Be Still and Know…

Beloveds, each time I share parts of your messaging, a flood of energy tries to rush through my pinhole mind.  Today, I added “Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica” to my meditation.  I feel full.

We appreciate your openness to receive and incorporate various offerings from different sources.

Does a Delta state help your messaging?

The question might be more appropriately asked of you.  Does a Delta state help you receive messaging?  We are willing and prepared to work through any state.  We simply need to be called upon.  The message is eternal; the messaging is complicit with your state of openness.

After meditation, I fell in love with my door!  It’s metal with full-length glass.   The glass is divided into 15 smaller panes.  Duc le Chat’s paw prints adorn the pane two up from the bottom.  He knocks with muddy paws.  A white shawl from Mexico – sheer enough for light to shine through – dresses the window and provides privacy when it falls free.

Love for a door…what is the significance of “seeing” such trivia?

What answer comes from the question?

Simplicity.  Peace.  Feeling the magnificence of small.  Gratitude for a home shared with a little animal who is currently miffed at me.  I moved one of his 10 sleeping spots.

I needed to prepare for this year’s wood delivery.  I had to split the last few dozen knotted logs that had been left to dry so I could chop them more easily.  Old carpeting and a cushion sat on top of those pieces and Duc had adopted the spot.  He could check strange noises without moving a hair.

Once chopped, the re-stacked wood became a higher pile, giving an even better view.  However, it’s  a change – a few feet from the last location.  So Duc’s ticked.  When I lift him onto the cushion, he jumps down, twitches his tail and goes under one of his bushes.

After the door, I “saw” something else.  My friend Jinkspots from Japan sent a postcard with a wood-print-drawing of a peaceful, tiny farmhouse, sitting in the valley, with Mount Fuji looming in the background.  Now framed, the drawing hangs directly in front of my desk.  As Jinkspots promised, Mount Fuji (and the whole of the postcard) conveys strength.  

Just to the left, a card tucked into a frame holding two masks accentuates the stillness presented by the postcard:

Be Still and Know that I am God.  Be Still and Know that We Are One.

Be Still and Know that I am God. Be Still and Know that We Are One.

The message has been my mantra for years.  Thankfully when I found the card in a tiny shop, the owner had no clue I would have paid many dollars for the card.

The time will come when you will be able to give it away.

Yes.  In fact, while scanning it, I realized I no longer need to possess it.  Living it will be possession enough.

You’ve called it Solitude.  Simplicity.  Peace.  Today?  It is Stillness.

A Tiny Road Full of Life.

A Tiny Road Full of Life.

It’s Divinity’s gift to you.


Like Meeting a Speckled, Fearless Friend.

And A Very Watchful Mom.

And A Very Watchful Mom.

Call it by any name – it is here for everyone.  It’s been here from the dawn of time.  Evolved beings are being called to notice.   It’s time to see.

Evolutionary beings are all around.  Those reading this message need only have confidence of their own evolutionary maturity.

Thank you, Beloved Guides.  Your comment is a perfect segue into something I have permission to share from the GenOne material:

Are you a conscious evolutionary?

Barbara Hubbard wrote The Evolutionary Journey: A Personal Guide to a Positive Future.  In it, she lists numerous personality traits with an invitation to see how much the reader matches with the archetypal evolutionary personality.  I will be sharing these over the next few posts.

Does this description fit you?  (The range for the “fit” could be from 1% to 100%):

  • You are relatively self-disciplined.  You do not accept authoritarian discipline from the outside.  You do not accept a total master, but rather have many teachers.  You find most of your wisdom in the collective wisdom of the social body, and within yourself.
  • You don’t feel completely contained within any existing institutional form  of religion.
  • You have a deep intuition of not quite belonging on Planet Earth, of being here at this time for a purpose beyond your full awareness.
  • You have a deep respect for rational scientific inquiry and you also respect intuitive, holistic, psychic awareness.
  • You are relatively well-balanced.  You have learned to handle tensions that come into your life as you step over one abyss after another.
  • You are struggling with the man-woman relationship in your personal life.  You are not comfortable with the traditional male-female, dominant-submissive roles, nor are you satisfied with superficial relationships.  You are aiming toward a deeper, non-passive, intimate union in which each partner is whole, each has synthesized the yin and yang, the feminine and masculine principles.  You crave to unite whole being to whole being.  (Note from Soul Dipper:  My evolved gay friends will work out the language for this trait to suit their loves and lifestyle.)

