So You Think You Can Trust That Medicine…?

Do you know what’s in that medicine?

I wasn’t going to “blog” this video.


I changed my mind when I saw

how this travesty affects

our entire planet.

26 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Trust That Medicine…?

  1. For some reason this reminded me of a quote by John P. Grier which stated “The biggest gap in the world is the gap between the justice of a cause and the motives of the people pushing it.”

    • Good for you, Totsymae. Yah, I manage to avoid pharmaceuticals except for hypothyroid. If there’s a natural way to deal with that imbalance, I’ll gladly switch. So far… I looked at the aspirin in my medicine chest and discovered they are 5 years past due. I think I had only kept them for friends. Now I even have a conscience about dispensing of these danged pills.

      • dear, if you are taking a synthetic (T4 like synthroid or such) there IS indeed a natural alternative. Armour thyroid is derived from porcine sources and contains both T3 and T4. there is a website called that you might be interested in Amy. This video is so good but also very frightening. With the sheep-like mentality that is prevalent in our country today, I don’t see many avenues out of the mire. Grow your own, eat clean and KNOW THY FARMER, not just a cutsie motto but words to live by.

        • Thanks, Anna, I’ll check out that website! Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

          Yes, KNOW THY FARMER is a guideline for all of us. Ask questions… Our weekly farmers market (summer) brings out people who love to talk about how they farm and the different things they’ve tried. It became evident that they were doing a decent business when the big grocery store cried “uncle” and the farmers were told they can only sell from 3 to 7 on market day. Isn’t that a microcosmic demonstration of the what the big guys do to farmers?!

          We have to balance things out…we need the grocery people, for sure. Elst, islanders would have to be prepared to grow winter kale and root veggies in a garden. Thankfully the climate here allows that – we’re in a little mediterranean-like pocket. The cherry blossoms are out in Victoria. I need to say that with gentleness…or the winter storm gods will strike! Hope you are doing okay!

          • Yes, don’t stir the snow-spirits if you have cherry blossoms! Although it seems like there is much movement (and trust me, I am glad many people are becoming more aware) I fear we have a long long row to hoe. The monied interests that drive corporate food policy are unimaginably powerful and that is very scary imo.
            Hope you find good results with whatever path you persue with your thyroid.

  2. Time limits will make me be late by 3-4 days! I have hugely ‘fixed’ views on the subject: six years of Medical School + 25 year of ONGOING nutritional studies + a firm commitment to intergrated medicine do allow, methinks! I apologize if I have misunderstood the content of the video, but am looking forward to commenting as soon as able ­čÖé !

  3. sorry Amy I can’t tick the “like”. It’s so shocking I feel ill.
    Drug companies spend $6 million a day on lobbyists??? …..FDA gets 40% of their money from the drug companies?
    Drug companies in the business of making money not of making people well!

    • It really is “sickening”, Rosie. It’s so important that we be aware – and make sure we share this information as far and wide as we can! We’ve reached a stage where silence truly is death, as stated at the end of the video.

  4. This is very interesting because they have put together food supplements with prescribed medication. The first we have a choice to take and i choose not to and most do not need food supplements what we actually need are whole foods. Unfortunately not all reactions can be known until a prescribed medication as been out there a little while. However some people are allergic to the simplest most used medication such as aspirin and paracetamol and can die from such a reaction. We cannot blame just the providers of prescribed medication because we, the public, constantly want or maybe i should say demand that out doctor’s prescribe and prescribe more and more and more and many of the patient’s i have nursed have been almost proud to hold up their bag of pills as a trophy. People are living longer, better lives because of prescribed medication, however, more pills including food supplements should only be given when proof can be obtained that they are needed. As for statins they don’t work and you can reduce your cholesterol more successfully by eating better and exercising regularly. If people take pills they do so because they choose to not because someone holds them down and force feeds them. We need to learn to say ‘no’ and take control of our own illnesses as far as possible.

