You Decide

Hello my Beloved soul companions.  Thank you for the clear message that it’s time for another visit.  Seconds after I finished my meditation and healing energy-shower, the sun broke through layered clouds that flew low and tumbled in wafts of variegated blacks and white.  Its brilliance punctuated your nudge.  It continues to shine as I commune with you.

I’m full of gratitude and fully prepared to receive your wisdom.  I understand you want a topic that is on the “tips of our hearts”… I’m still contemplating yesterday’s Theo message through Sheila Gillette.  The Theo Group reminded listeners that we choose this incarnation to be here with Divine Purpose.  The focus is not on what to do…we are to put our intent on being who we are.  We need not worry about what we “should be doing” to fulfil our purpose.  Instead, be available to be the Divinity with which we came here to experience in physical form.

Thank you for this opportunity to not only share the encouragement and Love with which we are commissioned, but to let you know how well your world is opening to goodness.  It is a complex task to achieve simplicity.  It is a challenge for each and every human being to access the peace that dwells within.  It is a mighty jaunt to move from head to heart – as mentioned many times before.  Do not be discouraged by those factions practicing defence rather than peace.  They are aware of the response, or non-response, from those growing numbers of you who choose, live and request peace.

Peace is a choice.  It begins with a decision.  The decision lies within each human being.

You recorded a part of the message from Theo.

Yes, it was “Be centered in self; not self-centred.”

Be Centered In Self

Be Centered In Self

Accessing one’s own peace is being centred in self.  Having the intention of knowing one’s own goodness and knowing how to access it is being centered in self.  Meditation is essential for this process and there are many different meditation methods.  There are various ways and means.  It is not necessary to become rigidly loyal to a method.  In so doing, the focus on method can rob the person from receiving the message.

Meditation, like spiritual practice, is an evolutionary process.  As you grow, methodologies emerge, shift and evolve.  The worker in the rice paddies, the driver of the truck waiting in line or the cripple walking through chaos may be as meditative as the one who is sitting with process and procedure.  The former may be the ones centered in self while the latter may be sitting in the midst of an act of self-centeredness.

What’s the best way to catch oneself, my Beloveds?  If we are remembering that we are Divine Energy experiencing a physical existence, isn’t that All About Me?

To show yourself the difference, the question to ask is, “What is my intent?”

What is the intent that helped you remember?  What brought this Truth to mind?  If someone suddenly makes you angry and you retaliate in word, thought or deed, is that Divine?  Any unkind response is being self centered.   If instead you pause to access the inner Love that fuels the core of all existence, you will respond peacefully – with compassion, kindness, forgiveness or whatever you choose.  You are then centered in self.

So I don’t get away with saying something nice while really wanting to blast them verbally?

Go deeply toward the Light.

Go deeply toward the Light.

Is your intent to look good or is it to respond with your Divine Self?

We’re back to the challenge of Honesty.  I’d love to grab onto the “divinity” part and pat myself on the back.

Your level of awareness determines whether or not you are able to believe your shortcut.

And there are no shortcuts to being Divine.

Only for the ones who choose not to reclaim their Divine Being and Purpose.

Thanks for more homework.  Obviously as long as I’m human, I’m a student with ample assignments.

We know the Love that is at the core of everyone’s heart.  It is a blessing to share whatever is needed to help each of you connect to Love so your lives will be lived with Peace.  Thank you to each one of you who chooses to access your Peace in an act of being centered in self.   The effect of your seemingly small deed goes beyond human understanding.  Your choice reverberates through to the hearts full of fear.  Your response to life shines a light they long to follow.  Keep it beaming.  The guidance is beyond explanation.

34 thoughts on “You Decide

    • May you be above fighting yourself over a little indulgent surfing, Valerie. I’ve had to learn to not accept the first “label” I slap on. During a discussion about honesty, I actually heard an Irish nun say that one of her prayers had to be “Please don’t let me believe my own bullshit.” I knew I was in big trouble… 😀

  1. As I read this I could hear the song from the musical “Godspell”…the one with the lyrics “You are the light of the world…”..many forget the true beauty that lies within them…a fine post to remind us all.

