Out of Japan’s Tsunami – A Giving Heart (and a Nuclear Power Facility warning)

Jinkspots subscribed to Soul Dipper – 1 1/3 years ago.  Jinkspots?  What a unique name.  I flashed over to find out who and what this blog was about.

My first impression?  Intelligence, creativity and spirituality.  She instantly cut a path into my heart.

She lives in Japan.  I don’t know how she met her Japanese husband, but they now have two gorgeous children: a son and a daughter.  Our connection has felt profound.  We don’t make a big deal about the synchronicities, but we acknowledge the effect when they happen.

My intuitions sent up a flag one day.  Her blog would be silent for a while, she said.  The news sat like a pebble in my soul.  Thankfully she responded when I reached out.  I learned that Jinkspots and her family decided to leave their home in Japan, an area too near faulty nuclear plants – not far from most of the Tsunami’s devastation.

Officials in Japan declared the damaged nuclear plants would resume operation.

One doesn’t have to be a scientist to know those plants simply cannot be safe.   Jinkspots could not fathom having her loved ones exposed.

Giving up familiarity, family and friends, the small family pulled up stakes and traversed to the opposite side of Japan.

They’ve successfully made the transition and are settling into their new community.  She’s been baking chocolate cakes and brownies to help support the family income.  A couple of weeks ago, she said she wanted to send me something in the mail.  She took my breath away.  In the throes of a major adjustment after making a significant move across Japan and working tirelessly to build a new life, she wants to send me something?  Being at a loss for words, I simply teased that her brownies likely wouldn’t make it through the post.

Her parcel arrived today.  Carrying it from the postbox to my house, the sum of all my internet purchases held little thrill by comparison.  I had to savour this treasure. After a morning of yoga followed by an aquafit class, I’d first shower and have a nutritious lunch.  Then I’d open this delicious surprise.

Sound serene and yogic?  Ha!  I raced through my ablutions like a 5 year old having a birthday party.

I want to show you what she sent!  Let’s start with a couple of pictures:

Jinkspots' Parcel.  The green frog and the two turtles are from a local friend who I love dearly.  They hold deep significance.  Thus I let them privatize my address.

Jinkspots’ parcel. The green frog and the two turtles are gifts from a local friend who I love dearly. They hold deep significance. Thus I chose them to privatize my address.

Come on!  Get that letter opener working!

Come on! Get that letter opener working!

Another package.  And a letter!

Oh look!  Another package. And a letter!

Thank you, Jinkspots for your permission to share this letter:

Dear Amy,

I trust this finds you well.  I had a thought this morning, as we connected through time, space and possibly as-yet unnamed, other dimensions:  I want you to have a piece of the Sea Jewellery.

The Sea Jewellery was a project that began 2 days after the earthquake on 3.11.2011.   Two days after it happened and we – the entire nation, too – was still in shock.  It was a beautiful sunny, Sunday morning.  I needed to go outside, to touch the earth and the sea.  To reconnect.  We went to our favourite beach from where, on clear days, you can see Mt. Fuji, more than 100 km away.

The sea was calm.  Small, light-kissed waves gently stroked the shore.  Such contrast to the black monsters that had engulfed entire villages just 2 days before.  I stood in the water and felt the earth’s sadness.  Tears streamed down my face as, facing the shroud-clouded Mt. Fuji, I opened my heart to the ocean and poured my love into it.  I stood there like that for a long time.

Later, walking on the beach, I began finding lots of small pieces of old pottery and glass.  They had been in the sea for a long time, so smooth were their edges and I guessed they had been churned up from the depths by the recent activity and deposited on the shore.  I couldn’t help but pick them up.

As I did so, I became acutely aware of threads of connectivity coursing through me: with empathy for those directly affected by the disaster a mere 300 km north of me: with love and respect for the people in the past who had once used and cared for the once-pots, cups, bowls and plates, the remainder of which I now gathered.  They felt like gifts from the sea, as if she was trying to say sorry and I wondered how I could use them to help in some way.  The idea formed there and then to restore the broken pieces to beauty, to help reconnect those presences from the past with their descendents who now suffered so much, as well as with the beating hearts of those around the world who cared enough to be able to tune into such things.  I gathered more than 100 pieces that day.

I asked my friend, a Japanese jewellery designer, if he would help me and together we designed these pendants.  They were on sale in the U.K. last year in a jewellery gallery in Plymouth and a few months ago they were taken up by an Art Gallery in Liskeard in Cornwall, U.K.  We have raised more than ¥100,000 ($1,000 Canadian and US Dollars) for a Children’s Charity in Tohoku with the sales and hopefully, we’ve been able to help others to also reconnect, with their own hearts, their own histories, with the children their money will help and with us, the makers and facilitators.

