Here we go, Big Bang

The scientists aren’t the only ones making phenomenal discoveries these days.

I’ve just had a Big Bang and expansion is underway.


Evolutionary expansion and creation is exploding with threat to my old, tired universe.  Nothing quiet or gentle about the process – it’s a ride on a burgeoning cloud of fresh, hot newness – a thrust onto a brand new planet in an untested universe.

That’ll teach me for telling my Beloveds I am open to change; for standing before Nature’s awesomeness saying, “Okay!”  The Beloveds know what I’m asking for…a bolt of creativity?  A flash of renewal?  I don’t use words with them.  We connect with a sense or a feeling.  Words diminish and cheapen my heart’s longing.

Is That It?  I'm Sure That's It.

Is That It? I’m Sure That’s It.

You see, Source needs no definition and it responds in no-time.  I wait – alert, open to unearthing the creative core.  I wait to shout, “There it is!  Jump on and ride!”

It’s going to happen. I innocently began this post-Big-Bang expansion by signing up for a Harvard course, “Immunity To Change”.  I thought it would be a great way to get at some pesky blind spots that prevent progress.  Hah!  After the first session, I saw this innocent little ‘course of interest’ was the very vehicle needed for an exciting ride into the unknown.

Thank you, blog buddies/readers/friends.  Your responses have provided flashes of insight.  And most of you apologized for your offering!  You underestimate the value of your observations.  Each of you copped a peek into my soul and made it impossible stop this roar of expansion.  I’ve passed the point where I could say, “Ooops, I’d like to go home now where I feel safe, soppy and sucky.”

Know what I love about doing partnership with Source?  It unfolds the process so naturally and with such a custom fit, it’s hardly noticeable.  The change will suddenly be here.  ‘Gradual’ doesn’t belong to Universal Energy. Humankind invented the word to make mediocrity socially acceptable.

It’s not a mystery that humankind is never satisfied.  We’re made of the same stuff as all other parts of the Universe.  The Universe IS expansion.  No matter what we think or do, we’re expanding.

New Planet?

New Planet?

Streaking onward towards more impact.  If there’s sufficient pause on any new planet, I’ll describe it.

I’ll do anything to help this planet evolve.

17 thoughts on “Here we go, Big Bang

    • There! Just had a “Mel fix”. About time. Our connection is very, very important to me … getting around regularly to my favourite people has turned into a sporadic routine (is that an oxymoron?). Thank goodness posts don’t disintegrate after a couple of weeks! Love to you, Mel. It was such a pleasure catching up with you, Himself and Her Buggliness.

  1. You’re an intrepid soul, Amy. To blast off so publicly.ensures your success, because you are now accountable not only to yourself, but to those who have the pleasure of watching your trajectory.

  2. So exciting. I sometimes resist Change (capital C intended) but It keeps harassing, doesn’t it!? This line: “You see, Source needs no definition and it responds in no-time,” smacked me between the eyes. Good luck on the journey, Amy.

  3. You seem to be rejuvenated Amy, how wonderful! I listened to Charles song, I too have never heard that one, it is beautiful. It is too bad that we all have walls, why can’t we just always let them melt away and always speak truth to each other, I think you are right, it is likely the fear. we are not really living if we don’t take risks with each other and put it all out there. Especially at our age, we are wasting precious time lol.

  4. Dear Amy,

    Great thought and I remain sure you would use the current program as a crucible for initiating changes within your self. To me what brings immunity to change are a set of inner commitments which pull contrarily to my stated goals. So how do I bring forth these inner commitments for review? I have seen this can be done by using certain special types of language.

    I look forward to hearing from you about your experiences and insights in the program.


    • The understanding I’m gleaning from the “Thinking” course certainly brings clarity to my “Change” course, Shakti. Over-thinking and “paralysis of analysis” occur in the absence of realizing how we influence ourselves and how we are so frequently influenced by outside input/factors. (Ironically, subliminal input has been found largely ineffectual.) There are all sorts of other ways that contribute to our not really realizing what we think. Even when we THINK we do.

      That sounds so complex, but I believe you would appreciate Danny Kahneman’s book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. Here’s a video to give you a flavour:

    • Just came from more of the studies…I have had one huge “aha” – I discovered a block that I’ve done a good job of ignoring. Oh-oh…caught myself. Let’s hope it shows in my writing.

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