Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, September 6, 2012

Before I Die…

(If this video will not open, click here)


“Before I die…

I want to understand and use the power

that lies in the energy

of my

heart, hands and soul.”

– Soul Dipper

What about you?

(This Occupy is dedicated to the memory of Ms. Cat Honour Halliwell

April 24,1984 – September 6, 2010

See:  A Mom Never Says Goodbye )

43 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, September 6, 2012

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  2. Before I die, I want to make sure that I have actually LIVED, not merely existed… This is a big topic for so few words. I love the Occupy posts they provoke me to think about things I did not necessarily have on the ‘burner’. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Anna. I just love who I see in your words – here and on your fabulous blog. I watched Kubler-Ross being interviewed. When asked, at the end, what would be the most significant message she wants to give people, she said, “First? Live. Second…never stop yourself from doing that act or gesture that pops into your mind. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Do it.”

      • Well said EKR! Maybe she was the inadvertent inspiration behind that Nike swoosh. (?) 😉
        And the sight through words…yes, thank you, back at you too Amy…love what I see both on the screen vision and inner vision in your little corner of the blogosphere xo

  3. Such a wonderful and unique idea. There are so many ways to fill in the blank. Before I die, I want there to be no regrets, no slights left unforgiven and no bitterness in my life. I want my legacy to be one of happiness and serenity. On a lighter note, before I die I also want to be able to balance on one foot without wobbling. As ridiculous as this may sound, I have horrendous balance and it’s on my list of goals to conquer. http://dianadouglas.wordpress.com

    • I have a feeling, Diana, that I’m going to end up with the same wants as stated in all the comments. I practice that balancing act as well. I have to close my eyes, cross my hands over my chest and stand on one foot for 30 seconds. It is NOT easy, but the practice is good at any age.

      I enjoyed your collection for the Occupy. Folks! Go and see what Diana finds. You’ll feel a shift in you.

  4. Before I die, I want to open an animal sanctuary for cats and dogs, with unlimited funding, abundance of space as well as staff, protected from predators and danger — filled with love and attention, ways to learn the lessons they have come to teach us, and showing gratitude for doing so.

    Before I die, I want to live with inner peace and understanding!

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    • What terrific news, Jacqueline. Thanks be that your headaches are gone. I cannot imagine going through life with any sort of ache so I rejoice with you! I’ve missed you,too, and love knowing you and your grateful heart are in the finest of fiddle! 😀

    • What a gift to give another – serving a slice of ease! I used to try to do that for my parents who were 40 years older than me so I read their situation too much through youthful eyes. I learned the secret is to observe and listen so they could “show” me, but it was still hit and miss! 😀

  6. Hi Amy,
    Before I die, I’d like to make a difference by getting to my goal weight and maintaining it finally. I’m actually hopeing to encourage others who are pathologically obese, and are struggling with their health, as I was once upon a time.

    • Do you have faith that your blog is a major step towards that lofty goal? I believe it is so I sincerely hope you do, too. You never know when you are giving hope and encouragement, Carol. But your kindness and gentleness shines through in your writing.

  7. Before I die, I want to publish a book filled with essays about my sister Kay, Mourning, Domestic Violence, Sisters, & mostly, LOooooooooooooooVE.

    Xxx Kisses for YOU for using your platform in a very beautiful way.

      • Yes Renee! Kim definitely does has the material! She’s on her way…

        I just visited your requiem to a dead computer. Yes I concur – Back-up, save and schedule. I strongly suspect that the fellas who retrieve data off hard drives do a little power tripping. I call them the “Good news/bad news/good news” boys. They know we’re going to put them on a pedestal no matter what they do – why put us through the Teckie Chamber of Horrors? 😀

  8. Oh my gosh Amy what an inspiring beautiful video, thank you for using your platform to share it with us. Reading through all the comments I found myself nodding and agreeing with them all …. I really love Oceanna’s
    Before I die, I want to make sure that I have actually LIVED, not merely existed…
    Oh yes! Please!

    • Hi Rosie! this is one finger typing – have been blackberry picking and am soaking fingers to get the very painful thorn tips out. I never think I have been wounded until the next day when I go through the roof when I touch something. So I.m a one handed lefty until the Epsom salts draw out these little horrors. Also my computer is so old most of the letters are worn off! I cannot die this winter because I have blackberries to eat! 😀

  9. Before I die, I want to visit the place that scares me the most. Where all my fear started and I want to break something in there. Or maybe make something beautiful and try to leave something pretty in its place. I wonder if the floor is still painted gray. If it is, I want to paint flowers on the floor.

    I don’t know.

    I write these words and look at thm.

    Part of me wants to light the place on fire and stay to watch the ashes smoulder — until they stop.

    • Whatever that place it, it’s huge for you, Renee. I really hope you can revisit that place, physically or symbolically, soon and cauterize the wound. I don’t know what IT is, dear woman, but I do you you’ve carried it long enough! Many blessings. I’m sending you loving light as I type – as much as you can take in.

  10. What a wonderfully inspiring and thought provoking video Amy…many thanks for sharing it…

    Before I die…I pray that I can live up to the potential of being the best that the Good Lord meant for me to be in every sense of the word…amen!
    God Bless…

    • It is thought provoking! If we lived every day as though it truly may be our last, what a world we’d have. The priorities would be sorted so swiftly we’d hardly recognize ourselves in some situations. 😀 Truly, Shama, I know there are lots of people who do live like that as much as possible. Those are my heroes.

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