Feeling the strength and potential of our connection, I’d love you to accept this pendant, the last one I have left here in Japan.  Made and sent with love from Japan, may it help to power you on your path of purpose, and serve to remind you how important your work is, and how very much you are loved and appreciated.

The postcard is of a woodblock print by one of my favourite artists – Hasui H – shows Mt. Fuji, a mountain of great power, wisdom and serenity.  May its image in your home help to imbue you with those qualities, too.

I love you because somehow, in your busy online life, you took time to recognise the best in me and you have never hesitated to give recognition to that.  It means more than I can say.  I’ve been thinking recently about the relevance of giving the very best of yourself away.  I’m composing my next blog post in my head about this as I write now.  I will try to upload it to coincide with your receiving this.

So sorry!  No chocolate brownie or shortbread in this package 

☺  But a whole lot of love and some hastily scribbled lines which will, I hope, brighten your day and fill your heart.

Best wishes, love & light to you, my dearest of friends,  (Jinkspots)

What a letter!  Now I know what's inside - a Pendant and a woodblock print by a very talented artist.

Phew…what a letter! Now I know what’s inside – a pendant and a woodblock print by a very talented artist.

A quick little peek inside!

A quick little peek inside!

Oh look!  Mt. Fuji!  And what a sweet little bag.

Oh look! Mt. Fuji! And what a sweet little bag.

Look at these treasures.

Look at these treasures.  I will frame the woodblock print!

Even this delicate paper looks handmade.  I wonder...

Even this delicate paper looks handmade. I wonder…

There's the Pendant.  Jinkspots has sent me "soul" from Japan.  Layers of history.  Layers of goodness.  Layers of living.  And in the color of a healthy ocean and sky.

There’s the Pendant. Jinkspots has sent me “soul” from Japan. Layers of history. Layers of goodness. Layers of living and loving. All in the color of a healthy ocean and sky.

Look at the artistry of the cord's design.    THANK YOU, Jinkspot, for these gifts.  This brings up soooo much...beyond you and me.

Look at the artistry of the cord’s design. THANK YOU, Jinkspot, for these gifts. This brings up soooo much…beyond you and me.

I wanted the Pendant to sit on the mountain as I checked the whiteness and smoothness of its back.

I wanted the Pendant to sit beneath Mt. Fuji as I checked its whiteness and smoothness on the reverse side.

One delighted recipient!  ♥♥♥

One delighted recipient! ♥♥♥

Jinkspots managed to do what she said.  She finished her latest post.

I see why she was keen for me to read it.

It’s a message the world needs to hear.

 People in positions of TRUST are downplaying the threat of damaged nuclear plants:

“People outside of Japan may not be aware that the disaster which occurred at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Facility in March 2011 is ongoing, that the facility continues to leak radiation into the air and the ocean every day.”



47 thoughts on “Out of Japan’s Tsunami – A Giving Heart (and a Nuclear Power Facility warning)

  1. Oh Amy, what joy must fill your heart. I was so moved as your post unfolded this magnificent story on so many levels. This, truly is how we heal our world. By connections, past and present, by reaching out in love and light. By giving of our self and of that which sustains us. May you both continue to be blessed and to bless one another.

  2. Hi Amy, I loved reading Jinkspots letter to you…. it made me feel like I was standing in the water with her and she picked up the many pieces of glass & pottery. The pendant is beautiful – true craftsmanship. I look forward to seeing the pendant on you! xo Karen

    • Hi Karen, welcome home. Will look forward to a cup of tea with you where I’ll even let you touch my pendant! 😀 I want to know all about your fishing trip with your big brother.

  3. Fantastic, the connections we make in the blogosphere. The story of this friendship, and of Jinkspots’ family’s situation, is deeply reflective of how all of us ordinary people are affected by the refusal of those in control to listen to what these planetary events are so clearly telling us. Thanks for the link to Jinkspots’ site. The pendant is beautiful – she had better make a bunch more – this thing could go viral!!!!

    • I hope she sees your message, Sherry. Plus I’ve seen other samples – Jinkspots is wearing some in her Face Book photos. They are stunning! So I will have to encourage her to make sure she comes back here to check the comments!

  4. Wow! I remember when you shared why you came to be writing this blog. I remember as you began connecting with all of us and communicating what you felt needed to be shared. Wow! I would say your Guides encouragement was not wasted. This is a beautiful story beyond the blogosphere because I truly believe this friendship has not only connected the two of you but an entire sum of souls the world around through yours and Jinkspots sharing…….

