Free to Fly

Thanks to the kindness of Dave, my bag is packed.  I’m off to a healing seminar in Vancouver.  Adam McLeod (who adopted the name “Dreamhealer” for publicity’s sake) will have my rapt attention this weekend.

Adam, now finishing his studies to become a Naturopath, has taught self-healing techniques since he was in his mid-teens.  Many recipients share remarkable stories of recovery into good health and well-being.  Two famous people who give testimony are Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut, (link here) and Ronnie Hawkins, the musician (link here).   Both men faced life threatening diseases, used Adam’s training & techniques and now live healthy lives.

In doing my homework, I see the visualization techniques parallel some I learned for Therapeutic Touch.  I’m as excited as a 5 year old waiting for an ice cream.

With Dave caring for the home front, my full attention will be given to these healing sessions.

I didn’t think I needed to tell Dave that Duc le Chat has a habit of getting sick when I plan a trip away.  His grand gesture this morning was to expel his night of hunting on his meal tray, missing his food bowls by a hair.  Hmmm…good aim, Duc.  Thanks for sparing the carpet.


Amazing how we can be disgusted by an event or behaviour and still love the perpetrator unconditionally.

Speaking of flying, besides another great hike last weekend, I took in three of our incredible Christmas Craft Fairs.  The artwork, the food and the people created such spirit that I hardly remember touching the ground.

I haven’t yet found a way to “sign” my photos with my new computer, so please respect these as my personal property.  Yes, I am an amateur, but since the root of the word ‘amateur’ is “love”, I resemble that label.  In other words, as my copyright states, please only use any of my work with my permission.

Wow!  My computer did all this AND helped make breakfast.

Next time, I’ll know how to get it all into one album.

Could get dangerous once I know what I’m doing

AND after I heal myself of ego!

16 thoughts on “Free to Fly

  1. Sounds like it’s going to be an amazing weekend Amy. I’m selfishly looking forward to hearing about it. 🙂

    My goodness you were busy going to 3 Xmas craft fairs! You’ve got some very talented neighbors – I enjoyed perusing your photo albums.
    When I visited your island about 8 years ago I bought a beautiful little stoneware bowl from a vendor at the Saturday farmer’s market. It’s still one of my favorite bowls.

  2. Can’t wait to hear all about your seminar!
    Don’t you just LOVE photography? It is so much fun playing with the camera.
    Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, been working on some other writing projects AND doing a lot of reading. Also learning much about essential oils.
    Today I bought a new sewing machine that embroiders…needless to say, I will probably be playing around some more. However, these type of creative activities feed other creative venues.
    Enjoy your healing seminar!

  3. Love the pics Amy, wish I had been there to go with you. Still enjoying my Bath Bombs. Looking forward to hearing about your week end

  4. Awwww….how could the birdies not love that house. And OMG…..lemme at that baked stuff!

    What a glorious opportunity to do some hands on learning. (no pun intended!) And how cool that you GET to! His highness will be just fine. I’m sure Dave will outsmart him…..LOL
    Well, we can hope! 😉

    Safe journey, ma’am!

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