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Happy Fourth Blog-iversary for Soul Dipper

A lounge for Homo Spiritus

Am I still a blogger?  Do I still qualify?

Serious questions, but I have a better one to ask you, my adored and thoroughly appreciated readers.

First, an enormous ‘thank you’ to all for quietly encouraging the existence and continuance of Soul Dipper.  At first, you voted by subscribing to Soul Dipper; then through your welcome comments.  It takes time to craft a meaningful comment.  Thank you for reading post after post – most far too long – and for being so encouraging.

In the first couple of years of Soul Dipper’s life, I thought I needed to write posts frequently.  I watched reader numbers steadily grow and cheered over every comment received.  I read more and more blogs in return.

It became obvious I needed to regain a balance in my life.  It’s impossible to read so many blogs every day and continue life a “world with skin on”.  I began adoring bloggers who had the courage to only post every other day.  Or, shockingly, once a week.  Consequently, I reduced my postings.

In the third year, the grip of my blog addiction thinned even more and I began to pick up the neglected reins of life.  I resumed social time and actually talked nose-to-nose with people.  I studied internet courses, took a Justice course through Harvard, did home chores with intent (instead of racing) and returned to my love of reading books.  Physical fitness resumed with a manageable regimen of welcome activity- aquafit, yoga and walking.

In year three, I also created The Soul Dipper Page on Face Book.   It receives more postings (short and easy to read) than the blog – sometimes pithy gems dropped by the Beloved Guides in Meditation and sometimes solid insights from other people.  I invite you visit the Page, give it a “like” and add your wisdom by leaving a comment.

This fourth year has become a successful and welcome compromise between living life and blogging.

Here’s what blogging has taught me so far:

  • Other bloggers are incredibly talented and valued mentors.
  • Comments come mostly from bloggers.
  • Write tight, clear, smooth and succinct.  Oh to be a poet telling stories!
  • Bloggers are generous-hearted experts who give instant gratification exactly when needed.
  • I need to write.  It’s a fix. A couple of my posts created inner apoplexy until I read the comments.  As one seasoned blogger stated, often posts that cause you to hover your cursor hesitantly over PUBLISH for a few minutes before you can dare “click” are the ones that will be most read.
  • The hardest writing to share has been my messages from the Beloveds.  It took courage to share these Guides.  Only my Mother and very intimate friends knew of their presence before the birth of Soul Dipper.
  • I haven’t been burned at the stake.  I’d been encouraged for years to write these messages.  I quit saying, “yah, but…”, and finally began doing as I was asked.  It’s time I did my share.
  • I now have the courage to mention my blog to people when they ask what I’m writing.  In the past, my fear dictated: ‘They’re going to find out I’m weird.’  Thanks to readers who see spiritual depth in the condensed concepts shared by the Beloveds, I’ve grown (a bit more) courage.  I’m beginning to see how much pride I’m packin’!
  • I get signs.  In spite of my whining, the ever patient and forthcoming Beloved Guides continuously nudge and never nag.  They give signs when it’s time to write; as many as I need to sit down and write.  They’re currently dropping more hints about the “feeling” of 2014. They are vibrantly keen.  They are ‘up’ and sizzling with so much Loving force…
  • The Beloveds shine a light for people.  Ones who wanted to understand their life’s Purpose signed up for Intuitive Messaging and have expressed remarkable aftereffects/results.  Their emails fill me with immense gratitude for these Guides. These outcomes have been my courage pills.  (Though I’ve invited each recipient to write a comment under the Intuitive Session tab, only a handful do.  Most are not bloggers and, I suspect, are shy or concerned about privacy.  I forget how scary it was to write my first few comments on other blogs.)

Before I ask for your help, I wanted to share one last unique experience.

Because I wrote about my departed Northern bush pilot friend, Theresa Bond, in posts called Daughter Theresa, her brother found the story on the Internet.  Turns out he was writing a book about her life and was doing his last bit of research.  He wanted to meet in Vancouver, but I was not able to meet on the day he was flying in.  A few weeks ago, I ordered his newly-published book,  Atlin’s Anguish by Brendan Lillis.  Imagine my surprise and delight to find it contained two quotes from Soul Dipper.  It’s an honour to be embedded in a biography of her life.  As I devoured the book, I couldn’t fathom reaching its end.  It was as though she and I were sharing a cup of tea as she filled in so many blanks and informed me of her childhood.

Most important, I was given a piece to a puzzle that has been missing for too many years.  In the book, Brendan shared a secret Theresa had carried to her grave. It validated my belief in my friend’s innocence.  No greater gift for Christmas.

