Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, November 8, 2012

As Storms Raged

As Earthquakes Shook

The United States re-elected Barack Obama as President.

Let’s all treat this man

as we would the trusted one

sitting at the head of our table.

He needs our support

so he can lead

with honor, dignity and integrity.

Let’s help him shine

as one of the evolved leaders of this world.

The Season Is Upon Us.


Please Join Us!

Every Thursday

we OCCUPY this space.

We give this planet a shot of

fun, support and positive energy.


Share something you’ve been wanting to tell the world.


Do an Occupy of your own and add a link in these comments.


This space thrives on positive material.  Soul Dipper reserves the right to decline any submission that is presented with a flair for the negative, deemed  to be derogatory or could be surmised as slanderous.


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38 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, November 8, 2012

    • Photos of animals always enlighten my day, thanks, Marion. We have so much to learn from them. Sometimes I’m reminded of all the communication that goes between my cat and me even though I can’t hunt and he can’t speak a language!

    • Here’s looking to the next few years for many reasons, but especially to watch our world transform. I hope it wasn’t my imagination that I heard a message woven amongst the concepts of his speech, “I know you’ve had enough. Let’s do it! It’s going to take all of us.”

    • While President Obama is not perfect or a saint (though I wish my Prime Minister could be just a little less aloof), I sense he will move some mountains and we have to bring the shovels. He is obviously capable of listening – a very fragile commodity in the ranks of too many leadership positions. Good at hearing; hard of listening? Not this man who is worth supporting!

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  2. Although I have had no real interest in the election process, I know that the result is crucial to the world. I’m thrilled to hear that President Obama appears to understand that we will all have to work together to create a better future. Lets hope his actions can convince other world leaders of that truth. I agree with you that meditation is key right now ~ I’m focusing on sending out calm and positive energy every morning. A lovely, uplifting post, Amy, filled with genuine hope! 🙂
    You can read my shot of positivity here: http://wightrabbit.wordpress.com/2012/11/08

    • This was before my time so I KNOW it was before yours, Kim! And I confess that it never attracted my attention enough to watch the movie. Was it Judy Garland/Wizard of Oz who brought the concept of Polyanna more to the fore? It’s a label now, but all the fearful and negative thoughts, attitudes and actions haven’t worked.

      We need to get Lady GaGa into more action! 😉

  3. I sooo wish I could agree with you, Amy!!
    Although, I do believe. as the originator of the Divine Plan, the Almighty is in charge, and something good will result … this is where I need to put my faith at the moment in order to endure the next 4 years.

    • Years ago when I realized – for my country – that no matter the party, no matter the promises, and no matter the person, we’ll feel “God help us” at various times. Recently we let our PM know that we do not accept the trade deal that he made with China. Maybe next time he gets all fired up about something as significant as that, he’ll put it to the people who work in business, who deal with contractual terms as a profession and who can apply practical and rational thinking to the situation BEFORE. How many politicians are business people, yet they’re managing the biggest business in existence – our country?!

      We didn’t agree with what he’d presented to China. Yes, maybe he has to eat crow – that may be a lesson in humility. But we’ve disagreed in a developmental and supportive manner instead of destructive and it’s being revamped. It’s easy to be a critic. It’s hard to disagree and tactful offer effective solutions.

  4. Oh what wonderful contributions here, today.

    And bless your heart for surrounding our President with positive thoughts and support.
    I have to believe that good will come from the decision if we’re all bringing shovels.
    I’m not much for politics–but I’m all for integrity and courage.
    AND I have a shovel! 🙂

    I say we move mountains.

  5. Hi Amy. This has been a fantastic week in American history. I hope because of President Obama’s resounding win, he will be treated with the respect and dignity his office deserves…also as he rightfully should be treated simply because he’s a fellow decent, law abiding human being.

    • Yes, Carolyn, all our leaders – no matter the country – need support especially now. We’re headed for much change and the leaders in our world need to conduct themselves in a manner that stimulates support from decent, law abiding human beings like us.

  6. Great thought. Now I have started liking him more and more after hearing all his speeches. I just loved his victory speech. It was one of those best speeches I have ever heard in my life till now.

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