Gone Livin’

Healthy Again At Last

‘The time has come,’ the Walrus said,
‘To talk of many things:
Of shoes – and ships – and sealing wax-
Of cabbages — and kings —
And why the sea is boiling hot —
And whether pigs have wings.’

Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Is it obvious my blog time has diminished?  It feels as though I’ve been on a scouting trip to find out if life would adjust to my schedule.  Guess what? It doesn’t.  And I’m no closer to knowing whether pigs have wings.

However, the time has come to share some parts of my life.  I’ll be succinct and discipline myself from falling into storytelling.  You know that’s a challenge.

  • Duc le Chat and I have an uncanny habit of mimicking health conditions with each other.  He’ll be morose and inactive one day.  After I’ve decided he’s not going to expire, I discover I have similar symptoms.  Can we really share bugs?  Who had it first?  It’s weird having a little black cat as a health detector.

However, he was outwitted with our thyroid conditions.  I’m hypo- and he turned up hyper- a few months ago.  He lost 20% of his body weight, then shed his appetite.  Before this episode, I simply opened a tin of special cat food for touchy urinary tracts.  However, to stimulate his lost desire to eat, I began buying chicken thighs.   Every day, I cooked one, added it to a smidgeon of tinned food and poured home-made chicken broth over the (smelly) mixture.  My Vet’s wife laughed heartily over Duc’s clever and new-found “say” over his diet.  She warned me – now that he weighs more than he ever has, we need to return to simplicity.  Otherwise, how could I find a gourmand cat sitter?  His health now in balance, it’s time for him to eat his plain cat food again.  He does so sporadically.  When he thinks he’s starving.

The Other Walk Buddies

  • Walking five to seven times a week involves more than an hour’s hike.  My Walk Buddy, Marion, and I enjoy a post-walk cool-down.  Unless one of us has an appointment, our cool-down talks, laced with lemon water, are hard to quickly put aside.  A seasoning of spirituality satisfies us for another day and a deep sense of accomplishment fills me with gratitude.

Marion is visiting her mother in Alberta during Canadian Thanksgiving, but before she left, she went to Aquasize with her house guest.  I used to do Aquasize years ago and had considered returning, but early classes were a turn-off.  When I learned there was a challenging program at 1:00 pm, I decided to go.  I love it.  When Marion is back, I bet we’ll set up a mixture of walk and swim.

The good news is that I feel so very healthy and energized.  The really good news is that I’m actually losing weight.  When a hypo thyroidal individual loses poundage, it’s one notch short of a miracle.

  • Webinars.  I listen to, and participate in, many Internet interviews, panels, workshops, courses, studies and discussions on various subjects that hold some form of spiritual theme.  The topics touch on every aspect of life and living.  I revel in all the lessons about healing, inside and out.

The problem with this…when I immerse myself in these concepts, then go out into the real world, I feel I’ve been at our Buddhist retreat for a month at the top of the mountain.  Negativity seems heightened and magnified.  At the mention of integrity, people’s eyes glaze over with disinterest.  No wonder I need to write about it.

Many interviewees on the Internet programs highlight the presence of 5th dimensional energy being served to all who are willing to accept.  We’re being warned that the increased intensity of this energy causes unexpected challenges to relationships.  It’s a time for sorting and sifting.  I’ve been asking the question, “Where do I want to spend my time?” 

Plus, I call on the acid test: Is there a mutual dollop of spirituality served in my relationships?

Stan and Chad – Father and Son Geiger Team

  • Jumping right into Septic Tanks… This will be of little interest to all of my Urban dwellers.  However, it’s one of the important, issue for rural folk.  It’s the time consuming mystery I currently have on my platter.  Where’s Elmo-the-Septic-Tank?  Neighbours with similar vintage homes have warned that they recently needed to pump and maintain their tanks.  I cannot find mine.

