Help Needed

A few people report they cannot subscribe to my blog.

So often we think we are the dummies…

When we’re not.

You’re not!

Folks in the Help Forum confirmed Soul Dipper’s subscription buttons do not work for everyone.

The WordPress Happiness Engineers are looking into the problem, but need more specific examples.

Therefore…they’ve asked me to bring them data.

Gotta moment?

Gotta moment?

If you are a reader who has not subscribed, will you please try to subscribe and let me know what you experienced in the comments.

I’ll pass the information on to my Happiness Engineer.

(If you don’t want to subscribe to Soul Dipper, it’s easy to unsubscribe.)

Thank you, in advance, to all who shine some light on this pesky problem.

29 thoughts on “Help Needed

  1. Hahaha…you might wanna rethink that “we’re no the dummies” remark. I have no clue what I did or if I entered in the right place…if you’re meaning e-mail subscriptions or WHAT! You have more buttons and links ….holy cow….which button?!!
    …k…so, I went to the home page, guessed and put my email in for the email subscription…then a black box very politely thanked me for following you.
    I did this from the Kindle thingy so it’s not my fault I’ve turned into a stalker!!!

    • Since this is not a ploy to gain more subscribers, dear Mel, you will not cause concern if you have enough blogs to read and want to unsubscribe. I laugh at your description! You’ve been an excellent feedback source because you are not WP and you prove that my directions (by the comment box) work. Well…as long as the black box isn’t fibbing! 😀 Many thanks.

    • Hilary, thank you – it looks like Word Press may already have done something because one blogger who could not sign up just did. Hurrah!

      I was thinking of you while I watched the biographical movie about Mr. Pierrespoint – the (not so) last hangman in England. I was pleased to have insights into how a person could possibly fulfill such a role. He was a very decent human being!

  2. Well, Amy–I got this on e-mail so it worked. I have WordPress also and what was happening is that I’d subscribed but never got email notification of your posts. My wordpress manager would confirm that I was subscribed and tell me that I’d get e-mail notifications but I didn’t, so I’d use your comments as a cue to visit you. With the last comment you made on my blog I tried again and it worked. At least for now. Holding my breath.

    • Okay, Raven. Since you don’t need another challenge, let me declare that I have a solution for a wee problem you may be having. The LINK for your blog that accompanies your comment doesn’t. When I click on it, a message appears saying this blog does not exist.

      Here’s the solution: take the hyphen out. When I key in noh it takes me to you – no problem.

    • I love it when my time is free enough to go to the Reader and catch up on blogs. I used to spend hours each day just reading and commenting on blogs; then I had to adjust my routine. Consequently, I’m amazed that someone as prolific as you has time to be so consistent. We’re really turning new sod – which is a wonderful unfolding process.

      Then I think, “Wait a minute, Amy. Do other bloggers have to chop wood, clean the eaves, change the oil in the lawn mower, mow the lawn, give the cat his twice daily meds, look after the car, do laundry and keep the house in good food and tidiness?” In between, I socialize, do community work and keep fit.

      Then I get off my back. 😀

  3. What? Who’s prolific? You come across my blogosphere every week! Yes, I do laundry, feed the cat and change the litter, get out greeting cards, etc. No worries…if it doesn’t work for us one week…we’ll just skip that week.

  4. I am already a subscriber, Any, so I can’t help with that. I can tell you that your “like” button doesn’t always work … I think mine doesn’t either. WP is fabulous and I’ve been happy with them, but suspect that they’re trying to improve on what is already good and things are getting more complicated than they were.

    Good luck. Be well.

    Many blessings,

  5. I have subscribed to many blogs got the message and still not got the emails… then I found if I opened the reader, next to Blogs I Follow is an Edit button… clicking on that opens all those I follow and in there I have to instruct the software to send me an email.. maybe those not getting emails should go and have a look if they have “You get instant post and no comment emails for this blog EDIT” if it does not say that click on the EDIT and change to what you want, instant, daily, weekly etc… then the problem is over… might be the problem.. don’t know.. just thought I’d share …

    • Thanks, Bulldog – I always like to learn new things about this platform! The problem has been that an attempt to subscribe would not work.

      Enjoyed learning about your GREAT new software for Golf Course economics and savings. Well done!

  6. Here’s how goofy I am….as I supposed to get some kinda notification that I did subscribe…..other than you. LOL
    OH…..whoknow! :-¿ Have I ever mentioned that I put a kiddo through school for computery things like this?!

    • Mel, I don’t know what you’d see. If you were WordPress, you would receive a confirmation – probably by email. However, I don’t know what other platforms receive. Suggest we wait until I do another post and we’ll see if it worked.

      • Yup…..notsomuch getting any email about the new post you put up.
        Zilch to confirm, zilch to tell me to go read.
        Ohhhhh…..I’m broken!!! 😦

        • Okay, Mel, I’ll let the Happiness Engineer at WordPress know they have to go and give the Blogger Platform a kick in the butt! 😀 Seriously, thanks for letting me know. Hope you’re well – I’ll pop over in a minute!

  7. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Amy, but it isn’t working. I am, however, getting every single comment that is made on your blog…just not the new posts. I could be wrong, but I’ll keep you posted.

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