2014 – From The Guides

With thanks for your presence throughout 2013, Beloved Guides, may we ask you about 2014?

We appreciate your request.  Thank you for all opportunities to be of service.  As transformation and dimensional energies continue to increase, individuals will be especially mindful about being non-judgemental.  They will work at shifting from judgement to discernment.

Judgmental action is often justified in the name of safety.  However, it is discernment that will provide safety; not judgement. 

What is the difference?

Judgement is always accompanied by a significant emotion – usually negative; fear, jealousy, anger, envy, etc.  Discernment, on the other hand, is fact-gathering to prepare a decision.  Instantaneous or methodical, discerning fact-finding will be done with purpose.   

Judgement is an emotional reaction and is accompanied by a desire for some form of retaliation.  Gossip is judgement.  It means character assassination.  It is a form of soul murder.  It denigrates the subject with no elevation of the one gossiping.  It destroys unity for all – including the listeners who will be affected thereafter, even if the information is incorrect.  Unity, the bloom of Love, remains altered with unspoken undertones and responses.  The one who has been assassinated thereafter lives with a silent sense of gnawing unknowing in the midst of unjust fragmentation and distance.  Discerning individuals choose not to live with such self-imposed burdens.

Does the same apply when countries judge one another?

A cargo of neighbouring souls

A cargo of neighbouring souls

People, countries, corporations, teams…it’s the same.  Leaders of countries judge to justify the expense of retaliation.  Or, the unnecessary loss of lives or resultant immorality.  Presidents of corporations judge competition to honour their god of profit.  Some justify judgement in the name of safety. 

Neither fighting nor war secure safety. It is impossible to fight for peace. Nations claiming peace as justification for battle are actually asserting their belief systems on another.  No nation is without need to revisit belief systems.  There are many outmoded belief systems no longer capable of serving the highest good for sustaining life with honour and balance on your planetary home.

Leaders who discern instead of judge will look to other means for peaceable solutions. 

There will be more evidence of leaders willing to discern means for cooperation and peace.  More and more individuals understand the need to sustain your planetary home.  You are experiencing evidence of the force of nature.  One nation’s negative action, non-action or carelessness affects all nations more and more. Nature is no respecter of borders. As Divine awareness continues to grow and flourish amongst the mindful, voices of reason will break the silence of ignorance and injustice.

More leaders with virtuous intent will be encouraged by the evolutionary growth of populations to take courage and act with discernment.

Economic and political processes will become more and more integrative – such as continued efforts to secure a healthy, balanced and just world economy.  Evolving and more vocal people will continue to focus on, and request loyalty to, the justice contained in Love and peace.

On an individual level, encouragement is offered to continue meditating.  Practice discernment by first recognizing the emotion behind each judgment.  Determine what causes the emotion.  To understand who you are, identify those fragmented aspects of yourself.  Reach out to those fragments and Love them back into your wholeness.  Identification comes through noticing strong feelings and reactions to situations or words and determining the cause.  It’s important to see the cause, but it is not necessary to continue living its hold on you.  Bring that threatened part of you into the Light, embrace it and Love it back into your Divine Wholeness.  

Ceasing times of being judgmental creates relational harmony.  Each of you know the difficulty of successfully creating change in oneself.  With purpose comes motivation.

Like breath, Divinity can only be received by oneself.  No amount of judgement would allow you to breathe for another.  Live your own Divinity to initialize the impact it will have on another.  Others breathe in when and how their Divinity is needed.  While judgement pollutes, discernment supports with space and clean air.

Discern with abundance

Discern with abundance

Thank you for practicing evolutionary consciousness and for calling on the Divine within yourselves and each other.  Honour that Divinity.  Like voices joined in harmony, focus on elevating the beauty of others.

We encourage continued meditation. If you knew the desire and capability of the corporation of Divine Beings – ever at the ready, willing to serve – you would visit the quietness of your soul with frequency. 

Thanks again, Beloveds, for all your patience, help and Loving service in 2013.  We look forward to an even more evolved relationship in 2014.  I ask for Divine Blessings for all. 

And so it is.  All God’s blessing unto you. 

