You and I CAN help keep the beauty of this planet.

You and I CAN help keep the beauty of this planet.

By giving 25 minutes of your time.

Paul Hellyer is the former Minister of Defense of Canada.

He is a man of valor, dignity and respect.

The fact that his integrity – as an honoured statesman – is at stake

confirms the seriousness of this disclosure:

(Don’t let the ET designation cause you to think this is conspiracy theory ‘bullrourke’!)

2 Living ETs Working with US Government

20 thoughts on “Click HERE: THE TRUTH About OUR WORLD

  1. Interesting presentation.
    Here’s the pdf of parts of “The Day After Rosewell,” if you haven’t read it yet.

    Click to access the%20day%20after%20roswell.pdf

    “cosmos teaming with life” … I loved that!

    It was good that they gave him a bit more time to conclude his presentation. Would not have wanted to miss that last bit. Worth looking into. Some conclusions debatable here, but I think he’s sincere and not “crazy” as the media sometimes dubs him.

    Thanks for posting.

    • I haven’t read any media dubbing Mr. Hellyer as “crazy”, Jamie, but considering who owns the media, I’m not surprised. He’s a threat.

      This gets me going! Where’s my soapbox… What if “it” IS all about Palestine – as read by Mr. Hellyer? Arabs and Jews share parts of major cities all over the world – is there no solution in that part of the world? We need a refresh button and maybe it’s the button called “New Think”.

      I sent a link of this video to “The Elders”. They provide hope. Having these dynamite elders generously giving their non-partisan, inter-cultural, non-religious experience, strength and hope towards achieving world peace may help create some new ways of thinking.

        • So many layers… and so much “unknowing”. It’s like my Yugoslavian friends throwing their hands in the air out of frustration from trying to explain the reason for the travesties experienced over there. The Dalmation finally said, “There’s too much history for any of you to understand.”

  2. Thank you for this Amy – riveting stuff … both about other intelligences and the destructive and cynical policies of the US. I’ve experienced UFO.s and the inevitable aftermath so many report, the upsetting and unexplainable appearance of the Men in Black. From the UFO’s nothing but emanations of love.
    We have so much to learn and understand and accept…

      • Not yet, Amy… not sure whether my credibility is strong enough yet… I’ve sneaked angels and re-incarnation in… I think I have to wait a bit longer for this subject !!!

        • Even my very feet-of-clay, common-sense-filled father admitted he saw a UFO in Canada’s North. He was traveling by helicopter into a site where there was work to be done. The pilot told him it wasn’t his first. We reveled in his story and believed him because mother used to say, “Who are we to think there is no other life? We probably look like the Neanderthal Man to them.”

    • He was one of the few politicians who was generally trusted and respected by people in different parties. His sources are new to me, but the message is the same as others I’ve been following for a number of years. The spiritual message I find repeatedly: each of us find peace within ourselves so we can LIVE it or we won’t have a habitable planet. We who are older may find that very “touchy feely”, but the evidence keeps mounting on the backs of our youth. I’m grateful for these respected elders:

  3. There were bits that I applaude, and bits that made me frown. And the one solid truth I felt my heart confirm without question…..that golden rule.
    Of course we are not “alone”.
    Of course there’s an agenda that’s not spoken.
    And of course the best place for me, personally, to sit with what was shared in this 25 minutes, is on the side of love.
    That’s not apathy or a blatant dismissal.
    It’s simply the answer revealed to me today.

    • If I believed our planet was the only life in this whole vast universe, I would not only see our arrogance, I would be down-heartened. It’s sad that this planet makes such a cloak and dagger to-do about it!

  4. Oh my goodness. I watched this last night and can’t get it far from my mind. I am so not informed. I like to think that I am open to listen, so I guess that is where my understanding is on much of what he spoke of. I am very concerned about our biological footprint and seems to me we do need a better understanding about how to change our ways in regards to that as well as our relations with other cultures. Thank you for posting this.

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