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Bruce Sanguin, until recently a United Church minister in Vancouver, speaks of hope.  He sees the emergence of a new future for humankind – Evolutionary Christianity.  And it’s not simply a repair of the old dogmas and doctrines.  He speaks and writes candidly about what needs to be different in order to live demonstratively in Oneness and Love.

During his presentation this week at GenOne he talked about the ways of the Mystic.  We are to be expressions of creativity, resilience and intelligence.  We are invited to unity with All That Is.  We are not broken.  We exist with an unbroken connectedness that puts us in awe of being gob-smacked by beauty and mystery.

He stated we are always already home.

I learned about “home” in 1995 while my Ford Bronco was flying through the air, over an embankment to a river, after hitting a majestic stag that had bound up to the highway and met my car in the middle of a deathly leap.

My last thoughts were:

  • complete acceptance of my death.
  • being hurt or in pain was not an option.
  • I’d know the truth about the aftermath of death.
  • I was going to be with God.

A strong, clear message suddenly resonated within me:  “You don’t go anywhere to be with Me.  You cannot NOT be with Me.  I am Always and Everything.”

Then I fainted and don’t remember any of the tumbling down to the treeline.  I ‘came to’ immediately after landing, still in my seat belt, in a glassless, downsized car whose life was finished.  To the relief of the RCMP who had been traveling behind me and was then finding a safe route to climb down the embankment, I crawled out of the passenger-side window in one piece.  I had zero injury – only one small bruise formed the next day on the top of my hand.

The message proved to be a powerful download of insight, understanding and realization.  I saw Existence as a Divine Energetic Continuum that passes through all experiences, incarnations and evolutionary stages in unity with each and All.  As calm and quiet as it was, the message could not have been more perfectly expressed.

Today, the message comes from new teachers.  It may be delivered in a new language, visual or song, but it stays in tact.  I am already home – in Unity and Oneness with a Higher Presence.  I am it and It is me though It is The Divine It.  

As usual, any attempt to explain the insight becomes silly.  Often I simply resort to the Buddhist story about the little fish asking its mother, “What’s water?”

At GenOne on Tuesday, Bruce also spoke to our longing for the Kin(g)dom of G_d.  We need our kin. We need to share our mysticism.  No matter our spiritual path, we need our evolutionary family and the community it grows. In this kin-dom, we find home.

Since countless others experience the longing for home, our messages may help them adjust their light.  Stories of our divine dissatisfaction and discontent will resonate with fellow seekers.  We can place words on the indescribable conditions sitting in their souls.  They can learn they are not alone; connections have only been muffled by lack of use.

Bridge the silence and light the light.   When your message cries to be heard, tell your story.  Our home needs it.

Just one tiny candle transforming darkness .

Just one tiny candle transforming darkness .

Are you a conscious evolutionary?

Barbara Manx Hubbard wrote The Evolutionary Journey: A Personal Guide to a Positive Future.  In it, she lists numerous personality traits with an invitation to see how much the reader matches with the archetypal evolutionary personality.

Do these descriptions fit you?  (The range for the “fit” could be from 1% to 100%):

  • You relate the fulfillment of the potential of the world to the realization of your own capacities.  You are not self-sacrificing but self-actualizing.  Your moments of joy are when you forget your “self” and feel at one with the flow of the process.
  • You have experienced deep empathetic communion with other.  Your primary reward for action is the pleasure of loving, extending, deepening your creativity, empathy, connectedness.
  • You have an expectation of newness.  You do not conceive of existence as eternally repetitive.
  • You believe in the importance of material and social well-being, but you do not consider it the ultimate goal in life, nor do you believe people will be “satisfied” when their deficiency needs are well-met.
  • You are highly individualistic, but cooperate easily.  You don’t have much of an “ego problem”.  You don’t have to be dominant or submissive, but prefer working with equals or those who are desirous of becoming equals.
  • You don’t know exactly what you are moving toward.  The nature of the “goal” is open, not defined.

