Honestly – How Long Are You In Front Of The Computer?

Time to face my menacing obsession with computers.

Time to get out and smell the…
Blue Flowers.

For the past year, I have been acutely aware of the time I spend on my laptop.  Though somewhat computer challenged, I like the doors it consistently throws open in my world.

Months ago, I decided to get honest and watch the number of hours I sit at my laptop.   When I saw the results, I turned my focus more to lunch dates, hiking, gardening, trips with family, volunteering and going back to old-fashioned telephone chats. 

Instead of blog posts, piety oozed from my fingertips.  I wallowed in redemptive knowledge that I do not own a smart phone, an IPad or a brand new Microsoft Surface.  My only sin was the laptop.

I chose to ignore the IPod Touch that sits on its platform beside my bed.  Sometimes at midnight, I confess to sending a forgotten email.  It traveled to South Africa with me in 2009.  By the time I knew how to operate it, I was home.  I rarely put it in my purse today. 

Recovering from hyperthyroidism,
Duc le bien-aimé cat

In the midst of manageable withdrawal symptoms, I decided to visit with various friends in Western Canada.  Then my cat became very ill and needed to be brought back to health.  We’re nearly there, but he’ll need a pill twice a day for the rest of his life.  Cat sitters aren’t excited about administering meds.

My travel plans became defunct.

The laptop lured once more.  The lack of computer toys has not reduced my detrimental habit of sitting endlessly at a computer.  Since I’m diving into honesty and since righteousness is poor camouflage, I admit I am immersed in my love affair with my laptop once more.  When I’m not blogging, I’m researching, paying bills, working with photographs, checking the social networking sites, listening to dynamite radio programs or cursing over computer maintenance.  I am appalled that I merely squeeze in writing.

From my compost, a 4’9″ pea plant!
Thanks earthworms for tilthing the soil.

This dependency on an electronic device has become both a concern and an avenue of pleasure.  I spend more time reading and responding to blogs, than I do writing – which was THE purpose for starting Soul Dipper.  However, how can that be detrimental?  The resultant network of bloggers is full of friends, teachers, and mentors  –  a variety of souls from countries all over the world who have enriched my life. Immensely.  Am I justifying?  Am I in denial?

Some time ago, I discovered a new friend, Poch Peralta, whose blog is Plato-On-Line.   Poch blogs professionally and often links articles showcasing key subjects of interest – including ones relating, directly and indirectly, to life around computers.  Thanks, Poch, for placing the Philippines’ flag on my little world map.  

Besides kindly sharing his blog’s software winnings with me one time, he shares IT insights, evaluations of new software and hardware products and links to various helpful articles – especially about computerization. 

However.  One of his recent contributions has shaken my world.  His headliner was “Computer and Sitting a Deadly Combination”.    Here’s the visual that accompanies it:    


You decide if you want to read the article. 

I did. 

I had to take action.

A walking buddy and I are lined up for regular jaunts – starting next week. 

It may be meager, but it’s a beginning.


How’s your time on the computer?


101 thoughts on “Honestly – How Long Are You In Front Of The Computer?

  1. My laptop is both my advantage and my downfall! I’m on it way more than I’d like to admit!
    When I was packing for a trip, I realized I’m far too dependent on tech gadgets than I’d ever realized. I was packing my cell phone, kindle, laptop, camera, and battery chargers for each…now that is crazy…I put them away (except for the camera) and enjoyed all nature had to offer!

    • Way to go, Suzicate. I know what you mean about packing the gadgets. I took my laptop on my family road trip and was constantly trying to find a wifi signal. I saw myself being too concerned! That’s why I decided I would get myself off to doing more visiting with friends who share my interest in life and nature! Glad Nature won in your case…I say that because I love all you share about it.

      • Hi Amy,
        You make wonderful use of the computer, no need to justify, you even get out on walks with friends ! It’s hard to imagine how a curious mind could pass up so much at ones fingertips.
        I just wanted to say hello, so nice to see the picture of Duc. Thats a bugger about the hyperthyroid problem. Did he get real thin fast? Is he pretty much back to himself? I still think about that yummy stir fry you made. I think you should post that ‘recipe’ on your blog even though it would be winging it since you just throw it together. It must be so beautiful up there now, sounds like you are doing well and out there enjoying it.