Thanks to my Beloveds for their presence today.

May the Light of Our Beloved Divinity guide one and all throughout this eternal process.  The joy that awaits all who hear and respond to their own soul’s call will resonate throughout the Universe.  Try to imagine the most beautiful piece of music magnified many-fold.

28 thoughts on “Be Still and Know…

  1. Yes, 100%. Thank you for posting words that sing out to me, Amy, especially that I only have to have confidence in my own evolutionary maturity. This is something I have been meditating on and over the last week I am accepting that my ‘gut feelings’ from childhood have always been right, although they cut across commonly held beliefs. I’ve heard ‘Be Still and Know that I am God’ but this is the first time I’ve seen the second phrase and now it makes so much more sense to me. With love, Jacqueline 🙂

    • Jacqueline…I’m not surprised at the 100%. And just wait…there’s more. These traits blew my mind. I’ve never felt such a “fit” any other time of life. Funny…the connection sashays through the masses, touching here, zapping there and holding. I’ve been feeling the same! The wisdom we carried… It’s sort of like polishing it and letting it shine at last.

  2. Hahaha….one hand around my shoulder and the other over my mouth is what I used to pray for. (perhaps reading this first would have tempered my response to the previous post?) BE still, Mel…..there IS a G-d and ‘thanks’, but He’s got it covered.
    Lemme tell ya–as always, I adore your Guides and appreciate their infinite wisdom and the question within the question and the answer that will continue to evolve through you and IN you. Innit cool?! 🙂
    And yes……BE STILL…….always…..
    (…yes, yes…….MORE practice! LOL)
    And I don’t know that I’m a ‘conscious evolutionary’, but I DO tend to be well disciplined……LOL….just not by anyone in particular, tyvm! (and the brain says ‘so don’t bother!’ to those who might wanna try)
    I thank your Guides and you for the messages I received today. *hugs* I adore my messengers!

    • My response to your comment in the previous post will hopefully alleviate any doubt about how I value what you share. I respect your thoughts and feelings. I especially respect that you remain true to yourself and have the courage to express that truth. You are a model for introducing a differing opinion without being defensive and putting the recipient on the defensive. I believe that’s tact and diplomacy. It’s generally practiced by people who are more highly evolved and who, in fact, MAY be conscious evolutionaries. (Gotcha! 😀 That’s a double grin today.)

  3. Dear Amy,

    Loved the post.

    What resonated for me was that incredible question, “…….. what is the significance of “seeing” such trivia?”
    Beyond the wonderful answers to this question you have dwelled upon, I feel that this “significance” would arise from the lightness of our minds. A lightness that would allow us to dispense with the regrets of the past and the worries of the future.And as we dispense with these baggages, we arrive into that wondrous space of the “here & now” as transform into a mindful being.

    In this space of “here & now”, what other questions come to your mind, Amy?



    • Shakti, I so enjoy your visits and comments. There’s always another aspect of wisdom from you – a lure to go deeper, an invitation to lift one more layer. Thank you.

      Your reference to “lightness” brings to mind the story of the student who asks his master to define enlightenment. The master sent the student away to find an answer. The student pondered, meditated, considered… Finally the student returned – needing an insight. The Master said, “Lighten up.” And laughed.

      My question in the “here & now” is – what’s the best way to put the monkey to sleep?

    • I was talking about you this morning. Two close friends and I were commiserating over being computer saavy, yet finding the self-service check-in, etc, at airports intimidating. I cited you as an example of one who travels all the time and still finds them difficult at times. As one of the women said, “The frustration is that they are all different. One can never feel it’s ‘in the bag’ because the next one will have a new kink.”

      I described you as my cosmopolitan, creative traveling blogger friend with the incredible eye for beauty and uniqueness.

  4. I love these conversations with the Divine. They ask such astute questions–questions that the physical “us” would not think of to ask but the metaphysical “us” knows exactly what to ask or say. I always find that so amazing and miraculous. 🙂

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