Humour, Belief and Connecting

Are you guys talkin' about spiritual stuff again?  Get me outta here!

Are you going to use the G word?  Get me outta here!

My Beloved Guides have been encouraging me to leave their humour uncensored.  I thought their quips were my monkey mind wanting the spotlight.  These Blips of Brightness (see, that’s the kind of humour I’m referring to) knew I dropped the humour because I felt it was disrespectful, irreverent or belittling.

No, they want me to leave it in.  (The flip side of Flip Wilson:  ‘The Angels made me do it.’ ?)

The Guides addressed passé styles of channelling where various “personae” were used to deliver messages.  “Psychics” appeared mystical when, in fact, everyone has the ability to tap into the power of their Higher Selves.  Many stilted, stiff and obscure messages were delivered.

Apparently, it’s time to take a swift step along the evolutionary path.  They have said, “The theme is enlightenment and there’s nothing like a good dose of humour to open ears and let in a little light.”

Then, they took me straight into a whole whack of seriousness:

Soul Dipper:  I recently asked a Buddhist friend what she thought of your messaging.  She paused for a while, then said, “Oh, I think it’s just you going into your deeper self.”

Beloved Guides:  She chose appropriately.  You are accessing your Higher Self so this flow of information can take place.  You open a door that invites our connection with you – a highly significant step.  Can you imagine living with constant, uninvited transmission?  This is what causes us to remind everyone to ask for help.  Your connection with Source needs your invitation.

Soul Dipper:  At times, I don’t remember actually asking for help, but resolution unfolds incredibly.  Does Divinity respond to a thought without my saying an actual prayer or invitation?  Does a split second thought, for example, bring Divine Assistance?

Beloved Guides:  At times of heightened fear, for example, a so-called prayer may simply be your split second thought.  

I’ve been thinking about Atheism.  Atheists don’t believe in God or Divinity so don’t pray.  Yet, I know atheists who are such good people and stay positive throughout their challenges.  As one of these friends explained, he practices loving kindness and not because of Buddha or any other form of discipline.

This will grate atheistic belief, but there is no life in existence that does not carry the life force of the Creator, Source, God or whatever name they do not wish to hear.

That pretty much means everything is Source influenced.


That will be an indigestable lump.  Does every atheist declare an atheistic belief system for the same reason?


And, what’s the reason?


Of what?

Fear that they are not masters of their own destiny and design.

Okay, so in the spirit of genuinely wanting to understand, I asked another atheist friend how she described the creation of this planet with all it’s incredulous complexity – with its repetitive simplicity.

“It just happened.  It wasn’t because some god commanded it.” she said.

“Do you mean there was an energy behind it happening?”

“No…that’s getting into the god concept again.  It just happened.”

I tried one more approach.  I said, “You wear a watch.  That tells me you accept the concept of time.  What’s that?  We can’t smell it, see it, taste it, etc etc.”

“Yep.  Mankind made up the concept of time just like it made up the concept of a god or a creator.”

So, Beloved Guides, I’m not in the conversion business and I accept they believe what they believe.  However, I certainly would feel alone.  Talking with atheists show me how much I enjoy your company.  However, let’s go back to fear.  What fear do they have?

Before answering, have you noticed any one personality trait that the atheists seem to possess?

Yes…I hadn’t thought of it before, but they each express themselves with what’s right or wrong.  Life is black or white.  Talking to them about any subject, there’s a line they will not cross.  It’s as though they’ve rehearsed their line of reasoning well.  Either that or they have a few responses that they use for many topics.

Experiences, whether in this lifetime or others, have caused these souls to hold fast to what they believe in.  They’ve come through experiences where trusting anyone or anything, human or otherwise, has proven fatal.  These souls developed a survival attitude of being completely self-sufficient.  Their biggest fear is being reliant on anything other than self.

Does this mean their soul, along with the spark of life that kicked off their embryotic journey into this incarnation, contains all the Love that facilitates their basic and genuine goodness?

They would debate that concept.  Their response is that goodness is from the self.

