What About Your Black Holes?

I’ve hit my Refresh Button.  It’s not the first time, but this one’s different.  I’ve been talking to friends about it.  Their responses have amazed me:

“Yah, I’ve been letting go of a lot of stuff that once seemed so important.”

“I’ve had to cull ‘takers’ from my world and it’s not easy because some have been a big part of my life.”

“Toxic people and situations!  Don’t need ’em.  Don’t want ’em. Won’t have ’em.”

“I … don’t spend any energy on people who aren’t cordial.”

“I’m ‘hearted-out’.  To much vent, not enough action.”

Does this mean we are becoming less Loving?  Putting our noses in the air?  Being judgmental instead of discerning?

Turns out we want to live healthier.  We’ve claimed our Refresh Button and put ourselves on ‘pause’ to take a good look around.  We’re checking out where and how much we can give.  It’s not about stopping.

A talk given by an Astronomer, Dr. John Hutchings, provided an “aha moment”.  He’s the Leader for the team of Canadian scientists who built the

camera for the James Watt Space Telescope.  The JWS Telescope will replace the Hubble in 2018.  He was explaining the advanced capabilities of this camera and talked about black holes.

“What’s inside them?” I asked.

“We don’t know.  Currently we see nothing.”

“Do you have any clue as to their purpose?”

“We suspect they are the Universe’s garbage dumps.”

“Is it possible they invert themselves, implode and contribute to Universal growth?”

“They do nothing for expansion,” he said.

“How is the Universe expanding?”

“That’s exactly what we are trying to figure out.”

“So would your camera in the new JWS Telescope be able to photograph what’s inside the black holes?”

“Instead of focusing on black holes, time and money will be spent on studying the material that holds substance and meaningful information.”


Life presents its own telescope and reveals our black holes.  At different times, we need to pause and decide:  Are we looking at the nothingness of a black hole or at nothingness pregnant with discovery and potential growth?

Expansion, distance, clarity and growth.

Expansion, distance, clarity and growth.

A pause provides the refreshment needed to invigorate, rejuvenate and renew ourselves.  It powers the restoration of freshness, vitality and energy.  It replenishes the Love we need for serving our Purpose.

We may decide to keep some black holes and, by doing it knowingly, we know the distance and protection we need.

As with the Universe, looking into our black holes can mean a period of chaos.

However, it’s not ours and it won’t expand.

31 thoughts on “What About Your Black Holes?

    • It certainly seems to be a theme in the lives of many of us, Sherry. The people who I’ve shared this with responded as if a valve had opened. Golly, what are we doing to ourselves??

      Maybe all this connectedness is taking its toll.

  1. One of the best ways to let go of those black holes is to care about one another. Wouldn’t it be a great world if we could be more connected in peace and love. One of the Duck Dynasty guys said it for me, it’s all about loving God and one another.

    • Yes, Dee, and discerning where our Love is serving Purpose, and not ‘enabling’, comes through the pauses that allow Divinity to get through to us.

      Though it seems too simple, the incredible power of prayer and meditation is such a humble way to give a most sincere form of Love. Anonymously and unconditionally. It’s easy to be blinded by the belief that “the-all-powerful-I” knows the right way to be loving.

      I understand your Christian ethic, Dee. I was raised in it. I’ve studied, observed, assessed and lived what has been taught. I see its goodness, but I also know of its self-righteousness, holes and defects. Poor Jesus still has to pass through many egos.

      ( EDIT: Don’t ask me how those italics got in there. They certainly are not intentional.)

  2. Yes, I’ve been peering into black holes lately too Amy and working my way through the chaos. Having set some loving boundaries, I’m now in pause mode ~ it’s a huge relief. And it’s good to know that others are going through similar changes too. Thank you for a brilliant post, my friend! 🙂

    • Jacqueline, I can’t believe we aren’t able to “pop around for a cuppa” when I’m bursting to share something with you. I’ve just emailed you an excerpt from Caroline Myss that I hope will give you as much comfort as it did me. She describes this path so well…

  3. OH yes, Amy… I’ve had to ‘ divorce ‘ some toxic family members who’ve bombarded me with vicious e-mails since I began blogging, and it’s so wonderful to feel free, innocent, and unfearful again. Loving is one thing, and setting boundaries is another! I feel that by setting boundaries we’re not being unloving to others, but being loving to ourselves -” if not me – who ?” etc….
    I ‘ve read recently and also many years ago, that black holes are entrances to other parallel universes and other dimensions… an idea which appeals to me !!!. ,

    • Yes, Valerie, you and I have seen where scientists have had to retract adamant positions and statements. I have a suspicion those black holes are functioning more profoundly than simply as garbage dumps. Hope they find out before I have to check it out for myself.

      Yes to getting those boundaries into position. We can waste a lot of time waiting for someone else to step up to the plate. We better know how to lay claim to the borders of our tolerance lest we face being eaten up by those who seem to know more and better.

      Good grief, did I do this to my parents? I did have to learn to stop bringing gadgets to them to make their life easier!

  4. I tend to dismiss troublesome people, especially now that I’m not forced to work side-by-side with them. But there are those people in my life who may seem like a lot of work, and yet I feel a bit responsible for engaging with them. Sometimes people are difficult because they are lonely, in pain, or unfulfilled. By ignoring them, I would be contributing to their misery.

    I like the way you put it: “We may decide to keep some black holes and, by doing it knowingly, we know the distance and protection we need.”

    • Sometimes it takes a number of bumps and bruises to gain the ability to foresee the black holes. Know what I’ve found, Linda? I’ve been the “bad guy” when I’ve spotted one and kept it at arm’s length when others haven’t seen the signs. Then, after those critics have so gallantly marched into one and found they have to disentangle, they tell me all about it as if it’s news to me! Much to my chagrin, when I hear the why-me’s – I don’t stop myself from spitting out a camouflaged, but unwelcome form of “I told you so”.