16 thoughts on “2014 – From The Guides

    • I thought there would be a comment about the “motive” behind either judging or discerning. Perhaps in the interest of brevity… I’ve certainly had to take the guidance of a wise mentor about minding my own business and not try to justify it. “Don’t hide a negative motive behind a positive one.”

      I also wondered if the theme of “self-healing” would be mentioned. According to previous messaging, the realization of self-healing will supposedly become more accepted and practiced with significant results. To me, Victoria, this is “tuning in more with Christos Spiritus”.

  1. Loved this post Amy – so affirming… The Desert Fathers used the word discernment as their the highest spiritual attainment- it enabled them to live their lives, as you say, without judgement, and with common sense, following the middle way…
    And yes, to self healing… though I think many people don’t know how or where to start!
    Thank you for your lovely posts Amy, and I look forward to more wonderful messages from beyond the veil this coming year…
    love Valerie

    • Love to you, Valerie. If one wish was available to me, I’d certainly consider asking for time with Rumi or someone he recommended. I realize, beyond doubt, I would run the risk of not understanding. You know I’m not talking about language.

      I’m working on my morphing skills. It’s certainly happening slowly. Hopefully they will reveal themselves on the blog.

  2. Discernment is God’s call to intercession, never to fault finding. We should not worry about what is past, or be anxious for the future, those who wait for discernment deal only with the present moment. We must trust that at any given moment we are where God intends us to be. Happy New Year, hope it is wonderful.

  3. Thank you for your beautiful message, Amy and Guides. Here’s to a super special 2014 for us all, threaded throughout with frequent visits to “the quietness of our souls” – love that 🙂 xo

    • Kim – I hope your 2014 is packed with robust realizations of your hopes and dreams. It has to be robust for you…otherwise it wouldn’t be fueling that love-filled heart of yours. Big hug to you!

  4. Thank you Amy and Guides. Just as I was confused between “letting go” and “giving up”, judgment and discernment can be confusing. This helped clarify the terms for me. Taking the personal “charge out of the situation or taking “me” out of the center helps when trying to see a situation or a person evoking that all too familiar emotional response.

    • Good point, Lorna. Detachment is another act that can be confusing. It is NOT severing. More like, offering healthy space for the person to see themselves. (A kind version of “mind your own business” or “let them live their own consequences”.) It frees everyone. About keeping the “me” in check, The Guides remind often of the difference between being centered-on-self and being self-centered. The difference is embedded in the purpose or motive for observing self. Delicately holds a world, I find. Hope you have lots of good stuff in store for 2014, wise woman.

  5. “focus on elevating the beauty of others”
    There’s the bit that grabbed my attention.
    Oh, it’s not that I didn’t hear the rest of it. I’ve had that awareness brought to me many times by many messengers. And I don’t do it perfectly by any means. Definitely MORE practice!
    And less of me, more of others is always a good thing…..which is why whining and getting on with it is such a necessary deal for me. LOL
    Blessed New Years to you!

  6. I read this when you first published it, Amy ~ at a time when I was struggling with my own judgemental attitude about a family situation. It surprised me and made me feel unwell, to be so bitter about the actions of my loved ones and I was questioning my reaction, trying to make sense of it. Then notification of this post arrived in my inbox and, as I read the words of your beloved guides, I began to see the situation more clearly and to let go of my critical attitude. ‘While judgement pollutes, discernment supports with space and clean air’ ~ these words struck me and I felt a jolt of recognition, it is how I wish to be. Thank you for sharing the gentle advice of your guides, dear friend, they have helped me, once again! 🙂

    • Jacqueline, this makes me so happy. Please recognize this means your eyes, heart and mind are open to receiving. I wonder how many of us read messages like these and keep our minds on ourselves. So well done! I hope you have peace.

      Sharing messages from these Guides is always a growth experience for me, too. Looking at the quote you included just brought me up sharp. Today, a friend and I have been judging another friend – in the name of being loving and concerned. Balderdash! We’re putting our noses where they have no business. Our only job is to love this friend, period!

      When I admit my defects, the Guides sometimes lay on their sense of humour. It’s delightful. I wonder at times – are Guides supposed to tease, cajole and be funny? Well, I’ll take the nudges! Who wants boring, dry, skunk-serious Guides? I can find that readily in enough beings with skin on!

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