Stan and Chad were confident we’d find it in minutes.  Chad used his father’s metal detector and searched over the logical location. Not a beep.  He dug down in several spots.  Nothing.  Having spent time in Afghanistan locating land mines, Chad was most disheartened about not locating this innocuous, monstrous cemented necessity.

Marion says her husband will dig some holes.  If that fails, I’ll hire Steve-the-plumber-with-a-camera.  He unsuccessfully gave the location a free (light) search and poke.  He decided he’ll have to insert his plumber’s camera into the lines through the toilet until the camera hits the baffle in the tank.  Then he’ll run outside and use another instrument to locate the camera.  That’s only a few hundred dollars.

Why not just ignore it since I’m having no problems?  Because my two closest neighbours found roots growing in their lines.  If not removed, the lines could burst and a new system would be in the 10s of thousands of dollars.

Left-over, big pieces of wood – perfect for putting in the stove to keep hot all night.

  • Winterizing, this year, I found a young man to chop wood while I stacked.  He also climbed the ladder to clean leaves out of my eaves.  Generally I ignore them as long as possible.  Around Christmas, when it’s freezing cold, I clean the eaves – full of leaves, snow and ice.  Water streams off the roof instead of into drains.  I merrily sing Here Comes Santa Claus while visions of marriage and a handy husband dance in my head.
  • Two COOL Items!  This post is long enough.  I’m going to save the last two topics for the next post.  They present both exquisite delight and rampant trepidation.  Please forgive me for this, but I have to fulfill my promise to myself that the Blogosphere will not be my master, lover or obsession.  A two year addiction transforms now into an act of love.

    Sharing The Blogosphere With Gratitude

  • My Closing Thanks – one of the benefits of taking a step back from continuous and (sigh) compulsive blogging is rising above the busyness to see what my priorities are and where they lay.  I’ve been given awards over the last few months and I have asked three of those beloved souls, Chris (Bridgesburning), Leslie (Lesliepaints) and Rev. Deirdre (Crustybreadblog), to pass mine to new bloggers who need encouragement and support.  I’m not saying I don’t need the same, but I remember the newness and the agony of whether or not to continue writing.  We need each other, but we especially need to let each other fly.  A slow down isn’t a disappearance.  After all, most of us have a homing device that far surpasses technology.

Thank you, my Homies, for our connection.  Thanks to the continuous crops of new readers who see enough of a message to subscribe. Even though my comments may be more sporadic, I want to continue finding your messages.  Bloggers find that a small minority of readers leave comments – the vast majority are shy.  Whether you comment or not, I know of your quality.  I cannot imagine losing touch with any of you.

You challenge me to met your standards of excellence.  Thank you!

41 thoughts on “Gone Livin’

    • Congrats on your successes, as well, Cin. I hope you are feeling as good as you look. Seems we have to go ahead with our life changes and trust the process. I don’t get around to all my old haunts frequently either, but I love the opportunity to check in and spend some good reading time when time permits. I think you commented before that you don’t want to disconnect. I feel exactly the same. Expecting to read and comment on the hundreds, thousands?, of excellent blogs is ludicrous, but it’s not easy to accept that we don’t have to disconnect – only engage less often.

  1. whew!
    I couldn’t sleep and 5am will come earlier I think….
    I love reading your thoughts….hearing of your world….feeling the energy you share
    with each bog…..
    I have been living now too…stepping back, I think is the seasons wheel slowing down just enough for me to get on board….
    I related to pretty much each paragraph…LOLs..your world seems to mirror mine, I hadn’t thought of that…
    I have a pig sitting outside made of stone…yes he has wings…he uses them , I know this because he is always in a different place when I sit down and he is not there LOLs…

    Duc le Chat is sooooo cool sitting there…he is like my NightSeer….pampered and proud ….
    he told me wonderful stories of his adventures at night when he wanders, his last story was of a Lady..he was smitten…since was wild, I never knew when I would see him again…I haven’t in a month now, I think the Lady Knighted him…I really miss him….

