Where's the Goal.  How do I get there?

Where’s the Goal. How do I get there?

You need one credential:  a sincere desire to achieve or accomplish something that sends zingers up your backbone; a passionate dream that makes you say, “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Whether you want to lose weight or become president of your country, this course progresses your uncovering of blocks and blindspots that have barred you throughout your life.  You’ll gain a clarity that reveals invisible barriers.

They surprise the “hell” out of me.

I’ve done lots of inner work throughout my life.  I’ve been a spiritual seeker from the time I realized there was a Universe.  Nothing has given me the insights I’ve gleaned from this course.  Cleaner definitions for “change, goals and immunity” cleared debris piled up by past assumptions.  I discovered stuff previously invisible to me.  Clarity plucked blocks from my thinking.  It feels like a festering, nagging sliver has been removed.

There is a beckoning, reassuring light at the end of the proverbial tunnel – and all the other tunnels I didn’t know existed.



17 thoughts on “Grab This Invite

  1. Soul Dipper – HEY! How are you old friend? I am so happy to be able to say that I have tucked this away for a rainy day (well after I have moved) because my middle name is change. Last change decided upon? People of my age enjoy living securely. That means living in the suburbs. I left them in 1977 to move to the slums of my city. I met and married my best friend there. We then moved to the nicest part of the city where we have lived for 31 years. Next week we are purchasing an “artists loft” downtown where pretty much only the very young live and moving there. None the less, I do look forward to this piece and have it tucked away – Thank you.

    • Oh boy, Liz, do we ever parallel. In fact, in the midst of friends being so threatened by change, I wondered if I liked it too much. But I love the refreshment that follows the challenges. When someone said they didn’t know where I found the courage to do such-and-such, I was entirely sincere when I responded that I am not sure I have the courage to just stand still.

      My secret & simple philosophy: You can’t turn corners standing still.

      The loft sounds perfect…when you’ve had a go at this course, be sure to let me know how it goes.

      • I will. I will post photos on my blog. You hit upon something important in your answer. I find that people don’t do change because they are afraid to do so … perhaps we find our security in change and thus keep making changes … for fear not to.

  2. Amy, while I am drawn elsewhere, I’m going to share this with a friend who lives near Harvard and was just talking about taking online courses, credit or no. I’m sure this will appeal to her. Mahalo.

    • Thank you for your generous gesture, 10 Evening Flowers. I’m very honoured by your consideration. I’ve had the grand experience of receiving awards over the years and, now – I suggest to kind people like you that the award be given to a new blogger who will find the exposure encouraging.

    • If you register, you will find out if it is too late. Give it a whirl! If they say it is too late, it will be offered again. If it’s possible, register for the next one and they’ll keep you informed…

      Good for you, Becca. I know you’ll put lots into it which means one thing for certain: You’ll get tons out of it.

  3. Aaauugghhh!!! How can do this, that AND the other thing. Oh, but I wanna, so I’m gonna haffta figure it out. Who likes being bored!?!

    • Any work done in your “personal program” puts even more richness into this course. It not only reveals our blindspots – like nothing I’ve experienced – it shows how we nurture and feed them and will do so into perpetuity until we are willing to change them. So…the course will be offered in the future…no frets, Mel.

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