Yes, I’ve heard some say exactly that.  I’ve asked what they consider the “core” or “self”.  To them it is only their inner being; there is no godness – only goodness.

As previously expressed, they fear that they are not masters of their own destiny and design.  In fact, they are masters along with every other human on this planet.  They are striving for their masterhood just like everyone, but unlike Source-conscious souls, they have convinced themselves they are alone.

Does that mean atheists seek the company of other atheists?

Like mindedness is welcome but not sought.  What if another atheist disagreed with their line of reasoning?  That would be a further blow to their beliefs.  Atheists feel safe with you.  The fact that you ask questions suggests you are, indeed, listening and may even be learning something.

I’m learning lots.  The most significant fact is that life is an inside adventure for one and all, no matter the brand or existence of any belief system.  Your insights given today, provide a great deal of compassion that I did not have before.  Truly, it is not difficult to accept atheists, agnostics or doubters.  Everyone of us is where we need to be – for our own very personal reasons.   I am aware that my newfound compassion could be perceived as condescension if I attempted to express it to one of my atheist friends.

I have asked, “What if this so-called God is just an all prevailing Energy of Love?”  Even that has been unacceptable to my friends.  So this clarity is priceless…that question would simply ask another form of surrender.  If I asked them about WHO God is…to them it would be another statement THAT God is.  Your insights instill acceptance.  Thank you.

We delight in bringing The All Loving Source to you.  Though difficult for some to grasp, this opportunity empowers us and contributes to our evolutionary growth and contribution.


Addendum:  Throughout the editing process this morning, I continuously saw the word count at 1111.  I chopped, clarified, and added words so my questioning was less cluttered and wandering.   I am not exaggerating when I say that, throughout the process, at least 10 times, the word count ended up being 1111.

In the end, I decided to take photos.  I can’t experience this phenomenon alone:

After a morning of editing, this was about the 7th time for this word count.

After a morning of editing, this was about the 7th time for this word count.


After more editing, the same count!

After more editing, the same count!

Do we ignore these events or say thanks?

I choose the latter.

43 thoughts on “Humour, Belief and Connecting

  1. There are little snatches of thought that have followed me since I was about 9 years old. One is that time and space are a man-made concept and that we will never really understand the Universe until we’ve passed on. Another is that we are all apart of the same existence and everything that we do and think ripples out further than we can possibly imagine. What kind of a 9 year old thinks like that? Maybe, I was on to something…

    • Diana, that is fabulous validation of what I keep hearing…those of us alive now are here because we choose to bring our masterhood to this time of great transition. We are waking up and accepting our masterhood which will bring more of this type of knowledge to the fore. Everything you said is what I continuously hear from various sources. Two of the greatest insights we need to keep remembering, and living, is to Love and to recognize we are all one. Often we knew much as children but too much was packed on top so the truth was stifled. It’s great you remembered!

      Addendum: This just appeared in my Inbox –
      On the day before I was born:
      I knew the order of the Cosmos.
      I knew that I was part of the Eternal Order
      that gave birth to Light and Creation.
      I was not afraid of my beauty, my sexuality, or my dreams.
      I knew there were NO such things as limitations!
      I also knew that magic awaited me on Earth.
      I felt with all my heart that I was going to allow my soul
      to re-design Itself beyond all past perimeters . . .

      And today what I know:
      Is that I am doing exactly that!
      I am the Soul that amplifies Spirit’s extraordinary
      strength in this world.
      And so it is.
      – Rev. Angela Peregoff

  2. Brilliant insights!

    Amy, I have sometimes imagined, “Perhaps God is dead.”
    …but the thought was quite fleeting. Very fleeting.

    Without God, nothing makes sense or has purpose & meaning.

    God is the reason I am still alive today. I will be with Kay again when my earth body dies. I am not afraid.

    And I have come to the conclusion that I cannot do it alone.

    Love. Xxx

    • Life is a “we” proposition for me, too, Kim. We wear on each other’s nerves so as to hone our sharp edges. We hold up mirrors for one another and learn to see. We love. How pathetic existence would be without each other. At times when I feel ready to crown someone with my caramel pudding, I remember that they are God with skin on!