And finally – your help please.  The question to help Soul Dipper greet Year Five:

What do you expect or want to find when you come to Soul Dipper? 

Fly on over to Soul Dipper's Dock.  It's   a Private Dock WITH Public Moorage.

Fly on over to Soul Dipper’s Dock. It’s a Private Dock WITH Public Moorage.

44 thoughts on “♥♥ Who Am I? ♥♥

  1. Difficult question Amy, when I love whatever I find, – and I think i love most, the messages from your Guides. so if I see your name in the impossible list of blogs to read, I go straight to it.
    I am heeding the things you listed and learned in your years of blogging…yes ,I only post once a week now or as the spirit moves me.. never have been an everyday girl !
    Congratulations on your four years of achievement… looking forward to another year with you and your Guides, Love Valerie

    • Your comment means so much. Thanks, Valerie. I am so interested in people’s answers. I’ve been wondering about the blog – partially due to the Evolutionary Consciousness course I took with Barbara Hubbard. I’m asking for guidance and these mysterious Guides simply won’t spit it out. When they’re helping others discover and name their soul’s desire, it’s easy for me to understand. When it’s me, it’s not so clear for me. My ego gets in there and I question…

      I love knowing you are there! here! are!

  2. When I come to your site, I’m like a child opening presents on Christmas…not sure what’s in the box..but I know it was given with love and that is all that counts.

  3. You know what i come to find when i visit? Peace and gentleness. And the support to be strong. This is honestly what I have come to love about visiting here. c

    • Good to know, Cecilia. I go to yours for joy and enthusiasm. I still don’t know how you pack it all in, Girl! But you do it well and share it in such a fabulous manner!

    • Good to know there’s ‘stuff’ here you can use, Granny. Thanks for letting me know. I could make all kinds of assumptions so it’s great that some readers are willing to speak up.

      And I feel love for you, too. Isn’t it amazing how we developed this closeness just through blogging? If we met would we be so shy we’d be speechless? Hah! Fat chance we’d give the world a gift of silence! One day we just may have the chance…

      So I guess this means I’d better not begin to write reports on the mating habits of mosquitoes with epilepsy.

  4. I love the gentleness of your blog and often receive the only few minutes of inner peace a week when I’m reading. I had to cut down my blog to once a week in the end as I seem to spend my waking life on the computer with messages, tweets and reading blogs. You have a beautiful genuineness that allows your words to be a balm and will keep me visiting if not always commenting.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    • When I read your generous comment, David, it makes me think all bloggers need to ask readers this once a year. It’s very helpful to learn how the blog is perceived, experienced and received. Thank you very much and the best of good management with your time. As much as I have cut back, I still spend an inordinate amount of time on my computer, too. So far in retirement, since I haven’t been making car trips, I’ve avoided buying a cell phone. So the computer is my drug of choice.

      • Ha, I’d be scared to ask my readers. I could be off the air in no time flat.I’m forever worried it’s too long, too whingey, too much information or too much anything else.
        xxx Hugs xxx

        • I believe we are our own worst critics, David, which means blogging is helping us to have courage – big thanks to our readership. Yes, people are kind, polite and supportive which is loving. This means we need to look deeper. The type of comments we receive are often a reflection of the meat embedded in our responses to them. It’s great getting the dessert, but I needed to admit it’s not the sustaining part of the experience. I needed to keep my eye on the other indicators. Do subscriptions steadily grow? How much do reader numbers fluctuate? Is the tone of comments changing? How does all this vary with different topics? Lengths? etc. What topics are read by people other than bloggers (i.e. a huge spike in readership)?

          For example, although I was raised in the country, I cannot bear the thought of stampedes – because of the nonsense done with animals. I put together a one paragraph post with a photo of a cowboy asleep on a bale of hay in one of the barns at the Calgary Stampede. In his arms, slept a tiny colt. That hit Japan and the numbers when sky high. That may be good for my ego, but it was a veer away from the theme I want in my blog.

          I receive higher readership numbers with the Guides, but fewer comments. That’s telling me lots. The younger generation in my family love stories about my wise, unconventional mother. Friends speak about the posts with a moral punch. (There’s a good reason why I needed to ask the question!)

          So, David, I wanted to let you know I could not have asked that question before now. I needed time to season and find my place. Perhaps a writer’s is supposed to only write for the good of his/her own soul, but it seems a significant part of my soul is all about Love – in its various forms.

          You, my friend, shine with sincerity in your comments. Happy writing and many blessings for 2014.

