Has The World Hit Bottom Yet?

Alcoholics Anonymous says an alcoholic/addict has to hit bottom before recovery is possible.

Is it the same with our planet?

An alcoholic needs soul-depth desolation before asking for help.

I’ve heard the world asking for help. More and more of us are thinking in terms of recovery. I dreamed our world cracked open as it hit its bottom.  Recovery seeped out and we received the “word”.  Here’s my recollection with patchwork – there was some incredible detail:

1.  The Council for World Government will oversee every nation’s council and government.  It will be chaired by three of the leaders whose countries served the planet most effectively in the previous year.  Council members will be those leaders from the remaining nations.

  • Each nations’ government will include one elected leader, a council numbering one elected person for every million people, and two civil servants per million people.  In running for the position, candidates may only reference how they will serve; any reference to platforms of other candidates will call for immediate disqualification. They will offer a demonstrated and provable belief in unity. They will be students, employed people or persons retired from employment.  They will have signed a Pledge of Dedication.
  • All departments of the old government will become private sector operations.  All armed forces personnel will become Keepers of the Nation.  Personnel may transfer to service-oriented operations within home nations.
  • Each government council will review the weekly reports and emergency reports submitted by the chairs of the Government, Bank, Resources or Peace Councils. Their approval will be posted for all of mankind to see.  If they do not approve, communication will continue until resolution is achieved.

2. The World Bank Council will be created with the Dalai Lama as Chairman of the Board.  Every person and nation will donate10% of their asset base to facilitate start-up for this bank.

  • People will thereafter be taxed 10% of all earnings except those whose annual income is 35% or less of their nation’s average salary.  They will pay 1%  – thus securing their sense of rights resulting from contribution.
  • No seniors will pay income tax on pension funds or retirement fund income unless their income is over 50% of their nation’s average annual income.
  • The funds for the World Bank are to be used solely for the good of the planet.  It will provide funding to bring and maintain hospitals and health services to a world standard.  It will help floundering nations with health and educational needs while those nations are working with mentoring countries to bring themselves to recovery.
  • Education will be predicated on a Socratic approach to learning allowing students to evolve at their own pace and interest.  University education will offer academia, as needed, while students work in their fields as trainees on a practicum basis. Likewise for colleges. The first year of studies will contain all theory with practicums beginning in the second year.
  • Health care will be free for all people whose income is in the lower half of the average income for that nation.

3.  A Council of World Resources will be created, with Karen Armstrong (Chair of the Charter for Compassion) as Chairperson, with a mandate to share, distribute and maintain resources to all. While sharing a resource will not cause a supplying nation to experience deprivation of that resource, no nation will suffer due to a lack of that resource.

  • Nikola Tesla’s Wireless Energy Transmission will replace all other energy techniques and will be supplied free of charge.  People employed in current energy supply companies will be transferred into new service roles in health and education systems.

4.  A Council of World Peace will be created with Prem Rawat (a spiritual teacher of inner peace) as Chairperson.  Its mandate will be to replace aggression with actions of compassion and unity.

  • Any person is able to submit a concern to the appropriate Council.  Submissions are made first to the local member of the Council of World Government and are to be expressed in a 3 minute video or 100 words or less.  If approved, the submission will be forwarded to Government, Bank, Resources or Peace Councils. One positive, innovative and brilliant submission may cause reconsideration of the matter globally.  The results of the submission will be posted on the Internet.

Did you feel a bottom?  Are we on the path of recovery?  It would feel so good if we could:

  • live lives of healthy, loving detachment from dysfunctional behaviour.
  • name unacceptable behaviour and disallow it.
  • show compassion and love as we would to any human showing signs of sickness or disease.
  • be an example of dignity and grace.
  • leave the crises in the hands of the nation that created it.
  • check our outreach to see if it empowers rather than rescue and enable.
  • allow nations the opportunity to resolve their own problems; thus empowering their spirits.

How would you add to this?  I’d like to listen to your thoughts about global recovery.

It only takes one small light to transform the darkness forever.

33 thoughts on “Has The World Hit Bottom Yet?

    • Recently there was a mini-drought on the mainland. That and a couple of days with no power meant water was not readily available. Wow, the whining. Might be an idea to quit worrying about a coiffed lawn or doing laundry so often.

  1. Very thoughtfully considered, and well said! If we have already hit bottom, as you suggest, then it would seem likely that the path you’ve outlined could be employed to help build a more stable future. But I fear that we are still some distance from hitting bottom…and are not yet able–nor willing–to fully envision the catastrophic consequences when La La Land actually does meet reality, and implodes on impact.