      Even if Science came up with a great explanation of how creation happened – what was the source of that beginning? See? It’s endless. It’s like looking the opposite direction through a microscope.

  3. Wonderful post Amy, I found it so helpful and enlightening for my dealings with some near and dear atheists. I shall keep this post to read over and over again for mine own enlightenment. Loved every word of it, and your questions too…
    and I keep marvelling over the answers…

    • And thanks to some readers, we have the chance to hear great responses and learn even more. I find no difficulty respecting other belief systems – that’s probably the reason I’ve studied a few and continue to appreciate gaining more knowledge and understanding.

      One of the challenges I have with belief systems is how mankind has skewed their original principles and intent – for power and control purposes. There’s a button for me!

  4. This is interesting. It makes total sense their atheism is rooted in fear. I’d never thought of it that way. I’d always attributed it to having been scorned by religion or just wanted to be dependent only on self.

    • Reasons are rooted in something and fear is often at the base of non-acceptance. It’s not easy for any of us to get down to our truth. When someone suggests I have some fear, my first reaction is denial. It’s amazing what I find, however, when I’m finally willing to go exploring.

  5. Well, lots of provocative ideas to mull here. I usually don’t like to peg myself as an atheist, preferring the on-the-fence state of agnosticism. But lately, in response to very polarizing, one-size-fits-all, Christian dogma coming at me and at all political discussions in my country, I’ve settled into the atheist camp as a devil’s advocate as much as anything. (no pun intended there, but what the hey.)

    I can’t speak for other atheists. I do not subscribe to Atheist dogma any more than I do to Christian, Jewish, or Muslim dogma. But I don’t think I come to my beliefs from a position of fear. I actually believe that it takes a hell of a lot of strength and courage to walk through the world without Gods, Christ, or Spirits to fall back on when things get tough and scary. It is equally perplexing to know what to do with the extreme emotions of happiness and gratitude that wash over me on a regular basis, particularly in the presence of great art or on the top of a peak with the splendor of this planet spread out before my eyes. But it all works out.

    I do not feel particularly in control of my life or my destiny. I am here at this moment. Have no idea what will happen in the next moment or the next year. But I don’t care about controlling my destiny. I can not control my destiny. That is the nature of destiny…it is outside of ourselves. Is it God or Spirit Guides or energy fields? I don’t know. And…I don’t really care. I realize that sounds harsh and I don’t mean that in a negative way. I believe each one of us must live our lives in the way that works best for us and interact with our belief systems in an honest way. And there is no one correct belief system.

    “there is no life in existence that does not carry the life force of the Creator, Source, God or whatever name they do not wish to hear.” Ummm. Okay. Perhaps that is so. But so what? The air I breath carries my life force as well. Without that air, I would not be here. Period. Fine. So what? It is what it is. I am happy to be here and I’m grateful for each breath of air and do what I can do to not defile that air. But . . .yeah. So what?

    Where/how did our solar system begin? What force of energy started the whole sheebang? I have no idea. I know that science continues to ask these fascinating questions, continues to probe smaller and smaller and more primary forms of energy and matter. There are, as yet, no definitive answers. So what? Does it really matter how it all came to be? Isn’t it enough to just be here, to simply live the marvel, watch life in its amazing forms? I really don’t know what the fuss is all about.

    What will happen when I am no longer alive? What is death? What happens to my soul? What is my soul? I have no idea. I don’t care. When I’m dead, I’m dead. Gone. Fine. It seems so simple to me.

    I hope this doesn’t come off like an attack. I’m just trying to share my slightly different and rather weird (or to me very sane) ways of viewing the whole issue of spirituality. I’m not proposing that anyone else believe the same things as I do…since really, I kind of don’t believe anything! :<)

    I'm sure your post will stimulate some very interesting discussion. Now I'd better get back to my taxes. Ugh.