  2. decisions decisions…Lovely message Amy, thank you. Some days it’s harder to “keep it beaming” than others 😉
    Had I nuns of that ilk when I was kid, wow.

    • You’ll find those kinds of priests and nuns at a Hurling match in Ireland, Anna. They’re running up and down the sidelines – with the play – shouting and cursing unlike any I’d heard at any “ball” game in N. America! It was a riot. One priest kept shouting, “Git’em Fokkers.” I naively asked my Irish friend, “Which team is the Fokkers?” I thought she was going to need fresh “nikkers”.

  3. Hi Amy,

    As I re-read your post, what jumps out at me are these two aspects.

    * “Be centered in self; not self-centred.”
    * ” What is my intent?”

    Both are great awareness building shifts. But I do notice situations where they play out contrarily. I hold the intent to support an organisation in India which takes care of orphaned children. I can sense inner happiness every time I support. But as I do this, am I being “centred in self” ? An immediate , over the counter response does seem to indicate this to be true. But as I drill down some more , I do seem to notice shadows of self-centricity here. The aspect of self aggrandisement that I hold the power to support. A kind of “feel good” that by my doing this good act, I somehow am trading off against my own acts of selfishness and self preservation in the past.

    Does this make sense Amy? I would love to hear your thoughts of reconciliation and the way forward.

    Great post, blessings


    • There’s the honesty, Shakti. If we pat ourselves on the back, what’s the intent? GULP! I have to tell this story…

      A blogger friend lived through the Tsunami of March 11, 2011. Her husband, wee son and she survived though they had nothing. She was driven to help others. The only thing she could think of doing was baking cakes. She had the equip, time, skills and motivation. She baked cakes and gave them to people around her. She even sent some away to others who were not close. She expressed disappointment in herself for feeling such joy in sharing these cakes.

      My response to her was that I’d far rather eat a cake made with Love and Joy than one made out of duty.

      The world religions have taught that we’re to give with no thought about it. Does that mean we can’t be grateful for the joy that we feel for being able to give? Does it mean we are not to experience the fruit of the spirit – joy – which we can pass on to loved ones? Are we supposed to be monotone, monochrome and not feel? If it’s true that God created humans so as to experience feelings through connectedness with us, aren’t joy, exuberance, enthusiasm, peace, love all a part of the package?

      So what’s the intent behind caring for orphaned children? Is it to make you happy? Or them? (I believe I know your answer, Shakti.) Does their happiness/ease/comfort make you happy? Isn’t that a by-product of the intent behind the gesture? It happens without you conjuring it.

      In Hospice work, we go to the dying thinking we are the almighty givers. We always receive much more than we give. It is very, very humbling…one almost feels guilty. Except I say thanks for what their life has given. Even in dying…

      You know the answer, Shakti.

  4. Great post Amy. Lots to think on for example:
    “I don’t get away with saying something nice while really wanting to blast them verbally?”

    I need to think more on Theo’s message i.e “Be centered in self; not self-centred.”
    and your guides comment:
    “Accessing one’s own peace is being centred in self.
    Having the intention of knowing one’s own goodness and knowing how to access it is being centered in self.”

    • Hi Rosie…Just spent some time catching up with you. I really appreciate how you are so willing to look at yourself and how you live life. Yep, Rosie, it’s hard to believe we live so far apart. But then we’d need a bunch of time to get caught up if we ever found ourselves in the same location!!

  5. I love this thoughtful post. And I love Shakti’s comment and your response. I have felt that way about organizations I support. What is my intent? Am I looking for good karma? Or sometimes I think, why don’t I give more? A soul-searching post, Amy. And that’s always worth doing.