        • Yes, Della, Duc went downhill very quickly. I was away and his catsitter couldn’t believe how much he was eating – never suspecting anything. The other symptom was he became really loving. Again, the catsitter just thought it was spring fever. But he lost 2 pounds which was 20% for his small frame. He’s back to himself now, but for two months it was like living with a stranger. At times, I wondered if he had a touch of amnesia. He’d look at me as though he was trying to figure out who I was. The blessings of blessings? He’s telling me when he’s hungry…he’s no longer ravenous and he’s not overeating.

          I really have missed you, Della. Thanks for touching base. It really means a lot.

  2. there’s a world in here. There’s a world out there too. Balance, it’s always about balance and taking time, every so often, to ask if how I’m spending my precious days is blessing my life and those in my life. I love that we stop and ask the question and then make changes that better suit who we are.

  3. I felt so liberated, so free in Spain without my laptop. I like the “it’s all about balance” comment. Its hard to get up off my chair once I get started here. . I guess I’m lucky that I don’t have any access to a computer during working hours, but it means I have a much shorter time for blogging and hardly any time to leave comments at other blogs.

    • You do phenomenally well for working full time, Rosie! I get so wrapped up in different venues! I do it because I can, but then I can get lost. Sometimes that’s great and other times I get down on myself for not being disciplined. So you have to be more disciplined and focused – which is better for our brains, I’m sure! I keep reminding myself: Intent!

  4. Last Jan I made the decision to work out faithfully at least 3 times a week. (Our health insurance pays for our gym membership) Now I’m up to 5, sometimes 6 days a week and I honestly have to say that it’s changed my life mentally, physically and spiritually. Humans weren’t meant to to be sedentary. I’ve also discovered that limiting myself to 2 hours at a time (I start by 5:30 or 6:00 am) on the computer allows me to still work 6 to 8 hrs a day without doing a number on my health. Whenever I get discouraged, I just remind myself of how fortunate I am to be able to manage my daily schedule this way.

    • Sounds fabulous, Diana. I went to the gym faithfully for about 16 years and suddenly just got sick of it. I love being outdoors so as long as I walk, I feel great. However, we have a bear and a cougar on our wee island (swam over on low tide) so it’s hard to feel comfortable taking off when I want. I could go back to the gym, but, oh boy, not in the summer…

      A walking buddy will be worth a try. She and I share lots of things in life so the time will fly and we’ll both feel safe.

      I agree – it is fabulous being able to do what I want when I want. I’ve been looking forward to this since I was three! 😀 I just have to ignore the clock!

  5. The issue here is not about computer usage but of exercise as you rightly interpreted dear Amy. Sitting in front of our PC’s 8 hours a day can be negated with just an hour of exercise. I spend about 12 hours a day and force myself to exercise with manual laundry only 2 times a week. Now you see the picture of my health. This wasn’t a problem when I was still caring for a big garden outside the city.

    I’m so glad that even just one person (you) was goaded into positive action by my post Amy. Thank you very much for the honorable mention.

    • You are very welcome, Poch. I go outside and putter just to take a break – I actually look forward to mowing the lawn! But I’m saddened that you still don’t have a garden to tend. It is such noble labour and the results so good for us. In all ways. Some very yappy small dogs have moved into the neighbourhood and I realize I must be grateful. This year I have flowers and a few veggies coming up from my composting the flower beds.

      Thank you for all you contribute. And that reminds me…have you heard of this? It is legitimate and has been on news all over North America: http://beccagivens.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/important-virus-alert/

  6. I, as well, am appalled at the amount of time spent in front of the computer/laptop … For the past month, I have made a more conscientious effort in cutting down … some days I am more successful than others. Ray is out of town for the next few days, and I promised myself to surprise him (and me) by starting a long overdue major project in the house (only I can do), and complete it before he returns. Balance is the key to this as well as many other things. Thank you for the reminder, Amy!!!

