A Lover Plays The Breeze

Beauty, loved into existence,

raised by an elder,

entrancing its partner –

the spirit.

Ray Bethell from Vancouver, past his 80th year, flies 3 kites at the Washington State International Kite Festival every year. His skin is like leather as he normally flies with his shirt off. He is deaf so spectators hold up their hands up and wave instead of applauding.

Watch how he flies 2 kites with his hands while the 3rd is attached to his waist.  

The music is perfect – the landing is breathtaking.


Thank you, Ray.  You raise our spirits as deftly as you raise your beautiful kites.

Thank you, Ray. You raise our spirits as deftly as you raise your beautiful kites.

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30 thoughts on “A Lover Plays The Breeze

  1. Amy what an entrancing video… the kites seem to be alive and have a life of their own. What a master indeed… amazing how mastery can lift the most mundane activity into the sublime… thank you thank you

  2. OH my goodness!
    OH MY goodness!
    Amazing…..I was captivated from the onset.
    I adore kites–and what a master! The landings were just as captivating as the sky dancing.
    Oh, how I would have loved to be on my back, staring up and just laughing at the brilliance!
    I WANT ONE….or three! *laughing* Bit greedy, I can be…..

  3. Sometimes, when I watch a person who’s mastered a skill at a level I can never hope to achieve, I find myself struggling to believe what I’m seeing. It happens when I see a great pianist or violinist or gymnast. It happened again as I watched this video. Those three kites seem alive, and appear to be interacting with each other. Amazing.

    • Charles, with anything so well mastered and delivered, I have to stop myself from ruining the experience by dreading its end. I remind myself to ride the moment and eat it like manna.

    • Yah, Sherry, Ray is deaf. How was this video put together with the movements of the kites and the music being so well choreographed? Baffles me. I’m off to watch it yet again…

    • Hey, Kim, looks like you came out on top of that pesky spam scam! I hope you didn’t mean weep out of sadness! Acceptance is the key to serenity and I like having lots of both! Big hug to you!

  4. How incredibly beautiful and simply amazing. I was fascinated, I have flown one kite with my grand daughters, I cannot imagine how he does this. It was like they were dancing, playing with each other in perfect harmony. I loved it, thanks for sharing

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