    I have 5 fawns, 3 still have their spots, I have been feeding them a little extra….they are so young for this time of year, I am concerned if we actually have a winter….I love Winter, but it is so hard on my little ones…
    your walking companions are beautiful….they carry such a peace-filled energy ….

    septic tanks…a smelly subject..I understand your concern..I hope you find yours…that is one thing that needs attention…
    I think it is a yucky subject, but I understand…can you tell I can’t think of what to say except I know ? LOLs

    your wood pile looks great!….drying flower rack? I am tired so I may be just seeing flowers for no reason ….

    Thank You SoulDipper….Your words fill my day when I can’t think of what to say…I can come here and just read….
    you’ll be missed…but I think you will still be here….yep, I think so…
    Take Care…
    You Matter…..!
    Blessed Be
    (good night sweet dreams)

    • It’s my turn to be up too late and be too full of STUFF to fall fast asleep. Isn’t it hard to trust nature to look after itself? In fact nature can be so incredibly violent that it’s a wonder it pulls such love out of human creatures~!

      Your poem put me in mind of a friend who is ever gently in my mind and never far from my heart. Phew!

  2. I’m impressed that you’re walking so often Amy, and now with the swimming you must be feeling so fit and healthy.
    Before we realize it, blogging has taken over our lives. It’s a good idea to step back and ask: is it worth it.

    • My blogging friends have become such a big part of my life. You wait until I write the next two items, Rosie. You’ll see how you have had an incredible impact on my life! 😀

      Yes, I feel really good. I’ve always walked, but not with such regularity and with such consistently great material for discussion!

  3. A long and winding road….

    What matters is enjoying the journey. The journey becomes the outcome. The twists and turns are the choices one makes….
    Your post brings out these facets for me and I thank you for this perspective Amy.


    • Shakti, are you sure you don’t want to get on that long and windy road – over here – and find my septic tank? 😀

      BTW – I visited one of your reader’s blogs (if I remember the source correctly) who lives in Oman. She shares numerous photos of places she travels to in that country. My goodness, there are some fabulous spas and accommodations for nurturing oneself.

      I wondered if you are able to take many trips and excursions in that fair land.

  4. Panic gripped my heart, I thought at first you were going to really go – before I’ve had the chance to really savour all that you have to say. Thank goodness you’ll still be around – in limited doses , is that it?
    And yes, the intensity… I’d love you to say more on this theme… when you blog again…. Love from Valerie

    • Oh no, I’m not going away. Writing is too much a part of my life, Valerie. I thought blogging would be an innocent outlet for self-expression. However, the benefits for connecting with such richness continue to awe and amaze. Blogging is a world of open doors and windows: borders drop, cultures mingle, races share, minds meet and souls unite. We learn about each other and ourselves. Each time we try to give something worthwhile in print, we are bombarded with beauty, encouragement, growth and stimulation. Since it’ll be a continuous process of evolution, it’s hard to imagine where it’ll go.

      No, Valerie, I could not imagine being without this world we have created. This one that works.

  5. Hi Amy. Great post. You’ve covered quite a few things here, I used to have a dog several years ago so I can identify with your love and devotion to your cat. I hope your cat continues to get better. My dog died before I moved into my condo. Unfortunately, it is against the rules here to have pets. ;(
    At my old house, I had a septic tank system. It seemed that every few years it backed up and created a big problem. I had to call for emergency service. That was a pain in the neck. Thankfully that is all behind me now.
    Also, I am now going to the gym almost every day. Like you, I also enjoy the pool. I take water aerobics 3 times a week, but I take yoga 2 times a week. It happens to be good therapy for me. In addition to helping out with my weight loss, it makes me feel much less stressful.
    I understand about being busy with webinares, home study courses and etc. I am currently learning how to self publish my book both in hard copy and in the kendal formate. There is a ton of information I need to learn to do. Wish me luck with that.
    Hope to hear from you again soon. Until then,stay well.