    So many things we’ve come to rely upon, and have taken for granted over the past 60+ years, will suddenly begin to evaporate. Goods and services that most people depend upon will fragment, or in some cases disappear entirely; i.e., you might still find some way to get to a grocery store…but what would be the point if it no longer gets shipments of food? Or turn on your tap and discover there’s no longer any water coming out. Or flip your light switch, and nothing happens. So, yes, while the Dalai Lama might be a good choice to help ‘re-orchestrate’ a La La Land choir, he’ll not be of much use if a significant number of people in the ‘developed world’ suddenly become much too cold, hungry, dirty, and angry…to sing.

    Of course I prefer your prognosis, and suggested ‘treatment’ thereof. But nonetheless I can’t avoid noticing the speedometer of reality which, like a thermostat hanging on my wall, shows an ever-increasing acceleration downward…rather than a slowing–and turning up–as most would hope it to be.

    P.S. CNN did a documentary about three years ago entitled “We Were Warned.” If you do a Google search I’m sure you’ll find it. In it they hypothesize that a tropical storm does considerable damage to the shipping facilities and refineries in and around Houston, Texas, that will require roughly six months to repair. Then they trace the broad-range consequences of the approximately 10% loss of our (U.S.) daily oil supply during that period. Even they (the CNN producers) were appalled by what they discovered. And then imagine a similar ‘situation’ in the Straight of Hormuz (which, if aggressively mined, is estimated to require a minimum of 6 months to be ‘normalized’ again), which would directly impact as much as 40% of the world’s oil supply. But in any case, disruptions on that scale (or larger) are just around the corner…especially given that the ‘situation’ in the Middle East is just beginning to poke its nose from the sand. And be thankful that you live on an Island far, far away. But, on the other hand, and before counting your blessings, make damn sure you’ve got plenty of food tucked away for some VERY rainy days ahead…which I suspect are not all that far away.

    • After a varied selection of delicious root veggies, roasted and seasoned with fresh herbs and oils, I wonder how it would be to spend a rainy winter with no fresh produce. I know, William, there are so many, varied opinions and attitudes flying about the planet that it boils down to “wait and see”. Our leaders must be receiving such a mixed bag of potentialities that hell would be less complex.

      I’m optimistic. If I’m in La La Land, I’m glad I’ve had a really decent life with a good amount of love. I don’t have children so I don’t know how my feelings would change if I did. But you see, we’re energy and energy just changes form. After a near death experience, I had a download of insights that tell me that you and I are here now because we chose to be here. We are here to be part of the solution and to bring it into fruition. We could have chosen to skip this incarnation, but our love was too great to turn our backs on this physical plane and existence. This fact, and many others, will become more clear as time goes on.

      You’re brilliant, William, and far-seeing. You are a teacher. And a warrior! And wise. I hope negativity has no hold on your power for resolution and recovery. I see the care with which you write. Thank you – that speaks volumes about your heart.

      (I’m looking forward to that journey through teen-dom!)

  2. Amy I know that peace on earth will come, and I’ve been into the future and seen the planetary council. And yes, I think we do have to hit rock bottom…and there are people planning for the recovery now.
    The only point I would be anxious about is leaving nations to sort their own problems – we did this with Hitler, and he nearly obliterated civilisation before we intervened, to mention only part of what he did.. I think we do all have to care about each other, but find other ways than invading countries and perfecting more and more vicious weapons of destruction.!!!!.
    I think all weapons will have to be destroyed … the council of pie in the sky, I suppose some people would say… and it has to start with everyone in their own homes, and in their own hearts… I’m ranting on!!!..
    The most hopeful sign is the New Children who are being born, who already know what we have spent life-times learning…
    They are truly amazing beings, and I’m privIleged to know some of them…. all is well…

    • Yes, Valerie, if the Council for Peace is not able to do an “inside job” or shift, people cannot be left to suffer. I purposely included “name unacceptable behaviour and disallow it.” We could add that Councils are responsible for blowing the whistle when there is concern for abuse of any description human, planetary, etc.

      I agree wholeheartedly about the New Children. I am given glimpses of these evolved souls – saw one on the ‘Net yesterday. A 16 year old lad, American Indian, who wrote a lengthy paper on forgiveness and unity. I rejoice!

  3. ” you and I are here now because we chose to be here. We are here to be part of the solution and to bring it into fruition.” – this, this is what fills me with hope. We did not come to waste our time, our life, here but to be the solution that our world is crying out for. Onward, Ho!

  4. I am hopeful for the future and think for everything to start again with a one world approach there will probably have to be a castastrophe to bring people together. I hope that doesn’t have to happen but I see people coming together to protest now that would never have protested before. We do need new thinking and new systems and will probably need help to bring it about.

