Forgiveness May Be Just A Pin Prick Away

Time To Watch The Movie


Soul Dipper:  Beloved Guides, it’s been a while since you and I have shared your wisdom.  As readership changes and morphs, it may be time to ask you to share some of your insights again.

Beloved Guides:  Truly, this is a gift.  To pass on the truth of Our All Loving Source rejuvenates our energy stream with phenomenal power.  We are here for this purpose.  Your progress is ours.  We are One and Total throughout time.  The evolutionary progress of souls currently in an earthly incarnation is our celebration into eternity.  

SD:  There are so many people communicating about our progress.  I heard Jean Houston on Oprah’s Soul Sunday program say there are more people than ever who connect with their higher being.  She said there is less war than there was before.  I am not sure how she knows that, but I sense that more and more people are seeing how their thoughts and attitudes are being manifested continuously in their lives.

BG:  Humankind will experience a successful migration through the transformative stages of your planet.  As each of you have chosen to be here for this experience and specifically to assist the world through exceptional transition, you are carrying the energy and sharing it with a will to succeed.  

People who are determined to disregard these evolutionary stages will have the opportunity to adjust their intentions.  We are of a Loving Source, each one of us.  We are but shards of the most Glorious of Energies.  The concept of Oneness is growing on your planet.  With the help of your technological advances, human souls are able to re-grasp the connectivity of all.  Each of you know this to be the Truth, but the process of incarnation created a forgetfulness that is now thinning.  

The positive reassurances given by those who have strong voices and outlets to be heard have reduced unnecessary fears about the marvellous transition your planet is experiencing.  As you have done, vast numbers of others have listened.  Like candles, you have transformed the darkness for all time.  Dark, as a contrast, will have a significantly different form and effect.  It is not destroyed, only transformed.  It is like your night and day.  You know that night exists even as you sit in the sunshine of the day.  However, you have prepared yourself with tools and techniques to continue through the dark when it appears.  And it will appear.  “…as the night, the day” one of your great poets wrote.

SD:  Shakespeare…”To thine own self be true…”.

BG:  Appropriately added as a segue to our other message.  The greatest task of human beings at this time is to know who they truly are.  And honour that Self.  It is essential to drop the masks and irrelevant belief systems.  Humanity is growing a courage en masse that will facilitate the continuance of this Sourceful Task with Love, courage and attention.  

It has been imperative to have human souls hear their negative self talk.  It’s been time for all to realize their negativity has been more against themselves than against any other human soul.  One who Loves self has no desire to harm another living creature.  It is time to see how a strike against the spirit of another is from a wound within oneself.

It has been imperative that forgiveness be front and foremost in the hearts of each person.  It is a time of realizing that the harm inflicted by another arises from a wound they cannot, at this stage, detect in themselves.  This is the heart of the Jesus message about turning the other cheek.  There is no need to put oneself in a position where the wounded can continue to wound, but having compassion for the disease contained in the perpetrator relieves the need to empower anger or resentment.  Understanding and, therefore, forgiveness frees humans from untold layers of bondage.  Remove oneself, understand, forgive and grow.  Forgiveness does not mean the action is acceptable.  It asks that the soul rise to a new observatory level.  While elevated, maturity and depth enhance the process and healing begins.  Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly – but a beginning is certain.

The beauty of each soul is indescribable.  If you could be shown that beauty with light as with a movie, your human eyes could not take the intensity.  It is within each person to live from that beauty.  Those who have chosen to shut themselves from that experience are not  devoid of the beauty.  They have chosen fear over Love.  Fear is like a balloon.  The more air blown into it, the bigger it becomes.  And like a balloon, the tiniest prick of a pin not only deflates the rubbery substance, the remnant bursts into flight, devoid of power.

Your beauty, Love, understanding and, finally, forgiveness is that pinprick.  Look in the eyes of all you encounter.  You have rushed by them long enough.  Time is irrelevant.  There is a highly significant reason for your saying that the eyes are the window to the soul.  It may be more descriptive to say they are the movie screen of each soul.  

As you take time for Love, as you look into the eyes of others, as you find your heart swell in the process, know that you are on the road to fulfilling your purpose.  The Love you experience permeates existence and affects one and all.  Let your attitude be your forerunner to every encounter.  Let your motive colour your movements.  Let your soul write the script for your exchanges.  

