My-O-My! Be Still My Heart

How does one contain this pounding heart?  One beat for joy; the next for terror.

A new MacPro graces my lap.

Who knew the transition would be so easy yet disorienting?  Simple, but different.  Phenomenal while completely perplexing?

Somehow I manage to do the dishes…when I remember to eat…but I’m immediately drawn back to the seductive challenge of this alluring model of perfection.  Its screen changes illumination according to the light in the room.  Soft lights beneath the keys draw me to its quiet, slim and lightweight presence.

I sit humbly before its genius determined to be totally cool, unperplexed and contained.  Then I put my fingers on the touch pad.  Like a parade of the New York Philharmonic,  movement, light shows, themes, sounds and numerous other unbidden events dance before my eyes.  I am the conductor.  A quick change to the numbers of fingers and the magic continues.  Tap, slide, squeeze, pull apart…all create effects I may never be able to repeat again.

If I were asked to name the most important THING in my life, I’d have a tough time deciding.  It’s a toss up:  car, camera, or computer.  However, tell me that I have to give THE THING away and it’s clear: my computer would present the most frantic separation anxiety.

Yesterday, in a moment of sanity, I headed out the door for a good hike with my friend.  She had reminded me that our village would be teeming with people paying respect to our war veterans so I had no time to bemoan a farewell to this magical beast.  Camera in hand, I jumped in my car, stole past firetrucks and followed temporary road signs.  I met my friend and we dashed to the peace of our Pacific rainforest.  We stood amongst trees and paid our respects as we watched overhead and listened to the drone of old Harvards doing a fly-by.  Thank you to all who serve and have served.  My friend and I tried and failed to fathom the horrors you’ve met and tucked away for Remembrance Day.

(Positioning theses photos will take a little study, but here’s a glimpse of our glorious walk.)

This was at the middle of our hike. I’ll catch on to putting these things in order

This is the home of someone living on a tiny island in one of our harbours. The second boat is almost as big as their wee house.

The Search and Rescue boat heading out to check something.

Another viewpoint and angle of the home on the tiny island.

A reminder that the rains of today are partnering the warning of this golden trail. W-I-N-T-E-R cometh!

Somewhere over there, amongst that luscious growth, sits my turf from which I can just peek at this area.

This was the beginning of one trail.  We saw several deer, but not while we were on the trails.  They were busily crossing roads into more solid bush.  We remembered that it is rut season and those docile bucks could be grouchy.  We now have two cougars somewhere on the island.  If they saw us, they ignored us.

My friend doing a weather report.

48 thoughts on “My-O-My! Be Still My Heart

    • Thanks, Nel! I’ve a long ways to go, but am thoroughly enjoying the learning curve. It’s my goal to really utilize it’s potential. (It just took me five minutes to find the way to push this page up high enough to find the reply button!) 😀

  1. we have a chill in the air
    finished ( I think) moving all the tropicals in the greenhouse
    my 2 wolves are getting a very thick coat
    but the sun is shining so I have been wandering in and out i it
    I watch the trees just turning colors with their leaves faling
    making their winter blankets…
    I think we may have a Winter this year….it has been a glorious Autumn
    your walk was such fun for me to tag along with!
    I need to remember to take my camera more often
    a new Mac…sounds fun? though can barely figure out my little Dell laptop LOLs..
    What a great post SoulDipper…Thank you for sharng your part of the world
    with me/us…!
    Take Care…

    • Hope those Wolves are fooling us…however I look at my cat’s very thick and still growing coat. So glad the Autumn has been kind so that I’ve have plenty of wood for a blast of brrrrrrs. Good to hear from you LadyBlueRose!

  2. welcome to the world of ‘AppleLove’ – a well documented psychiatric phenomenon. Actually, the diagnosis is more akin to technological obsession, but Apple apparently is the leader in causing discernible and definable emotional responses in humans! Enjoy your new love(r). 😉 and when you surface…come for tea!

    • You and I have promised each other that tea for some time, Rasma, and I want to see the incredible home you two have put together. Besides volunteering and writing, I’ve added Aquafit and a small meditation group to my weeks. Plus I’m doing a healing seminar soon – with Adam. Who needs a rundown of all this?! One day, when either of us is cranked for a chat, let’s just phone and hope for spontaneity!

    • I remember once coming to a Management Seminar on the West Coast of BC about 40 years ago and falling in a heap, crying over the need to live in a place like this. A helicopter then landed on the front yard of this establishment to bring supplies of some sort. Again, I pledged I would live in this kind of nature. I’ve been here for over 30 years and, though I grow weary of ferries, I can think of no other place that holds so much beauty for me.

    • Methinks, Ms. MorrisBrook, that our winter may be hovering in the wings with gusto – judging from what other parts of Canada are experiencing. Well, one thing for certain, you are well-prepared. And you have such reliable and helpful neighbours!

  3. LOL Which is ‘zackly why the girl still has my Mac! Too easy to obsess and play and explore. Well, that and hers broke……

    The desktop makes me move more and sit less. I’m not sure why that is, I just know it IS. (I’m thinking Rasma had it right! LOL)

    Wow…..what awesome photos. And what a wonderful gray day for a wander. We had a bit of a ceremony here at the memorial–nowhere near the gorgeous setting you had, but worthy of standing and paying honours, just the same.

