GenOne in Shorthand

Go ahead. Tell your readers about GenOne.

I’m willing, but it is like fitting an ocean into a river.

If you were granted 100 words or less, what would you say?

Barbara Manx Hubbard began GenOne to share her profound spiritual experience with those of us willing to step aboard the challenge to develop our spiritual evolutionary leadership.  Through 52 Codes she was given, we will awaken to the guidance of our own Universal Self, the highest frequency of our being, and integrate those higher frequencies within ourselves to become and BE Universal Humans.

Do you believe in your capabilities to do this?

With my whole heart.  In fact, I believe that we, all 70 or so participants from around the world, were given a spiritual nudge to undertake this responsibility.  Except…it doesn’t feel like a responsibility.  It feels as though a tap has finally been turned on.

Barbara presents us with a new Code each week and explains its meaning.  She also shares facilitation with other well-known and highly respected spiritual leaders from various paths.  Within each of their messages our own leadership is lured and encouraged.  It’s not stressful – more a loving beckoning.

Barbara shared a list of traits of evolutionary personalities.  She asked each of us to tick ones applicable to who we are.  It seemed the profile had been custom-made.  I suspect each participant will feel the same.  I suspect each trait will apply to all of us – to varying degrees.

We’ve now formed circles, small in number, so each of us have the opportunity to speak, share and contribute.  We communicate during our weekly sessions with Barbara and, later, during the week on our own.  As I bond with four other GenOne-ers, I discover kindred souls of an evolutionary nature.  I discover teachers, mates, buddies, supporters, friends and fellow travelers.

Are you willing to share some of your homework exercises?

Yes, of course, though with respect for the program material.  Each week, Barbara shares one Code.  We use it for discussion purposes and for meditation. It’s designed to bring us to a higher frequency where we merge our Higher or Essential Self with our Universal Self.  It’s fulfilling the longing, the yearning, so many of us know and experience.  Dear reader, I believe you have felt this deep inner cry.

Terry Patten presented powerfully this week.  He left us with an impossible question:  “How can we have truly radical conversations in this time of global crisis?”  He’s not talking about conventional conversations.  He asks us to drop analysis.  These conversations will show us how to be responsibly optimistic and take the evolutionary leap into untapped heroism.  We are to surprise ourselves and see we ARE ready.  We will see how a global crisis is a “birth” – Barbara’s word.  Terry promises the question will bring a basic trust and confidence – even in suffering.

He asks us to stay with the question until we see we are not immune.  We cannot stand aside.  We’ll see this is a time of great joy and a time of great seriousness.

And it’s all 1st person, centered in self – NOT self-centered.

Monks are often given this type of question by their masters. While impossible to answer, the attempt to find one is powerfully revealing.  It’s essential, as Rilke suggested, to love and live the question:

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”   ― Rainer Maria Rilke

So, Beloveds, I invite readers to share this undertaking.  They, too, contain this same Divine Spark that bursts into evolutionary expression.  If not, they wouldn’t be here – sharing this now.

Take time to see it.

Take time to see it.

Yes, some will recognize their purpose.  How will you live the question?

I’ll respond to every day opportunities by living or loving my way into their mystery.  I won’t have the answer, but I have sufficient passion and love to lean fully into the question.  I offer this to readers.

Have you had a chance to lean into a mystery this week?

Yes, a young woman became derogatory after seeing a video of herself.  I asked her to stand back and consider

Be Willing To LEAN in.

Be Willing To LEAN in.

what others see when they watch the video.  I pointed to her passion, her love and her willingness to be vulnerable through sharing these gifts.  They are not to be put down.  I told her about the time an older woman asked me to take responsibility for my power.  I suggested she do the same and continue using hers for good at every opportunity.

You see, Beloveds, I deal in simplicity.  I won’t rock the planet, but with your help, I can shake a soul.

Thank you.  Thank you to everyone willing to share this journey and challenge.  Our support is available simply through a request.  Please ask.

