Occupy Blogosphere, Thursday, October 25, 2012


Each time someone asks for an Intuitive Session,

my fears decide to have a party.

What IF nothing comes through?

(I know!  Ye of Little faith!)

I pray before I meditate.

Then my Guides come roaring in with Love, laughter, teasing and amazing solutions.

They nudge and point like a street sign, but they have such respect for each person’s own Will.

I type out the message, and capture as best I can,

the intonation, the emphasis and humour.

Recently I was brought to tears.

I knew the messaging was going to be deep.

My Guides warned me…

there was a bundle of Love to unload.

Within the package, I was given a message for today’s Occupy:


Let them know they have purpose simply by being alive.

Let them know that they don’t need to “want” anything.

They have it all NOW.

Tell them to take the path that gives them the most butterflies.

That’s obviously the one for them.

Tell them not to fear success.  It will not be hard to maintain that level of achievement.

They’re already there.


I almost forgot ~

Before you find that person to validate?

You first.


Please Join Us!

Every Thursday

we OCCUPY this space.

We give this planet a shot of

fun, support and positive energy.


Share something you’ve been wanting to tell the world.


Do an Occupy of your own and add a link in these comments.


This space thrives on positive material.  Soul Dipper reserves the right to decline any submission that is presented with a flair for the negative, deemed  to be derogatory or could be surmised as slanderous.


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43 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere, Thursday, October 25, 2012

  1. Brilliant post, Amy! It aligns with the thoughts that have been coming into my head over the past couple of weeks. We are here, now, all our needs are met and it is as it should be. Thank you for the validation. 🙂
    This is the link to my ‘Occupy’ post: http:wightrabbit.wordpress.com/2012/10/20

    • I was reminded this week that when I say “I want or I wish”, I’m in deprivation thinking. I’m focusing on not having when I truly do have everything. Gratitude is my invitation to feel the abundance.

        • I suspect you have experienced quite a shift in attitude, Jacqueline. In a Sufi Wisdom study, a woman disliked her daughter-in-law for some reason. Each time she talked about her son, she would end up being angry and saying, “I just want him to be happy.” She was shocked when asked to consider that her wants were her prison. She would not accept (at that time) that her “want” would be contributing to the mix of negative behaviour. She insisted that it she was simply feeling her maternal love and it was therefore natural. The daughter-in-law possibly choked in the woman’s passive aggression if she experienced the woman’s perfectionism I ran into on one occasion.

          We have so much freedom and it’s marvelous to see it. Glad you are aware of this batch!

          • You are right, Amy, I have experienced a few weird and wonderful experiences lately ~ my third eye opening up;’ deep communion with my mother, understanding of my daughter, lights in the sky and deeper knowledge that what I believe is right. Your tale of the Sufi woman is cautionary, though. I am guilty of thinking that my way is right for everyone else too ~ I will work on keeping my thoughts of others light and clear! Thank you for that! 🙂

  2. We are where we each belong. I am doing what I am meant to be doing. At the moment I am reading more of others than I am writing, absorbing their creative and loving thoughts. It is good.

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  4. I know … it was written today …. “just for me”!!!! 😀
    Thank you for sharing … validation is so important in this physical world … especially for those who did not receive validation growing up, and always feeling they were doing it wrong and never could get it right or to a level of “good enough”!!!

    Have a Blessed Day!!

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  6. We’re all looking for someone to validate us. It’s seems so simple that we should want it from someone outside of ourselves. What we must learn in order to validate ourselves is that we need to trrat our own heart that we are worthy of it.
    Wonderful words of inspiration to think about daily in oredr to keep our heads up high and our shoulders back.
    Love it …
    her is my strong message for today in a light form …..

  7. Yaknow, I can’t imagine that ‘intuitive session’ coming withOUT some bit of anxiety. And yes, I know ‘oh ye of little faith…..’ could be one take on it. But I tend to look at it as ‘oh ye of great responsibility’…..and that the passing on only gets to be done with great love and in great humility of being able TO be used as a vessel. If that didn’t bring some degree of anxiety over that responsibility to your Guides and the person involved–I’d be mightily surprised.

    VALIDATE someone!
    Boy, I hope I just did. 😉

    But thank you. I’ll remember to toss a dose of that in my direction as well………and another persons. I’m pretty sure I’ll cross paths with one or two souls who could use some validation!

    • Mel, conduit, YES! And that’s the point…and the prayer…to stay a conduit and not get my mucks in there. Sometimes I have to ask for clarification so my filters aren’t influencing. Yep, you get the responsibility factor. Sometimes I have to remind myself that people receive at the level they are capable of receiving. Interpretation can be influenced by intonation, emphasis and even speed of delivery, but the person has to grasp the meaning.

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  9. Trust… just that one word. I would like to share trust.
    How grateful I am to have trusted you to open my eyes and a part of my soul.
    You did.
    Dear Raven, I am grateful to have trusted your recommendation.
    You were right.
    With much love and light and gratitude,

    • Yes, Gin, when trust has been broken, the repair job contains cracks for some time. I appreciate that we’ve also been encouraged to be discerning until we know that trust has been earned.

      • I once read about the experiment of living life without expecting trust to be “earned,” but simply “assumed.” Are we to be hurt any less? Or would we perhaps allow ourselves more of living and loving?

        • Seems we find our own levels, Gin. When I was younger, I trusted first and pulled back if I was bruised. With open ended trusting, bruising is inevitable. However, my life was never threatened or hurt to a degree that was beyond complete recovery. However, I have adopted Maya Angelou’s quote: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” It saves a lot of bother in my older years! 😀


    I Truly love that, Amy. xxx

    On Oprah’s last show she said something like this:….. “People want to be heard, seen, validated. I tell them I SEE YOU! I HEAR YOU! I am happy you exist.”

    b e a u t i f u l…My fave. quote by Winfrey.

    • Yay! Y-E-S!! Oprah is the one of the three programs I miss about not having television. I cancelled the service and have not looked back. I keep hearing friends say there’s 0 on!

      SO! Thank you for partnering this Occupy with this precious message, Kim. My little sister of Love! I see you. I hear you. What you say is sooooo important to me! I’m grateful to have you in my blogosites! 🙂

  11. What a beautiful post, Validation is so needed … Keep adding your beautiful light into the world souldipper
    I dropped in via Joss’s post ” a handful of joy,” and I have no doubts you bring much joy to all whom you meet souldipper . I have seen a few of your wonderful comments as we share some blogging friends…
    Blessings for a wonderful week..

  12. A wise man said…The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated!
    The skill of emotional validation is a vital one…many thanks for this generous blanket validation Amy…
    God bless you…

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