    • That cat! Twice he pounded at my window in the middle of the night AND both twice times soaking wet. I’m thinking of adopting a no-cat rule. 🙂 He loves being toweled briskly and since we’ve had no rain for months, he’s missed the massages.

      You have a great routine, Carol. The combination of yoga, strength training and aerobics is fabulous.

      I sure do wish you the best of luck with the publishing routine. Wow. Good for you. I see many good writers doing their own publishing and then getting on board with some sort of marketing manoeuvres. I’ve not kept up so it’s foreign ground for me.

      The great side benefit of these webinars, etc., is keeping the brain engaged.

  6. Yes, you have been living…and that’s what life’s all about.
    Congrats on the weight loss and healthy eating.
    Hope your septic tank is ok. Things like that can be a nightmare.
    I understand about blogging. I, too, have cut back. I enjoy my internet connections but real life connections are also important.

    • You too, Suzicate? Yes, it can be too easy to let real life take a slide. I still use my computer in almost every aspect of life, but with less time in front of it.

      About the septic tank…I was wondering how Dirtman is with digging… 🙂 Seriously, it ought to be so simple. Why would they not have built in some way to find the dang things in a split second? Think I’ll tape a metal rod on the lid so a metal detector will pick it up next time.

  7. I don’t like cats–but I like that one. And if someone showed up in search of my septic tank in that car–Ohhhhhh man…… I’d hope they weren’t being paid by the hour. LOL

    You’re doing things for you, nurturing, loving things. (even the septic tank….LOL Love the septic tank……) And it’s all good. It sounds good–you ‘read’ lighter and more at peace.

    Isn’t it ironic how you hear the heaviness in others when you’re more centered in what’s good and true. It’s always that choice for me–join in or replenish.
    I dare say, sometimes I dabble in the dark fringes when running towards the light would make more sense. But I’ve always been one to run with scissors and stand tiptoe on the edges of crevasses. Livin’ is the objective–and there’s bits of everything all tossed in there, eh?

    Pigs fly in my world. LOL So I’m good with cabbages and kings and sailing ships– And with the ‘gone livin’ bit. I dabble in that once in a while myself. 😉

    Thank you for remaining a part of my life.

    • Speaking of pigs and things, I confess to being surprised at “sealing” wax. I’ve gone through life wondering (way back there) what “ceiling” wax was. Bwahhaaa. I need an update on your sister, Mel. I see I have a *few* of your posts to go through. I hope she continues to progress. Safely!

      I know you are probably crossing off the days on the calendar until your FUN TIME! Got all the decorations up?

      • PET scan came back clear.
        How’s that for the power of prayer and positive thoughts mixed with a bit of modern medicine?!

        G-d is good.
        I cannot express the overwhelming sense of humility and smallness I feel………and gratitude…….which seems like a very small word.

  8. With you and Rosie reminding me of the benefits of walking, I must do it more often. Rick goes to one of two new parks near us and I don’t go often enough. Those parks were a beautiful gift to our neighborhood. You really do it in a big way…hiking I would say and Rosie…well, the Camino would be a lifetime experience. You really are an inspiration.
    If you detour into a story, I really don’t mind. Love your stories.
    As we go into November, I may have to back away a bit, too. I foresee some once a week posts rather than twice a week. I so much appreciate your sharing your thoughts and resolve.

    • The habit has been formed…I really miss my walk if I don’t have it. The exercise is so good for me that I really dislike missing it. When I don’t exercise, I ache, hurt, and develop all sorts of silly kinks.

      So glad my blogging experience has some use. I see more and more longer term bloggers taking action to restore balance. Seems that blogging can be a great addiction for some time, but eventually we need to regain control of our computer time.

