Celebrating at the Occupy Blogosphere

The best headline of the season:

“Israel and Hamas agree to Gaza ceasefire”

– THANKS to every person responsible for reaching this agreement. –

Dear People of the Gaza,

I may live on the other side of the world, but your agony is mine.

I don’t know the extent, but I know your history is complicated


lives layered in centuries of sad stories, hurt, pain and betrayals.

Your pain is shared.  

Difficult to believe?

 My stomach knots

at the thought of the horrors you’ve known.

I’m no one special.  Just an ordinary human being.

But I cannot imagine the fear with which you have lived.

As you now heal, please know the world heals with you.

God Bless and Thank You.

My heart can now rest

in the knowledge

that you and your loved ones



Never Alone In A Storm

(The Occupy Blogosphere is celebrating.  

Leave your message in comments and, if you’re the last to leave,

please take some Love with you – one for the road.)

37 thoughts on “Celebrating at the Occupy Blogosphere

    • Hi Madhu! Keeping the cessation is now the responsibility of those living in that area. Taking an inventory on belief systems is not easy for anyone…but its neglect costs lives.

      Thanks for the blessing. I’m Canadian so our Thanksgiving was in October. Since time really is irrelevant, however, a blessing has a retroactive effect! Our crops are harvested a month earlier so we have an earlier bounty!

    • Maybe, SDS, we will hear young people ask why on earth nations would fight instead of helping, supporting, sharing, and learning from one another. When we are thankful for World Peace, we open the floodgates to its reality.

    • The unity of our world becomes more real with every new stage of technology, Linda. I’m finally getting the concept that “hurt your neighbour and you hurt me”. We can’t play the “they” card anymore and pretend that “we” is a 100 mile radius.

  1. Heartfelt post Amy…God bless…
    The prayer is that this “truce” is a meaningful and long lasting one…it is certainly a much awaited one!
    May this truly be a period of thanksgiving…

  2. Very beautiful.May they be allowed to live in peace. Here is a link to a very amazing young man, who has lived a very sad life, but when he opens his mouth to sing, there is transformation. You will cry if you watch it, and be happy to be a human. I so hope this young man will be able to open himself up to happiness. Let’s beam him some love, kids!

  3. Amen.
    Abundant blessings to you and yours….and them and theirs.
    To everyone.

    I know that peace begins with me. I hope to never forget that.
    But bless those who chase it in the bigger scale, yaknow?

    Dunno that I can watch the rhino film–things like that make me so sad………

    • Yes, Mel, the Rhino video is proving to be a horrible challenge for me. The work that Dave and Naomi do is amazing and I love feeling that I’m supporting them. When all of us “old souls” went on the Soul Safari (Naomi and Dave were the photographers) it just about did us in when an number of Lionesses were stalking some Widebeests. We were a jeep-load of conundrums…who to cheer on? The Wildebeests got away, but the Alpha Lioness was very, very skinny!

    • I hear the negative comments about it. Come on, guys…let’s truly give peace a chance. I’m still too busy, Jamie, but definitely well. I have a walking buddy two days a week and we added aquafit 3 times a week so I’ve been feeling really good. On weekends another friend and I head out for at least a couple of hours. So I’m well satisfied with friendship, many photos and much to be grateful about. My theme lately is “when I’m in gratitude, I’m in Love.”

      Thankfully, in all my comings and goings, my contacts, friends and acquaintances have much to share on the quality side of life.

      I wish you many blessings, too, Jamie.

  4. Beautifully said, Amy… I and so many others are with you.
    A peace as fragile as the early winter ice. Creating a bridge between sides of the river. Two peoples (or could we say it is one people) with such strong ties to the same land.
    Pray that strong and solid be the crossing. Though we may fear an early thaw.

    • And for you, Arindam. It’s funny, you were on my mind this morning as I was doing my chores. Are you feeling as though some aspects of your dreams have already happened? I recently heard a professor talking to his students. The students were fussing about a good job, the right job, the perfect career, the best strategy. They told of concerns about making the right choices. The professor said, “Hold it. The place to start is here: What would you be doing if money was taken out of the picture? What would you choose to do if money didn’t matter at all?”

      The first time my husband and I sailed to this island, I sat in the bow of the boat in tears over the beauty. I thought, if only I could live here and do contract work. We moved here anyway and guess what I ended up doing for 25 years! It had to evolve into that, but the dream had begun before I knew it.

      Love to you Arindam!

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