Who, in your life, is your “OTHER”?

How are you with stepping outside of your comfort zone?

I’ll let you know how I make out, but I’d love some guidance!

Besides doing a “catch-up” with a Justice course offered on Edx through Harvard, I’m engaged with another program – of a spiritual nature – that began three weeks ago.

I’d been hearing/reading about Generation One, conceived and organized by Barbara Hubbard.  The program’s description stated:

Instead of being the end of something,let’s become the new beginning:

Generation One of a new era!

As GENERATION ONE, we are the first generation of humans on this Earth to be aware of ourselves as one planetary body, affecting our own evolution by everything we do, realizing we can destroy ourselves through the misuse of our new power or evolve ourselves into a universal species that is capable of more than we can currently imagine.

As Generation One, we can create a new template for society and literally BECOME the human pioneers for a new era.

In the Generation One Intensive, we will be doing advanced work in personal transformation as well as developing the ability to bring unitive consciousness forward and build the capacities to realize our vocations in cooperative actions that repattern our society.

I wanted to be a part of this program!

My Beloved Guides have been giving me that same unitive message for a long while.  I’ve shared some of that messaging with readers throughout my blog writing without knowing where the path would ultimately lead.  My Guides have taken me to the Christ energy where such profound Love is almost impossible to be explained.  They have repeatedly reminded all of us of the importance to meditate – such a small piece of time to give to such an important awakening of self.  We’ve consistently been encouraged to understand who we are so blocks to the greatest Divine experience can be removed.

It only takes a pin prick effort to release the greatest experience of Divine Love and Inclusion.  This promise has been given and is being fulfilled daily in my life.

I’ve been listening to Barbara Hubbard through several different venues.  She has my appreciation and respect for a number of reasons:  She’s seasoned.  She highly educated.  She’s helped many find their path.  She blends head, spirit and heart.  She has had personal spiritual experiences which she shares.  She’s respected by a number of people whose messages I respect.  She’s promotes Oneness and a Divinity that includes the Christ energy.

As if those weren’t enough, because I am a facilitator there is another important factor:  She’s produced a program that is not only well planned and designed, it contains the means for a high level of participatory inclusion.  Participants from around the world are heard in spite of time, distance, culture, religion, race, etc.  We are encouraged to connect with others in our areas and engage while doing our homework. Many of us have been longing for like-minded, like-souled people such as those now subscribed to GenOne.

The GenOne resource people are also established and well-respected in the realm of quality living – e.g. doctors, coaches, authors, speakers, religious teachers, etc.

I’ve been reassured to hear talk of planetary need for the feminine energy to be released and practiced – by men and women – in order to bring compassion, justice, peace and love into default.

Have I been practicing this?  Have I done my homework this week?  Here was our assignment:

Who in my life is the “OTHER” – one to whom I’m NOT naturally drawn to connect with?  What am I willing to do to connect with this person?

First, I’ve slowed down.  I take the time to really look at each person with whom I’m engaging.  My goal is to simply show they are more than someone serving me or joining me.  They are an important addition to my NOW.

Trust the Universe!  One of my “OTHERs” showed up right away.

One of my “others”?  Yes, I have a few.  This one came up and asked me to lead a small prayer at a Celebration of Life which she was MCing.  We’d been saddened by the death of one of our doctors.  A mother of 3 vital and intelligent teenagers, this doctor has been struggling with addiction for years.  In May, she overdosed on Cocaine and suffered a heart attack.

While she was not my doctor, she was a friend who even entrusted me to help in her office on occasion.

Celebrating life means accepting death.  Sometimes that means death to an old self.

Celebrating life means accepting death. Sometimes that means death to an old self.

The Celebration was full to overflowing.  In spite of her struggle, this 50-something doctor has been of great service to so many in her 20+ years of practice.

This MCing “other” and I have history.  That history has been sitting quietly on the shelf, squealing with protest only when she walked towards me.  This time?  I looked into her eyes as she approached.  I saw her grief and my heart filled with compassion.  That shelf may have emptied…I no longer see fear sitting there creating distrust.