  5. Congrats to you on such a long blogging journey, Amy Auntie. It feels great to visit your blogs and read your meaningful words. It’s like soul searching for me. Your posts always brings positivism to blogosphere and I hope you will continue to do so. I always appreciate how you values human characteristics like kindness, peace, purity in soul more than anything else.
    Lastly I wish you a great year a head!! Happy New year!!

    • Thank you, my ever soulful friend. I love the way you pick up the corner of life and peek under it to see what may not be obvious. It seems like a blink of the eye – these four years. As with all parts of my life, I enjoy the experience, and seeing evidence, of evolving, morphing and maturing. I know my theme has to be seasoned with Love. So far the comments confirm that people have been receiving what I hoped would be contained – there for you if you want it.

      This year I wish you all the Love, of the variety your soul needs, and peace – in abundance. May you find a new happiness that is beyond what you would ask for yourself.

  6. Very cool story about the biography of Therese, and your tangible link to it. I think it is those types of things I come to your blog for. Like you, I feel pressure to read more than I have time for and I find myself sometimes skimming or skipping when I get too far behind. But your posts usually lure me in. There’s a curiosity about the world, there’s acceptance about the daily annoyances that we must all bear, there’s honesty and enthusiasm, and hope…those are the things that bring me back. Happy New Year. You must tell us more about the Justice class!

    • Great feedback, Linda, and very helpful seasoning to add to this directional stew pot. Your input means a lot.

      I LOVED my course – it gave great insight into the ways Justice can seem to have slipped off the rails. When the Prof asked us for our perceptions and opinions, I was amazed at the diversity of the kids sitting in the seats of the lecture hall. Harvard students have a profile that many fit, yet their senses of what is just was all over the map – from diehard left brain thinkers to the mystical right brainers. Then we’d throw our thoughts up against the philosophers who introduced the key arguments for justice and it was amazing what could happen. Then the prof would introduce a newer philosophy offered by another influence! It was a wonderful experience of being reminded how important it is to consider other points of view. There were times I did an 180 on an issue. There were times my sense of what is right was exposed as an ineffectual belief system.

      For example, Edward Snowden. I thought I knew the answer clearly when we were asked if Edward Snowden was a traitor. As consequences of his actions were revealed, I saw how extremely detrimental his act could be for certain aspects of the world’s operations. It caused me to reconsider my stand. In the end, I decided the consequences of NOT exposing were more dire.

      Our decisions, however, were not the issue. The exercise was to lay aspects of our thinking alongside key ideologies and philosophies that have impacted the Justice system most. I like knowing the facts, but there were “what if” scenarios that reminded me that what I consider to be a fact may, in fact, be a perception!

      Love critical thinking. Not many in my social circle really want to dialogue critically – so often the talk naturally falls into arguing. This course was a fabulous means of seeing the difference.

      • Wow. That sounds like just the medicine America needs. I mean all of the country, from Congress on down to college professors and factory workers. Every issue here seems to be polarized. Everyone believes THEIR idea is infallible. I love that you had to stand your ideas up against recognized philosophies that have guided our ideas of justice for eons.

        I’ve had really mixed feelings about the Snowdon affair. It seems that we have to trade one form of security for another. If we want to hold our country accountable for keeping us safe from yadayada…(the list is enormous), it seems we must forfeit much of our own personal freedom, including what has always been considered sacrosanct, privacy.

        My other area of complete confusion resides in the GMO issue. I thought I knew what I thought…till I read an article that parsed out what is really known about them compared to what is thought to be known or has been extrapolated from flimsy research. Questions, always questions.

        • It’s a great challenge to really listen! The prof was superb – he could make any of our really nutty questions look brilliant. He’d show us a gem in even the most off-the-cuff comment. There’s another course beginning in March that gives more practice with critical thinking…I’ll see what my time is like then. But Linda, I could see you loving this stuff. Here’s the link to the courses offered by Harvard and other well established universities…FREE! : https://www.edx.org/course-list

          Those of us in the netherlands can pick up the lecture when we have time. Plus we are given the option of whether or not we write the exams. I like being tested – I like knowing if I’m on track.

  7. Dear Amy,

    I cannot say what you have done – and continue to do for me. There is a depth to my gratitude and appreciation that lies beyond words. Needless to say, I love the way your posts encourage me to both think and respond. Your generosity of spirit has always shone through this site and I have felt your companionship as if you were literally walking with me. Please just continue to do what you do. Your insight, the guidance of your dear beloveds and the wonderful community you have built and sustained around you makes me feel you don’t really need to change a thing.