  5. For me, the trick is knowing what LOVE isn’t. Heck, I was one of those ‘toxic’ kinda folks–and good at finding company to use along the way. Someone wisened enough was plopped in front of me to help learn when everyone else said I was a lost cause and would never DO or BE different.
    I grew and grew and I grew again. And I suspect I’ll keep growing and get even more talented in the loving department. LOL I’m clearly not ‘arrived’, but I’ve grown enough to recognize when I’m letting myself be in a position that’s not aligned with my purpose and I’m in need of rethinking my purpose in a that relationship. I’m also very clear when I’m not ‘safe’ — which, for me, is a whole different ball of wax. Even still, I’ve not divorced myself from a relationship for a good number of years. That’s not to say others have not divorced me. LOL
    Bit like the astronomer, I know the black holes are there and I respect and love their anomaly–they are what they are today and I don’t have the answer….but I don’t have not pretend they don’t exist and turn my telescope the other direction. I can invest more of my energy in other places and wait and watch and still appreciate and love the anomaly. And wait and watch and maybe, just maybe there’ll be a cosmic intervention that alters and gives me a window of opportunity. I don’t wanna miss opportunities that pop up as the Big Guy works His magic, yaknow?
    LOL Yep–I’m STILL wordy! I’ll work on that! 😉

    • Thank goodness I ran into the serenity prayer. It works wonders in situations like these – Acceptance, Courage and Wisdom. Giving those a good stir in my soul usually gives the clarity needed.

      I’ve been T.T.-ing you, Mel, including wrapping you in green for direct healing on your whole leg’s bone, noxema-bottle-blue for comfort and gold for over-all health and well-being.

      I love your comments so don’t worry about wordiness…please just be you!

  6. The Universe seems to be inviting many of us to “let go” of something or someone that seems so important…I’m dealing with a similar situation only I didn’t choose mine. My work right now is acceptance. I find the study of astronomy to be such an experience, replete with metaphoric possibility. BTW, you didn’t really expect me to stay away. I will try, once again, to subscribe. I think the problem is I’ve never really taken time to study all the ins and outs of WordPress. As we prepare here to celebrate Thanksgiving, I include you in my “grateful for” list. :0)

    • Acceptance is mine right now, as well, Victoria. The changes that are occurring are surprising – with things I thought I’d be involved with til the end of my days. Apparently not. Change doesn’t disturb me, but it would be helpful if I knew what the replacements are to be. I keep hearing the message, “you don’t have to know”, which I remember for…well, maybe a day and a half!

  7. I find it very helpful and comforting to shift my view up to the macro then down to the micro and back again, as you do here Amy. It helps to remind the Ego that it is NOT at the top of the tree and reminds me of how miraculous it is that we are even here at all.

    I love astronomy! I think a black hole is a universal belly button. It’s a portal to another dimension. Scientists are funny (in a nice way!) because they can easily overlook things they already believe to be true ie if they can accept the mathematical notion of ‘infinity’ how can they ever say “Never”?! And how anyone can give a definitive answer about what a black hole does and does not do is almost laughable, don’t you think? If these scientists were microscopic and came across my belly button at the age I am now, would they say it was for expansion or contraction? At this midpoint of my ‘life’ I am slowly withering up (sadly true!) yet ‘all of me’ came through this portal which then, in turn, turned itself inside out and brought forth another when I had my son. I see expansion and contraction going on here, depending on where you are when you view it and where the ‘being’ is when it is viewed.

    As with everything else in life, it’s all about perspective.

    Thank you Amy. May your current period of shedding be painless and purposeful x

    • You and I very likely share one fundamental fact – everything has purpose. Scientists need to stay curious or suspicious if they are to discover purpose and/or composition, but it seems the dear souls have to stay ‘properly’ mum until anything can be proven. I’d be hopeless about keeping everything to myself. But then I’m hopeless about waiting until the “day” to give someone their gift. I don’t even try to remember to whom I’ve said, “this is your Christmas present” over the past year.

      So many people are doing this shedding that I think I’ve found the purpose of black holes! 😀

    • Hope you’re studying the one I’m in right now. “Write” now. I thought it was writer’s block, but it must be a black hole. If you can see me, Tammy, throw me a rope, Cowgirl! 😀

    • Hey, Lidi! I must get back to writing. Have been diverting with studies, intuitive sessions and socializing. All good, but I miss my blogging world. And I especially miss you. Time to catch up again. I think I left you in Paris. Or had you gone back to England…I’ll find out!

  8. Hi Amy,

    This post holds significant nuance and possibilities for me. Why do I say so? Because, as a Science student I have been passionate about the Universe and wondered what’s out there. In these wonderings of mine, the concept of Black holes came to occupy a high priority. The way you have contextualised the black hole therefore in drawing an important life lesson is brilliant.

    So how do we shift away from a mindset agonising over life’s black holes? We could do this by to clearing that space of black holes and rewriting a new script for our future. How do we do that? By using future based language, speaking of possibilities rather than looking over our shoulder to see, “What could have been”.


    • Shakti, when you are able to see what the camera on the upcoming James Watt Telescope is able to show you, I bet our awe will be well matched. In a power-point preview, we saw its capabilities. Instead of seeing a star or planet as a gaseous blur, we saw through the gas into substance and composition of its body. I keep asking, “How do scientists think it all began? Even the components of “a big bang” had to exist. Those components were likely ‘old news’.”
      So does my question need to be, “How did energy begin?”? I know the Universe is beyond the beyond – “always”… both backward and forward.

      And Shakti, knowing you, you have a response! 😀

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