I stepped onto the podium, told a quick story about our doctor-friend and began the prayer.  Just then, the “other” stepped up to the microphone and began saying it with me.  I was surprised, but made room for her.  At the end, I choked back tears and quickly exited.

Thank God the “other” was there.  She covered for me.  Alone, she gave the totally overlooked “Amen”.

45 thoughts on “Who, in your life, is your “OTHER”?

  1. I woke up thinking about you and your course this morning. I hope to be able to participate from a distance. Your site is a silver thread of connection somewhat akin to a lifeline. An alive line. A spiritually alive line. I am so grateful for you and your work. Blessings and love Amy. I will write again soon xx

    • Thank you for the hello, my Jinkspots friend! Your quick response reminds me of the marvels of the Internet. If this site is even one drop of spirituality for you, the thought causes joy to rumble through my chest and rush up to plant a silly grin on my face. I think of you so often- for various reasons, but especially because our connection has always been special for me. And, btw – your May post brought many lumps to my throat. I put it on my personal Face Book though I don’t have much traffic. I’m going to add it to the Soul Dipper Face Book Page.

      • Marvels indeed. I woke up this morning thinking about your last message and how wonderful this course sounds, telling myself I’d make time today to reply to you. Then I checked my mail and there was a notification of your latest entry. It happens so often with you like this! I love to tell you, especially as the distance between us is so great – and I haven’t even worked out what the time difference is! But it seems that despite all these physical barriers to communication there is definitely a strong channel open between us. I’m excited to explore and learn about this more and if I can in any way assist or be of use to you please don’t hesitate to ask me.

        With love as always xx
        Ps I typed my one-fingered reply as soon as I could, which meant doing it while simultaneously making pancakes for my son’s breakfast! Isn’t it amazing and wonderful how modern life stretches us beyond anything previously imagined?!

        • And we just did it again…while you were writing this, I was adding another comment to yours… Too funny! I hope you served pancakes that were spelled properly! 😀
          I think, Jinkspots, we can let this unfold. I find so many things falling into place and, as I learn at GenOne, these are confirmations. We can nod, grateful that we SEE, and realize we are blessed with the presence of all we need. We simply need to ask and feel as though we have “it” already.

          • You’re so right. I believe it is being confirmed that we do. Henceforth let the unfolding begin… 🙂

            I think the pancakes came out ok. He ordered seconds!

  2. This sounds great… I do hope you can share more of this course, it sounds so stimulating and conscious raising for us all…

    . My other has been tied to me by the deepest binds of love from me, and just crumbs from the other in return… at last I have broken the bonds this week, and feel free for the first time in fifty years…a long and painful process….

    • Valerie! My gosh…speaking of thought-bombs! I wonder if it possible for you to write about this? Yes, I don’t know how we can possibly live so far apart – we could share so much! 😀

      • Not sure about how to write as yet, Amy, all so close to home !!! maybe a parable at some stage !
        I love your phrase thought bombs…
        Yes, wouldn’t it be lovely to be close enough to meet and talk…

    • That’s a Soul Dipper quote, Charles, added to the first photo taken with my new Canon SX50 HS Powershot camera. Instead of buying different lenses, I learned about this NEW little gem that contains all the lenses in one. Since I’m not trying to be a pro photographer and since I love decent photos, it’s perfect for my needs.

    • Thanks, Jamie – the quote is mine. I simply lay claim, but I want you to know I didn’t neglect giving credit to some other writer. Yes, I’m happily well-challenged. Jamie, taking this opportunity to ask you to please make sure you keep me apprised if/when you take major steps in your health.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Interesting to see the quote with the flower picture: Celebrating life means accepting death.
    last month my nephew narrowly escaped being killed by a car whose driver lost control during a thunder storm and had driven across the front yard of my nephew’s house just stopping inches away from him as he got out his car. He was saved by a tree on his front lawn.
    Yesterday the niece of one of our good friend’s was killed at a summer camp in Yosemite when a tree fell on her.