    • We certainly do need new thinking, Yvonne. I wonder if the predictions of more highly evolved energy coming to us is valid. Could it sink into the world’s souls generally and help change attitudes sufficient to affect the addiction to power and wealth? The “catastrophe” may have to be a zap of influence from outside our planet – however that would look. But I don’t buy into the “end of the world” concept. End of a way of thinking and living, yes!

  5. I’ve long held that the current crisis is moral more than economic. From top to bottom a desire to acquire power, property, goods and money drives human behaviour. With a healthier attitude a more sustainable future could be mapped out. But will attitudes improve? We’re nowhere near the bottom. Think back to 1945 when much of Europe and Asia were in ruins, or to 1918, or further back to when the Mongol Horde wiped out half of the population of the known world. Things today are not nearly bad enough to catch people’s attention. But when they are, will there be sufficient resources in hand to avoid massive loss of life and a huge drop in living standards? Will our leaders, most of whom seem to have little or no moral compass, see the end coming or try and save us?

    Incidentally, why make health care free only for the poorer half of the population? You won’t convince anyone in Europe, where we have excellent health care free to all. And it’s cheaper through economies of scale and not having profit as the key driver.

    Don’t decry government ministries, just refocus them. Good minds are required, and much time, to make sure that energy, agriculture, water, transport, etc operate well and equitably. The key is that those agencies serve the public, which is something that corporations don’t do well. Leave feeding the people to corporations and we have junk food thrust at us. let them provide utilties and see prices racked up to fund fat profits. There is a role for the state, much as the American utopia envisages us all getting along without state intervention like the mythical mid-west towns so beloved of certain politicians.

    Property ownership also needs to be reformed. Why is housing so expensive? Why isn’t land available to small farmers? Why is so much of almost every country “private”? Why don’t most people know how food is grown? Attitudes to land need to change, with a new localism to ownership and agriculture.

    As for birth rates, we all know that the current population of the world isn’t sustainable.

    • Great questions! Good opinions! I’m delighted with your participation. Morally bankrupt? You bet!

      If the predicted downfall of the 1% is truly going to happen, much of the greedy influences that have affected every aspect of our lives – globally – will be exposed and deemed unacceptable. If the whole world is shown, in detail, how the 1% have been operating, we will all be sickened. However, we will finally understand how our intelligence, grass roots integrity, common sense, and diligence have been undermined and thwarted. We have been living with buried rugs constantly being pulled out from under us when any brilliance was displayed that would turn profits from the pockets of the 1%. This exposure will show the 99%ers that we can put those essential qualities to work and, at long last, see progress. Not just the few – all of us.

      I would want to know that people, like you, who consider, question and recommend, would be part of a Think Tank Group for setting up a new world. That group could take the best from each nation and see how the gem could be applied globally.

      What happens if the 1% are not exposed? With all the build-up to 2012, how is a let-down going to be handled if nothing happens?

      My friend from Rotuma, a tiny island North of Fiji, tells me that no one owns property on the island. Somehow they have managed for centuries to peacefully share, work, live on and harvest their land. When he tells me that he could go back to the island at any time and set up his home where he wants to be, I marvel at the attitudes of the people about such an event. The two of us have often said, “What if the world lived like that?”

      We’re all so busy protecting outdated, worn out, unnecessary belief systems. Everyone claims they are protecting themselves; none consider themselves the perpetrator of wars. Business has to do inventories to survive. Wonder what stops nations from taking their inventories occasionally.

      Question: With healthcare free to everyone in Europe, how are Doctors fees established?

  6. Amy, I hate to say this, but I don’t think we’ve seen nothin’ yet. This is only the tip of the ice berg….
    unless we change, respect one another, help one another, & love one another FULLY.

    If we did this, EVERYTHING ELSE would follow. The world could be B E A U T I F U L.


    • Hopefully, Kim, the predictions are accurate for a big surge of energy that is going to give the choice of transforming or not. With acceptance, there’s supposed to be the change that you describe. Any ascension to higher goodness is going to include you, with that huge and predictably loving heart. The people who don’t want to transform will be left to their own devices…whatever that is.

  7. Interesting dream, Amy, thank you for sharing it with us! I, too believe that the world can and must change ~ we can’t go on like this, for heavens sake! I don’t speak about it publicly as I have no proof or explanation and no desire to engage in debate with doom~mongerers or nay~sayers. For me, prophesying Apocalypse as the only catalyst to bring about global unity is old thinking. Maybe, with so many minds tuning into higher frequency, other options might open up. I don’t know how or when ~ I don’t have to ~ but I hold the faith that humankind and the planet it inhabits can and will survive. Pollyanna, maybe, but I feel I’m carrying out an important role, keeping the positive vibes flowing. It takes all sorts! 🙂

    • If your optimism is Pollyanna-ish, let’s start Polyanna Anonymous! There’s so much negativity that positive people stand out and get thumped, bruised and banged. Negativity is insidious and difficult to see in ourselves. Even saying “I want XXXX.” is an admission and focus of not having it. Gratitude is a wondrous antidote! Your last sentence lifts my spirits!

