Indigos! Bring Us The Future

How do we grasp our future?

While meditating this morning, I asked:

“What’s the big change ahead of me?  Anything I can do today?”

“You are on track.  As you have experienced throughout this incarnation, the opportunities will continue to come to you.  You have practiced co-creation throughout time and this life is no exception.  Pick up the ball when it rolls your way.  It’s rolling now.” My Beloved Guides in meditation this morning.

“Please give me a visual of the direction I’ll be going.  Just a little peek at the future.”

“To be honest…”

What?  “To be HONEST?”  Were these my Guides?  They wouldn’t use that language.  They have no other gear but honesty.

I listen to received words carefully.  “Wait a minute.  I only dialogue with my Beloved Guides.  They would not use such a phrase.” 

“Because we use your personal system for communicating and since it provides the familiarity that facilitates your understanding, we use your phrases.  Perhaps it would relieve your concerns if we had said, ‘To display what causes us to hesitate in providing a visual…’ .”

Aha…an integrity issue.  Just three days before, while lunching with a friend, I told her about some conflict with a 3rd party,  “She lied! Take a swipe at my integrity and I’m ready for battle.”  My words and tone shocked me.

I said, “Wait a minute.  I just realized how attached I am to integrity.  Even in all its goodness, I have to let go of integrity.”

Let go of integrity?  That seemed absurd at first.  After we talked about it, I saw I could live with as much integrity as possible, and if it’s real, no one can “swipe” it.

Yet, three days later, here I was judging Divine Integrity.

“Know we are here.  We are your Beloveds.”  I welcomed the familiar tingling warmth. Vitality filled my body.  It was a Guide Hug – confirmation of their Love as familiar as my breath.

To display what causes us to hesitate in providing a visual, we remind you of self will.  Not only your will can change, but also the will of all others involved in the unfold-ment.  Like an orchestra, everyone knows their instrument and is capable of playing perfectly, but each person’s will can effect the timing, the key or the order of the sheets of music.”

Then the meditation was finished – stopped sharply as though a bell had been rung.   Peace.  Like the end of a deeply satisfying meal in the company of loved ones, nothing more was necessary.

I lifted Duc from my lap and placed his peaceful, dead-weight in his cushioned chair, and began my day.  I looked forward to turning on my computer to see if the Guides’ messages would affect my reading.

Right away, I read Valerie Davies, a British woman now living in New Zealand whose writing deftly combines heart, soul, humour and professionalism.  She set off chimes with comforting resonance as I read her story about the real Robinson Crusoe – a sailing master named Alexander Selkirk.

Valerie described how healthy Selkirk had become while marooned on an island.  He thrived while living off the bounty of nature.  When he was rescued, four plus years later, he returned to a ship’s diet, a landlubber’s city fare and his robust health was lost forever.

I realized how food in the early 1700s gave the same challenge to good health as today – albeit for different reasons.  Many people have struggled, over the centuries, to provide us with the best of fare, yet thanks to profiteers, here we sit hardly any further ahead. Valerie responded to my comment:

… even my grand-daughter when she stopped eating gluten found that suddenly her skin cleared and is now glowing ! As for food in the world… I know what you’re saying. However whenever I get depressed about things my grandson cheers me up by telling me how they’re finding ways in his lab to grow all sorts of different foods from mushroom cells ! Don’t ask me to explain it !!! He even seems to have an answer for water…so I just have to trust that the young and Indigos like him, will find the way…

Let Us Be Vigilant...Spot the Solution.   Light up the Future.

Let Us Be Vigilant…Spot the Solution. Light up the Future.

Bingo!  The light went on.  The “indigos” (by any name) must not be shaded, put aside, repressed, camouflaged or silenced.  They vibrate at higher frequencies and live in dimensions we’re only tasting.  This doesn’t mean they’ll fly in, land securely and save our planet.  They still need our nurturing, support and attention.

We cannot continue to allow fearful egos to shut down the very people whose purpose is to help us out of this travesty created by other egos full of greed and self-serving motives.

Do we have a forum  – one simpler than a type of “TED Indigo” – where tested and proven ideas can be posted for all to see?  What’s the best way to help Indigos leap frog each other?

How do we prevent valid approaches from being lost in destructive bureaucracy?

Is there an Indigo communicator who can build a forum that would simply, succinctly and securely display new ideas?

Does this forum exist now and I’m unaware?

Let us know, Indigos!


19 thoughts on “Indigos! Bring Us The Future

  1. This post hit me on so many levels. First “Indigo” as I posted something about an Indigo child on my site this morning who has the most amazing voice, and sings a song of pure spirit……
    Also, the words from your guides about picking up the ball when it rolls one’s way – I am waiting for just such a “ball” now. And then about how others play a part, with their wills, in what we are trying to create………a very important decision is right ahead of me, and whether I get to return to the home of my spirit is almost entirely up to what someone else decides – and she isnt very warm and fuzzy about me……..I am trying to trust, but it is hard not to have fear, when so much hangs upon someone else’s decision.