    With love and light xxx

    • Jinkspots, you are another one of the bloggers who grabbed my attention as if we’ve just had an innocuous separation for some inexplicable reason and it was simply time to reconnect. Thanks so much for your comment. The time will come when you’ll want to tell your story. It’ll be a time when it can no longer stay within the bounds of your heart and soul – and apparently it will be for a very good reason. I see myself jumping for joy, making a complete fool of myself though thousands of kms away. So you see, my friend, it is largely for this reason that I have to be so rigorous about fitness, yoga, hiking, etc. That jump has to come so I must stay in shape!

      Seriously, your depth is so worth the wait. Love to your gorgeous wee family, Jinkspots.

  8. And you gotta know that what I get from here is pretty much the other end of the spectrum *laughing*… go figure! But it’s received in love, regardless. So maybe it’s not as opposite as I think.
    I come back because I know I’m suppose to?
    That being said: I get stretched, challenged, and disturbed when I land here. Oft times I have to read, leave,come back to read again and then leave a comment. I’d like to acknowledge the gentleness that others speak to, it is prominent in word and feel. That comes with the ruffling of feathers that you do so well (which you try ruffle on some occasions…and try not to on others…). Some times I wanna bask in that gentleness, but I know full well there’s a push, a poke, a jab that’s gonna come with it. LOL. I adore how the messages get handed to me here. And I KNOW they’re coming. It doesn’t matter if it’s a family tale or a jaunt down the trail or the Guides coming front and center…. I’m gonna get poked with something.
    That’s a good thing. LOL. People like me NEED that sorta deal.

    I was blown away by the book ordeal, as you must have been. And I laughed as I read about the critical thinking vs arguing class. I do so love starting at one place and landing at another . I took note of all sorts of classes last time I was there….and then let a bunch of noise distract me. LOL. Poke, nudge!! See how that works?!

  9. I love to read your blogs whenever I can get a chance and when I do, it’s like I am drawn to them and there is a message, lesson, or an insight that I need. I have been quite emotional when I read your blogs and messages from your beloved guides, perhaps because I have been more emotional in these last couple of years than I have been in my entire life. You write beautifully, Amy. I can see the love that flows through your guides into you and your work. You are full of love and life. You don’t need to consciously do anything Amy, you are at the right place at the right time with your beloved guides encouraging and believing in you. Happy 5th Blogaversary. You truly have a remarkable gift and I want to thank you and your beloved guides again for your love and reassurance that you had shown me when I was in such despair after losing my son Darren. It has also strengthened my belief in our spirit guides who help us on our journey throughout our lives here on earth. Your are a very loving, gentle soul Amy and we all love you just as you are.
    Much love

    • Cindy, I hope you see how you are the person you describe me to be! It’s true. Why else would you notice them about me? And I would add to that your courage. You faced a life without your son courageously and kept your family fueled by your example. I remember how much your Guides wanted you to know and trust the all encompassing Love experienced by Darren. How vibrant and determined your Guides were…I believe we talked about it. They were a tumbling-bear-cub-delight. I wanted to say “Slow down! Your vibrations are tickling my brain.” I was thrilled to hear Darren was just like that! It made such sense. These Guides do these remarkable things – like that – to give us exactly what we need. It’s like they say, “See? We’re here. And this is the way we show our Love for you.”

      For 2014, may you be blessed with even more of the acceptance and Love those Guides were so determined to wrap all around you – securely. Big hug to Kirk, please. I keep an eye on both of you on FB. Thank you so much for commenting here, Cindy.

  10. I always enjoy Souldipper when your guides are involved, but too I love when your stories from the past deliver us a message. I come back because I met you and so enjoyed our short time together, it is your wonderful heart and graciousness that I remember. I think you should post as often as you feel led to do so, I only read 4 blogs and that takes time, more I can see would be very time consuming. A balance in everything in life is always good.

    • Thank you, Dee. And thanks for being so diligent in both friendship and readership! Much appreciated.

      I’m finding the responses very helpful. When I put the question to the Guides, their response is always that it’s my choice. They are determined to not mess with my/our self-will. And would any aspect of existence so very associated with the Divine, i.e. the Guides, have the nature to cry out “Share our stuff!”? I’m often given tastes of their “humour”, but certainly not in that vein.

  11. What do I expect from Soul Dipper? I expect to fid a post that’s worth reading. Sure, some people post on their blog every day but only a few (that I’ve read) actually have anything worth saying. Yes, it is more important to get out there and LIVE your life and if you only share a few snippets of that life with your readers, that’s just fine because they will be worthwhile snippets in all probability. Wishing you well in all you undertake in 2014 Amy.