    • When a health problem exists and medication is truly necessary for a time, the patient can get off the meds and on with life. However, we are so often dealing with the symptoms and not the problem. When our food supply is tampered with and no longer provides the proper nutrition, that is a problem long before our bodies show stress. Guess who is behind all the controls against natural products being supplements!

      This is as criminal as any act against humanity. It may even be worse because there are so many people knowingly involved.

      • P.S. I want to add, Beverley that I know what you mean about “wearing pills like medals”. I saw that prescriptions were accepted like some evidence that someone understands and cares. My mother, we discovered after her stroke, was actively filling 16 prescriptions! At that time, the Dr. simply put “refill” on the prescription and it could go on forever. PLUS when a new one was given, there was NO record in her medical file showing what drugs she was already on. (I helped out in Dr.s offices so I saw how refills were done. Often merely a phone call for extension was sufficient.) The pharmacies didn’t consult with her because mother usually had different helpers go and pick up her meds.

  5. Hi Amy .. I’ve never done medicines – but I’m lucky as I have robust health … there’s been another interest in the media re hormones affecting fish life .. I think it came from Norway – but I know it’s been around for years affecting our rivers, lakes etc … It’s an unfortunate planet we live in – in many ways … the silent killers or alterers of life ..

    Cheers Hilary

    • The video addresses different ways in which pharmaceuticals are affecting life on this planet. We really do have to be informed. The man who produced this video has been trying to educate the public for many years. You and I may not be affected directly at this time, but we are indirectly. Doing nothing has facilitated unimaginable consequences for our vegetables, livestock and any nutritional alternatives we attempt.

  6. Well, I watched. And I’m perplexed. Divided, because I believe medications can save lives–and are necessary for some individuals, in some circumstances. But the information here disturbed me greatly.
    And I don’t know what to do with it, frankly.
    Information overload, maybe….

    • There’s lots of need and room for both pharmaceuticals and natural cures, in my not so humble opinion, Mel. It’s the lying and misguided use of drugs that has to be exposed and put in check.

      For many years I’ve been using tried, tested and trusted homeopathic solutions – and other natural products. I support our Pure Integrative Pharmacies that dispense both pharmaceuticals and homeopathic solutions. I’ve been watching the natural approaches that Women for Women have been recommending. Plus I keep contact with Dr. Norm Shealy, the retired surgeon who has worked closely with Caroline Myss (Medical Intuitive) for decades. Shealy’s been “educating” people about alternatives to pharmaceuticals – he’s the one who brought this video to my attention.

      However, I agree, there are diseases and conditions for which pharmaceuticals are necessary – especially when/if the solution deals with the PROBLEM and not just the symptoms. But, to take for how long? Are people being taught to just throw a pill into our bodies without taking responsibility? Or eat food that is not only lacking in nutrition, but also contains preserves and chemicals that harm us?

      This has been going on for years, it’s been unchecked and it does have to stop.

  7. Amy such an important topic, and so many angles to it… Nearly all my serious heath problems cleared up over the years with deep and intense psychotherapy, going to the roots of the dis-ease. I also know that i haven;’t cleared everything, and find that depending on my level of stress with family life etc,my well being depends on whether I need nutritional supplements. the body uses up things like calcium and magnesium etc when under stress, so I feel Nutritional medicine is the way to go…plus methods like homeopathy and psycho therapy which get to the causes of the illnesses… and that’s a whole book in itself…
    So many friends in the medical profession feel this way too, but their patients want conventional medicine…
    And of course it;s so hard to find food that hasn’t been tampered with that actually delivers the nutrients we need… another book in itself!
    Great post, Amy, just hope the word spreads far and wide – what heroes these campaigners are.

    • Yes, the subject is saddening, but my conscience would not allow me to ignore the video. I’ve been exposed to this material a great deal over the past few years and it appals me that these actions continue. Makes me so grateful that I didn’t end up in this type of industry/career.

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