Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Gambler lodged as an earworm at some point during the night.

It wouldn’t disappear.  I became curious about the person who wrote the song.

 Don Schlitz wrote the lyrics and here’s an incredible track (wait 6 seconds) where he’s singing his own song:

(Click here if the window is not open above)

Don Schlitz plays his hit song “The Gambler” at the Hog’s Breath Saloon

The man fires me into grinning inside out.  What is it about the song?  Whether dealt by Don or Kenny Rogers, my velvet covered soul shivers with delight.  The Ace I’d keep in that deal?  Standing beside either Don or Kenny, belting out the words right along with them – with the joy of a jackpot winner.

I’d gamble.

I’d take that chance of being a loving fool beside ’em!

The only thing I’d lose is a regret.

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,                                                                                 Know when to walk away, know when to run.
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table,
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.

Ya gotta know when to hold …


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34 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, October 11, 2012

    • It was Kenny Rogers, Carol, who made it famous. I’ve always loved KR’s version, but I was amazed at the beauty of Don’s voice so wanted to feature him. I like the guitar work and the accompaniment in Don’s version – plus he sings the words like a poet reads his own poem. There is a difference.

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    • So, Kim, what have you put off doing because you didn’t want to take a risk? Wait a minute…who am I talking to!! 😀 Somehow I can’t see you backing away from the table!

  2. Okay…this made me think of a singer/song writer I just love John Hartford…he won Grammy awards in three different decades, recorded a catalog of more than 30 albums, and wrote one of the most popular songs of all time, Gentle On My Mind. He was a regular guest and contributor on the Glen Campbell Good Time Hour and the Smothers Brothers Show. He added music and narration to Ken Burns’ landmark Civil War series, and was an integral part of the hugely popular “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack and Down From The Mountain concert tour. Ah…but one of my favorite songs..was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWDdvxWMI_E …but most of his music brought smiles to me…if you don’t know him…check him out. 😉

    • What a surprise, Charles…you have a taste for bluegrass! And what a delight this young man is. Yes, I certainly know Gentle on my Mind and I have the movie O Brother… on my External Hard Drive waiting to be watched. But this puts John Hartford squarely in my radar. Many thanks for the intro. I’ll pay attention when I watch my movie!

      We have some pretty big bluegrass festivals around the province in the summer. Some have grown so big, with such well known performers, that I wouldn’t be surprised that John Hartford has graced us. I check some with one of my friends who would know.

  3. Thanks for the earworm Amy. I love Kenny Rogers – and know his version of the song – but agree that Don Schlitz’s version is lovely. You know I don’t think I’ve ever heard a singer described as someone who:
    sings the words like a poet reads his own poem.

    • Barb, I wonder why I have this sneaking suspicion that I would not play poker against you! 😀 Could it be the “glint in your eye” kind of writing you are so capable of sharing? Thanks always.

  4. Love this Amy – and I love bluegrass too – we used to have a wonderful group here called the Hamilton Bluegrass Band, I travelled miles to hear them…and then to their re-union years later….

    • Oh, Valerie, thank you for that fabulous quote from Martin Bubar. I feel your response to it is so perfect as an Occupy contribution that I want to tantalize readers to go to your site and read his words. Here’s Valerie’s response: “Yes, it felt like that as I drove home, and now I feel too, that the waters of life flow not just through our individual lives but through our internet connections as well, and through all the little encounters we have with other souls and other lives around the world. And they certainly feel like genuine relationships in our little blogging village. This Must make a difference to the planet.”

      Now go on…check out the magnificence she finds in her ordinary!

      • Amy, thank you so much … I’m quite blown away by what you and others have found in this blog… I know how I felt, but it’s so wonderful that you and others have picked it up with such joy and enthusiasm. Thank you thank you , dear friend

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  6. Oh dear. Here I am now, with one of my favorite earworms (The Gambler). There must be something about Kenny Rogers. “Lucille” is another one that gets to me. There’s a lady I golf with in the desert with that name and I can’t see her without getting infected! Arrgh. I got to go to one of Roger’s concerts 20-some years ago. And then there’s “Ruby.” Well…see how you lit up my day! :0>

    • At first I was going to put Kenny Rogers’ video in the post, but found Don’s voice so compelling that I changed plans. But I really ooze in KR’s voice as well. He looks such a wonderfully gentle yet sensuous cuddle! And that’s not said in a seductive manner, but wholesome respect for his warm demeanor.

  7. Loved this song Amy Auntie. Honestly I had no idea about either this song or its singers. And I still do not have much idea about it other than it’s a beautiful song. 🙂

    • I wondered what you thought of some of our Western music, Arindam. Does it seem totally foreign to you or has the influence been such that it seems palatable to your ears? One of my favourite musicians in Canada lived in India for a number of years and learned how to play the sitar. He’s becoming popular in other countries, too – Harry Manx. Here’s a link: http://harrymanx.com/west-eats-meet/ He loves playing with our minds with his album titles!

  8. I enjoyed the videos–and you’re right….something IN the writer delivers it differently.

    I always liked that “know when to hold ’em…..know when to fold ’em….know when to walk away….know when to run….” I used it a number of times in my head and in my heart when I was making tough relationship decisions, eons ago. LOL Back when the song was on the charts (which gives up how LONG ago that was!). When I opened this yesterday I got the earworm and it surprised me when it popped up in working with someone today.
    Ironically, I thought I knew when to ‘fold ’em’ and I’d like to believe I was wrong and someone else was right………’hold ’em’ woulda been a better plan, even though it wasn’t mine. I’ll be elated to go back and admit that I was wrong tomorrow.

    And for the record, I was an awesome poker player for years. I walked away from the tables with some decent winnings. Apparently I had a great poker face once upon a time.
    And boy could I bluff. LOLOL

    • Me, too, Mel…I used to find myself singing the song when I wasn’t really sure if I was reading a relationship well. You know…those times when someone looks you in the eye and says “yes” but your gut says, “No, no, no.” I don’t know what kind of gambler I am. If the stock market is an good indicator, I know my limit and honour it. I like having enough “in” to pay attention, but am not going to starve if I lost it all. So that may give an impression of “going for it”, but the consequences are not dire. I like Buffet’s approach…ya don’t buy a stock, ya buy a company. So do yer homework!

      Did I risk my heart? Yep. But I don’t feel I gambled. I think I must have looked at the company and not just the stock. Ya know, Mel, maybe that’s the answer to young people who get love and lust confused! 😀

  9. Hi Amy,

    Listening to the song somehow transported me to a different space and thought trail.

    We condition our minds to stick to our comfort zones. Over time our minds become “sticky” and lose the elasticity and the spirit to take the leap of faith. We get ‘inside the box’ , shut off the lights and allow our limiting beliefs to take over.

    So , to take a leaf from the lyrics, and I quote,

    “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em,
    Know when to walk away, know when to run.”

    We need to know when to run, when we can embrace the leap of faith using the tools of curiosity and non-judgement.

    Loved it. God Bless

    I took a somewhat different facet of our aspirations and wrote a recent post which you might find of interest.


    Regards and all the best.


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