    • Linda – thanks a whole bunch for taking the time to put together a response. You see, this is what nations can do – when we share belief systems, we can listen to one another! I love hearing your point of view and certainly do not feel attacked in any way!

      As quoted once, no country begins an attack. They’re merely defending their belief systems. (We all need to take inventory, but that’s another book!)

      I trust you know that my post is no attempt to change an atheist’s mind – just as you’ve not made any attempt to lure me away from my belief system. We’re actually a good model, Linda, of how people of different countries and different belief systems can find mutually significant factors on which to focus and build a respectful relationship. If we lived closer, I believe we’d share quality time together in our hiking boots, on our bikes or with our cameras and what either of us believe, or don’t believe, would not be an issue. I believe each of us would enjoy our similarities instead of pulling out differences to fight over!

      If there was a time or place where differences had to be an issue (???), I believe we could talk about it.

      You and I share one huge dislike that we surely have in common with most of the rest of the world. None of us want anyone else’s belief system shoved down our throats.

      What about the universe? How does it work? I agree with your expression because I believe in simplicity. What difference will it make if we have the answer in our lifetime? Will it make us love differently? Or cause us to change our level of integrity? I don’t think so.

      Again, I really do appreciate the time your response must have taken. Many thanks. This gives me more food for thought and it all causes me to respect you even more because now I know you even a bit more.

      • I’m glad it came across in the spirit it was intended. I tend to get awfully focused at times and without the eyeball-to-eyeball exchange, nuances are easily lost. I agree that we are both good examples of curious people with open minds and healthy hearts, interested in thoughts and understanding rather than self-righteousness. Our different ways of looking at problems and answering questions is what makes life so terribly interesting. And the day that mankind “solves the riddles” if that is possible, is the day that the mystique of life will die. Thanks for not being offended, thanks for opening a great discussion!

  6. it’s interesting, isn’t it, how varied our journey here turns out to be. I don’t really think of people as atheists, or agnostics or any other name. Just that we each have our own journey and how important it is to honour that in one another. I’m not that curious a person and so I often don’t think to ask these types of questions!

    • You may not be curious, Joss, but you send out the best kind of responses and show people how we don’t need to be judgemental. I agree – it really doesn’t matter about another’s journey…what matters is that we keep ourselves loving.

  7. Wow.
    Personally, I like that your Guides have that sense of humour goin’ on. All business and no play makes for boringness! LOL (no disrespect intended–I’m a PLAY kinda gal!) And as always, this is worthy of a few reads by me.
    Awakenings are cool things. I prefer them to happen painlessly…..LOL…..but because I’m made the way I’m made (read: because of my stupid ego…..LOL) awakenings seem to come attached to a good dose of humility.
    Used to piss me off, frankly–now……notsomuch. I welcome the smallness.

    And bless Joss–she’s getting the bottom line for me. (and probably topping it off the Richter scale, too, bless her heart) I try to keep in the front part of my brain–human beings!

    On a side note I heard this: “Human beings are the only creatures on Earth who claim a God, and the only living thing that behaves like it hasn’t got one. Does the world belong to no one but you?” in the most unlikely place and it’s had me thinking for a chunk of time. Good thinking. Because I need a good think, apparently. LOLOLOL

    • Now you have my curiosity roaring, Mel. Where did you hear that great concept?

      I’m with you, Woman-of-the-Purple-Cast. It’s a whole lot easier to love our smallness than it is to try to wrap our self-love around a whole whack of ego. Once I learned the difference between humbleness and humiliation – which came from the good fortune of observing others – it was less frightening. “You could be right” came slowly, very slowly. It was counterfeit at first, but with time, the truth had a chance to flow through and it’s not so painful to say – most of the time.

  8. Very interesting post, as usual Amy!

    “I do not feel particularly in control of my life or my destiny. I am here at this moment. Have no idea what will happen in the next moment or the next year. But I don’t care about controlling my destiny. I can not control my destiny. That is the nature of destiny…it is outside of ourselves. Is it God or Spirit Guides or energy fields? I don’t know. And…I don’t really care.”

