No More of the Same Old, Same Old – Evolutionary Consciousness

Barbara Manx Hubbard’s sweetheart died.

Stanley, the man who partnered and supported her in so many ways, died last week.

Other than expressing my compassion for Barbara, what’s the purpose of telling you?

Stanley had been an Episcopal priest who became aware of the new way of thinking, seeing and living some time ago.  It’s the same inner calling you and I have received.  While stepping out of his priesthood role, from within the hallows of organized religion, he began a significant role in preparation for recognizing the New Order.

He supported Barbara’s ever-growing effectiveness in shaking the world awake.  They both knew doing the same stuff in the same manner no longer works.

When Stanley died last week, Barbara was in session with a handful of our GenOne colleagues – those who could make the trip to Santa Barbara.  Stanley died while being lovingly ensconced at Hummingbird Ranch.   However, he, in his Essence, visited Barbara the next morning in Santa Barbara. They had a significant conversation out of which he provided a significant message – for all of us.  Yes, that includes you.

What does it mean to us?  We aren’t going to do things the same any more.  Universal Love turned the crank of awareness.  We’ve been dimensionally and soulfully ratcheted to a new order of priorities.

As my Beloved Guides have been saying all along, we are here because we chose to be here.  We are the Love that is needed to take us through this incredible stage of our Universal Existence.  We are the Love to be shared.

We are members of the Self-Actualizing Society existing on our planet.  We’re here to perform the Social Potential Movement.  We’ll be given clarity and definition as time goes on.

We’ll each do our part in our own way, using our individual gifts.

It’ll be done “small by small”.  We don’t have to take on horrendous tasks that take us or our attention away from loved ones.  In fact, our attention will be more fully on our loved ones.

We are each others loved ones.

We (and that includes YOU because you’re reading this) are the Mystical Evolutionaries who have the power to do, act and respond differently to every aspect of life around us.

What an honour.  Purpose is being shaken awake.

“New Order” has been bandied about and filtered through various philosophies.  Now we discover we ARE the New Order of Evolutionary Consciousness.   We have some great work to do.  What an exciting task.  It’s filled with Love and when your “penny drops”, your life won’t be the same. Don’t bother trying to imagine it.  Go with it – with discernment, dignity and grace.

Heading for familiar waters.

Heading for familiar waters.

Does that sound scary?  Fear is unnecessary.  You are surrounded by a Universal Love that supports even the smallest detail.  Use your own words – Divine, Universal, Creator, God-Given, God-Gifted – Love.  Don’t worry about names.  It’s the Christos Energy that has accompanied and fueled every great teacher and positive change-maker on this planet.

Welcome this Love into your being and sit with it.  Let it fill every cell of your body.  Meditate faithfully, concentrating on each magnificent breath.  When thoughts invade, and they will, put them in a boat and float them down the river.  Then go back to your breath.  Listen.  You’ll hear an inner voice – your Essential Self.  It takes time.  It will Love you into peace, a sense of well-being and clarity.

How will you know it’s the Essential Self – the Evolved Being – and not ego?  You’ll feel and recognize Love.  Any degree of negativity can simply be released (breathe it out) and replaced by a request for only the connection to the Love Source.

You will be discovering you.  You will uncover the urges that signify a gift or a talent.  It will likely be small.  If you miss it, don’t worry.  It will persist.  You’ll have as many chances as you need to see it.  It’ll be new and most likely a surprise.

You’ll recognize your gift because it is so natural, so custom-made for you, that your response will simply fall into place.  There’s an ease, a familiarity.  The Universal Energy doesn’t ask us to be contortionists.

But we are asked to be open to opportunities to respond differently.  Startle the world.

S-L-O-W-L-Y we’re seeing the New Order behaviour at work on our planet.  You’ve heard the news.

The New Order is underfoot – and has been for some time.  Stay alert and welcome the times you can say, “I AM a part of this.”

