Make/Take/Shape Time…Our Creativity Needs It.

“Too much is happening…

I’ll live as though writing doesn’t matter.

Too many demands”,

I said.

My soul silent and patient,

was quieted by healing, sadness and loss.

Then its motherboard cross-circuited,

and zapped.

A right-lobed bulletin blazed across my brain.

“You rest in creativity.

You wrestle, whimper, wallow and wow in creativity.

Whether you dream, scheme or sigh with triumph –

understand –

Creativity IS your clock.

Wind it.”

CREATIVITY:  Fragile, but Forever in Various Forms at Various Times.

CREATIVITY: Fragile, but Forever – in Various Forms at Various Times.


God bless the mighty indwelling force called “creativity”.  May it always  deliver “in-your-face” nagging.  Otherwise,  imagine the Beauty that would lay festering inside bloated souls.  Sameness would chip away at sanity and we’d all stay in our minds.

Thankfully, in spite of ignored, silenced implosions – the soul will persist.  It will rustle feelings, replace dying batteries, conjure courage and stir enthusiasm until creativity is again free to emerge.

Hesitantly, but emphatically, I need to add:  may its power never release us.

46 thoughts on “Make/Take/Shape Time…Our Creativity Needs It.

  1. “It will rustle feelings, replace dying batteries, conjure courage and stir enthusiasm until creativity is again free to emerge.

    Hesitantly, but emphatically, I need to add: may its power never release us.”. How powerful is that wish…I’d say that is the voice of the universe itself, endlessly drawing on that depthless well of creativity to constantly sprinkle stardust all around and reinvent this beautiful earth and the stars and the rest of the universe.

  2. I love this post, Amy. The video is great and so to the point. I do hope that creating and sharing this has lifted the load a bit for you. Sorry life is battering you.

    • Amongst the jolts (along with a ruthless sinus infection) there were bursts of good stuff, Linda. As usual! 😀 The sorrows were indirect – my friends were/are more affected than me, but with empathy comes all those feelings… Seems the older I get, the deeper the feelings flow.

    • I understand, Tammy…and I suspect all regular bloggers do. And this is why writers take time from their books to blog. It’s a release and a chance to connect.

    • You haven’t missed anything, Granny. I’ve not been blogging – or responding to my friends’ emails (you may have noticed) – I was really leveled by a nasty sinus infection going around. Lost my energy, enthusiasm, appetite, voice…couldn’t sleep for coughing. Since antibiotics were useless, I had to let nature go to work. Thank God for my Neti Pot! After many nights without sleep, the doc told me I had to take meds with some codeine (which I loathe), but it suppressed the cough mech in the brain and I finally slept. The healing began and I am back in commission. Now..good as gold. Phew!

      • Oh wow…we have been sick in sync. I also never slept for nights with a dreadful itchy cough. Finally got a wonderful cough mixture which supressed it and I was on the road to recovery. Glad you are back. Lots of lovexxxx

        • I don’t know how you did it, Kath, with all that you have on the go! At least I could shut out the world and keep it from demanding too much of me. I learned that codeine is the ingredient that hits the cough center of the brain, shuts it down and let’s us sleep. It has a “pharmaceutical” name in cough medicines, but it’s codeine – of delicate strength. I only took the meds for 3 days and that was enough for healing sleeps. I really don’t like taking addictive stuff!

    • Hi Kath! Many thanks – I need to get around and see what you’ve been up to! I think I saw one note where you were doing a rain dance in your mind…hoping for rain.

  3. I just loved your message in this post, Amy auntie. These days so many questions roam in my mind regarding creativity. Sometimes I wonder why I always get attracted to this force called creativity; although I am not sure if it’s going to help me in my life. But then it makes me feel that yes I am alive.
    Take care and enjoy your Sunday!!

    • I think you hit on the key words, Arindam…we feel alive. The more we are in tune with our creativity, the more important that we give ourselves an outlet to express it. Otherwise, we’d shrivel. Our worlds could become small beyond reason. This helps us expand…grow…challenge ourselves in healthy ways. No matter what you do at any stage of your life, Arindam, I believe you will be tapping into that sacred space. You’ve opened the door… 😀 Much love to you, you sweet sensitive human being!

  4. I needed this today, Amy. My life is a bit upside down right now in part because of a change in medications for my transplant that is crazy-making. Thank you for reminding me I don’t need to be running on empty.

  5. As usual, just what I needed to hear.. to stop pushing myself, making deadlines which don’t have any meaning, making demands on myself which are unnecessary…reminding me of the freedom when we let-go and let-God and that gush of energy, joy, peace and creativity which comes… with time, silence, solitude….

