Executive Experience – Par Excellence

Being on the Executive of our Island’s Probus Club does offer palatable perks.

Our President (aka “Prez” for privacy purposes) suggested we have our Executive Meeting, along with lunch, at his home this month.  What a great idea.  Armed with pen and paper, I jumped in my car:

After a forever climb, my car whined, “Are we there yet?”

At the end of a lengthy ridge, a discreet group of arrows pointed to the beginning of the Prez’s driveway.

I geared down for the l-o-o-n-g, windy descent to the house.

Half way down, I had to stop:

Note the big tree here and in the second photo.

To capture a sense of the panorama, reference the tall tree in this photo as well as the next one.

Awesome view!  I wondered how I would concentrate during a meeting.

Awesome view! I wondered how I would concentrate during a meeting.

I arrived and found a number of cars parked like mountain sheep in the well planned, circular driveway.  What a relief that I wouldn’t have to turn my car around on this lip-of-a-road.  I hadn’t packed a winch.

Suddenly the light went on!

I thought I was early!  But everyone was here already.

I didn’t get any message saying that the meeting started earlier than usual today.

I knocked and hearing a shout, I opened the heavy, hand-carved front door.

The Speaker Chairman laughs at my mumblings and the Past Prez sighs with relief that he didn’t have to put up with my excuses while he was in office. Do you think they believe my embarrassment?

Look at the impishness in the eye of our Prez. You’d think he was never late. He seldom gets to Aquafit on time!

Here's the Vice Prez - heavy on the "VICE".

The Vice-Prez just gave me the “hairy eyeball”.  Yah…heavy on the “VICE”.  Until he came into my life, I thought I wanted a younger brother.

As I slunk humbly (!) into the comfortable couch, I ignored them all and swooned.

As I settled humbly (!) into the comfortable couch, I chose to ignore them all and inhaled the view on this dazzling Spring day.

The Prez rattled the agenda and discussion resumed.  Minutes later, Mrs. Prez appeared from another exotic room and announced that lunch would be served in a half hour.  What a distraction…who could concentrate knowing she was putting the final touches on a creamy Quiche, an abundant Greek Salad and an irresistible Quinoa/Kale/Arugula/Cranberry salad.  Thankfully, our Prez likes good food – our meeting stopped right on time.

Mrs. Prez cuts the Quiche while our intrepid Treasurer looks on.  The Prez is hunting down a bottle of Charbonnet.  Most of us did not partake - being seriously committed to the business at hand.

Mrs. Prez cuts the Quiche while our intrepid Treasurer looks on. The Prez is hunting down a bottle of Charbonnet. Most of us did not partake – being seriously committed to the business at hand.

Our Treasurer excused herself immediately after our lunch and left me to deal with all the male energy.

Back top business - The Board Table

Back to business – The Board Table

Our Prez designed this phenomenal home and worked closely with the contractor.  The lines, angles, finishing touches brought fresh discovery of artful detail from each vantage point.  Since Mr. and Mrs. Prez lived and worked in different parts of the world, each artifact promises a story.  One day, I’m going to ask for a story tour!

This exquisite sculpture renewed my longing to be able to teleport to Africa at whim.

This exquisite sculpture reactivated my longing to teleport to Africa at whim.

Adorning the entrance to the kitchen.

Adorning the entrance to the kitchen.

The meeting was adjourned and I wasn’t fired.

The Soon-To-Be-Prez wants you to think he’s really an angel. He’s pretending that he’s forgiven me. Don’t be fooled by his smile!

The others were snaking up the driveway and I was offered a tour of the property.  A tour?  Do I need to polish my rappelling skills?  Not at all!  The Prez opened the garage door to a welcome surprise:

Since we are not mountain sheep, the Prez pulled out the golf cart so he could show me the cottage he built.  It's below the family home.

A golf cart! We’re off to see the wee cottage he built all by himself. It’s below the family home – sort of half way down the mountain.

The wee cottage where Mr. and Mrs. Prez lived while their home was being built.