  8. Quite a ‘dream’ Amy. I do hope and pray recovery is around the nearest corner. My faith in the continuance of the Earth even if (worst case scenario) the two legged’s should cease to exist b/c they-we refuse to rightly align w/ the laws of nature. The bank run by the Dali Lama is a very interesting thought….spirit led finance. Let us all pour strong vision/prayer behind that one!!

    • You know, Anna, I like to think about the ways that Nature ends up being the slow, plodding, reliable winner. I like to think we are like ants running amok after having their hill dug up, but the dirt will settle and we’ll labour our way back to fitting our society into a new tunnels and paradigms.

      As a humanity, we have a choice: work with or destroy. I optimistically believe the strong, innate desire to survive, that most of us already defend in all sorts of tiny ways, will nudge us into adoption of authentic and natural ways for continuing or shifting progressively toward the former.

  9. I can unite with the theme that there is an innate desire for survival and that many are working/defending that in myriad ways. My great prayer is that we will adopt natural/authentic avenues for creating a more harmonious and balanced world for all. However, in strictly geological terms, the Earth will outlast us and many other species, and that alone give me great hope. It is my desire that we/our species can and will negotiate the transformations required….we are the ‘stewards’ after all. At the same time I can accept that there is a possible future for a wider variety of species should our ‘lesser selves’ continue running the global economic/geopolitical charade that is afoot in the never ending quest for more $.

    • Stewardship is a word too lightly brushed over. If each of us accepted it as part of our daily role…

      I am going to let your words “a wider variety of species” roll over me today. I suspect I’ll be using the phrase. It’s a good one!


  10. It’s taken me a few days to get around to looking at comments. To begin with, in Europe most often doctors in the state system are salaried like teachers and civil servants. The cost can be extrapolated to hourly rates (e.g. if a foreign person is treated) but and these are lower than private health care rates. My employer provides private insurance for senior managers in order that we are returned to work as soon as possible and I used this last year to get hip surgery within three days of diagnosis – it amazed me just what hourly rates the private firms charge.

    One of my prized reference books is Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’. It’s still startlingly relevant. The 1% has plenty of ways to buy the segments below it. I’ve been watching the deception practiced in the run-up to the US election. Here in Britain I’m seeing deception practiced daily by a venal, greedy government that cares not one jot for ordinary people. The ways in which the 1% conducts itself are perfectly well known, however the next stratum wants to stay above those below whilst the bottom quarter is just looking to survive in the absence of organisation by unions or socialists. The latest ‘security’ threats just serve to keep the masses on-side, and perhaps that isn’t so bad when the enemy is radical Islam, a particularly nasty doctrine aimed at the hearts and minds of young men who don’t want to think for themselves. Right now perhaps the world is too dangerous to overturn the basic order of the West?

    • I cannot imagine what causes anyone in the United States to hesitate about Health Care. I have such gratitude for our Medicare. I’ve been healthy my entire life and will continue to be well, I’m certain, and do not begrudge having (paid for) supported those in need of care. I just have to look at one family member and see how her excellent care would more than eat up what I paid!

      Seems you have your x-ray eyes and heart fully engaged regarding the world situation. You raise an excellent point in your last question. For that reason, I see the need for extra-ordinary powers and attitudes to bring us into anything other than a slow, methodical, but determined change. As I age, I hear myself speaking of matters in the same way as elders before me. Ranting about affairs or continuous complaining has not even brought us to a healthy awareness. I long to called upon to do something radically different.

      I am optimistic that our planet can pull off whatever with amazing deftness. I felt buoyed when the Berlin Wall was suddenly GONE. In a whimper. Pundits didn’t have a chance to sit around debating ego-driven suspicions, thus influencing the process or the outcome. It just happened. And the lights came on – in many senses of the word.

      May we somehow repeat such an act with a global “AHA” and find our attitudes at an evolutionary level never before known on our planet.

  11. Was at a talk given by an author from another Country than mine and it seems to me it is not the Country at fault but people themselves who need to be educated not to be greedy, power hungry etc. It starts at the top and works its way down. If the leaders or institutions were corrected at the top then they could enforce the ethos (supposedly) and it would work down because those acting in a greedy way could be helped to control their behaviour Sounds simple but I know it would not be easy but |I definitely think it is the human beings that need to alter.

    • Yvonne, I agree completely. It starts with you and me. We can take every opportunity to hold up a mirror and/or cause people to think. This concept is growing now. More and more people feel empowered and needed to speak up – and they are doing so. The momentum is building and it is up to each of us to accept integrity and expose anything less.

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