    I am so glad Duc is feeling better and better. 🙂

    • Hope the project is fun…hope you really WANT to do it! Yes, balance is the key. I’ve walked today, taken several breaks, eaten well and had a chance to read some blogs. Good day for me. Have a great weekend, Becca!

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  8. Synchronised again dear souldipper. I made a resolution about this very thing last night and wrote up my latest post this morning. Then I read yours and had to reword it because I wanted to link here (if that is ok.)

    Do what you feel you need to.
    Be where you need to be.
    There is no such thing as time to waste.
    Life is Art.

    With love x

    • Thank you for the link, Jinkspots. Synchronicity seems to be flying all over the place. I like that a lot. It is the punctuation for your poem…and life IS art!

      I spent some time on your friend’s site, checking out his photography. He’s a very talented man. Did you meet him through art or was he a friend of your husband’s family?

  9. It’s a conundrum isn’t it, as you write a blog you become engaged with other bloggers and that of course means time and energy. As Joss has already said it’s about finding a balance, something only the individual can work out as to what is right for them. In the meantime it looks like I’ve found another blog to follow – so thanks for your link!

    • Hi Claire – I wish I could borrow you for one growing season here on my island. I would pick your brain thoroughly as we shared our morning tea, quietly, looking over the space, light, trees, and harbour. We’d figure out some way of diverting deer and rabbits and how to keep me in fresh veggies for months! Thank you for teaching how to use your own seeds! My father died and I had neglected to glean that valuable knowledge from him. Love your confidence with it all!

  10. hmmm- great food for thought – but many of us make a living on our computers – we just have to be aware and get up and move around more – I read somewhere that working on your computer while standing up is healthier – may have to give this a try

  11. As others have already mentioned, for me it is a question of balance. When trawling through emails, reading blogposts and social networking becomes a chore, I switch off my iPad (:)) and go and do something physical, instead. But I wouldn’t wish to be totally cut off from my friends, family and blogging community for too long. In my working life I met many desperately lonely older people, isolated in their homes with only TV for company. So I’m grateful for modern methods of communication and my fascination with mastering the technology. I can write to old friend, ‘chat’ with blog buddies in far flung places, or comment on a picture of my son’s new kitten – and feel connected. And, without the internet I never would have linked up with you, decided to Occupy the Blogosphere and research so many diverse sites for my quotes. An interesting debate, Amy, thank you! 🙂

    • Yes, we’re all turning the sod on how to live healthily with computerization. It is a perfect antidote for Seniors who feel isolated. As I transitioned from an active career in business, it helped me find my way to a new life style that helped me feel connected to the world. In fact, I connected with distant family members I would not otherwise recognize on the street!

      So computerization is fabulous. I just need to work out how to stay healthy while I partake. 🙂

  12. Oh dear. This question comes at a time when my attachment to my computer has superceded everything. BUT, I’ve actually been working, earning money, and doing good things for other people, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it. On the other hand, I’m extremely worried about the change in life style from walking 6-8 hours a day, to sitting in a chair and staring at a screen for…sometimes 20 hours a day. Not good.

    Once the current project is complete, I hope to resume a more normal …8 hours a day?

    • It was a huge change for me, too, Linda, when I finished with the work world. Suddenly I was sedentary instead of on the run. So it’s a new learning curve, but we sure have to look after our bodies. If we have to live a lot longer, we may as well be healthy! I need to be aware and talk about it. For the first year, I was so immersed with everything being new, I didn’t even WANT to think about it. As with any obsession, I eventually wake up!

  13. Of course practically my whole day is spent on my computer…not good. I suppose it would be a good plan for me to get up and walk across the street to the park sometimes and spend an hour just walking around…or maybe even have lunch there. Perhaps my mind would not go into a panic mode the one hour that I am away from the computer. .