(Note:  More definitions can be found at the end of the previous post:  Be Still and Know…)


17 thoughts on “We are Home

  1. The more I read, here, about GenOne, the more fascinated I am. I sense we are living in a time when mystics are stepping out of the shadows, more and more. As I read this, what struck me the most was the idea of home, because of course, we see everything through the lens of our own present moment. As I leave what has been my home, both a place with a tangible roof over my head, and the country that has birthed and housed me for most of my life, I find myself wondering how this journey might enlighten us about home. When you are wandering and have no physical home to call your own, or to return to, where do you, then, belong? We are so connected to brick and mortar that, perhaps, we lose sight of home. if it is true that home is where the heart is, then perhaps more than anything, this travel journey I am embarking on, will reinforce, to me, where my heart truly is and wherever that is, that is home.

    • Yes, Joss, home cannot be anywhere but with us. As we exist, so does home. But you see how this becomes so hard to put into words.

      During the 1990s, I did contract work all over BC. I’d come back to my island and people would ask me to housesit for them. They knew I “stood on one foot” while here so it was a win-win for homeowners and me. (Money was not a part of the deal.) As time went on, the housesits became shorter and shorter. People began to change their minds and announce they’d be home “in a few days”. I had a “bridge home” – a bachelor friend who had a large house with the upper portion unoccupied. I would rent from him when I needed a home, but he was an extreme Empath and wasn’t comfortable having other energy around.

      I was bemoaning the change to some women in another location when a very wise, twinkly more-senior one said, “Amy! Home is under your hat!”

      Her words gob-smacked me. To this day I don’t know if her words came from a spiritual basis or not, but it’s true.

      And, Joss…I know you have the hat! 😀

    • The RCMP constable insisted that he drive me to the hospital to be checked. On the way, he said, “You know I may have to fine you for hunting out of season!” 😀 I was happy to learn he died immediately…no suffering. He was a very beautiful, full grown buck, Linda, and I took a page from our First Nations people. I sent his spirit my apologies and sorrow over meeting is such a tragic manner.

  2. What a gloriously affirming post to read this sunny morning. The description of the accident is amazing. I had an accident once when my car hydroplaned on a rainy corner – I had been listening to a Carolyn Myss tape and the last words I heard as the car took off was “wake-up call.” Wow.

    • Thank you, Sherry…and I hope it’s safe to assume you came out of the hydro-planing unharmed. I smile at the thought of hearing no-nonsense-Carolyn not just saying, but “insisting” about wake-up calls! I listen to her as well.

    • Aha, you know of Richard Rohr. I have him to thank for huge lessons regarding perfectionism. Yes, Bruce Sanguin’s blog is in my radar. I am hoping to catch him in person one day soon since we are neighbours. He speaks and my soul hears kin.

      DocRob – your blog is so full of beauty. Going there is like walking into a soothing forest after being in the hot sun.

        • While I was working near Yukon (1986/7), an Oblate Father – Fr. Ivan – and I had had a wonderful conversation about life. As we said goodbye, he asked if I’d listen to a tape so he and I could discuss it. (What a diplomat!) It was R. Rohr’s taped seminar on the Enneagram. It was a session he’d given to nuns. As I listened to the tape, I drew out the different “Faces of God” on paper and saw that I had to face my perfectionism. I laughed when I learned the virtue of perfectionism is serenity. As RR explained, there’s no one more perfectly happy than a perfectionist finding perfection. However, it doesn’t happen often. 😀

          For a number of years, I considered what could replace perfectionism if I let it go. Another story, but I realized I could ‘strive for excellence’.

          And then, Victoria, I came up with definitions that help me. I decided perfectionism was my attempt to meet (what I thought was) YOUR level of expectation for me, whereas ‘striving for excellence’ meant I was striving for my own standards in doing my best.

          Imagine spending so much time thinking I knew what others expected of me. I hadn’t realized how much I overshot reality. Plus, I believed the world only looked at the 2% or 25% that wasn’t perfect. Before, it was beyond me to appreciate any part the 98% or 75%.

          A quote from a book written to help teens overcome exam anxiety – What do you call the person who got the lowest mark in Med School? Answer: Doctor.

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