Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, August 30, 2012

Invitation from the Guides

One of These 10 Chairs is Yours.  Which one?

1. Live your Masterhood.  You chose to be here now.
2. Be emotionally mature.  Peace within will be expressed without.
3. Communicate actively.  Passivity no longer works.
4. Grasp the Energy.  It’s 5th Dimension power surrounds this planet now.
5. Ask for the Energy.  Go ahead.  It’s that simple.
6. Old relationships will re-surface.  They appear to confirm your decision was correct.
7. Accept you’ve done well.  There’s much more to come.
8. Release your Masterhood.  Shift into Love.
9. Forget synchronicity.  You’ve been divining these moments all along.
10. Move with your Soul on the Path.  It is in partnership with your intention.
” All around the world, people are saying “no” to dictatorship and abuse.  A global economic and political system is currently being birthed.  It will be unlike anything known at this time.  The new approach will be superior to the United Nations.  There will no longer be segregation; only connectivity – ‘globalistics’.  There will be one Source expressed differently.” – Theo

Thank you to Sheila Gillette who channels the Theo Group.

37 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, August 30, 2012

    • Before or after the hot tub, Rasma? It appears that you have chosen #1 “Live your Masterhood. You chose to be here now.” I realize these guides are not gender leery and I’m certain you have a word you prefer! Share it! 🙂

  1. This is so timely… thank you ALL so much!! Goodness, talk about ‘Ask and thou shalt Receive’! Thank you souldipper. And now excuse me while I go away and wallow in this for a bit… 🙂 and I hope everyone else who reads this does the same!

    ps I love the new look and your recent photographs! Gorgeous x

    • Hope all is going well with settling into your new location, home and life in a special little spot in Japan, Jinkspots. So glad to have this comment as confirmation that you haven’t become lost in all the newness. Your soul is so beautiful, I know it won’t let you be away long.

  2. This is such an uplifting post and I really needed a shot of uplift this morning…thank you. After listening to the RNC convention last night and the Paul Ryan speech in particular (I mean, I get that it’s all political theater, but there are segments of the population that believe the lies) I felt so disheartened. That there were two women (both ‘token minorities’) being USED by a party whose platform is aggressively anti-female was so mind blowing! Why ANY woman would participate in a group whose agenda is to distrust, de-legitimize, and disregard their basic rights escapes me. It’s heartening to hear the guides say that the geopolitical landscape is in flux globally! Hurray. It is a challenge here in the states to feel confident that we are not in fact regressing to a past that would be better left behind us. *sigh*.

    • Anna, I’m hoping that the dire “ridiculousness” of what is coming from that segment of your political structure will cause their boat to sink all on its own. However these same guides said (I’ll do my best from my notes) “All those who have governed have wealth or wealth behind them. But all of you have wealth, of a more substantial type, and therefore you have the responsibility to influence the political structure.”

      Does that present any creative means of exposure in your mind?

      • Thank you Amy. I had to chuckle when last night’s speaker (Ryan) said that ‘free’ people are not burdened with socialized medical care…my husband and I looked at each other and he said, “Wow, I wonder if the Canadians know they aren’t free people?!” It’s been a long day, and I’ve meditated on the chairs a bit more. #10 calls to me most. I suspect the fractured feeling in the country and in self is revealed therein. The wealth of dollars will have unprecedented influence on this election. The wealth of Spirit called for to deal with such diabolical beings as those in the current structure is what is called for, and needed. Do I feel any creative exposure there? Yes and sort of. I can no longer be on the streets canvassing/politicking…too soul killing. I can and do sit in prayerful meditation for the Highest Good to Prevail. In the scope of the Masters &/or Geological time, I am able to rest in the full faith that Gaia will indeed heal….all species have a finite lifespan (roughly 100,000 yrs). Time is the great transformer of all energy.

        • I will confess that it took me a long while to learn why there were Americans who wouldn’t grab the opportunity to have medical care for everyone. It’s the fear of the word “socialized”, I’m told. Private insurance is no different – but just more expensive. I still suspect the insurance companies fan the flame of fear mongering.

          Since I grew up with the concept of everyone paying for medical insurance, it has shown me that everyone gets excellent medical care regardless of status. I cannot imagine a family member being diagnosed with some disease and the first concern having to be money! It’s unheard of to have anyone loose their home for the sake of good health or living a few years longer.