    • Thanks, Christine, for the encouraging and validating remarks. Yes, I find it interesting how some writers can take daily subject matter and use methodologies to keep readers coming back with meaty commentary and responses. With all our different “missions” for sharing the written word, we represent our fascinating world. On blogs, we can dip in those worlds without going through the expense and fuss of airports, finding funds to buy tickets or standing in a line-up for seats.

      I love the peaceful, natural, weather-dramatic, well-written world you share from Skye.

  12. The messages from your guides guided me hear in the beginning. I love the way that you weave spirituality into the ordinary. More please 🙂 Congratulations on 4 years.

    • Thanks, Tammy. I really appreciate your comment and your taking time to plant one here. You are a weaver, as well. I respect what I learn about you on Agrigirl as well as on Face Book. I see such a diligent mom who exercised care in having and keeping such a healthy family. This is so key to IT ALL. And I know you understand what I’m saying. Big hug to you.

  13. Congratulations, Amy, on your four years of successful blogging! I love reading your posts, and although I don’t always comment, I always find a spiritual gem or an answer to a pressing question, or a different way of looking at life. Your writings seem to be in synch with my feelings and have helped me enormously, and has contributed to my growth. I love the variety of your subject matter too, and your honest sharing which reveals different aspects of who you are. Over the last year I’ve struggled to keep up with all the blogs that I follow and with writing regular posts of my own ~ so Becca’s take on your ‘Occupy Blogosphere’ movement has kept me going. I’m starting to come out of the fog now, writing and commenting a more but also being mindful of my limits. But I’ll always find time an energy to read a post that you’ve authored, dear friend. I know there will be so many blessings in it and for that I thank you! 🙂

    • I’m happy that Becca saw fit to continue and maintain the Occupy Blogosphere – especially since it ended up being one of your “doors”. I used to marvel over your contributions – I adore what you write and have to remember to pop over for visits. Your blog is one of my favourite reads – for a few reasons. You write well, you share your depth and marvelous insights, your creativity and you live on an island with a modicum of simplicity! A kindred soul.

      Thanks for your comment. It helps the momentum to continue… Much love to you and the artist!

  14. Amy, let me offer a belated congratulations on your blogging anniversary! I’ve been taking some time off, away from my own blog, and from reading the blogs I subscribe to…spending several weeks with family, and then playing catch up with my daily life demands. I know and completely appreciate the journey you chronicle with regard to your commitment to blogging. I have found some wonderful digital kindred spirits through this avenue, and I have no plan to give up my spot in my little community. The challenge, as you describe it so well, is integrating the digital world with the “real” everyday world. I think I’m finding some peace with gaps in writing, recognizing that it is better to have a gap in posting than to post something just to be consistent. I enjoy catching up with blog reading when I can, and always feel reconnected to friends, especially my friends, who, like me, live on an island! As always, good to know I’m not alone in this struggle for balance and authentic living!

    Happy 2014, and thank you for sharing! ~ Sheila

    • From what I can determine, blogging is generally a lot of hot and frantic action for the first while with a later gentle slowing to a more reasonable pattern. I used to say to myself, ‘but I don’t phone and chat with friends every day. We connect with purpose and reason.’

      So unless I was reporting on some critically interesting event (which my life is not) there’s no need for a daily blog. I don’t even write on FB daily.

      Here’s to balance, Sheila. You have enough blogs to keep you from feeling lonely up there on your island – and same with me. Yet I agree wholeheartedly…let’s keep our place in the Blogosphere. Be darned if I’m going to give up my blog buddies.

      Besides, to not write and publish occasionally is to wither!

      Keep warm and thanks for being a writer.

  15. Hello there 🙂 I can honestly say I have absolutely no expectations on what to find here, as I’ve just returned to blogging myself after almost 2 years. I came here to visit through a comment you left on one of my last posts…a post about addictive blogging and the need to step away. LOL How fun it was to read this and nod my head and get all that you were saying, immediately, even with so much time passed under the blog bridge. I’m looking forward to whatever you write. xo

  16. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
    Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do
    it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and
    would like to find out where u got this from.


    • Thank you for the appreciation. If you Google “WordPress.com”, you’ll see the selection of themes available – for free. There are themes for sale as well, but if you choose a basic one, you’ll find you’re free to use your own photos, ideas, etc.

      Welcome to blogging. Soon you’ll find you have friends around this gorgeous globe we inhabit.

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