    • Yes, Carol, it would be an excellent idea. We really are built for moving, walking and being active. The activity massages our organs and they work better! If you can, find a walk buddy. That REALLY helps – it’s hard to let a buddy down!

  14. Oh dear Amy…please don’t make me examine my bad habits.
    I am fully aware I spend far too much time on the computer.
    My body is crying out for me to go walking but the weather is against me.

    • My body is crying, too, Granny, because I’m not hiking with a loose bear and a bitchy cougar wandering around looking for food. I’m going to walk into town, check out the fab market we have and join friends for lunch. That will feel REAL good.

      We just need to get away from the computer every 1/2 hour…stand up and bounce. Yes, jiggle. No saying “Eww” – just let loose! Even that is excellent for us. If you don’t believe me, I’ll find a link for you!

        • It’s no surprise, Granny, with all you’ve got on your platter right now. I still send you loving energy and healing. Being stressed is the pits. I can remember saying to myself during a burn out period, “If anyone lays one more thing on my platter, it’s time to burst and blow!” I couldn’t even stand listening to the news.

  15. I adore my laptop – you know the struggle I have had with the whole daily blogging thing. But I also know there are issues to face. However, sitting isn’t one of them, so I’m feeling smugly reprieved right now. My solutions? Teaching – no-one sits down for long with 30 youngsters to shepherd – and having an insistent dog. If I don’t walk Macaulay he barks to be walked at 3am. A health boon, as long as you wash your hands every time you touch him.

    • Mrs. Shrewsday, I thought about those very points with you! Teaching, homemaking, dog-walking, Big Al…you’ve got it made! I have wondered how on earth you write so well with so little time. How ever you do it, keep doing it!

  16. Recently my body spoke to me as a long-term condition of “golfer’s elbow” became worse. And my wise body told me that I need to limit my time on the computer. So I’ve created a schedule…that I’m trying not to be compulsive about…that dedicates 1:00-4:30 for writing-related activites–read: computer. The problem becomes the number of e-mails and comments that I feel it’s important to attend to, usually after walking the pups in the morning. I guess my reality is that I feel like I’m always behind, overwhelmed. I need to break it up with chores etc. Just not sure how to stay above water some days. :0( Oh, and “marketing” adds way too much time. I’m about ready to just let it be.

    • It’s hard to say where this sense of being overwhelmed will take us. How do we possibly stay on top of all the blogs that come to our attention? And, Victoria, there are millions of them! We have to set parameters at some point and live with the consequences. I would love to know what percentage of “hits” are just readers and how many are bloggers. It hasn’t been a tangle of ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ because there are some very significant relationships that have come from blogging.

      There are so many benefits. Some people would have much less human contact if not for their blog. Giving people opportunities for self expression is vital. But how do we deal with it all and maintain a healthy lifestyle for our minds and bodies? And partnerships! 😀

  17. I really prefer my desktop and my chair that swivels and rocks, but I do take my laptop on the road with me. (Finally I have learned from those gracious security workers at the airport I must take my laptop out of its case. Still don’t get that…I thought those machines could see through a soft cover case!) I do get up in the morning and “check in” and because so much of my work is online, I take a break and check in again. I do enjoy the company you and so many others give so generously. And I have learned so much. Having taken the whole month of June brought more balance, but I did worry my blogging friends would think I was copping out of the discipline…as blogging also takes discipline. Mainly, I am heartened by the voices that reassured me, “When you decide to post again, I’ll be here.” Guess what? Many were.

    • Actually, when we take a break, we give our readers a break. I keep asking, “what’s so important about posting daily?” One blogger I follow posts every week or two. By golly, I wouldn’t miss her post for the world! She’s been blogging for about 7 years – back when it was a misconceived ideal by most. She’s very comfortable writing when she has something to say. I find I shut out the world to read her blog.

      I’d love to be that kind of blogger! Maybe I will get there, but I certainly have to keep my writing skills polished and honed.

  18. You can’t beat getting up and moving around compared to sitting in front of a computer. I work to keep the computer time to a minimum…although I certainly do a lot more now that I have a blog. 40% is a pretty high statistic, coupled with the epidemic of T2D the culture seems bound for lowered mortality rates, at best.

