The Beloved’s and Self- Empowerment

Through the Dark - there's Light.   Take Responsibility for your Power.

Through the Dark – there’s Light. Take Responsibility for your Power.

Beloved Guides:  It’s a listening time.  Allow your fingers to glide over the keys and we’ll make sure the message is as clear as needed.

SoulDipper:  Gladly.  Am I to ask questions?

BG:  As you sit in your “zone”, we’ll express the Work.

BG:  We want to address change.  We want to assuage fear that prevents human souls from empowering themselves.  

As different people experience hardships, they question Life’s process.  They grow fearful, long for comfort and neglect decisions needed for self-empowerment. 

Self-empowerment fuels and fulfils the Agreement made before coming into this incarnation.  Each soul’s mission is to serve during this time of Planetary Evolution.  To honour this Agreement means to serve one’s Purpose.  Meditation is the means with which to access the Higher Self – the informant of soul needs, the Essential Co-Creator.

It is time for humankind to mature in its realization and acceptance of its power and ability to co-create.  Without these powerful co-creative abilities, everyone would be identical.  Humankind would be robbed of individuation blossoming according to the needs, desires and visualizations of each unique human soul.

Life choices and decisions made by humans arise out of numerous earlier considerations, thoughts or feelings. The Universe does indeed conspire to fulfill hopes and dreams.  The opening most conducive to actualizing or REAL-izing appears when the individual feels the feelings of already having the dream fulfilled.

We have explained before:  Every individual soul currently on this magnificent planet initiated an Agreement to be incarnated and contribute to this stage of Evolutionary Consciousness and growth.  Some are more distant from the point of remembrance.  Others are experiencing a “light memory tug” due to a subtle trigger.  Still others have welcomed their Purpose to contribute and serve humanity using their gifts.

When gifts are engaged, there is naturalness.  There is ease.  Events match and fit together.  Life works.  Therefore, Purpose does not have to feel spectacular.  However, neither does it feel spectacular to reach out and grasp a child who would have otherwise stepped over a cliff.

When life seems to be flowing in one direction while the individual moves in another, remember Life is Loving.  It holds all virtues just as it holds all challenges.  Which direction to take may be invisible, but when moving opposite to the soul’s wise counsel, the individual knows and feels the resistance.

The route to resolution is within the individual.  Each ‘human becoming’ is co-creating its soul’s longing.  Humans place gifts for beloveds in containers, wrappings and colours that imply Love, care and uniqueness.  It is imperative to place one’s life in situations with equal care and consideration.  When life seems a series of difficulties, perhaps the soul is crying like a gift puppy wrapped in a cookie jar.

When responsibilities weigh heavily, the load can be shifted, shared and changed.  The only one agreeing to such a load is the one carrying that much responsibility.   How is Love served while under the weight of too much?  A master knows how to place cargo on a beast of burden.  You are not a beast of burden.  You are the Master and you determine the load.

Welcome, embrace and accept opportunities to shift the weight.  Redistribute the substance of your load.  Make room in your life for co-creative talents to express themselves in your Purpose.

SoulDipper follows a concept:  “You cannot get a car to turn a corner unless its moving.”

The best time to get in the driver’s seat is after meditation.  It’s not necessary to know how the motor works to utilize the energy source.

Breathe the essence of your Highest Self.   Jump on the Energy Stream of the Eternal and experience the difference in your understanding, your ability and your attitude towards life and living.  Claim your Power and be the Loving Force you came here to be.  Let your Inner Knowing guide you through any darkness to the Light.  Humankind is designed to co-exist in the Light – to know Love, Peace and Harmony.

Bless each of you.  We know you know.  

20 thoughts on “The Beloved’s and Self- Empowerment

  1. Oh my, Amy! It’s stunning how the messages of your Beloved Guides answer my questions, support my feelings and affirm that my path is true. I have been carrying a heavy burden for many years but, since Thursday, it has become lighter. More people, some of whom I haven’t even met, are speaking the words that I cannot, bringing about a wondrous change that I have been unable to, despite my careful efforts. It has often been a struggle to be the ‘Loving Force’ that I came here to be, I felt that my Power was diminished. Then, suddenly it crept up on me, as others ~ unexpectedly ~ began to share my load. With heartfelt gratitude and love, Jacqueline ❤

    • Aw, this is very good news! Gosh, Jacqueline, I’m sorry you’ve carried a load for so long! I’m so often amazed about ‘prayers’ being answered. Answers come in such unpredictable ways. And through unpredictable people! It’s been quite a lesson for me to ask for help and let it go…get on with life so I stop looking for the answer the Big I thinks it ought to be!

      Your welcome comment adds to the validation of these Beloveds.

    • I’m still learning how to describe this so-called “Inner Voice”, Renee. I’m learning, with the help of Barbara Marx Hubbard who’s teaching a number of us about Evolutionary Consciousness, that it is part of the Divine Impulse through the Spiral of Co-creation to the Higher Self. That all sounds like a jumble of words, but these memes will be heard and used more and more.

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