SD:  Thank you for all your Love, encouragement and constant presence in our lives.  To whatever degree you need our blessings, please accept it.  

BG:  Our blessing is that one has been sent in gratitude.  Being in gratitude is being in Love.  Thank you, to all present, for your determination and willingness to be the highest version of the broadest vision of yourselves.  


Light TransformingThe Dark

36 thoughts on “Forgiveness May Be Just A Pin Prick Away

  1. Beautiful Amy, just beautiful. Ah, forgiveness. Not easy … but so freeing and so powerful. And i decided to cheat …well no, that isn’t true. I decided to be real. I said one day to God who informed me of the need for forgiveness in my life: “OK Lord you keep talking about this and I really, really want to do it (this was maybe 25 years ago) but I don’t really mean it when I say it. Huh? So here is what I am going to do … because it is the best that I can do. I forgive and so. I forgive that person.” And you know what … I didn’t have to mean it. I just had to be willing to do it and the rest took care of itself, radically changing my life.

    • Thanks for your example, Raven. That’s a promise I’ve been given, too – to just be willing. As you described so well – the rest takes care of itself. I usually need to ask God for a good nudge when the time is right for me to speak up and help with the best words.

      Interesting how the transformation unfolds. The other person almost becomes incidental. Willingness kickstarts the genuine realignment and attitude adjustment. Poof! Freedom.

  2. Oh thank you Amy – just the reassurance, and reminder that I needed as I struggle with so many emotions that I have felt guilty about…this message of being true to oneself means for me, not having to give away one’s power in the name of compassion….no more beating up myself because I haven’t been enough for the other…
    Can’t read enough of these messages – real food for the soul, and for life…..thank you thank you…

    • No matter how much we give, when another suffers we feel our contribution is not enough. Or true enough. Or loving enough. I’m reminded of a friend telling her teacher she wasn’t doing/being enough for a loved one. He said, “Oh, you aren’t suffering equally? What good would you be if you were? Then there’d be two of you suffering. Go and share however much of your humanness you can. That’s what’s needed, not perfect suffering.”

      When we are true to ourselves, we are capable of giving from the heart. Be kind and gentle with yourself, Valerie. It’ll add many minutes to the day and peace for all involved.

  3. Many thanks for sharing your guides wisdom with us Amy. There’s so much to think on:
    “It has been imperative to have human souls hear their negative self talk…..
    It has been imperative that forgiveness be front and foremost in the hearts of each person….
    Remove oneself, understand, forgive and grow.
    Look in the eyes of all you encounter. You have rushed by them long enough. Time is irrelevant …
    Let your soul write the script for your exchanges…”

  4. Hi Amy – it’s learning not to let the ‘crud’ infect our lives in any way … something that I’ve only recently really seen and am still learning to deal with – perhaps by recognising it … I’m on the way. Being our best and giving of our best at all times …

    I like your phrase .. it’ll add minutes to the day and peace for all involved, particularly you/me … it sure does if we don’t dwell and just go forward quietly and peacefully …

    Great post – cheers Hilary

    • Yes, Hilary, the fact that you can see the crud and recognize it as such is a very big plus. The hard part is knowing when it’s time to ignore and when it’s time to ROAR.

      A male friend talked about a marriage where everything revolved around his wife. If it didn’t, life would be hell. He told me he heard himself saying, “It doesn’t matter” repeatedly until he woke up. “Like hell”, he said, “it does so matter.” The marriage ended up in divorce and he learned a very big lesson. The way their relationship evolved had been horribly unhealthy for both of them. His big, loving, kind heart needed his help. It needed boundaries.

      He taught me a great deal about speaking up with appropriate words at the right time. Takes courage, but saves our health!

  5. An enlightened post and thank you for it, Amy. Forgiveness…. Gratitude….. the uniqueness and beauty of every soul on this planet. In the hurry burry of our lives, we tend to shut ourselves from these wonderous aspects which exist in our universe. What could we do to retain and take support of these in our individual voyages?

    God Bless you and your Guides, Amy.


    • Good question, Shakti. It’s different with each person, but one common thread is to give our time and attention in order to help others feel vital and validated. Funny how the tiniest bit of attention does just that! (Though some don’t have time to accept our time! 😀 )

      I continue to hope your wife and you have settled into your new home and finding its comforts.