    • My Guides have been steadfast, Leslie. I’m held in their radar through daily meditation and whenever I stop to “reconsider”. They are leading me ever-so-gently through the steps necessary for me to respond to life. If they had opened the throttle and poured on all they are giving me now, I’m not sure I would be here with a vigilant ease that helps me receive clarity. Is there such a thing as “vigilant ease”? I think I’m in it! 😀

      In fact, Leslie, I have finally added Yoga to my fitness routine. I’ve been ignoring that nudge for years. The opportunity plopped on me in the strangest way. A fellow Aquafitter told me she was in the Beginner’s Beginner class. I was so moved by her reasons for going that I decided to join her. Just to add to my encouragement, our teacher quietly suggested I move to the Beginner’s class. 😀 So I did and found it to be fabulous.

      All of this is supporting the GenOne class I’m taking with Barbara Marx Hubbard. Seventy of us, from countries around the world, are going to be busy. And I see my goal as one to support people in their efforts to self-empower into a life of Love and Compassion. That’s been a part of me already, but I needed “community” and “feeding”. So, my talented friend, here we go… I have a very strong sense that the people who hang around here will be interested in doing the same stuff. Just a hunch…

      Big hug to you!

  5. Oh my. The tension, the suspense you built with your images, magnificent. Jinkspots’ letter is, well, I’d be weeping if that were addressed to me. What a treasure, what a well-deserved honor! As I read of her walk along the beach and the things that washed up in the sand, I couldn’t help but think of another friend who is on an Alaskan beach right now, cleaning up what washes ashore. He, a wildland fire expert, has been spending a month in Alaska each summer for several years. I think this began after the Exxon Valdez spill. He joins a group of other volunteers to clean the beach of all the toxic items that wash ashore. After the tsunammi in Japan, all sorts of things made their way from Japan to Alaska. I always assumed he was cleaning up “junk,” but now I wonder what stories he could tell of the treasures that show up along with the junk.

    This is truely an amazing post. Thanks for sharing with us. Now you have planted an idea in my head. Blog parties! I visualize this enclave of the most amazing people coming together to share laughter, good food, stories from the heart and real–rather than virtual–hugs! It has probably already been done somewhere. Blog Jams! Visualize!

    • I loved typing Jinkspot’s letter, letting her words send my fingers flying over the keyboard while I walked with her on that beach.

      Funny, I’ve heard nothing of articles washing up on our shores from Japan. This island is too protected so I’d expect nothing here. But I haven’t heard of anything appearing on the west coast of Vancouver Island or Haida Qwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).

      People like your friend are the real heroes – folk who quietly go about their business looking after nature in detail – easily overlooked by the hordes.

      Yah, Linda…Blog jams – no excuse for a no-show! 😀

    • You’ve pegged that one, HH! And it’s an obvious two-way street. I’ve framed the woodblock print and it hangs on the wall in front of my laptop. I will take heart and strength from it during times of creative drought! 😀

    • And thank the internet for allowing someone in Canada to see the transformation of a South African woman who is probably going to write one helluva book! Cindy, I really can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to see you use the word “dort” in your descriptions of life once again. Phew…well done and congratulations.

  6. *** I stood in the water and felt the earth’s sadness. ***

    Such beauty. Sadness. Profoundness. Connection.

    I love love love this post.

    Thank you, Amy, for sharing this wonderful woman w/ us. Xxx

    • And some people have the audacity to ask what’s fun about blogging. Fun’s part of it, but the soul refreshment is remarkable! Off to a picnic dinner…lots of yummy stuff that would be sooooo enhanced by your chocolate chip cookies. Do you own a helicopter by any chance? 😀

    • The way things are adding up, Helena, many inventions of man now have consequences. Either that or it’s our way of putting them to use! The world could take strides to live in a parallel manner to a lover finding a sexual technique that works. A bunch more does not necessarily mean better. 😀

  7. Beautiful! This one made me cry. How awesome is it that a wonderful friendship has been created through blogging and the love in your hearts. Some dislike the internet, but it has connected people and created friendships that could never have been. I do hope you are always sharing the love and caring in you with others in our world, I miss you too Amy, will have to plan a visit again.

    • Yah, Dee, are you planning to come again? I owe you a lunch. AND, btw, you remember I planted the little rose that was included in the basket of plants you so GENEROUSLY sent? And you remember I have deer and no fences. Last year the little bush grew and bloomed prolifically…then the deer discovered it. Well, it survived the winter and produced new shoots this spring. The deer came and chomped the delicious new growth. However, as of this morning, at a lower part of the bush, I have four tangerine buds with two partially open. Yeay! The poor little plant is so determined, thank goodness.