    • Hopefully the people in our Forces know that our anti-war doesn’t put them in a position of disrespect for ALL they do and have done. Can we find a unique way to deflate the egos that perpetuate war?

      What a mom…loaning her Mac. That truly is unconditional love!

    • Hey! Were you on my turf and you didn’t drop in for tea?! I know, Kim, you are across the continent, but you never know. One day we may be able to think ourselves to a blog buddy meet-up! Maybe we could get Kay and a few of my loved ones to help us out a bit in that department! 😀

    • Thank you, Kate – it really has to be done uniquely! I’m hardly even ready to talk to Mac owners since my questions are still unformed. I’m delighted with each bit of progress!

  4. I got my latest MacBook last December and also fell in love with what it can do (my previous mac was 7 years old which is vintage in computer terms…)

    Beautiful pix Amy! Makes me want to jump in the car and join you on one of those hikes. If I start driving now how long will it take me…?

    • I don’t know, Rosie! Jump in your car and drive so we’ll both know! 😀 This is the friend I would like to take a walking holiday with…she and I have a very similar pace and energy level. We were talking about the El Camino but know we’re thinking of a few mod cons! I know…wusses!

  5. Congratulations! Mac is more than just technology – it’s art. In a couple of weeks, it will change the way you use your computer…in fact, it will be a symbiotic relationship, and you won’t even want to use the word “use” any more 🙂

  6. Love the photos and glad to here about the new Mac… in the home office we have 4 different computers on which we work and well I suppose work… they are all different types.. every time one moves you have to sit and train your fingers all over again… enjoy your Mac.

    • Oh boy, Bulldog, you’ve won my heart today with your post about wild horses. Thanks – I know I will enjoy this new Mac. The difference for my eyes! It makes a HUGE difference to onscreen reading – which has nearly blinded me.

    • Thanks for your visit AND your comment, Sheila. I’m immersed with getting the email function operating (accepting servers, etc.) . It’s going to be such a treat being confident and prolific on this little unit.

      • You know, blogging has been such a fun thing for me…both the creative exercise, and the mental exercise of learning new technology. At that, WordPress makes it pretty easy. But there are still things I learn, and things I know I need to figure out to be more effective. Great new skill, and regardless of my writing ability, I love the creative outlet this gives me! Good for you to discover the joys of blogging as well! ~ Sheila

  7. Beautiful pics and what a wonderful walk it must have been. Hope you did have a great lunch in the end. I have never had a Mac, but likely won’t change until this computer dies, so much new to learn it seems.

    • Thanks, Dee! The learning curve shows me how old habits die hard. Yet, when I have to go back to the old computer, I’m already trying to use the strokes and movements that move me around quickly on the Mac.

  8. I took two long nature hikes this weekend into the foothills. Though very cold, it was so lovely to be out there saying farewell to Autumn. Your part of the world is magnificently beautiful.

    • So you were out there stomping around trying to keep warm as well? We were soaked – inside and out – and headed to a coffee house for a good hot latte and slice of spelt banana bread full of nuts and chocolate! You are so spot on, Snoring Dog and I do not take the natural beauty for granted. It awes me incessantly.

      • I feel that I must welcome the winter, rather than dread it. Otherwise, I’ll be a hermit for the next few months! But the banana bread and latte would have been a wonderful finish!

  9. Lovely photo essay AND congrats on your new MacPro. I just recently got my first iPhone and that experience surpassed my expectations. Not sure I’m ready to defect to the Mac computer world, though. But I know everyone who has one LOVES it. Have fun “moving in and arranging the furniture.”

    • My friends warned me…a new love affair going on!! 😀 I’m debating about the Iphone 5 – depends on a lot of things. As I live now? I’d only really need it for emergencies, but I know it would be a pack of fun! You see – what I wanted was to “tether” – use an IPhone5 in place of WiFi. Apple confirmed we’re just not there yet. The cost would be astronomical. The guy said, “you’re ahead of your time.” I said, “actually, I don’t have a lot of decades ahead of me and I want to play a lot between now and then!” 😀

    • I was thinking of you while I was taking some shots of one of our sturdy, rugged, hardy Arbutus trees. It does everything backwards. It sheds its leaves and its bark during the summer. It grows where there’s practically no soil. It is so hard that Paul Bunyan would be challenged to cut off a branch. It was an Arbutus with eyes! I wish I could embed a photo in comments! 😀

  10. Nice pictures! We’re covered in snow here in lovely Alberta. Sigh. Glad you’re enjoying your new computer — funny how ‘things’ can so totally affect and absorb us.

    • Oh, Kath – I know you guys are having winter. I’m not one of the ex-Albertans who go all smug and silly about Coastal weather so I hope the photos just give you another place to consider for retirement! That is, Kath, if the earthquakes don’t get us first! 😦

  11. What a beautiful place to walk Amy…lovely seeing a picture of you too 🙂
    Being part of the Apple family is a lifestyle commitment according to my son…a commitment I have been enjoying too…so happy you are enjoying it so much and are now part of this family…:)

    • So, Shamaji, you are ahead of me. Yet another avenue within which you may be my tutor? 😀 For the past few months, I’ve been avoiding these somewhat unpopulated trails due to our having cougars and bears visiting our island. But I miss the forest terribly. That walk was such a pleasure – and all the deer we saw assured us there was no “hunting animals” about.

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