Live and Love it fully.

Dive right in!  Live and Love it fully.


  • GenOne does not have a website yet…we are new so it is a work in progress.  (Caution:  if you check, you will likely be taken to fundamental christian sites of similar name.
  • Barbara’s 52 Codes can be found HERE.
  • Terry Patten’s free spiritual teleseminar can be found at “Beyond Awakening: The future of Spiritual Practice.”

15 thoughts on “GenOne in Shorthand

    • It’s such an overview, Jamie. It’s impossible to do it justice, but I promised to share something. At least I can share the names of presenters… One never knows who may be waiting for a doorway like this.

  1. Thanks for sharing the course with us. I’m very interested to learn more about. I’ll let you know when I watch Terry Patten’s seminar…

    I spent the day yesterday trying to write a blogpost about a friend’s niece who died tragically – I had problems with the post from the get-go: if I changed something or added a picture it didn’t show up in the “preview” and it wasn’t automatically saving at the bottom…I kept plodding along, kept re-entering stuff and re-saving, and sometimes it would show up and sometimes it wouldn’t…Just before I went to bed I did a final “save draft” and the entire post disappeared. Poof! All I had to show for a whole day’s “work” was the subject line and the picture at the top. Has that ever happened to you? Mr F told me it was a WP problem. I was sure it was my friend’s niece trying to tell me she didn’t like the way I was writing her story …
    I’ve had that happen once before when I tried to write a post about my mother after she died.

    • Rosie, I’m thrilled that you are going to watch Terry Patten’s seminar. He really did offer a profound presentation – the best so far, in my opinion. However, each presenter has so much to share – in their unique way. Like Jean Houston for example. She’s so matter-of-fact: of course all of you are evolutionary leaders. Why else are you here? She makes me grin. I saw a word recently – evoloptimism. That certainly describes her!

      Re your post- Try this: Go back to that post (hope you didn’t delete it) – access it through your Dashboard. Even though it looks blank, scroll down past the blank window. Go down to the list of “Revisions”. Click on one of those earlier saves – obviously the latest one if possible – and see if that resurrects it.

      A couple of times when I’ve had to recover a post, I had to go to the “text” tab at the top of the blank window and use it while recovering the data. Don’t know why.

      It’s hard for me to give any more detail…Word Press keeps changing things so the process has not been the same for me each time.

      On the other hand, if your instincts are telling you there may be a reason for not publishing your post, it’s worth a deep dip into yourself to see what that ‘niggle’ is about. I’ve had those when I consider that a loved one may have qualms or druthers…

      I look forward to seeing what you think of Terry’s seminar. I’m tempted to give it a go as well…I’ll see about the time factor.

      • oh my goodness I never thought of the revisions at the bottom of the page. Merci boucoup Amy 😀 If it happens again I’ll know what to do – I’ll also try the “text” tab.
        Though I’d been writing until 11pm I was only able to access a revision from 4:20pm – and it came up without the pictures. But at least its something.

        There’s no knowing whether it was WP or my friend’s niece but I’m going to re-write it…

    • I just finished visiting you all afternoon, Lidi. What a great travel story! Thank you for airbnb…I love alternate places to stay. When I hitched around Europe years ago, we lived off the “Starvation Diet Budget” section of “Europe on $5.00 a Day”. We met so many incredible people and experiences because of it’s suggestions.

  2. Are you finding that more people are understanding the concept of “frequencies” and the efforts some of us are making to vibrate at higher frequencies in order to reach these more pure levels of consciousness or experience? I believe that’s what you are talking about…

    • Since you ask the question, Lorna, you must have something good to share about it…do let us know.

      During discussions with younger people, I hear talk of “frequencies”…whether the dazzling vocabulary is truly indicative of their evolutionary state, I am not able to determine. I would have to see them in action in everyday life to even have a clue.