  8. I wasn’t the recipient of the package and *I* was removed to tears. What a powerful letter–and to be able to wear a bit of the history while you wear the gorgeous pendant….and the stories you can share, about what was and what is and what continues…. Talk about ripples and ripples and ripples. I wonder if she ‘gets’ the magnitude of that kindness? Do we ever?
    What an amazing adventure, to cross paths with such a kindred soul. I don’t doubt the Guides had their hand in the till on that one bit. Paths get crossed for reasons.
    Such a loving thing–such an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. thing….every single last piece of the connectedness you share.

    k…..now I’m getting tearful again. Oy….. LOL

    • I love your tenderness, Mel. You have this incredible heart that is powered by wisdom and sensibility. You may be the definition of tough love. The thing is, you apply it to yourself as well. I admire how you keep the balance so well. In fact, I chuckle when I see the steel rod come to life, flaming out of empathy, so molten love can be poured on the situation.

    • Since there were no cookies, I added to my basket some blackberries I picked and froze last year, banana, honey flavoured Greek yoghurt and sunflower seeds to sprinkle over the whole dish. My friend happily put away her apple. YUM!

  9. Just catching up with blogs after ten days of flu, and what a post this is, Amy… so beautifully told, and the story utterly magic… what wonderful souls the internet connects… and now I must go and read Jinkspots post….

    • Sorry you had the flu…whichever type doesn’t matter. They’re all nasty. I’m delighted you popped round to her. I’m terribly behind, too, Valerie. My studies and outdoor interests have taken a big chunk of time. However…I’m enjoying every minute of it all.

      PS…I must catch the news. Didn’t NZ have more earthquake activity? I assume you are okay or you would have mentioned it.

      • Hello Amy, always good to hear from you… Yes, Jinkspots came back to me with other connections – including the fact that we have both lived at Belsen ( the concentration camp)
        And each communication unpeels another connection – so magic !
        Yes, poor Wellington is getting knocked about – nothing major, but enough to close streets with fallen masonry, broken glass etc.

  10. Dear Souldipper,

    I really did not imagine that my small gesture would touch you so deeply, inspire you to feature it so beautifully on your blog and elicit such positive, heart-warming responses. I was trying to convey my thanks to you and you’ve gone and turned it on its head by receiving my gesture with your own open-hearted generosity! I don’t know how to thank you. Honestly! I really don’t!

    I admit I often feel alone. I used to think that living in Japan contributed to that, with language and culture being obstacles that needed navigating on an almost daily basis. But recent events have led me to believe that feeling alone is part of the human condition. We all suffer from it I am sure, wherever we are living, whether with families or on our own. Jinkspots began out of my very human need to reach out and connect. It was an outlet for my thoughts and creativity. It was somewhere for me to go to stop myself from feeling alone. How lucky for me that you were one of my very first readers and that you stayed with me during a difficult transitional period in my life. Having you there kept me going, kept me writing, kept me believing that it was all for something beyond myself.

    The Sea Jewellery was also born of such an impetus and I now understand how important it is to take that first step, to reach out and make the connection. We cannot know the ways and places in which we are needed. We perhaps don’t need to think about that so much. What is important is to listen to that small voice inside. The one that urges us on in whispers to do the thing we are thinking of, that mad, slightly offbeat, crazy thing that maybe nobody else has ever thought of, for it is in the doing of these things that we become more fully ourselves.

    With all my heart thank you. You are helping me and so many more I am sure, become more fully ourselves.
    With love and blessings x

    ps If any of your readers are interested in the Sea Jewellery they can be purchased directly from Lucy at Samphire Picture Framing and Art Gallery. All profit goes to Sendai Grief Care Association, a local charity supporting children who lose family members.

    • Someone must have put Miracle-Gro on the world’s giving and the blooms are magnificent. It’s happening all over, Jaq.

      One of my friends does fund raising so small houses can be built for people of low income. I told her I could not imagine asking people for money. “Oh!” she said. “People want to give. Lots of people have extra money and are looking for good places to give it.”

      At first I thought she was very naive…sort of pollyanna-ish. But she’s now built numerous homes and managed to talk people into giving over properties that would otherwise be under-utilized. Her words have stuck in my brain. Today, after observing her accomplishments in just a few years, she has to be right.

      There’s a giving attitude that’s growing. I love it…it’s a higher dimensional energy and the abundance is endless.

      • What a wonderful story souldipper, and so encouraging to know it is going on all over. It is important isn’t it, to focus our attention on all the good that is happening. Where attention goes, heart and hands follow, don’t they? xx

  11. A heart tugger here …. this is a beautiful post of a friendship built through the wonder of the internet. Oh, the friends we meet here in the blogging world. All of them special and always surprising us in the ways we connect. Jinkspots is a truly a gift … in more ways than one. You have been blessed.
    Namaste ….

    • Thank you, Rosie. If you mean you could only be “in the process of receiving” and not taking photos…for me, it prolonged the “savouring”. As a child, I’d do the same at Christmas time…take forever to open each package. We used to have three or four gifts – nothing like today. I enjoyed reliving the feelings. Today, my camera is my memory!

      Rosie, I know you are on a hiatus just now. I hope you are catching a second wind and finding deep refreshment.

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