    • Hi Steph, yes our man from Oman certainly does ask good questions. He’s a great presence. Glad the responses had value for you. These Guides keep me on my toes and I’m delighted to share some the soul-searching efforts! 😀

    • Joss, you already are serving. Everything you share on this Soul Dipper blog and on its FaceBook Page is wise, thought-provoking and so very supportive. If you are “there” for others the way I experience, your purpose is Divinely underway in a most sensitive and loving way. Many thanks! (This sounds like a farewell. It’s not. It’s about time I took the time express how you contribute to my life!) Big hug of appreciation and encouragement to you, Crowing Crone Joss. Keep Crowing!

  6. It’s not that I’m late reading–it’s that I’m late responding……again…. It’s that ‘introspect’ and ‘inventorying’ and being honest with ME about what’s driving the bus here. I seem to think the Guides are talking to me.
    No–I know your Guides are speaking to me.

    “Is your intent to look good or is it to respond with your Divine Self?” There’s a question that’s worthy asking again and again and again as I check motives–are they loving, pure, honest, unselfish. I know it’s that simple, that easy. Make your heart and your mouth match….and your brain, eventually will follow. I know that’s true and it worked for me–responding in love and acceptance comes so much easier today. Honestly–more times than not, my thinking truly IS in the arena of love and acceptance. I’m nothing without it. I’m ineffective. I’m a bully. A bigot. That’s not ME. I wasn’t created for that.

    “It is a complex task to achieve simplicity.”
    I adore your Guides for reminding me of that.
    I laughed because I tended to complicate the simple and then use that as an excuse to not even bother.

    I appreciate you and your Guides for this–Thank you–and thank them for me.
    Not that I’ve not already given thanks……

    • I certainly respect your willingness to reflect, assess and explore, Mel. And it’s paid off…at least that’s what I see when I read your comments and your blog. Learning to observe oneself, detecting the unwanted, making changes and noticing the difference may be wisdom, evolution or mellowing (likely all three), but the results show how the default has shifted. When the first response has the flavour of Divinity, the experience is validating. When the first action is investigation rather than denigration, it’s a promise of growth.

      You remind me of an old prayer, suggested by a mentor, for use when I FELT unheard: “Please, Creator, put one hand on my shoulder and the other over my mouth.” When a tongue has a black belt, it can flash furl unwanted damage.

      You know the thanks are received. Those angels have ears on the back of their souls.

    • Me too, Kim. And I feel it’s my job to do it with as much care and Love as I can muster. That sometimes means tough love.

      My intent has been to look after myself well enough to be able to serve others in a healthy manner. It takes work to care for others without taking them hostage – e.g. “Do it my way” . It’s work to keep the intent/focus on giving to them. In an unaware or unhealthy state, I can convince myself that my intent is for others when it’s really to serve self. Once seen, that “subtle challenge” has become a lifetime of learning and observing. But I believe it also means a jump start to giving more unconditionally.

  7. I think, if I walk away with just one thing from this wonderful post, Amy, it is “What is my intent?” Honest self appraisal is so important and I so often miss out that stage. Thank you.

    • Though it’s humbling, asking that question with honest intent (!) relieves a lot of stress. In the end, it means taking back one’s own power. Doesn’t feel like it at first, but truth really does set us free. So, as my mentor has said to me, “Go to the question. The walk will do you good.” *Note to self…Fire Mentor!* 🙂

  8. Intent: My whole teaching life which I started in graduate school right out of college I have felt teaching is a vocation/avocation, not a job. In a phone conversation with a younger teaching friend she expressed dismay that many colleagues are not in it for the long haul–they will count their “job” as one of many along their life’s path. In fact I read an article last week reporting that the average number of years in teaching is 11. My friend is in it for the long haul. I am heartened by that, but if only there were many more to really serve our students and children.

    • Yes, Georgette, there’s a whole range and the motivated do stand out. As the Chief Financial Officer of a School District, I lived next door to the science teacher at our secondary school. He was so devout he made the program fun and the kids loved him. The teachers went on strike and one night I got up to get some water around midnight. I walked into my living room with only the light of the full moon. From there, I could see the road that led to the High School. There he was, briefcase in hand, heading for the school. My heart went out to him big time – the conflict creates such stress.

      The neat thing? The kids “catch” motivation whether they show it at the time or not.

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