What a trip down the “s” curves.  Don’t they have governors for those carts?  So here’s the adorable wee cottage where Mr. and Mrs. Prez lived while their home was being built.

The lost is found.  We were looking for Mrs. Prez.  She had a message to call to New Zealand.

Surprise!  The lost is found. We were looking for Mrs. Prez. We have a message – she needs to call New Zealand.


The Cottage’s exquisite view.

(In case you venture our way and need quality accommodation, the Prezzes make this cottage available to visitors.  Click this link to find out about Sunset Solace Cottage. )

The final leg of the tour – the Prez took me even further down the mountain to his monster workshop – home for his many extras.

The golf cart became my new best friend as we made our way back to the main house and to my car.

Mr. and Mrs. Prez, you shared your home with welcome openness and hearty “spiritedness”.

Everything about the day represented the beauty of who you are.

Thank you for providing an exceptional Executive experience.

28 thoughts on “Executive Experience – Par Excellence

    • Thanks, Becca. I also want to send my condolences – I’m so sorry about the tragedy in your home state. My prayers and thoughts are with everyone. I cannot imagine people experiencing such horror. Who would believe an explosion so big was possible that its impact could be felt even 15 miles away…

      • It is amazing to see the unification of all our communities. We live 30 miles from West. It is a wonderful town, and warm friendly, hard working people with strength and faith. Thank you for your thoughts. xoxo

  1. ah, if only all business meetings could be convened in such a setting with such a set of characters! The business world would not know what hit it. I’ve bookmarked the link to the lovely cottage for when we visit your delightful island on our Grand Adventure.

    • Hey, Linda, maybe we could invite you as the honorary Oregon Delegate if we create another dazzling venue for our deliberations. The first job we’ll give you? Since Obama didn’t manage to get his gun control through, maybe you could write up a Bill for explosion control. Boy, my heart is with your country big time. Now…to calm the fear that must be sky high – from Boston to Waco ~

    • You would likely find ours palatable, Charles. I had to attend so many Board Meetings in my work life that I prefer to be doing anything else as well. I’m afraid I find myself bringing things back to the subject to keep the meeting moving. I figure we’re all here now for fun. No sense in stretching out the work part!

    • Our Prez has a remarkable disposition. He’s a retired Geologist and his wife was a Nurse. I suspect they had to adapt to so many conditions and cultures that they were well prepared to deal with islanders! 😀

    • As retirees of significant careers, our confidence frees us to take care of business in a spirit of fun and camaraderie. If only this could have been my experience in the thousands of Board Meetings I attended in my work life, Valerie. My opinion? The people who make meetings painful are the ones full of fear. So don’t sign up unless you can see twinkles in the eyes of the executive.

  2. Hi Amy .. just lovely – so well told .. and what a glorious place … and oh boy if I ever get over – then I shall ask to stay there .. stunning views .. cheers Hilary

  3. It seems like it’s a great place to have some quality time with some wonderful people. I hope you had a great time there Amy auntie. Loved these pictures. 🙂

    • Exactly, Arindam…have some fun while getting the work done. We can make our own rules in retirement…:) I’ve been jumping all over with my (reduced time for) reading. I want to visit you now so will take this opportunity to connect. Hope all is well with your beloved India. I hear the odd bit about political chicanery, but don’t we all have that in our countries?!

  4. What a beautiful place! I always do enjoy pics of your island, they bring back such wonderful memories of meeting new people. I will have to save that site, although I think it must be at one of the ends of the island, not in the center.

    • It’s near the top of the island, Dee – you’re quite right. Our hosts have created a beautiful sanctuary for themselves. She’s busily working on the garden – both flower and veggie. They certainly have the location to receive lots of sun.

  5. Beautiful photos! Love the idea of a “story” tour of homes! That sometimes happens, but it would be fun if it was intentional too…just think how many stories most people are sitting on, right in their own homes. Not too many have views like these though! ~ Sheila

    • The hosts who live in this grand setting are so welcoming and down to earth – and full of stories – and humourous – and fun-loving. In other words, Sheila, they’re the kind of people whose hearts match the physical beauty of their home.

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