    • Talk about weirdness! Thank God your nephew kept that tree planted on his lawn. Thank God he’s okay – what a terrible fright to have some car careening across one’s lawn!

      The grief that parents have to experience is beyond human comprehension. There is not one iota of anything that makes sense. There’s nothing one can put together that would give one ounce of relief.

      So glad you are taking care of yourself, Rosie.

  4. Hmmmm… Well, first–I need to tell you that I got a bit choked at the situation with your ‘other’…….amazing things happen when we move towards folks in a different attitude, in a different perspective.
    I know who my ‘other’ is right now. And I know the formula in making that difference happen. Apparently one of us is being stubborn and selfish (yes, that would be ME). I don’t like owning that, but there you have it. The key for me truly IS ‘willingness’. And I’ll move into my day with full knowledge that I cheat both of us and close doors while I remain….piffy…… *sigh*
    NEVER a dull moment here–that’s for certain.
    Few people chase after things to stretch them, especially when it creates ‘discomfort’. Instead, there’s a ‘finding’ of the circumstances that force it (sometimes gently, sometimes notsomuch). Silly me–I prefer to chase it. But when it chases me and finds me– :-/
    YES, I know! LOL Happens that way with purpose to the purpose driven life I live.
    Darn thing…LOLOL
    Guess what I’ll be making arrangements to do!! Oy…….

    • So many times, Mel, with women who share their lives with me, I’ve suggested, “Do nothing until it can be done with some degree of Love.”

      Then, I share what I say to the All Knowingness (!), “Okay…I’m willing. However. Please give me the perfect timing and the appropriate words to say.” Then I forget about it because I know that the “other” is going to show up – right in front of me – and for some incredibly holy reason, I’ll feel a modicum of love. It’s happened many times! At those times, the words roll out of my mouth as though I knew what I was doing.

      It seems that just becoming willing opens me and lets love leak in. And, as you declared, it gives time for me to finally be able to admit my part in the drama.

      I love you for all your humanness. But you can’t fool me…I still see your divinity, your masterhood. ‘Strue. None of us know how much we’ve got, but we sure can be grateful for whatever we’ve grown. With a little help from a lot of Loving friends! 😀

  5. Hello friend, I miss our chats back and forth. I have always been a part of something, volunteering the greatest gift ever given me. I miss it so. As you know I have been ill for 4 years. I am ill, unreliable, unable to do a thing six months of the year. I am disgusted with it and on steroids as we speak … illness was meant to be over June 30th as it began during the Christmas Holiday. So, I have found a manner in which I hope to contribute – I will write the news letter for an organization that I used serve.

    Are we speaking of Barbara Marx Hubbard? I know that I am so wrapped up in feeling like hell that I am not allowing myself to step outside of myself – time for a session I do believe. Well, that’s a start isn’t it? Seeing that I am NOT stepping outside of me. Yes, I am going to click the links and yours. Hugs! Love, Liz

    • Liz, somehow I missed the depth and effects of your “illness”. I’ve been sporadic in my reading of blogs due to life and other commitments, but how could I have missed such significant information? Please accept my hope that nothing severs our connection. I, too, love our chats. There’s no need for them to stop – however infrequent!

      Every time I read anything of yours, I see more of your beauty. You are even more tightly bundled and rocked in my heart! I’m writing with tears because I just read your last blog – your Haibun. Then, I see the comments and responses – rich threads that create golden tassels on the magic carpet you created. My prayer is that your carpet, like the Little Lame Prince’s, readily takes you to the Love that “safe” people hold for you.

      Yes, it’s Barbara Marx Hubbard’s creation. She’s been called, spiritually, to form a hub of people who need “community” in order to dare, flourish, create or progress – or all of those – our talents and gifts to better serve our purposes. We’ve all been looking for this very kind of “feeding”. Then? It’s off to work! 😀 Since we can seldom EVER be a “prophet in our own lands”, only the All Loving knows where this is going! This I do know, Liz: I only need to deal with whatever is in front of me. It’s up to me to pick up on the tiniest of opportunities to help people empower themselves to live a life of giving and compassion.

