This Shall Be A Sign Given To You

Would you believe this woman?

In her teens, she informs her mother and father that she’s pregnant

even though she and her fiancé have never had sex.

Would you believe her?

Her boyfriend hears her story that an angelic ET appeared

telling her this babe was going to be one incredible human being.

Could your ego accept this story – would you trust and stick by her?

Her community sees her body blossom in pregnancy.

Would you be supportive?

So what’s the big deal?

Everyone is born.

But who else ended up walking out of their burial grave 

and talking to friends after being dead. 

 Then left again.

But this time –

without needing a grave.

Any signs here?  

Any reason to celebrate a birth?

Linus got it:


This may not be a sign of your Faith. 

I respect yours as much as mine.  

It’s up to each one of us

to see Love.

45 thoughts on “This Shall Be A Sign Given To You

  1. Perfect…..from the mouth of babies, where innocent reins
    You have a Beautiful and a Very Merry Christmas….
    and a New Year of Blessing into each moment SoulDipper….
    Take Care….
    You Matter….
    Blessed Be

  2. ((((((((( Amy )))))))))))

    Thank you.
    Truly–would we support such a ‘story’? The National Enquirer would put it on the front page and we’d scoff.

    I love the clip–but I’m a Peanut’s fan and I adore the bottom line delivery of Linus and his blanket.
    He’s such a loving character. Even when he wields that blankie as a weapon! 😉

    Joyous Noel to you, ma’am.
    And on earth–peace…..and goodwill towards man.
    (((((((((((( everyone )))))))))))))))

    • I love how Linus totally takes over, strutting across the stage and quietly saying, “Lights please.” It’s those quiet ones who rise to the top with such power.

      Merci et Joyeux Noël a tu aussi! Je t’aime, Mel.

    • And, Liz, so are you a love! Your wisdom comes with great new facets and glints. I like your willingness to be who you are and show us. Plus you surprise me which I adore. Merry Christmas to you and everyone in your life.

  3. Years ago I began by reading “The Mists of Avalon.” Led me to Clysta Kinstler’s “The Moon Under Her Feet.” Back before the patriarchy, women often cloistered themselves away in spiritual community, taking lovers when they wanted and/or in fertility rites and working their powerful healing ways. A ‘virgin’ was considered ‘a woman unto herself.’ It is only in the past few hundred years that we’ve considered a virgin a woman who has not had sex at all. And so, Kinstler presupposes that Mary the mother of Jesus was such a woman. Makes sense to me! Happy New Year, Amy!

    • I also read The Mists of Avalon…adored so many around Arthur’s time. The other is new-to-me. Various tomes I’ve devoured have portrayed the power women held – and held in a responsible, constructive manner. Then, alas, the fear grew to such proportion that the women folk had to be controlled. Power was chipped, crashed, and mutilated. Now? Here we go into the female realm again – back to the feminine touch on the world. I’ve just been listening to a teacher, Drunvalo Melchizedek, who says the change will take about 9 years.

      I’m fascinated by the various findings that are surfacing and creating more questions. If they are bone fide, they confirm how the ego fought for control in even the most loving of conditions and settings. While singing the praises of older prophets, the mysticism of the Christ energy scared people into hellish behaviour.

  4. Love this post! Yes, I’ve thought of these questions…I’m sure it was a difficult time for Mary, in every way. Thank God for simple trust and faith.
    I love the recital of the birth story in this little Christmas special…perfect, simple, and absolutely magical. ~ Sheila

    • I listened to a man tell how he was raised in an atheistic home. As a young boy, he walked into the living room just when this scene was beginning. He stopped dead in his tracks, listened and suddenly longed to have that simple assuredness. Today, he’s a devout Buddhist. 😀

    • Wow, what a Christmas…someone upset the whole seasonal basket and I’m still wondering what happened. It’ll be write-able, Becca. Hope you were blessed with an abundance of Love.

  5. Beautifully explained … it makes perfect sense to me ….!!!1 ~~~~ : – )
    Although it’s Christmas, I had some Occupy the Blogosphere thoughts that I decided to post.
    Hope you’ll enjoy on your return.
    May your Christmas be a magical one filling your heart with bright shining stars of love throughout the year.

  6. I love this, love you, dear woman! I meant to comment earlier as I read this right away. So, now my excuse to read – and smile – again. Sending love and light and much thanks for having connected with you.

    • Hi Gin, thanks for you comment. I’m thrilled about having met you, as well, dear woman, and will enjoy all I learn from the great adventure Bob and you are about to undertake. Hope you enjoyed Christmas with your son and that the upcoming trip holds an abundance of soul food and growth. Maybe I ought to say, I hope it holds the amount you WANT! 😀

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