What have I learned about my role as I continue my course with Barbara Manx Hubbard at GenOne?

Without knowing, I’ve been practicing my Mission for years.  I’ve tried to ignore intuitive gifts.  But I have loved practicing the other part…I thought it was just my secret way of being a decent human!  Here’s the best way I can describe it now.  It will morph with growth and time:  My mission is to remain open and receptive to the awareness and clarity of my Love power and share it.  It is given so I may help others find theirs. 

I receive on-going confirmation and validation about this being my mission.  How?  By receiving help in every part of my life – perfect timing, just the right person, needed answer – that enables me to offer the Love to others.

One example, I decided I would not do Intuitive Sessions any more.  Poof!  Another request came in immediately.  The woman didn’t know how she ended up on Soul Dipper, but she read about the sessions and wanted clarification.

This woman’s session, i.e. her Guides working with mine in meditation, was filled with Love, respect and gentle kindness.  She’s a script writer.  She is free to write WHAT she wants, but the message was very clear about the impact the script is to have on people.  What a challenge to her creativity.  She wrote that the message included items she’d just been discussing with a friend – and the Guides used the same analogy they’d been using – to do with washing dishes!

Colours were everywhere.

Colours were everywhere.

The second example occurred before I realized I needed it.  I was driving into my village.  Suddenly I was IN a rainbow.  Subtle colours surrounded my car and I looked through pastels in order to see the road.

Coming out of it, I said, “That was just my imagination!”

ZAP! I was in another one! Colours layered upon one another were all around me.  I choked back my surprise and worked hard to keep my concentration on driving.

As I exited the second one, a distant scene sealed my acceptance.  Down the hill and over the valley, far ahead of me, a plump, pastel rainbow rested on the land.

When I arrived at my destination, I knew I’d been given a bucket of joy.  Anyone want to share the Dipper?

22 thoughts on “No More of the Same Old, Same Old – Evolutionary Consciousness

    • For sure, Jamie. Plus it’s interesting to notice what one’s first response is – the default. Many thanks for the wishes. Seems peace is no stranger to you. Seems it keeps you company. I’m happy about that.

  1. I love and resonate with every word of this. The other day I was driving, too, and thinking very hard about a longed-for change I wish and need to happen in my life and suddenly there was a double rainbow, which I took ads a sign that the needed change will come to be. These are the times of helping to effect the transformation of consciousness on this planet. I love your posts! Keep shining.

    • These fabulous validations are on the rise – is it because more are forthcoming or we are more aware? I suspect it’s both. Good for you, Sherry. You caught two rainbows and chose to acknowledge it as a message to you. That alone will put you in the “receive” mode that helps attract your change. Therein lies our power and ability. I’m grateful we’re seeing more of the gifts we’ve been promised.

  2. I usually don’t discuss religion or politics, but I honestly don’t think that the deity (or deities) want for their creations to be mindless puppets. If we don’t think for ourselves, learn lessons, and evolve, then what’s the point?

    • Indeed, Tempestletrope, for what reason would we be created if not to think, feel, act and be who we really are? And so many aspects of life subtly suggest we are mindless – asleep. We’ve been told how to think and live through media, politics, religion, etc. Some sources are mindlessly believing they are doing what’s best for us. Marching to the old dictates of filtered and biased perceptions of mankind, it turns out, hasn’t served us all that effectively. Doing it differently has to start with us. How do I respond to the people in my life? How do I treat all other living aspects of our creation? What do I do for the planet?

      Thank you for helping me stand back today and question myself – instead of just looking at “the other guy”.

    • Sorta expresses how I feel with so much that we cover in GenOne. I have to step back and breathe, too. It’s my nature to be discerning – I’m amazed I allowed all of this to escape my reticence and hesitation!

      However, nothing is a big surprise and likely is not to readers. If a deep truth is not touched in a reader’s soul, this is not for them. The concepts are so simple (repeatedly) but when they speak to people, the depth is their personal “endless”.