    Great post.

    • You have all my wishes for a blessed outcome, Sherry. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had to rest on someone else’s decision. I can only imagine sending her an abundance of love that settles right in the center of her heart chakra…so that’s what I’m doing. May the two of you know incredible richness after this experience.

  2. What a beautiful post Amy, full of nuggets to consider. And how lovely to include my thoughts along with your very generous words about me. Yes, I realise that unless we trust, we simply add to the mountain of negativity and fear, and these special children, crystal and indigo are our hope and salvation…

    • To find each other – those of us with later vintage who do trust – gives me impetus to enhance my trust and support, Valerie. I have a strong sense of your “Early Adaptor” status we’re learning about through Barbara. We’re the ones who will champion, cheer on and encourage these higher evolved young ‘ens. AND reassure the parents who may feel lost. Fear is such an enemy.

      I realize an Indigo will not likely tag up with my post, but it is a matter of putting the idea “out there”. We keep hearing of the existence of these transformers. I do run across the odd one on TED. But what is happening to their good ideas? Is rivalry, jealousy, competition or fear putting a lid on them? Will they know to scream ruddy murder if that happens?

  3. Ah. There’s one of ‘those lessons’ I’ve had to visit more than once–mainly cuz I have an ego the size of Texas. *sigh* It’s been a while since I’ve felt the need to ‘defend my integrity’. Either I’m mellowing out OR I really DO get that my integrity speaks for itself and there’s really no need. I seem to recall an incident led me to smiles and a desire to hug the messenger for NOT ruffling feathers (though I think they were miffed it didn’t happen–I didn’t even realize the attempt. But I tried to lovingly point them into a new way of doing things. (…maybe one day they’ll pull that from their experiences and draw from it, eh?) Someone had to point out the (apparently) obvious attempt to me after the fact. Woohoooo! How’s THAT for a growth spurt that I didn’t even note it!!

    Yaknow, I can’t answer the questions you posed here. But I can be hopeful that there is a forum–a place of loving encouragement that our creator leads them to, be that one or a hundred. I see a few here on this forum already. But–
    Let us know if it materializes. I DO think it’s ME..and you..and those who can see without the need to protect (if that makes sense).

    And like Charles, I shall ponder this for a bit. LOL

  4. Quite timely Amy. I had a meeting about the indigos last night. There is a business incubator in town that houses businesses working for social good. I am working with them to set up a youth council. I can’t wait to see what the indigos produce.

  5. Great post Amy. I always enjoy your posts when you share the wisdom of your guides, I’m so glad I didn’t miss this one.

    “…Pick up the ball when it rolls your way. It’s rolling now.”
    I need to remember that I too have guides. I know they were there when I jumped over the cliff because I had a soft landing, and I’m sure they’ve thrown the ball at me many times but I stepped over it and missed the opportunity. Oh man…

    “….each person’s will can effect the timing, the key or the order of the sheets of music…”
    Its good to remember that we are in charge. No one turns the sheets of music for us.

    • Hi Rosie, I’m always happy when my Beloveds provide something for others, too. I’ve been wondering about you, my friend. I’m wondering what and how your are doing these days. I really enjoyed your last post – and need to check to see if there’s another one!

      I miss you when we have long gaps! If we were having tea, you’d know I’m very sad today – Duc le Chat is very very ill. I may have to say goodbye…:(

      • oh gosh I’m so so sorry to hear he’s so ill. Sigh poor Monsieur le Chat
        I wish I live closer to you so I could be there with you. I’ll be keeping you and your beautiful kitty in my thoughts and prayers. Take care Amy.
        All is good over here. So good that I don’t feel like tying myself to the blogging hamster wheel…

  6. Your posts are all so positive, empowering.

    How long do you meditate for, if you don’t mind me asking, & do you do that every day?

    • My pattern is to meditate each morning before I start my day for 20 minutes to a half hour. Yes, every day is important, WFFME. Over time it makes a huge difference to the way one thinks and lives. If I have an early appointment and postpone my meditation, there’s a difference. I don’t have the same deep sense of peace and well-being. I catch myself being negative, impatient or judgmental. Just doesn’t feel good because my well-being is tarnished.

      When I started meditating – many years ago – 10 minutes seemed forever. As one master said – if you can’t meditate for 10 minutes, meditate for 20! 🙂 I had to visualize being by the river and everytime a thought came, I’d put it in a boat so it could float down the river. The key is to not become “attached” to the thought. Get rid of it by giving it a push downstream!

      I have gone through techniques of meditating up to an hour. I’ve attended meditation sessions during Days of Silence where we would contemplate/meditate for periods longer than an hour. At home, in the mornings, it’s as though my soul knows when it’s finished. I know it’s Done! It’s usually between 20 and 30 minutes.

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