How to Transform a Relationship

Sai Maa creates simple and long-lasting images that replay, unbidden, at the most appropriate times.

Fellow islanders, students of Sai Maa, introduced her healing techniques to a group of us a few years ago.  The technique is one that had been reserved only for the holiest of masters.  However, she and other masters on the path of Love were authorized and encouraged to teach these simple techniques to the world.

It was time, they claimed.

Since then, my fellow islanders have kindly forwarded notices of live broadcasts and videos of Sai Maa.  With naturalness, she presents a verbal palette and, with loving phrases, invites the listener/student to form sustainable, customized imagery.

Today, however, she chose to use more than her verbal imagery.  She wanted to make certain we “got it”.

15 thoughts on “How to Transform a Relationship

  1. Wow! What food for thought ! Thank you Amy – rivetting and SO useful; !!!!
    I can see me using this in every situation… and how it must develop mindfulness and staying present, to keep that space clear….

  2. Hi Amy,

    An intriguing post. Not knowing who Sai Maa is, I did a bit of google search and came to know that she is a self proclaimed reincarnation of the divine Shakti and in her earlier years, was a disciple of Sathya Saibaba in India.

    Over the years we have had many God-men and God-women holding fort in India and elsewhere. My own perception has been that many of them do add value to their disciples’ well being and a “feel good” mindset. Decades back, I recall my mother taking “Diksha’ ( Indoctrination) from Sri Sri Omkar Nath, a simple God-man. Over the years I could always sense how this indoctrination supported her through life’s travails and allowed a sense of positivity. How she developed a routine of escaping into the calm oasis of daily ‘japas’ and rituals.

    The downside however remains when many of these Godmen masquerade as Divinity and take advantage of folks’ gullibility to extract money and benefits.Some of them support delusions in the minds of the followers and become enormously wealthy and powerful through running businesses designed to bring ‘healing to the masses’.



    • I understand, very well, what you are saying, Shakti. In all aspects of life, discernment is a necessary and welcome commodity. A cautionary flag flies when we are asked to dip into our pockets instead of our souls. I appreciated the complimentary healing session provided by my fellow islanders. They shared it with respect for Sai Maa. I have since appreciated other teachings that have been shared freely over the internet.

      Being unfamiliar with the masters or gods referenced in Sai Maa’s background, I am content to enjoy the type of teachings shared in this video.

      Yes, some of the gurus living in splendor in North America confirm how needy and gullible the vulnerable can be.

  3. Interestingly enough–this is a visual I use with the young ladies and the families that I work with. It’s a very sombering, humbling, healing sort of exercise with identifying what stands between them and the love they want to bring to each other’s lives. It touches my soul that they can be so honest — because they WANT so badly to love..but they let the cah-cah take center stage. Pride enters, and we cheat ourselves out of what we truly, TRULY want in our lives.

    I do echo some of Shakti’s concerns for the self proclaimed ‘gurus’ out there. I lose a bit of faith every time a dollar sign is attached to their ‘works from G-d’. Actually, it makes me go the opposite direction and embrace what I believe even more. I’m not certain if that’s a ‘prejudice’ on my part. I know it ‘costs’ to bring the message. Or does it?
    LOL This is where my insides start arguing!

    • It’s fantastic that you use a teaching technique that can penetrate our complex minds so effectively. Those young ladies are very blessed. You are a spiritual teacher, Mel.

      About this money issue: As a seeker and one who leans toward mysticism, my question is this: Who needs a middleman/woman to access Source? The spiritual teachers with whom I have worked teach us to tap into the Divine within ourselves. They don’t ask for payment. If money has come into any discussion, it’s about our service to humanity. They accept leadership and pooh-pooh pedestals. These teachers work and live much as we do – providing examples of how to apply (and amend) spiritual principals in all aspects of life.

      Yes, I too go within (I’m so grateful to have my “within”) when I sense ego. One man whose simple teachings resonated with me (happens to be Indian) lives in a mansion in California, owns and pilots his own small jet and speaks all over the world. He plays coy about his Divinity which some people consider validating. I just see ego, I’m afraid. His videoed talks were available for a while, but he’s taken control of that. Now if you want to see his more recent videos, you pay.

      “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” – Maya Angelou.

  4. Love is all that is needed, it can overcome anything. Many though will put those other things ahead of the love, perhaps caused by pride.

  5. What a charismatic woman, Amy. I was pinned to the clip from beginning to end. A wonderful piece of teaching. And the Journey sounds interesting, though 3 days seems a very short time to become profoundly healed. I would love to know more about her.

  6. So nice to see how Sai Maa works with her audience. I so enjoyed her great sense of humor and I couldn’t believe how quickly the 8 minute video sped by – it must be a wonderful treat to do a session with her. But only needing 3 days to profoundly heal someone? I don’t think its possible and I agree with your comment to Kate that its the kickstart.

    Thanks to Shakti Ghosal for sharing the research about Sai Maa, and his thoughts on “gurus”.
    Your story about the guru who lives in a mansion in California yet doesn’t allow any of his videos on youtube doesn’t surprise me. Too many greedy people out there! How much money does one person need in this one life?

    • I am most interested in people who share freely on the internet and have sideline events/books/sessions that people may or may not sign up for. Sai Maa works in that manner – she has satsang at different times and they’re available free for anyone. She is promoting the 3 day session adamantly in this video, but I think she was familiar with that woman.

      I hope you are well, Rosie. I must catch up with your blog again soon. I’m fading tonight.

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