      Angel Cards, crystals, tarot cards, yoga practices, etc.are brought into conversations and I just let it go. If these “methods” serve to help access the Higher Self – good, but if they become the source or icon, the opportunity to gain trust in the Essential Self is likely hampered. It’ll certainly be slowed.

      Others may express themselves through the world of psychics and clairvoyants – which, I know you realize, is creating “a middle man”. I don’t think there is a better way to access our own Essence than through meditation. Quiet, attentive and open.

      I just listened to an interview with A. H. Almaas. He said he never meditates. However, he added, he does practice intention. To me, they are one and the same. No matter what I am doing, if I am attentive, I am meditating. However, it’s usually while I am sitting still that clarity comes. If it comes while I’m “doing”, I must miss it – which poses the question, am I really attentive while doing?

      Each of us find our own way, but we need teachers to help us along that way. It just takes one Yoga class to remind me how easy it is to THINK I’m doing it!

      Don’t know if I answered your question, Lorna. What’s your response to your question?

      • I agree, Amy, that there are so many modalities that become reified by those who use them. Yoga is THE path to higher consciousness; wearing certain crystals increases your vibrational energy so you can commune with angels, etc. They act, as you say, mediators to your natural connection to the Divine within you.

        I meditate regularly but not often enough to say “ritually.” I live as consciously as a flawed human can–which is to say I try and notice that I fail… a lot.

        I do believe that that some of us, in a variety of different ways, whether we were born vibrating at a different (higher) frequency than others or our atoms just amped up for some other reason, are attuned to a frequency of energy that others aren’t aware of. It’s kind of like dogs hearing or smelling things humans can’t.

        It’s along these higher energetic frequencies that you receive your messages, I receive mine, and people experience those “coincidences” and premonitions they often talk about. If the Divine had a radio station, Their messages would be broadcast on this (and higher) frequencies.

        Some of us are able to tune in. I believe we all have the ability to do this. It’s just that many people block themselves because of fear or doubt. I blocked it for most of my life. When I finally embraced it, I was amazed, humbled, and comforted.

        We live surrounded by loving, gentle, wise, generous guides (angels, energies, whatever you choose to call them). Or maybe I should say “engulfed” because I feel that they are both around me and part of me. We are all one in the same–divine and Divine.

        Does that make any sense?

  3. I’ve read this once and I’ve read this twice. I’ve visited links and I’ve looked and investigated.
    *sigh* This is going to sound rather trite and it’s not meant to–but I’m not that sure that I wanna BE a Univeral Human. I rather like being an alien. I don’t even mind the responsibilities that come with that MOST times. I enjoy my conversations with G-d, I adore getting stretched and moved to touch lives. And I love my time in meditation–every day, without fail. I’m a simple kinda gal who really is humbled that I GET opportunities……
    But…..*sigh* Here I go…… I detach myself from some things because of the means being used to share and give information/educate. And one of my bigger barriers is the almighty dollar, which I seem to recall is/was a tap on the shoulder for you as well.
    There’s nothing that prevents folks from providing links and allowing others to watch/listen and learn.
    You just experienced that one, yaknow? AND you passed, you wisened woman!!

    I adore the message–and I wish for great things for those seeking to expand, and broaden and lift UP.
    I have a soul that knows goodness and that goodness lives in YOU.
    *kicking the soapbox and sending hugs*

    • How I respect that you speak up. Do you know how refreshing that is…??

      I’ve discussed this very thing with my circle mates, Mel. I’ve said, “I don’t know what this means. My focus is Love and simplicity. How that unfolds as a means of evolutionary leadership will be a surprise to me. I’ll simply BE as much of an evolved personality as possible in my everyday life. If that generates curiosity or questions, great.”

      If I write in a state of evolutionary whatever, and it turns a switch for someone, sobeit. But if it’s not naturally unfolding, giving, or flowing – that signifies that it’s NOT for me.

      Thankfully, I’ve been taught to give up pushing rivers, Mel – and now I don’t even push ropes! 😀

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