    • Oh Valerie…during my healing from fiery sinuses and relentless coughs, I let the grass grow, I read biographies and enjoyed chocolate covered malts brought by a caring friend. I allowed myself the thought I’d never write again – only read! However, that danged longing bonked me in the ear. It even motivated me to mow the lawn! 😀

    • I understand what you mean! It’s easy to become lost in blog reading – to fall into the reciprocation role out of respect for all the people who spend time with us. I hope you can sort it out…it’s not easy. 🙂 Loved the photos of Stanley!

  6. Loved the post Amy.

    Your celebration of Creativity is a much needed balm for our regimented and structured souls. As I recall my childhood and the emphasis on studying by rote, I see how my environment and support structures connived to suppress my creative green shoots.

    But I really cannot see Creativity as a clock to be wound up, even metaphorically speaking. I see Creativity more as a river flowing within flexible banks and holding the capacity to change course and discover new vistas and possibilities. Always available, always with us so long as we are willing to hold the torch on it.



    • It is a flow, Shakti. When I don’t wind myself, the floodgate is down. The flow jams. Creativity is going to come out somehow so by winding, I keep the floodgate open. I want my creative powers to be released in constructive ways. I’m not a destructive person, but when there is a jam, I feel edgy and cranky. I become upset with myself for not allowing purpose to exist. That’s what I meant…I don’t have to “wait” for creativity to come. It’s always here…I have to make sure it has an outlet.

  7. Wow–sending prayers to Victor.
    And a few in your direction as you continue to heal.

    Freedom to play and BE in the moment–that’s my idea of a grand time. If that’s creativity–then apparently I’m creative? *laughing* Oh, dearheart–I can’t draw a stick person to save my soul. It’s just not in me.
    I adored the video. And I wanna try that with the team I work with. They’re all about rushing the process some days. SLOW down and just let people BE the creative, loving, awesome people they ARE, yaknow? Well….that and I’d like to make swirly thingies and play with coloured pencils. LOL
    You get to feeling better–have a couple more of those malts and sit under a fir tree while the birdies are flittering about.

    • Praying can be so very creative. Oh, I don’t mean the words. I mean how we can be in a state of prayer and send the healing Love onward. It’s become more apparent all the time that I have no idea what’s best for someone else, but I sure can send the Love and let them sort that out for themselves.

      Am feeling waaaay better thanks. Except for the window-pounding black cat in the middle of the night, I sleep right through. Duc loves coming in, soaking wet, because I keep a towel right there and towel dry him before his mucky little paws hit the carpet. He adores the massage. In fact, on rainy nights, he goes in and out a few times – just for the massage the little stinker. Fortunately, I can hit the pillow and be fast asleep again.

    • And it the good stuff that gets squeezed out when we rush about, right, Roos? When I was Hell-Bent-For-Career, my artist partner used to try to slow me down. He’d say, “Is it really all that important?” At the time, it was ALL important. Oh dear! I felt that since he wasn’t in the business world, he didn’t understand. I spent years feeling there were at least three demands always waiting for me to act. Is it any surprise the relationship dissolved? 🙂

  8. Reblogged this on The Spirited Soul and commented:
    When you need to re-connect with the Source, yourself & your intuition…Create! There are so many ways to express it, if given the time & space. “Levity, not Gravity”, I say. That approach always helps.

    Thanks to my friend, Souldipper for this post.

  9. Oh, I’m glad to hear that Amy (that you’re better & normally so healthy!). Yes, healthy people make the worst sickees. 🙂

    Also Amy, I have a problem here on WP that I think you can help me with. I’ve looked all around, but cannot find the place to designate my tags to the TOP of new posts & not at the bottom. I see yours are at the TOP. I think I’d like to do that too. But where do I go to change that?

    • I didn’t designate the location of the tags, Maggie. That depends entirely on the theme you are using for your blog. Where the tags land is built into that design. They’d have to change that for you – if they can/would change the design for one individual blog. Hope that helps, Maggie.

      • Hi Amy,
        Thanks for your reply & help, Amy.

        When I first came to WP, I noticed that you & I had chosen the same theme, complete with photo. On closer inspection, via computer instead of phone, I now see you’ve changed themes. Yes? Regardless, it looks very appealing. I could’ve sworn though, at some point, I was able to designate the location of my tags. I don’t see that now.

        Things have changed with WP a bit too. For instance, I had to pay $30 per year not to have ads show up on my site. It didn’t used to be that way.

        Anyway Amy, best wishes to you. And I’m sorry I don’t have more time to read your & the other’s posts…

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