Emptying Our Buckets of Love

Did you know that when we empty ourselves – really bend over and shake out the last drop of who we are – emptiness is replaced beyond anything we could ask or imagine?

Faced with the Emptying Storm

Faced with the Emptying Storm

When there’s not another drop of giving left in the Love bucket, someone like Janine Shepherd comes along and points to the dew that has gathered in the dents in the night.

Her message

– especially her “wrap” –

sounds suspiciously

like her bucket was filled by a Source

familiar at Soul Dipper.

Janine Shepherd:  A broken body isn’t a broken person.

38 thoughts on “Emptying Our Buckets of Love

    • Depouillement – I had to look up the translation although I knew it had to be about emptying. I like despoliation, divestment. The only thing missing, Victoria, is hearing you pronounce the word. 😀

  1. Thank you for that beautiful message/reminder. We never know how full we are until we give everything we have over to others. That’s the bliss and joy of letting go that so many have yet to understand,

  2. That we continue to fan the flame of humanity is all that we need to do. Amen! Fabulous and Amy this hits a note in one little ongoing battle of mine … thank you. Now for an amusing aside. When I had my second spiritual experience … a real whopper. The first thing that I did was learn to fly at 60. This was not for a license but to teach me about fear. I learned to fly a 1947 Luscombe 8 Taildragger.

    • Oh boy, Raven! You incredible woman. You must have fallen in love with this young woman’s spirit then! Kindred souls – same drive, different reasons. Well, maybe NOT different reasons if one gets down to the bare bones of soul.

  3. Wow. I’m blown away at how she tells her story.
    And I adore the ‘wrap’ for how familiar it rings in my heart and in my head. Even the verbiage is familiar…..
    She–is phenomenal. The epitome of “I am not the circumstances in my life–I am what I choose.”
    I wanna hug that woman–and I want a blue straw! 🙂

    • You make me think, Mel, how much our blog world is our collection of connected blue straws. Incredible stuff – where we all can be if we choose. I know people don’t like taking responsibility for the choice, but oh well… With enough pain, change seeps into the cracks!

  4. Hi Amy .. what an amazing woman – and so interesting to hear her take on life after her accident – incredible. I loved the talk about friendships -judgement free purely based on spirit … and they had no superficial conversations – but had that level of acceptance. The let go of what we are – then we can become who we want to be …

    Great TED talk – thanks for letting us hear about it … extraordinary and heart warming – cheers Hilary

    • Our blogging world is like that hospital ward, Hilary. While we have practically no concept of what each other looks or sounds like and while we would pass each other on the street, our spiritual awareness of each other has connected us in ways we never dreamed. When we started our blogs, who knew the power of oneness arising from such connectivity. When I think of you, Hilary, I see a loving person who was devoted to her mother’s comfort and care, a well educated, gentle woman whose travel bore depth & breadth and a tender heart who is now seeking her new place and role. All that and yet I may tackle you over the best tomato at the market! 😀

      My antennae are out. I like to know you are doing well.

  5. What a beautiful post, Amy. I had never come across this word, “despoliation” earlier and so was curious enough to look it up to find the following meanings in Dictionary.com:
    1. the act of plundering.
    2. the fact or circumstance of being plundered.

    This triggered a thought train regarding what could be the circumstances of being plundered viz. emptied Taking this further, what really could be the motivation of emptying out aspects of “Who we are” ? Clearly this would need to have something to do with us recognising that our thoughts, feelings and the resulting behaviours are no longer serving us. As we gain this awareness , it is akin to receiving enlightenment in the manner Buddha received while sitting under the Bodhi tree millennia back. But with this awareness, how many of us can pick up the courage to really “let go” ?

    So thank you Amy for this realisation.Not sure though how much more time I would need to pick up my courage:)


    • I can think of two times in my life when I felt “plundered” – my bucket was turned upside down. I knew whatever drop remained under that overturned container, it could regenerate and rebuild. I once received a revelation, a moment of clarity, showing how we are all a part of Divine Energy – indestructible, but ever changeable. It serves me still.

      When I’ve been plundered, Shakti, letting go is not even a choice. As with all life events, even the plundering is a gift when I allow the results to show me who I am.

      When I read your post about losing your home, I shivered with compassion. I sensed you had been plundered, emptied by circumstance – forced to let go materially and spiritually. Though terribly difficult, I see you on recovery’s path. I’m glad.

      Now, could I “despoliate” (is that a word?) at will? Yes, I see your question about courage!

  6. I suppose that all of us can only hope that we would have such inner strength should we find ourselves in such a desperate situation. An amazing lady.

  7. There are two things that really “touched” me in Janine’s sharing. She said she knew if she did not get back in her body (when her soul was looking on in that out of body experience) she would be giving up the chance to live in this world. I have never ceased to appreciate that we are always offered these decisions and that it is our decision that is honored. I think that is loving. Also. I really, really, really liked her describing looking at her life after she got home as a creation which just furthur emphasized , for me, that particle of goodness in each of us that honors the gift of creation. Beautiful, Amy. Thank you for sharing.

    • Yes, Leslie, and that moment when she is looking at the body holds such different insights for different people. I just read a book where a young woman was thrilled to be relieved of the confinement of the physical body. She had so many physical issues that she was happy to leave it. Yet, she “sensed” she needed to come back and heal that body and tell the world. Her story, message and her attitude pole vaulted Wayne Dwyer into survival and health. He opened the doors for her book to be published.

      It’s almost immoral to mention books without including the name and author (Lin), but the friend who loaned it to me is not available. ;(

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