Are You In 5th Dimensional Energy?

How is your course?

Setting Sail For 2013

Setting Sail For 2013

Did you feel a shift to the full dose of 5th dimensional energy?  Are you living it now?

In case you don’t know (like so many of us), here are some questions to help figure it out:

  • Am I more in my heart than in my head?  And taking action?
  • Do I catch myself when I’m being negative?
  • Can I simply laugh and change course?
  • Do I catch myself sooner?
  • Have I created more inner peace?
  • When I am judgemental, do I stop and change my intent?
  • Which virtues do I use more predominantly than before?  (Link to a list of virtues here – from The Virtues Project.)
  • Am I true to myself and speak my boundaries in a loving manner?
  • When I feel unworthy, resentful, discontent, insufficient, unloveable and abandoned, do I remember to trust the Divine more quickly.  Do I remember that I am a unique, brilliant and Divine soul who asked to be here to Love our world through this transition to peacefulness and oneness?
  • What old structures do I see dissolving in my life and in the world?
  • Do I love myself so I can love others?
  • Are my responses to others what I would want to receive from them?

This morning I watched/listened to Sheila Gillette channeling Theo (a group of 12 Archangels) about 2013.   For over thirty-five years, Theo has been preparing us, through Sheila, for this time of shift and transformation.

Sheila caught my attention a couple of years ago when I learned she mentored Esther Hicks who channels Abraham.  Sheila’s messages from Theo spoke to my heart.  I sensed Love, truth and validity.

I began to listen to Sheila and her husband Marcus weekly on their radio show.  If a testimonial is needed, a few months ago, I personally received medical intuitive insights from Theo about my hormonal imbalance.  I discovered my thyroid meds needed a change of dosage.  Following the adjustment, I was back on track.

This morning, I took notes.  This is a summary of some of Theo’s message for 2013:

  1. We now exist fully in 5th Dimensional energy.  This means we are experiencing a higher vibration – sometimes manifesting physically in areas such as the solar plexus.  It can also be a sudden and significant download of feeling like compassion, joy, etc.
  2. We are living our Masterhood, brilliantly connected to the Divine and at one with all living matter.
  3. We are masters of our emotions – moving from self-centredness to being centered in the soul.
  4. We take responsibility for demonstrating the higher frequency in our lives.  We speak up, expressing the way of the Divine.  We act out of a state of worthiness, knowing we are loved.
  5. We prevent blockage from the Divine by clearing ineffective messages implanted by old events – first dealing with those that falsely claim we are not loveable or not worthy.  We recognize a block means “lack”.
  6. We affirm:“I, ….(name)…., am open and receptive to all unconditional loving relationships, all abundance in my life NOW.”
  7. We know that lots of questioning flags our being in our ego mind instead of our heart.
  8. We will understand the 6th dimensional abilities once we fully live the 5th.  There are 12 dimensions.
  9. We understand that we are not to judge others.   We cannot and do not know the status of anyone else’s path.  Judging holds us back.
  10. We have a choice:  Respond from our ego or respond from the Divine. 
  11. We can live contentedly.   If we could see ourselves we would be amazed at the beauty and brightness of our soul’s essence.  There is no need for discontent.
  12. We can believe that world peace is possible because of the many changes we are already seeing.  More evidence for, and of, this will be revealed.

Theo ended with statements that seemed to address doubts we may harbour re our Masterhood:

  •  Why not you?!
  • Dream large.
  • If you can think it, you can do it.
  • Trust.
  • Put your dreams on paper with a timeframe – so it is done with intention.
  • Intend your dreams so energy can get behind it and help it into existence.
  • INTEND then FEEL.  Feeling is the power energy.
  • After feeling, Wait, Watch and Act.
  • Review how far you’ve come.  Celebrate.  The heart will then remain open to abundance.
  • ASK for GUIDANCE.  In the asking, it is given.

Thank you and many New Year’s blessings to Marcus & Sheila Gillette and, of course, the 12 Archangels known as Theo

who share with such openness and generosity.


A sampling:  a video showing Theo’s predictions for 2012:

32 thoughts on “Are You In 5th Dimensional Energy?