    Thanks for sharing your viewpoint Rangewriter. This sent chills down my spine, because it’s exactly how I feel, even though I don’t align myself with atheism. It truly speaks of being in the moment, fully alive and watching. I think, it’s the most we can hope to do. Being raised with a set of dogmatic rules, I can’t even believe that I’ve come to this point. Just reading the words ‘atheist’ was enough to bulge my eyes out- for a number of years! I’m glad I’ve released so many of these pre-programmed judgements of people.

    I’m excited by what’s happening in the world, and the impact that social networking has on forging connections with each other. Great stuff!

    • And so it goes! Look at this – thank you Stanka. Here’s an example of diverse belief systems sharing a significant meeting ground. That spot is always there; we just need to be open to finding it. And you were…with your eyes intact!

      Thinking of that meeting place…one of my atheist friends made me want to smother him with my beliefs. He received a diagnosis of testicular cancer. After we sufficiently discussed the details and plans, I said, “Okay…since you know my belief system, you know it’s difficult for me to imagine facing such a life-altering situation without some sort of higher energy. Tell me how you do this.”

      He said, “Oh, that’s easy. My higher energy is Dr. XYZ.”

      I nearly flipped a kidney. Dr. XYZ was a highly visible and far-too-active alcoholic. We laughed over the fact that I sought healing from an invisible Source while he put his life in the hands of an alcoholic doctor.

      The good Dr., however, was highly effective in medicine and my friend is very much alive. (Sadly, the good Dr. is not…)

  9. I’ve been in similar conversations (with both doubters and my Guides– call me Dear One). That fear is at the source of doubt and that your word count was a consistent 1111 isn’t surprising in the least to me. Miracles are all around us. Indeed, we are manifestations of miracles.

  10. A very interesting post and discussion following. Is there a significance to 1111?? Having it show up so many times makes me want to know more, about what that might mean. Very intriguing.

    • Sherry, I have a “sense” that it means that I’m to pay attention. Near the end of writing that post, I questioned whether I’d share it or not. Then I saw the 1111. I certainly noticed it, but knew I had to do a lot of proof reading because when I do messaging, I type very fast and make a million mistakes. I edit my stuff to clarify or cut down on my chatter. After doing several stages of editing, the count went up and down, but each time it ended up being 1111.

      What does it really mean? Who knows?. After some research, I saw several sources came back to the explanation given on this site:

      Since some claim this is a sure sign of connecting with my twin flame or soul twin, I’ll stay open to such a possibility. Hope he likes an independent and spiritual lifestyle! 😀

  11. Hi Amy,

    A delightfully inspirational post ( as always!) What jumped out at me were your words, ” Do we ignore this or say Thanks. I choose the latter.” Faith and singlemindedness are qualities that can shift the world, ny the Universe itself!

    Just wanted to also take this opportunity to acknowledge you for having so consistently supported me through your regular comments and insight during the last one year. You have been acknowledged in the WordPress 2012 performance report.

    Thank you and God Bless.


    • Those annual reports are fun – hope the information proved helpful in some way. I love to read your blog, Shakti. Your perspectives are of great interest to me. It’s interesting because I have no idea what path you follow…I just know that I can see such dedication, integrity and value in all that you share!

  12. Amy, I read this immediately after you published and it came to my mailbox … but I knew that I needed to read it several times. The reason probably has to do with my relationship with several atheists on Facebook. Your guides have surely given me a very different perspective on the subject. I also found enlightening your conversations with atheist friends. I never figured fear was a part of it. Never. Now what is this business with 1111? Also, I have been contemplating prayer a lot lately … the question of “what it is.” I feel encouraged in my own answers as your guides surely substantiated some of my own thoughts.

    I really enjoyed this post! Thank you my friend.

    • What I’ve learned about you, Raven, suggests you would let these concepts, given by the Guides, be worn as a fragrant possibility. I also have no agenda to lay this on my atheistic friends. If one of them reads the post (none have indicated they read my blog), I’ll have to share the results.