    • So, Anna, we can encourage each other to get up and move! We may have to remind each other occasionally. One blogger wrote about having a timer that reminds him to take a 20 minute ACTIVE break every couple of hours. That is an idea that I may adopt.

  19. –I am editing my book…that can be justified, but not facebook, twitter, blogging, commenting, etc…
    I am well aware of this addiction and have been trying to REALLY cut down.
    But It’s still too much ….you know? My husband has Definitely noticed.
    –good for you for walking and living more of your life away from technology. Xx

    • It’s really a huge balancing act! Do you mean your husband noticed that you have cut down? If so, well done. It used to be women complaining about husbands being on the computer too much, but we bloggers…

      Are you going to self publish, Kim?

      • No, he told me I’m addictted to my BLOG! Haaaa. He drives me craaaazy.

        All the writing is done w/ my book, but I’m editing and then I’ll have somebody else edit!

        Self publishing seems to be the new Fad…What do you think about this?

        It’s weird, but I visulize my book at TARGET! Xxxx

          • Yes, that’s Duc le Chat. He’s currently lolling on the roof of his outside digs. He determined that Snoopy is not the only creature to dream from a height.

        • Kim, good question… which route is best? There are lots of opinions on the ‘net. One woman, a blogger who writes very well, decided to self publish rather than go through the old routine. She’s written a terrific book, but she loathes marketing. Another blogger who writes well has been published and her blog is always about her books. She markets continuously. You’ve probably already researched the Web, but I really like the opinions of Seth Godin. Here’s what he said on a recent blog entry:

          “The artist says, “that sounds like business, and I want nothing to do with it. It will corrupt me and make me think small.”
          The businessperson says, “art is frightening, unpredictable and won’t pay.”
          Because the artist fears business, she hesitates to think as big as she could, to imagine the impact she might be able to make, to envision the leverage that’s available to her.
          And because the businessperson fears art, she holds back, looks for a map, follows the existing path and works hard to fit in, never understanding just how vivid her new ideas might be and how powerful her art could make her.
          There’s often a route, a way to combine the original, human and connected work you want to do with a market-based solution that will enable it to scale. Once you see it, it’s easier to call your bluff and make what you’re capable of.”

  20. Hi Amy, love the new look of your blog site. Looks very professional and clean, easy to read and follow.
    Your blog resonates with a decision I made a few months ago, I realized i was spending way too much time on the computer, And really not accomplishing much of anything. I started feeling anxious about not being able to comment on everyone who’s blog I had subscribed to every day. Since making my decision to put things in perspective I have felt much happier and more productive. I visit the blogs of people (like you) whom I care about and who I know have interesting, intriguing things to say. But, I visit when I can and comment meaningfully, (I hope.) Quality, not quantity, I guess.

    • Likely we all eventually reach the stage where we have to think quality over quantity, Kath. It’s very hard to let go of the connections that keep growing, but it all becomes too unmanageable.

      One thing we could all do…stop posting every day! That would help immensely. Use social medial for things that are not about w-r-i-t-in-g.

      We’re setting new parameters and turning new sod.

      • You’re too right, Amy. I don’t post every day, any more, don’t even check in on everyone everyday. With over 20 subscribers to my blog — and boy am I grateful for that! — and far more than that that I subscribe to — I would be at my computer 24/7 just trying to stay ‘connected’ with everyone. I’ve taken the approach of thinking of everyone as distant friends — you wouldn’t be on the phone everyday to everyone, so why the need to post a comment every day? It makes no sense.

  21. I don’t think I’ve entered a danger zone of computer madness and obsession yet, but it is a concern for me, since I tend to be very content with just staying home rather than venturing out to explore. That’s what I need to work on, however – making plans to see things and to have new experiences!

    • Yes, I love my little sanctuary as well, so I do understand, SDS. But then I find it’s worth some diligence to find a buddy to even be a tourist in my own village. I’m amazed at all the stuff of interest I find. Ruts can turn into graves – so off I go.