      Much Love to you, Mel.

  3. “It will be done ‘small by small.'” That really resonated with me. Sometimes when I see all the turmoil in the world (both large and small), I get overwhelmed and feel so helpless. Then I tell myself that each thought or act that shines light, or brings something positive to another person, is better than doing nothing at all. Kindness is contagious. And I don’t mind being a “carrier.” 🙂

    • Same here, Lorna…I too appreciate that loving kindness done from the heart is a grand message. If it isn’t, it’s not time. Sobeit.

      Listening to Barbara on our conference calls, I’ve had to hold tight to my rudder of “one step at a time”. She is an ocean in a raindrop. However, she has never foisted “grandness” at us. Last week after Barbara received visitation of her passed loved one, the message was very clearly “small”. I know I’m in the right place when simplicity reigns. I cannot imagine being under a spotlight where I’d have to either hack away at ego or be building self-assurance.

      Small circles are the way to go in facilitating Conscious Evolution. We call our Circle “Inception”. It’s a small, intimate Circle and we share the calmness of simplicity. We know it’s power. We’ll likely be creating other small circles – we’ve got a backpack coming with resource materials. Apparently across the backpack is the word “EVOLVE”. Good marketing! 😀

      This feels like the right step for my pace. And I trust I’ll pick up the messages if/when I have to change course.

      So, Lorna, you beloved “Carrier”! You keep right on walking with me, but walk at YOUR pace! A simple road for complex people! 😀

  4. Dear Amy,

    There is so much to take in here! First off, thank you for sharing such beautiful and timely wisdom. And the emphasis on inclusivity heartens me to believe that my contribution too, however small, is essential. Thank you for reminding me of this. I think I really needed to hear this right now.

    I loved this, “We are each others loved ones.” Developing our sense of oneness, of unity with each other, all living things and the planet, can only lead us on to better and better. Much of the horror that human beings perpetrate is because they believe in the illusion of separation. Once your awareness has expanded to really see and feel how everything is connected you find yourself less able to pass any kind of judgement on others. You start to see everyone as someone who is just somewhere along the path of self-realisation. We all have to make mistakes to learn. Often mistakes involve hurting other people. Don’t take the things that people say and do personally (most of it is, after all, about them) and you can begin to keep your own inner peace intact. Look at someone and see another ‘you’. How would you like to be treated?

    How lucky that you are learning directly from someone as enlightened and connected as BMH. And how lucky for us that you are passing it along our way!

    Thank you Amy. You are fulfilling your Mission with aplomb xxx

    • What we do, say or think of others, we do to ourselves. Gossip, for example, is “self defining wounded-ness”. If the gossiper could see themselves bleeding.

      There’s a lot of buzz about oneness and being At One With… Until we can actually experience what we are dishing out, it’s only lip service. I haven’t found many stories from people who have felt what they have been serving to others. When I hear one, it’s incredible encouragement! It really is real!

      So, thanks for “Look at someone and see another ‘you’.” That’s it, beautiful woman.

  5. I’m catching up on your posts, Amy, reading backwards. This one ‘speaks’ to me and, like Granny, I’m feeling goosebumps. I align with so much of what you write, it has given me validation. One time, years ago, when I was just setting out on this journey, I was driving home through a flash storm when the sun suddenly burst through the pouring rain. The wet road ahead of me became iridescent and a ‘rainbow’ flowed up the bonnet of my car towards me. Like you, I thought I was making it up, that it was oil spilled on the highway. Then it happened again ‘followed ‘ me. I was filled with joy, knowing I was ~ literally ~ on the right road!! Loving this Sunday morning Soul~dipping! 🙂

    • I just shivered as I read your comment, Jaqueline! Yes! Mine’s a carbon copy experience. Isn’t it amazing? What’s the energy in those rainbows?!

      One of my beloved, but pesky male friends told me that rainbows come from unicorn flatulence. I hit him.

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