Planting Our Tomorrows

Get ready to meet JOCELYN.

Get ready to meet my latest hero!

One of our oldest hotels, Harbour House, established a garden a few years ago so they could grow their own produce to serve exquisitely prepared, organic meals to diners.

Including a spot where farm visitors can rest, meditate or wait for butterflies.

 A spot where farm visitors can rest, meditate or wait for butterflies.

A little later, they built a kiosk, a farm stand, so we could purchase, on the honour system, fresh produce daily.  A jar sits on the counter, stuffed with bills and coin, proving the popularity of the stand.

A week ago, for the first time this season, I walked through the garden, admiring healthy, clean, weed-free rows of veggies with greenhouses sitting on the periphery.

The place felt like my own back yard…peaceful, quiet, fresh and welcoming.

It was easy to forget the farm is behind a bustling hotel, at the head of our busiest harbour, just a few blocks from the center of our village.

I marveled over the tidiness of the gardens.  Then I noticed a young woman in the distance, energetically watering one area of the acreage.

Later, I caught up to her.  She told me she came to the island, scooped a job in the hotel’s dining room and decided to stay.  It’s not hard to believe she’d be “scooped”.  Good serving staff are like gold during the summer months when visitors descend and explore.  Obviously this was a hard worker.

While she was talking, I wished I could stop her and tape her enthusiasm.  I didn’t interrupt, knowing it would have been even better than capturing honey dripping from one of the hives.

Or you can watch the bees and marvel at their busyness.

Watching the bees and amazed by their busyness.  We need these little creatures so much.


I decided to see if I could find some Nubians so I could stroke their velvet ears.  They never surfaced from their shade, but some sheep were ready to pose.

Really grateful to be rid of heavy wool coats.

Bet they’re grateful to be rid of heavy wool coats.


I couldn’t resist slipping in for a peek inside a couple of greenhouses.  The smell of soil and fresh greenness created visions of a green bean salad with fresh tomatoes, oil, vinegar and herbs.

Hmmm...breathe deep.  Health abounds.

Hmmm…breathe deep. Health abounds.

I had to come back and visit her farm stand.  With my camera.  Soon.

Cha-Zang!  Today – a week later – a friend and I met for an organic brunch at the Hotel.

Brunching on this hot Sunday morning.

Brunching on this hot Sunday morning.

Turns out we both planned to pay a visit to the farm stand after brunch.

When we arrived at the kiosk, I scooted toward the farm gate where I scanned the acreage, camera in hand.  The young woman was not working, nowhere to be seen.  Disappointed, I walked back to my friend.

We took our time choosing our produce – planning menus as we made our selections.

Suddenly I sensed someone behind me!

I turned around and it was HER!

Please meet my new hero:


28 thoughts on “Planting Our Tomorrows

  1. Dear Amy,

    I loved that post title, ” Planting our tomorrows”. Somewhere visions of a significantly greener, cleaner world seemed to collide with my consciousness of the present. As I read your post, I do see the fresh sprouts of the attitude and priority shift that are needed to go from here ( today) to there ( tomorrow)……

    But Amy, my more fundamental question remains. What needs to be done for those multitudes at the bottom of the pyramid all over the world who remain scrounging for their next meal and shelter? How do you get their “buy-in” for that ideal tomorrow that you have visualised in such vivid colours? Without that happening, I fear that this tomorrow of our dreams would remain barricaded within walls and fences with unruly mobs roaming outside….

    Questioningly yours


    • Shakti, I’m going to ask the question as a theme in my meditations to see what comes. I wonder what you “see” when you access your inner voice.

      I do have hope. It’s faith predominately – with events that validate when needed. It’s been born out of my meditations – simple, ordinary, and clear – to Love. We cannot change another human, but we can be a good and decent person ourselves. Goodness touches others. We have no idea (nor need to have any idea) who we effect or how. That’s really none of our business.

      If each one of us would recognize the the spark of Divinity that resides in each one of us and if each one of us would allow that spark to energize our actions, just imagine! We’d all have access to the food and shelter that exists sufficiently on this planet – for ALL of us – because greed, selfishness and power-grabbing would not be acceptable. I take heart that the world’s youth is grasping this…perhaps it’s even true that they are being born with higher consciousness…and will not accept immoral leadership.