      • I must take your advice seriously. I worry about my reclusiveness and do not want it to take hold permanently on into my retirement!

        • You are really wise. I now volunteer at four different community venues. One is the theater and is as often I want. I love it so I help several times a month. Another is once a month – Sec’t for Probus – for retired business people. We get great speakers in and socialize as much as we want. No causes – it’s just for us so it’s not about money – which I like!

          The third (mentoring) is on an as-needed basis. For the fourth, I’m pod leader for emergency situations like an earthquake or forest fire. Let’s hope I’m never needed for that – but it’s taken some time bringing everyone into the data base.

          To be honest, SDS, volunteering has saved my butt. Many of my friends are partnered or have families so they’re up to their ears. Suddenly I had time to do things and no one was available when I wanted to do something. Plus, I’ve been the manager for so many years in my work life that it’s a great exercise to be on the same level playing field as everyone else. I suspect that’s a nice way of saying I’ve been humbled a few times! 😀

    • That’s great, Poch! I’m glad people are popping over to you to find the article. It means they’re paying attention! No, I’ve had more visitors, but I’ve learned that it’s nearly impossible to predict which will be well read.

  22. I like writing ny blog every day but i limit the time i spend doing so to about an hour. However i got rid of my TV because of the amount of hours i mindlessly sat in front of it, now i don’t even know what is on. My laptop is a valuable resource for me, i work on my own family reasearch, i help others do their family research to. Outside of that i do wonder how many hours i mindlessly sit in front of my little laptop. I shall do some figuring.

  23. Yes, Your post had interest for me because I did just that a few short weeks ago and took a blog vacation. Now like others admitted here I am just looking at blogs of interest to me and spend little time on the computer except for emails. I have even cut back on face book a tremendous amount.

    It has helped that my grandson has been visiting and I have been putting in making nice memories for him. I am also reading a lot more since it has been too hot to do much outside. IF you listen to the news you are aware much of the states are in a massive heat wave. I have also been enjoying swimming and getting a tan. 🙂

    • Yes, it’s really good to see how many of us are taking steps to keep blogging manageable. It’s a delight, but it can rob us. I miss my book reading time. I’ll be buying an e-reader soon and that will encourage me to get to bed earlier, too. Your grandson is a very fortunate young man to have a grandmother’s full attention. Those are the moments he’ll cherish for a lifetime.

  24. I wasn’t signed in so not sure if you got my comment or not. But wanted to say your post struck a cord with me since I realized I was spending much to much time on my laptop and I took a blog vacation and now only read the few I’m particularly interested in. I think you have made many people think and I have been entertained with the comments. 🙂

  25. Today? 1 hour 17 minutes.
    That’s the norm for the mornings–I take my coffee and give a read.
    And at the end of the night, I might wander around–might not.

    Today we were discovering a nature trail…..and battling bugs. LOL Oh, it’s been the first day in six that the temp’s been less than 95….the last three were 100+ days, so I was ready to get out and about!
    We saw flutterbys and flowers and antique tractors and bugs…and more bugs…..and tassling corn! 🙂

    Now, I’m playing catch up!
    Oh, it’s all good–every thing in moderation, I’m told. My trouble is I don’t know how to do that. LOL I’m a ‘full tilt boogie’ kinda gal.

    I’m relieved to her the kitty’s on the mend–and no worries, you’ll discover those buddies that agreed to cat sit prior, will cat sit and shove pills down their wee little throats.
    <– does!
    I must be a sucker, huh? LOLOL

    • I’d say you are just one darned good friend, Mel! Since you work full time, you would really have to be careful. Your comment makes me realize I’m very fortunate to have a bit of your time. Many thanks, dear woman!

    • Good for us, indeed. I just did an hour’s walk along the coast. Ocean breezes, sailboats, people digging for clams, kids practicing surfing on 6″ waves )D, and a munch with friends al fresco. Can’t beat life in the fast lane!

