How Can I Know My Purpose?

Home - A place for soul to wander.

Home – A place for soul to wander.

Finally, my Beloved Guides, I may be grasping a tiny concept of “illusion”!  If so, what a difference it makes to perceptions, decisions and peace of mind.

Perhaps you’d like to share these insights?

Oh-oh…my tiny understanding has meant coming to terms with reality.  The real part is small, subtle and often camouflaged.  When I SEE what’s real, I can usually trust the rest is illusion.

What is reality?


Yes.  And “purpose” is reality’s wrapping.

Only the wrapping?  What’s in the package?

Purpose is holding the summation of your soul. Soul is the summation of contributions to the existence of the Universe.  Put all together, it is your partnership with Source to fulfill the glory of this eternal spiritual journey.

That’s huge!  It’s difficult to grasp.

You don’t have to grasp the understanding.  Just grasp the opportunity to “act in purpose” when it arrives.

To “act in purpose”?  How do we do that without understanding?  Do we tap into it automatically?

The tap is your heart.  Love flows through the pipes to the tap.  It’s up to your intention whether you crank that tap open or simply let it drip.  The challenge most people create- here’s an example of illusion – is how much intention use to open the tap.  An authentically giving heart automatically opens the tap.  Some, however, believe the only time to turn on the tap is when there’s evidence of their pipeline being fed.

So that’s another illusion – one of not getting enough.

Listen to the people who describe their giving.  They believe they are displaying a gushing tap.  Have compassion while they burn through their illusion enough to notice their attention is not on the tap.  It’s a cry for Love and is an attempt to plug an imaginary drain.

See through the illusion and see the reality.

You don’t need to worry about the reality of another; only yours.  When you listen to a person describing their generosity, and you see their cry for Love, what is your feeling?

Hopefully compassion or empathy.


And there’s a significant example of purpose.

Highly significant.

A small consideration of far-reaching consequence.

That is the true nature of purpose.  There are many examples in the package.

Thank you for your questions in meditation.  It is through asking that we are able to serve.  We forward blessings to all and open our taps completely to each of you.  You unknowingly contribute more to the quality of energy affecting all others than you realize.  Many changes are occurring that are magnified examples of the fear contained in ego-driven souls.   Accept the knowledge that your efforts impact the outcome of events.  Even the simplest act of aggression, met with a simple blessing, is transformed.   And may all of God’s Blessings be upon you.

May your heart be filled with loving kindness.

May your heart be filled with loving kindness.


15 thoughts on “How Can I Know My Purpose?

    • After posting this, Charles, I dashed off to Aquafit. I caught myself being critical for no reason (!) three times before I hit the water. Looks like the Guides know who they’re dealing with!

  1. The clouds in the picture are beautiful, I have such wonderful memories of your island. I appreciate the words from your guides, may we share the love in our hearts with one another each day.

  2. Oh, you know me… once, read twice–think…don’t think… I adore your Guides and I am humbled by the message I received in this one. I’ve no doubt the messages received are tailor made for me, of course. 😉 So I take inventory..and I go back to the illusion of ‘you can guard your heart’. Pshaw…..I know I cannot. Yet knowing in your brain and KNOWING…….two different things. Darn–and I thought the penny had dropped on that one……
    Less thinking–more heart in action on my part! Ready, set……GO! 😉

    • Those Guides…their net is unbelievably big. And inclusive. Their messages are often like beautiful pieces of music that waft through my mind and hit my heart throughout the day. I’m so glad they “speak” to you, too, Mel.

  3. I would say the most difficult thing in my life (speaking just about me…not relationships or other life circumstances) has been…still is in many ways…defining a sense of purpose for myself. How do I know I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing? Do I have a calling of some sort? And if I do, why is it not crystal clear to me? I’m getting pretty old to still be wondering about this (52)…I like to think I’ve done good things and been a loving person as I’ve moved through my life so far…but am I missing something? This is the never-ending question for me! ~ Sheila

    • Your comment is one that speaks for many, Sheila. Often the subject of purpose conjures thoughts of great acts holding huge consequence. However, in listening to my Guides and those of others, Purpose can simply be the opportunity to give and live magnificence in the ordinary. For example, when someone needs a friend, Purpose would mean being the best listener possible. It would mean NOT trying to fix the situation. It would mean NOT giving advice. It would mean listening so intently that the person knows they are being heard and can see themselves in their own words. It may mean asking questions so they can do that. It may mean putting aside personal biases and zipping judgement securely in some back pocket. It would mean the person has experienced the kind of friend many of us long to have.

      Simple? Maybe, but it is of the highest significance.

      Sheila, any time we have touched the soul of any living being, we have given and lived Purpose. It doesn’t matter if the service was as simple as being a friend or as complex as gaining the freedom for an innocent person. Each is as important as the other.

      I also believe, we know our Purpose because it’s what we love to do. Thankfully, Source is most generous in that way.

      A friend once said to me, “My purpose is to do whatever I’m doing as well as possible. If I am driving my truck, I drive as well and safely as I possibly can.” I borrow his humble philosophy frequently.

      • Thank you for your thoughts. I love your words “give and live magnificence in the ordinary.” You’re right, I typically define purpose as something great, and greatly meaningful. But it’s the collection of small and heartfelt actions throughout life that really define each of us. I believe that…just lose sight of it at times! I also like your friend’s words…I’ll try to keep that philosophy in mind! ~ Sheila

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