      Last night, I watched “Lincoln”. In the movie, Lincoln quotes Euclid at a time when people were struggling with the concept of abolition. The quote was: “Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.” Euclid wrote this in his engineering textbook, “Axioms and Common Notions”. In this quote, Lincoln saw how equality of human beings was self-evident. After a day of writing about Atheists the quote made me think about the possible “us/them” attitudes vis a vis atheists.

      I concluded – The self-described Atheists in my life are as interested in loving kindness, generosity, justice and every other virtue as I am. I saw the same, simple self-evidence as Lincoln and sat here with a silly-ass grin on my face!

      Re the 1111? – I responded to Sherry Marr if you want to check it out.

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  14. Enjoyed much, Amy, and the 1111 is interesting. Would be 4, which would be the number of balanced foundation, four-square, completion, stability. Yes! Interesting indeed. There is no coincidence. Only synchronicity.

    Well done … 🙂
    Happy days, Amy.

  15. Interesting post dear friend. There’s much that I still need to hear so I can also become enlightened. I need to do an eyeball to eyeball conversation with you Amy. I’d love to put on my hiking boots and go out on the trails in your beautiful part of the world…

    Interesting that no matter how much you edited the piece it came to 1111. Because I also see 11:11 I went to the link you gave above. Its all so fascinating. There was a period in the 1980’s when I saw it ALL the time but I was still sleeping – I don’t know why it took me so long to wake up.

    • Wouldn’t it be grand to be able to put our hiking footwear on and head out together?! I tell ya…I love my little black hyper-thyroid puss, but having to feed him meds 2x daily puts a kibosh in my wanderings! Thankfully, I have a walk buddy during the week and another on the weekend. What a great way to visit. But Rosie…if you ever head up this way, we’ll make sure we connect and have a good stomp together.

      Yes, being awake is so much more…more what? everything? Alive, fun, positive, loving…all that and more. Plus I love seeing these numbers and all the miracles that pop up these days.

  16. I love this post, I do think we are all where we are supposed to be at any given time. I like your conclusions about the athiests in your life and would agree about those in my life also. The 1111 is really interesting, I never have given it much thought, but you now have me wondering if and when it has happened to me. I will have to be more aware.

    • It’ll be interesting to see what you notice, Dee! For years, when I looked at a clock, 7:47 would appear. When I was flying to London and learned I’d be on a 747, I wondered if we’d make it over the ‘pond’. I’m glad I now realize these sitings are like a spiritual nudge.

  17. There is a hindu concept “Aham Brahmasmi” and there is a sufi concept” An al Haq” . Both mean that I am part of God or the universal energy or the “source” . In christianity too..the concept of the trinity ..the father , the son and the holy spirit must hint at the same omnipresence.How can any of us be exclusively separate even if you look at the whole of this universe in “scientific” terms? After all we are all just atoms …pulsating away …driven by the energy that is at once part of those atoms and around it. So..yes..atheiste, fundamentalists…saint and the sinner…we are all one, I guess. Probably that is why Jesus stressed on saying “love your neighbour as thyself”. As always…I love reading your posts. Got busy with a grandson . So there has been a hiatus. Slowly catching up. Hugs Amy.

    • What a treat to read your comment, Nadira. I certainly appreciate your wise insights and offerings. What a great diversion – the joy of a new grandson. I certainly spend less time in blogland, too, and am not sure if there’s ever a way to catch up. Our continuing connection is a gift in itself.

  18. I just read rangewriter’s comments above. Very lucidly expressed….Yes…so what ? Except that …suppose we have the power, by virtue of being part of the source or energy or “intelligence” (Can anyone doubt the intelligence behind the evolution of the myriad life forms ..the seasons..the foodchains…etc evident in nature.Just look at the countless ways in which seeds are dispersed and one is AMAZED!!!!) to change things, to contribute towards evolution? …..and if our lifetimes are a chance to do that…supposing it is our thoughts or our “mind” that can make things happen, not individually perhaps , but collectively….what should we be doing? If we build our lives on that premise, what is the harm?

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