  1. I m not sure….where I am or where I am on any scale of vibration or dimension
    somedays I think I am close to stepping fully into awareness….of more
    then blindsided in the next instant….
    This was an interesting post, I enjoyed the energy of the video…..
    Take Care….
    You Matter…..

    Wishing You the Best of Yet To Be in 2013 and so much more….!

    • One thing for certain, LadyBlueRose, since we’re in this physical form, we’ll be on and off the scale regularly. The important thing is to catch ourselves earlier and more lovingly. Abundance to you and all your loved ones!

    • Hi Valerie – I was thinking about you this morning. When I read that Celi is home from New Zealand, I wondered if by any chance the two of you had any opportunity to connect. I do hope the stress is manageable through these times of serving and giving. Hopefully you have help and are ever cognizant of the importance of looking after the care giver! I’m very serious, Valerie. I hope you have regular spots and times of respite and recuperation. Many blessings full of abundant health for you and your loved ones.

      • Amy, thanks for your loving message.. no I felt Celi was running out of time with her old friends, so sadly suggested we flag our meeting, which I think she was thankful for! Next time!
        I plod on… but have returned to blogging since it is one of my delights, and having a break has given me a different perspective on whether what I was doing was worthwhile….
        2013 I feel, is a make or break year for me, and I’m looking forward to moving on from the long impasse of the last six years… Not that I have any idea what is round the bend!!!!
        A very happy new year to you and those you love, Valerie

  2. And thank you Amy for presenting the questions that we should ponder on. You are part of the joy that blogging and this community brings me.
    May your New Year be blessed with all that is meant to be. We learn and improve ourselves with every experience we have.
    Your soul brings us much and may you receive twice-fold!

  3. That list of questions sure hit home. I’m going to copy them down and refer to them throughout 2013. I am so way off achieving so many of them. Much work to do. Thank you for the reminder and the gift of awareness here, Amy!

    • Uncannily, none of it is new to us, it’s not complicated, yet we humans have such a challenge making it our default. It’s not easy to learn how to observe ourselves honestly and lovingly. Falling off the “loving kindness” path does not justify self-lashing. We pick ourselves up and, the next time, we catch it sooner or stop doing it.

      It’s getting easier to believe that enlightenment means to lighten up! 😀

  4. Oh you wonderful woman! I was going to write and ask if you could post something on a similar subject (selfishly, because I wanted to dip into a bit of your wisdom) and, well, lo and behold, here it is. I am forwarding this post to Ginny in Patagonia for I believe you two may some day connect, and if not, I think this is something she would like to read. If it is ok, I will also give Forrest your e-mail. Probably won’t hear much from him (man of few words) but I am rather sure he appreciated knowing you are close, on many levels. Blessing to you on this and every day.

    • Paulo Coehlo wrote “When you truly want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” So…you were the reason my hiking partner jammed out on me and I had t-i-m-e to look after my inner “nag” to share the information! 🙂

      I’m so glad you gave Forrest my email. I confirmed with Gary last night that he will partner me in being an “overseer” if needed. Gary has much quicker access to Forrest’s location should there be any need. I told Gary we’d likely not hear ‘boo’ from the independent and very capable lad, but it would offer some relief to his mom! If Forrest needed an easily accessible landing pad for some reason, Gary has a whole big house to himself, several tvs, wifi, spare cars, a dog and two cats! What more would be needed besides his mom? If you want Gary’s email & phone #, let me know.

  5. Okay–I adore the concrete ‘checklist’. And I checked out the ‘virtues’ website. Oh, we could use more of those–and let it begin with ME. *sigh* It’s always about me doing my part, isn’t it….. :-/
    Well…..yippee then! LOL Cuz that’s the only one I truly have any control over, right?

    I’m writing those out by hand. Could print ’em, but I’m trained to slow down and really ponder what my hand puts into print. And I will seriously ask myself those questions. Because they’re pertinant to the ME I am–and they’re a demonstration of the love in me that I seriously need to ‘let go’ of all my ego functions and just ACT on.
    (yes……sometimes I’m a tad overly concerned about how it all ‘looks’……)

    So thank you for this post. :-/
    *laughing* I do mean that–even if I seem a bit on the balking side!
    Just me not wanting to LOOK as willing as I am dontchaknow…… Someone might think I’m a wuss or something…..*ROFL*

    (((((((((((( Amy )))))))))))))
    You’re a keeper.
    You know that, yes?