      Any change is an inside job. If each one of us would tend to our own spiritual growth and life, we could turn the planet inside out. Goodness would prevail.

      If I don’t say this, who will? If I don’t maintain faith, do I inject more negative energy into the overloaded circuits? If I add just one drop of Love, there’s no telling how many other droplets rush to meet it. How big can goodness be?

      If I find a man suffering in a ditch, am I to crawl in the ditch and suffer with him as a gesture of help? That’s not what he needs. He needs my ability to help him.

      You may not like my simple answer, but there it is. I don’t believe in the “paralysis of analysis” so I don’t analyse it, but I’m certainly made aware of the effect it has on people around me. I’m encouraged to continue in my simple way to empower even one other person to believe in his or her own goodness – and to live it.

      I want to add what Jocelyn said after the camera was turned off: She thanked me and said she needs people like me because discouragement creeps up on her. She works very hard and can find it difficult to keep her passion alive. She said her passion can be weighed down by demands – budgetary concerns, challenges presented by people, discouraging results. She explained that she needs positive people to help keep her inspired and motivated to do good work.

      She speaks for all of us.

  2. Wow! Jocelyn’s passion is so inspiring ~ thank you for tracking her down and filming her, Amy. This year our seasons have been erratic, the winter cold lasted well into June and it feels as though Autumn’s here already. So my garden hasn’t yielded as much as I’d like. But I plan to buy from the tables with honesty boxes, outside more experienced gardeners homes, freezing some of the produce. I’ve also analysed why my crops are so poor, (some seeds just aren’t germinating and I am wondering why?) Last night I had this clear vision of how it will look next year, with abundant greenery and luscious fruit and vegetables for me to pick with my grandchildren. A fabulous, timely post for me, Amy ~ we do seem to share synchronicity! 🙂

  3. Oh that was lovely. I enjoyed hearing your voice, as well. Great interview. You are absolutely right that her enthusiasm is off the charts valuable. I hope she can work this into a supportive career for herself. Awesome!

    • Lorna, that’s exactly why I went back with my camera. The week previous when I talked to her, I saw that we may have to fill out adoption papers at the farm stand if Jocelyn has her way! 😀

  4. This just made me feel so happy. I spent a couple of hours in the garden this morning–my “job” is the flowers, David is the vegetable man. It is so healing and grounding to be working the earth. Jocelyn shows how much it’s done for her, and I enjoyed hearing your soothing voice. A great post, Amy.

    My only caveat…why did the Creator make earwigs? They’ve even gotten into our hummingbird and oriole feeders and the seed feeder.

    • You motivated me to check some internet info about earwigs. One reports that, besides plants, earwigs eat other bugs. That’s good. Another said “the advantages of earwigs are that they feed on decaying vegetable and other organic matter in soil.” That’s good, too.

      But, best of all, here’s the most important data you’ll ever want to know about the wee crawly: “Males can grow a spare set of genitals in case the other pair is damaged.”

      Ya, I know… 😀

  5. Amy, thanks for the lovely post and photos. And I agree with Shakti in that a collective vision for a more equally fed humanity resides in me, as well. As for me personally, bees are our next venture! Aloha.

    • You know what, Kim? Truly…I thought of you when I was listening to her the first time. The second time, I was too intent to think beyond capturing Jocelyn’s passion. She probably makes choca-block chocolate chip cookies just like you!

  6. What a passionate, enthusiastic soul. Is she available for cloning….cuz the world could use a few more like her.

    And I appreciate the simple, passionate wisdom you shared in your answer above. It begins with me everytime.

  7. It sure does begin with each one of us, Mel, and when we act, you know how quickly things begin to happen.

    Thanks for your comment…Jocelyn can take heart not to become discouraged. Her passion can light up our lives any day.

  8. She is an incredible young lady, it’s good to see the young people so involved in in the gardens. When I stayed there, the food was wonderful.

  9. Awesome stuff, Amy Auntie. It’s wonderful to meet your new hero. Once Mahatma Gandhi quoted, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Most of us remember it, most of us even use it during our conversations; but hardly few of realize that with replacing the “you” with “I”, a change can hardly occur.

    • She is so keen, isn’t she, Arindam. Every time I go to buy more produce from her farm stand, I see another of her “fingerprints” and touches that show her enthusiasm. When I water my plants, I think of her…”and the plants just give and give!” Yes they do. I can take a lesson from them!

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