          Yes, Anna, as we age and mellow, we find new ways to remind politicians of the phrase “public servant”. Simply encouraging people to THINK is a big help. Technology has opened so many doors. See? You even made me aware of those two women – since I don’t watch TV. There’s a challenge…how can we encourage them to wake up? They need to believe that they can survive without being under the wing of some creature.

          Me too…I believe healing is underway in different forms and formats. I’m convinced it will happen because more and more of us believe it and are talking about it.

  3. I didn’t manage to write a post today to Light up the Blog-o-Sphere. If I’m honest life has just been a bit tough of late. However, I read this quote this morning and just thought I would post it as my wee bit of positivity. It’s from Marilyn Monroe….. “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle”. Here’s to all the bloggers that are lighting up the blog-o-sphere today.

    • Sorry to hear that you are having a struggle, Jacqueline. Marilyn’s quote will hopefully give you a reminder. When I struggle, I use Churchill’s quote, “When you’re going through hell, keep going!”

  4. My friend I feel as though all 10 are mine. However, being sick for ten years (and having once ben a really high energy person), well I am taking number 5. And sending gratitude to you and Sheila. This is just excellent!

    • Liz, you classy lady, you will just have to come to dinner 10 times and sit in a different chair each time. So you chose #5 “Ask for the Energy. Go ahead. It’s that simple.” That’s so interesting. You’ve shown repeatedly that you’ve been willing to accept, and have accepted, 5th Dimension energy. I know the 3rd Dimension levels have been a challenge for you, yet your soul resembles nothing of the 3rd level.

      You know, I’ve wondered about this loss of energy – for whatever reason. It can take a whole whack of time and a fair bit of heartache before we accept the energy levels are waning. But with acceptance (NOT resignation), it’s as though the portals blow open and make way for the soul energy.

      Sometimes I feel I need a cowgirl hat, spurs and four sets of reins.

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  6. I’m sitting off by myself so I can contemplate better, except the wine is bogarted over at the table, so I’m going to have to get up and saunter over there every now and then. Keep my chair warm for me until I get back, okay?

    • Oh boy, I’ve been over at your site considering the influences on my tender ears and years. Don’t worry, Barb. I’ll make sure you have your own little spot and all you need so you don’t have to worry about losing it!

  7. Amy auntie, the #10 is for me. 🙂 Please do not let someone else to sit on that chair. I really need that one. 🙂 Thanks a lot for today’s inspiration.
    Just for this week’s Occupy Blogosphere, I’ve written a post in my blog, “On peace”. Although it was part of a chapter from my book; still I thought it would be worth revealing for a good cause. I hope you will like it. 🙂

    • Your contribution is fabulous, Arindam. Many thanks. You introduce your culture to us as if we were sitting over tea. If only we could do this throughout the world at any given time. Well, thanks to the blessings of the Net, we can. I’m so grateful we do. Oh, and thanks for sending me off to a cooking class! 😀

      • Thank you! 🙂
        Amy Aunty, another cooking class is waiting for you, this time how to make Dahi Vada! 🙂 Link is there, in reply to your comment on my post.

  8. The Guides cautioned not to become fooled into thinking the appearance means you are to re-engage. After your fabulous post, I wonder if suddenly discovering a daughter would be considered a “re-engagement” of your relationship with her mother. Hmmm…

  9. I’ll take the one that’s pulled out and ready for the taking, thanks. Methinks I’m weary….and a place to just sit and BE…and to contemplate the ten truths listed…..would be welcomed. But first the brain needs an empty spot for truth to settle……

    And the word for the week is ‘reverence’….. Therein lies the shift for focus that seems to wander too easily. I’ll take the comfy chair, ty.


    “I cannot but have reverence for all that is called life. I cannot avoid compassion for everything that is called life. That is the beginning and foundation of morality.”
    — Albert Schweitzer

    • I’m really weary tonight, too. Don’t know why…only walked four hours today! (I just counted it all up…yike!) But I sat with friends over lunch and dinner so there was refreshment in between. I’m going to go to your site tomorrow and catch up.

      Rest well, Mel. I love having you in this world and rested is best. Big hug to you.

    • I’m with you on #9, Kate. In fact, I’m studying for a session to learn more about self-healing techniques. My teacher taught Dr. Edgar Mitchell to heal himself and Dr. Mitchell dissolved a tumour from his pancreas. Adam has done much more, has healed so many and I’m very excited about the opportunity.

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