      Maturity helps me to respond with patience (that youth didn’t think was REALLY an asset), kindness (that youth saw through egotistical eyes) and compassion (that youth believed was best held by saints). Note “helps me to respond”. Hopefully Gen One will help me see when my stubbornness is not discernment, but simply pure stubborness! 😀

    • Hi Chris! Being a retired RN, I imagine you saw your share of addicted doctors. We forget they’re human at times and how hard it must be for them to ask for help!

  6. Soul Dipper. I have entered 2 different credit cards on your site. The site will take neither telling me that my info is incomplete, making reference to the CC date. I have tried this about 11 times to no avail. My info is not incomplete. I do not use Paypal. ??? Liz

  7. So much to reflect on in this post, Amy. I love what you did for the doctor/Other…especially that you really looked at her and opened yourself to see new aspects of this person. Definitely the possibility of a new beginning. I can think of some of my others right away…one of whom we entertained last night and who, for the first time in over 20 years, actually helped me do dishes. Hmmmm. People do change, grow. We are so full of potential.

    • Yes, Kristy, we’re all being asked to recognize our Divinity and realize our masterhood. It’s happening…some choose to see and others do not. Glad you do!

    • Renee! Ta Dah…the blogger who shared some great advice about cameras. We’re on our learning curve together, but this one is pure fun! I’ll be keeping an eye on you! 😀

      It’s hard not to share these courses. They are both stimulating and strangely complementary. On GenOne, my homework this week is “Let go of your worldly self image.” You know how Divinity works – the minute we set our intent, we’re challenged! So I just came from a birthday gathering of very close friends – and a most interesting thing happened. Everyone was asked what has been keeping them busy. Each person brought us all up to date. Not one person asked me. I sat quietly stroking my bruised ego while wanting to say something like, “What am I? Chopped liver?” While going through my mental checklist of character defects, it dawned on me. THIS is a blocker. THIS is what needs to be let go. I may want to tell everyone that we’re heading for magnificent unitive powers beyond our wildest dreams, but right now they just want to giggle over “stuff”- the everyday…like the price of unique coverings for our feet of clay.

    • Yes, I’ve heard many people say the same thing. I’m a bit of a black-belt about protecting my time so I can pursue the interests I have. And now I can study courses at University without charge because I’m “older” and I love it! 😀

  8. It was a hard lesson for me to learn, but the “others” in my life have been my best teachers. They teach me about who I am and who I could be. Not easy things to face, but necessary. Always interesting posts from a Divine Soul. Thanks!

  9. Loved this blog, thank you. Will have to explore Generation One. I love your quote under the flowers, death is just part of our journey here in this world, so many people fear it, destroying their ability to live each day to the fullest.

    • Tomas, I sense you’ve had some challenging life experiences. Bravo for being like the phoenix and bringing all that beauty and creativity out of the ashes. That’s how we help our souls hum with quiet joy!

  10. I guess I was meant to land up here at exactly this time on a Friday night. I read the post several times and got goosebumps. My stepwork in the AA programme currently has me working – sometimes uncomfortably – on my relationship with my personal Higher Power, so your “My Guides have taken me to the Christ energy where such profound Love is almost impossible to be explained. They have repeatedly reminded all of us of the importance to meditate – such a small piece of time to give to such an important awakening of self. We’ve consistently been encouraged to understand who we are so blocks to the greatest Divine experience can be removed.” seemed particularly apt. Thank you, Amy.

    • Cin, delighted to learn you have put some clodhoppers on your heart and have “stepped” right up to the plate! It’s soul salve to hear you are sometimes uncomfortable. That means you are being real and not taking shortcuts that would only deprive you. People can climb Mount Everest for thrills, but you are taking the greatest adventure any human can undergo – the journey within. You’ll never be the same – nor will you want to be. This inside job will turn you inside out. You are of great substance, with such quality, Cin, and it will a joy to see how and where you let it out.

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