Most Unique Postcard in the Whole World

Guess who’s grabbing 15 minutes of fame!

Right now!

Because of a postcard.

I’m willing to be challenged.  BUT I believe I’ve just received the World’s Best Valentine’s Angel Postcard:  An angel engraved on metal, signed by the sender – my Italian Artist friend Walter.  It arrived in the mail yesterday.

Walter’s title for the postcard:  The Rose Petal Bed of an Angel

I happened to be at the mail box when the delivery man arrived.  He popped out of his car, “I have something for you and, I confess, all of us at the Post Office thoroughly appreciated it!”

Rose Petal Bed of An Angel - by Walter Comper

Rose Petal Bed of An Angel – by Walter Comper

Walter primarily works as a sculptor and uses all kinds of materials that find their way to him.  He used to boil turkey carcasses until they were entirely clean.  Then he’d put them on the roof to sun dry.  From those white bones, he’d create unique masks decorated with glued sprinklings of semi-precious gem chips supplied to him by a gemologist friend.

Last year, he told me he was creating angel sculptures.  He needed dried rose petals.  I bundled up a good supply from my hoard – of every colour – and mailed them to him.  When asked how he was going to use them, he admitted his plans weren’t complete.  He was more focused on how to use lint collected from friends’ clothes dryers.

On Valentines, this year, Walter phoned to say something was in the mail.  I thought he said a postcard, but he was being vague.  He only explained that the rose petals were a challenge.  They lost colour in the preparation for gluing.

Huh?  I decided to wait for this surprise to arrive.

The Angel arrived in the midst of one of our worst snow storms.  She was exactly what this snow-shoveling, wood worn, cat coddling human needed to ease winter miseries.

Her bed of roses look perfectly fine.  As she settles into those petals, neither yellow nor white petals are apparent, but the varying shades of red suggest their influence.

As I explored each inch of my 4.5″ x 7″ work of art, I discovered Walter’s signature on the left of its lower “frame”.

Then I turned it over and discovered his romantic soul – in both his words and in the title he gave this piece:

The Artist Displays the Sweetness of His Soul

The Artist Displays the Sweetness of His Soul

To the right of his message appears my address, the postage, the cancellation stamp – the whole authentic postcard routine!

Here’s a better look at the title he engraved on the piece.


Are my 15 minutes up?  I really don’t care.  This will stay in my heart for all eternity.

(NOTE:  For those who may be curious:  Yes.  Walter does read Soul Dipper.  With all his creative jam, he sweetly asks, “Where are you going now?”  I have a tough time ignoring him.)

28 thoughts on “Most Unique Postcard in the Whole World

  1. Isn’t our community wonderful? I read about a month ago at “The Task at Hand” how a talented reader had taken the “bur oak” acorns said reader had requested and turned them into a beautiful water color…and now rose petals at your site! Chuckling at your mail carrier’s comment “…all of us at the Post Office thoroughly appreciated it!” Now that is a behind the scene’s location. The temperatures dipped down here over night, and it’s not just the fire keeping me warm. Warm thoughts your way, Amy.

    • Thanks, Georgette – I’ll take a peek at the “Task at Hand” post and see what those bur oak acorns turned into. Yes, I thought about the Postal staff having their coffee break with my Post Card… At least they couldn’t hurt a thing if they spilled a little coffee on it. Weatherwise…well…let’s just say we normally have this kind of weather in late December and it’s lasting too long for our temperate zone. Not to mention our patience!

      Hope all is well with you. I’m dashing into town now – the roads were just ploughed so will visit you. Thanks for coming to Soul Dipper – it keeps me mindful of visiting you. I have to do a thorough cleaning of those to whom I’ve subscribed. The list is overwhelming and therefore distracts me from ones I want to visit – and you are definitely on my “KEEPER” list.

  2. Oh Amy, what a gift of beauty and grace! And he knows your heart, this artist, and the beautiful soul that you are. Fifteen minutes of fame? heck! This 15 minutes is going to go on through your lifetime.

    • Walter and I met nearly 30 years ago in the far North. He now lives in Kimberley, B.C., but is making waves about going back to Italy where he has inherited the family home. I’ll miss his regular phone calls like crazy, but just maybe we can get him “teched” up enough to be comfortable with Skype. Imagine an artist being such a curmudgeon about modern communication…but that’s him!

      Bet you’re not homesick for Canada when you see our weather issues – East and West – this winter. Take special card, sweet Joss.

  3. Awwww….and I thought *I* got a unique, artfully done Valentine’s postcard…sewed up with love, embellished with buttons and beads. My mailman told me it was the most unique thing in his bag that week. LOL. I was afraid to ask for more information. VERY awesome prezzie. I had to click on the photo to admire the etch work.

    • In other words, Mel, it’s time to visit you again! I gather you mean I’ll find it on your site… Isn’t is fabulous when someone actually cares enough to make something to send/give? My sister paints her Christmas cards which I LOVE. It’s part of my Christmas now.

      Hope you are well and have been able to keep mobile through all this wintering.

  4. What an incredible gift, is it flat like a postcard but done on a piece of metal? I am assuming that those are your rose petals, the purplish color, it is a very unique gift, one I am sure created with love, just for you.You are blessed Amy, to have such wonderful friends. Hope all the snow has melted and the guardian angel of your garden will be filled with spring flowers.

    • Yes, flat – etched/engraved on metal. I suspect the roses (the only 3 dimensional aspect) are encased in a clear glue. Whatever – it worked beautifully. Survived the trip and all the handling. You see, it came on its own – not wrapped – just being a postcard.

      Your little rose bush is hopefully enjoying the insulation of our snow and storing lots of moisture for its coming splendour. It’s not very cold out – just at 0 degrees so even my hyacinth and tulips are surviving. So far anyway…

  5. Hi Amy and Walter – how just stunningly beautiful in all its ways .. the actual postcard, the thought processes, the enjoyment from the post office, then your surprise and total appreciation … so heart-warmingly good to read and see … cheers Hilary

    • Walter wrote an email to me a few days ago…he’s not one to comment on blogs. Of the comments everyone has written, he said, “Most kind, thank you it is like getting multiple postcards back…”

      Having friends like Walter contributes to the indescribable wealth uncovered simply by being alive.

      Who knew that writing blogs would bring such rewards, Hillary? Thank you for staying in touch in spite of my spotting contact!

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