      • Thank you Amy for your kind concern about our well being. You have only validated what you said earlier. This “tiny” attention and concern of yours has made my day! Definitely not tiny to me….

        Cheers and God Bless.


  6. Thank you and your Guides for this wonderful message, Amy. It has helped me a great deal this morning as I have been struggling with forgiveness recently. I found that I had to have my say before I was even willing to consider forgiving ~ I checked in with my angels even whilst I was having the conversation and my words literally poured out of me, until I was done, Then, instead of feeling better, I replayed it all and wondered if I had been too harsh ~ but on reflection what I had said was filled with positive encouragement for both the listener and myself. Like Valerie I have given too much of my energy away, in the name of compassion but I can no longer do that. It’s great to know that my way of thinking is shared by so many like~minded souls! 🙂

    • Jacqueline, it’s grand knowing that the message has embraced your life to some degree. It sounds as though you found your voice beautifully. If the words weren’t perfect, you can rest assured your motive likely carried the message as it was meant.

      In The Course In Miracles which I studied years ago, I remember learning that whatever I have to forgive someone for, I can count on the knowledge I’ve done something of similar rank to someone else. Yikes. I didn’t like that! At first I couldn’t see it, but it’s a matter of different degrees, circumstance and principle. When I can get through my hurt and anger enough to see the truth, I see it’s “pretty much” the truth.

  7. Thank you Amy, a beautiful post, much love from your heart. My Mom when I was just 14, told me “To thine own self be true” after I had experienced something unpleasant and we were having a girl talk. It’s something I have never forgotten,and tried to live by. Forgiveness is the beginning of healing, but so difficult for many to do.

    • So often, Dee, people think if they forgive someone, they are condoning the deed. Learning that was not the case helped me see I’m forgiving the person, not saying the act or the words were okay.

  8. “a new observatory level” – I like that, and yes, it works.
    There is no better gift to give ourselves and others than forgiveness.
    Transformation can be a beautiful thing. Love always wins.

  9. Thank you for sharing these divine messages with us. They are so important and uplifting. I feel a shift coming. I feel it in the the pace of life quickening and the edginess of those around me. I also feel it in the body. I need to continually remind myself to breathe and to pause–to slow my self down as an example to others. Do you feel it, too?

    • Hi Lorna! To answer your question, I really do feel the changes – in my body, my attitude, my way of dealing with crusty issues, etc. And yes, I constantly have to remind myself to slow down. When I don’t, I knock the Latte I was dying to enjoy off the counter so I have to scrub half the kitchen to clean up the mess…walls et al!

      That was not a clear enough message – the next morning when I was making chicken stock for my cat’s cuisine, I put too much in the Cuisinart when it was still too warm. It blew! I cleaned the OTHER half of the kitchen.

      As I told a friend, I was amazed that I laughed heartily. I laughed at myself for not getting the message the first time. I finally got it: Attention at a normal pace; not “git ‘er done” at breakneck speed.

    • So true, Carolyn, it’s a 2-way street. At the time that we’re in the midst of our anger and sense of betrayal, it’s hard to remember. Time is a friend…it does wonders for my mellowing! Glad you liked the photos – many thanks.

    • Naomi, you could teach the course on how to take time to love. I have observed how your love goes in all directions with its tap root shared with one beloved. I know your birthday is coming up. I wonder what you two have up your sleeves for this one! 😀

    • I watch for events that could be the purpose for these messages provided at this time. Then I remember it’s about me/us/ourselves. As someone once wrote, I put my glasses on backwards! 😀

  10. Love the photos! I believe so strongly in the power of forgiveness and grace. These are wonderful messages from God, and whether we are giving or receiving, we are blessed when we experience grace and forgiveness. ~ Sheila

    • Thankfully, Sheilia, life gives us many opportunities to be on both the giving and receiving end of forgiveness and grace. When we in the middle of it, it’s hard to remember that we need both… 🙂

    • Thanks for exposing your gratitude, Mel. In Gratitude = In Love.

      I’ve just been over at your site. You crack me up at times, Mel! Okay, I admit – it’s because you cause me to laugh at myself! I like that. We can take ourselves too seriously at time. I have to re-subscribe at your site AND I have to apply for an RSS feed app AND I screwed up my password for the App Store And… Suffice to say I’ll have your reminders again soon!

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