Seed Vault

Want evidence of some great news?

Here’s a video.

Seeds from all over the world

have been carefully frozen and safely put away.

( Simply click on this link)

Wow, Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Thank you!

Precious Plants Perpetuated

Precious Plants Perpetuated

33 thoughts on “Seed Vault

  1. Thank you for sharing this story with us Amy. Its wonderful to know that people have thought of important things like saving seeds, and as he said in the video its especially important to save seeds from places like Syria which are at war.

    I love the photo of the tree.

    • Wonder what Monsanto thinks about this, Rosie…

      That tree is a hardy little Arbutus. It’s mystery enough how twists happen to some of these little guys, but such obvious strips of different colours really add to their mystique.

  2. You know, I HAVE been worrying about this.. I try so hard to save all my seeds but really i am a generation too late (or maybe two) what a fantastic job there people are doing! lovely to see you.. c

    • The concern has flitted about the peripheries of my thoughts, Celi. I didn’t do this consciously, but must have rested on the assumption that farmers and gardeners would have this under wrap. Yike…these Norwegians are very wise. I went to their website where their good sense is even further demonstrated.

      • It is fantastic, i have shared this site with my son too.. in fact and i know this may sound weird but the novel i am finishing has a woman (about 50 years in the future) and she is travelling through the country. She uses saved seeds as barter when she is desperate. Heritage seeds have become so rare that she must hide her cache, it is so valuable.. well it is more dramatic in the story!! It does worry me.. c

        • Oh oh…that very thought flashed through my brain. The power of these seeds… If the planet had to recover, would these seeds simply be returned to different countries? Hmmmm, I want to believe they would be returned freely. I wonder if research would bring out an agreement with each country.

          • Hmm.. interesting thought, i think climate would have to play a part so the seeds would have to be sent back to their origins to thrive and do well.. we should ask someone at the site.. c

  3. VERY cool photo, ma’am. And very interesting little structure holding the precious seeds. You start to think forward a bit–and then you warp back to today–leastwise I do. We’re already doing injustice to the lovely things around us. I’m just as guilty some moments. Darn dandelions…..
    Isn’t it sad to first revel in the brilliance of those who THOUGHT of this…..and then warp into ‘how do we trust them and protect OURS’?
    Human beings can be so fickle……*sigh*

    • Really, Mel…my logic says if the motive was one of power-mongering, why would they be telling the world about it AND being so open about where the facility is located?

      Humans have been hoodwinked so much by others in positions of trust that we’ve become too conditioned. Hopefully the predictions and reports are correct and we are changing. I was thinking about FaceBook…it’s given the average person the ability to indulge and wallow in good news, reports of good deeds, and tiny triumphs of great magnitude. It’s what we’ve been without in a broad manner.

      • Oh, I don’t question their motives in the least bit. I’m hopeful they’re pure and good. We need forward thinking folks. I adore that they went above and beyond for all of us. And I’m hopeful we are becoming the change we want to see.

        I can’t quite wrap my head around the Facebook thing being the ‘wallower of good news’. From the experiences of others around me, it’s been contrary to what you’re seeing. Which either means I NEED to get out more often…LOL..or go investigate for myself. I’ve not bothered because you’re not ‘allowed’ to investigate until you sign up to be a member. Like signing up to be a member opens Pandora’s box? LOL There’s a delete/unsignmeup button, I’m sure! Right?

        Honestly–There’s this ‘thing’ in me that tells me ‘don’t go there/do that’.
        I truly wonder what’s up with that?!

        • Since posting this, someone told me this concept was a “world” decision, not just one that came out of Norway. I haven’t investigated, but, I don’t see any country in this stage of evolution withholding anything like this from the rest of the world.

          Face Book, Mel, if your intuition says “no”, I suspect you’ll listen. I don’t promote FB, but I’m so much more connected to family than I would be otherwise. I’d be missing out on photos of new great/great nieces & nephews. I’d miss seeing the photos of friends doing whatever, from wherever – right now.

          The second part of this? There are privacy settings that many people don’t learn about or won’t take the time to use. You can keep viewing as tight or as open as you like.

          The big thing? I don’t say anything that I wouldn’t publish in a newspaper or say on TV. People can get sloppy and let down their guard. I made sure there’s no record of my email address showing (FB – only – needs it to notify me of FB activity. I could discontinue that feature if I choose.). We can decide if “friends of friends” can see photos we’ve posted or if we only want “friends” to view what’s on our “wall”. I watch what post (photos or text) showing or referencing home…don’t want to show clues of my location.

          I stopped 3rd party stuff and I have a good, strong password.

          So often now, when a non-FB friend wants to know about something and I’ve posted photos about it on my FB, my enthusiasm wanes over having to repeat, repeat. With FB, we seldom have to say to a friend, “So…what’s new?” I always disliked that question! 😀

  4. It’s funny, I was thinking about this very thing a little while ago, and here you go and provide my answer. It’s great to know that if anything catastrophic happened we’d have seeds to start over with. That is, if we know where that mountain is. I don’t know why I’m always amazed to discover that there are people out in our world who think of these very important, though not very sexy, ideas/concepts/needs and devote their lives to seeing them through. They are the REAL heroes of our world, I think. Now, let’s hope and pray that Monsanto and all the other GMO companies out there don’t start some kind of legal action which will see these seed vaults threatened.

    • I doubt that those companies dare attempt anything at this stage. I hope it’s true that the public has given the message sufficiently that these folks realize any such nonsense would NOT be tolerated. The masses would think of ways to intervene.

      They are exposed and we deem them unacceptable.

  5. Fun to watch the video – and seeing this post, since I am from that strange country and already knew about the seed bank. And yes, I am sure Monsanto is irritated – and that makes it double fun. A comment to krls09: I am sure Monsanto and other companies of the same kind would like to have patent on everything living, but fortunately they are limited to GM lives – which is bad enough in itself, but doesn’t give them any grounds to go to legal actions to stop this seed bank. Thanks for sharing

    • The Arbutus tree – only grows in rocky outcrops of coastal areas – warm temperate regions of the Mediterranean, western Europe, and North America It sheds its bark in the summer – it cracks open in hot weather and you can peel it off like a banana peel. The trunk underneath is like freshly shaven, oiled and perfumed human skin. The leaves shed in the spring and stay green all winter. It’s one confused little tree that grows in the minutest amount of soil imaginable. To top it all off, the wood is very, very hard. It’s not easy making goodies out of its hard wood, but objects are magnificant when done. We don’t go around cutting down these trees; they’re semi-protected. When one has to be cut and approval is given, after the wood dries for a year, a log will burn VERY HOT for ages. In fact people have to remember to not put more than one or two pieces in the stove at one time.

      And, Kim, you’ve just been given info that is not even on Wikipedia.

  6. Amy auntie, it’s a really nice video. These people are doing a great job. As always thank you for sharing something new with us. And that last image is beautiful. 🙂

  7. It’s a lovely “pay it forward” story, isn’t it Amy? Here, where I live, thanks to the efforts of one brilliant man, our seed saving culture is strong – and so important.

    • Someone said more and more people are saving seeds in North America. Congrats, Tammy, and trust your progressive area to be doing it! We have a fellow here, as well. He’s been a lone voice for a lot of years, but he never gave up. Now, he’s one of those HUGE quiet heroes who we are so grateful to have in our midst.

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