    (oh…….and a glorious New Year to you and your Guides!)

    • You make me laugh. Some of the most helpful *stuff* I’ve carried in my noggin has been stuff that sounded like nails on a blackboard when I first heard it. I rallied against it and tried to reject it or at least turn down the noise to the extent I would forget it. Somehow it just sits there and turns up when most needed. The ruddy screech has turned into soul soothing harmony.

      Then I try to remember why I’m suddenly in the bedroom holding a spatula.

      I wish you the best for 2013. I love you, Mel, but I have to admit, I also like you a LOT! 😀

  6. Hey Amy, great post … yep, yanked me right back into: “OK Liz, yes you really are there, walking much of the time in 5th Dimensional Energy … that is Liz until you need to go all haywire with wanting to kill Republicans in the US Government. Liz hate is hate no matter how you look at it and hate does negate love. And, it does set you back.” OK? Yes, I understand.

    • Dear Raven! Will we get there? Can we be human and not be judgemental? Can we have a full day with Love as our default? How about an Hour?

      I hope the Law of One is valid and correct – that Source is so merciful that we only need to be 51% other-centered to rise into higher dimensions.

      See, I think our intent or motive counts for a lot. I aim for the road of virtuous living, but it doesn’t mean I won’t hit potholes.

      Blessings on all your attempts and foibles. They keep us humble, Liz!

    • That sure sounds like great progress to me, Tammy. I suspect your steps forward are often giant ones. Just a sense I pick up. I adopted “progress, not perfection” because it reminds me to not get down on myself. I have to become my own best friend when I do something silly.

      I heard this as a teenager:
      “As you go through life, my friend,
      No matter what your goal,
      Keep your eye upon the donut,
      And not upon the hole.”

  7. Wonderful post, Amy. Yes, I am weaving in and out of the 5th dimension. It seems when I’m there, I feel so great and in the flow, then something pops me back out and I behave habitually. But I notice and regroup. It’s a process that never seems to end. I know I’m getting better when I notice quicker that I’m not there and I can get there more quickly and stay a bit longer each time. That’s the best I can do…

    • Yes, Victoria, this is one of the blessings of being older. We know we don’t have to live with negativity and we have the courage to remove it. Or, move ourselves.

      I’ve been contemplating a (popular) song that I have been enjoying…I Am Not Waiting Anymore. The polished version is not on You Tube – otherwise I’d share a link, but the main point is that I’m not going to wait for any more of anything. If I need something, I’ll get it or ask for it. I realized how much of my life has consisted of “waiting” – when there was no need to do so!

  8. Brilliant new year’s post Amy. I’m so grateful I’m part of your blogging family but after reading this post I realize I have so much to learn and so much soul searching still to do… I’m going to start with these two points from your list:
    “ASK for GUIDANCE. In the asking, it is given.”
    “Do I love myself so I can love others?

    • I have long believed “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” means I have to know myself well enough to love me in spite of all my foibles and follies. If I cannot love me in spite of my humanness, how do I have compassion for anyone else?

      We really do have the opportunity to turn our world around, Rosie. I’m so heartened by what I’m running across these days!

  9. This is very inspiring. The list is a wonderful goal to try to implement in our daily lives. It’s always easier to read and think how we’re going to approach this while putting it into effect. The difficulty is actually accomplishing it. Daily, I sit and ponder a great many things to give me better direction. I will add these to my list of goals. This is worth another read. I will be back to go over it again. Thanks for posting, Amy.
    Happy New Year 2013
    here is my inspiration for better thinking :

    • Hi Anna – Know what? If I was to be somewhere else, doing something totally different, I’d ask to be your Garden Assistant. What you could teach me…a whole bunch of gardening/growing stuff that I took for granted as a kid because my parents knew about it. And I’d make one of those gorgeous baskets! I hope you have many who are learning from you, Anna. You have very important stuff to pass along.

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