  9. I so enjoyed this post, kiddo. Yes, one must live. Congrats on the weight loss. As a fellow thyroid person, I envy that! I cant walk an hour a day as have a bad knee and leg……..I do have a bike. Now the only thing I need is the Energy to take it out of the garage. Hee hee.

    I especially resonated with your emptying your eavestroughs in the rain while thoughts of a husband danced in your head. Hee hee. I so know the feeling.

    I always enjoy my visits here. Keep shining.

    • I have all sorts of compassion for people whose limbs won’t let them be active. I would have a tough time reaching acceptance over that. Walking is my all time favourite pastime and I share hours of great stuff with friends while doing it.

      Yah…all I need is to hear one of my women friends mad at her spouse and I climb up that ladder like a monkey! 😀

  10. Well you’ve certainly been quite busy…glad to hear that things are going well there…well except for that septic tank problem…which reminds me I should locate mine one of these days…have a great weekend…looking forward to your next post…cheers!

    • The big warning from one and all is: Don’t leave it unpumped just because there is no problem. And isn’t this soulful, Charles? I do need to get the next post done! XO to you, Charles.

  11. Ah, I love your writing and I am so very glad that you are not going anywhere. Good luck on your septic system. I know how difficult they can be. Be well my friend.

    • Our phone call almost put me behind the group at Aquafit, but I jumped in late and my rhythm kicked in. As you and I know, it’s a two street! The more we concentrate on giving, the more we simply cannot stop the abundance.

  12. I’m one of the shy ones… but this deserves more than a quick checking of the “like” button. I feel like I’ve just enjoyed a good rainy afternoon visit over a cup of hot tea with a good fried (albeit a new friend)… Thanks for sharing your world and words.

    • Truly, Gin, you do the same kind of visit feeling for me. You are living the life that I’ve either lived in a past life or feel I veered away from when I went for the Urban career. I so respect how your lifestyle has placed such depth to you. I suspect you are a Nature Whisperer. XO!

      P.S. I will get back to you (probably on the weekend) about your query. I’d love to do it.

  13. Life comes first: but I know what you mean about that coming down a mountain feeling. Cyberspace enables us to find like minds so much more easily than was ever possible before. Your life sounds full and serene, though. Love to Duc Le Chat, the aristocratic little soul.

    • Well, dear Kate…just wait til I share my volunteer activities. As I said recently, “Retirement reschmirement!” as I whipped off 5 pages of minutes! Good grief what am I doing? Life ebbs into a false sense of purposelessness – then the nineth wave hits. I’ll explain…

      Oh I think Duc just polished his claws after that comment of yours!

  14. –Amy,
    I am honored to know you, get a glimse into your universe.
    No matter what you do, your voice will soak into the universe.

    That is a certainty. That is your destiny.

    Now, go out there and “LIVE.”

    Sending you love from Minnesota. xxxx

    • Oh, Kim…know what? My family claims my Great or Great Great grandmother started the rural mail service in Minnesota! She decided it was too silly that she couldn’t pick up the neighbour’s mail when she was in town and bring it to them. So she rallied and got her horse and herself a job. I can’t remember her name – it was on my mother’s side of the family so it had no semblance to ours.

      Whether it was true or not, her ballsy spirit fed mine!

  15. What a marvelous shot of Duc le Chat! Glad you’ve both mastered your respective thyroids. This blogging business is hard work. It seems impossible to keep up some times. I don’t know how you do it AND participate in all those webinars. Wow.

  16. I am glad that, you could share so many things with us. Lately, but now I too have realized that there is a life awaiting for all of us outside the blog world. And those are the people who interact with us, support us, stand by us also need our time.
    I am really happy gearing that, you are having all the good time these days. And let me tell you, while I was reading this post, I had a feeling like you were actually sharing all these thoughts sitting in front of me. And that’s what beautifully written piece can help a person to experience. You always bring that peace and pause to all of our life with your words, while we read your post. Thank you Amy Aunty, for being the person you are. 🙂

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