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  27. I seek balance in all things, including computer use. Some days I’m on more than others. But most of the time, it’s 80% life, 20% online, interspersed between the life part. On blog days, it’s more. And some days it’s way less. I also bike 50 mi/wk and walk constantly. So again for me, it’s balance.

    Good post, Amy. Gets us thinking!

  28. Dear Lady,
    Blessedly at the beach with my kids and grand kids. And, I am so well and so grateful. Have to many Mac devices. When I was I’ll for four years … the Internet w a saving grace! I love the Internet. I have no guilt about my use. Sick? Maybe 6-8 hours a day. Week before vacation? Maybe 3 hours/week. Vacation maybe 2 hours a day. Hugs and always many thanks for your energies and love. Not posting til vacation is over.

    • Great way to spend time, Liz! It’s great that you are well equipped with Mac toys. I wish my Mom could have plugged into this new way of maturing! 😀 I could not live so easily without the internet. In adjusting to retirement, I would not have had a wealth of contacts and information at my fingertips. So I’m with you, but since I have no grandchildren to derail me, I have to discipline myself from overdoing computer sessions.

      I always enjoy your take on life, Raven Liz! Thanks for staying in touch.

  29. I enjoy blogging and wish I had more time in my life right now to do more. I have none of the other gadgets like Ipods and stuff. I sit too much, perhaps, because I paint sitting or standing still. Sometimes life is just a little full of “shoulds” and “should nots” (I remember your post about the word “should” and your Mother). Life has always had a way of getting me up and out and addressing new things. I enjoy what you share, Amy, and am glad your guides asked you to do so.

    • Just move, Leslie, to stay healthy. Bounce while you are thinking – standing up. That’s a discipline in the Orient…as learned by Dr. John Gray of “Men are from Mars…” fame. He’s learned that just standing and bouncing does wonders for all organs. All your activities may be keeping you very healthy…wouldn’t that be great?

  30. It is a problem for me Amy. I have gained weight since blogging. I get up and comment on blogs rather than walking and I work full time so then have to run off to the office.

    • Me, too, Tammy – I’ve never been so sedentary (since I finished work and began blogging). I too have put on weight and in places I’ve not experienced any extra inches! When I become entranced about something, I go through a period of immersion and predictably take action for balance after a while. But I seem to have to burn my way through the stage of infatuation before I am willing to take that action. Hope you find your balance, Tammy.

  31. I’ve been away too long, Amy. Look at your beautiful site redesign!! Yum. Glad to hear the royal Duc has stabilized. A two-pound weight loss is indeed a big deal on one his size.

    I agree its worthwhile to occasionally notice where we’re investing our time (and can relate to a tendency toward infatuation/immersion). But I wouldn’t worry about your so-called sin. From where I sit, you exercise greater presence than most anyone I’ve ever met. Of course, “where I sit” is in front of another computer… .

    • I have been wondering about you, Sally. I’ve even checked a couple of times to see if I’ve missed a new post from you! I’m going to go on thinking you are happy and content in your new situation and find that time is filled with lots of quality. Thank you for your compliment…even if it’s from the other side of a computer screen! 😀

  32. Well said!

    We recently went on a three week vacation, most of the time we didn’t have cell phone reception, we didn’t watch Television or use a computer.

    We slept like babies 😉

  33. My only sin is the laptop too. I spend some what more than 12 hours on my laptop, then again as a computer engineer I have to do that. And just like you if I am not working or studying; I love to work on editing my photographs or listening music or watching movies, or blogging and honestly the list goes on and on. 🙂

  34. Hi Amy .. I know I’m late … but I can see exactly where you’re coming from .. and now that my life has changed I can get up and move around a little .. well I shall be working on moving around a lot .. and that will include exercises to retune my muscles and tendons – frustrating .. but there it is … we do what we need to do ..

    I don’t do much social media (none really) .. and am going to look at what I need to do in the future .. but bloggers have been amazingly supportive over the years and particularly recently – I’m blessed to be amongst them … I hope kitty cat is still improving …. cheers Hilary

    • Hilary, my breathing stopped when I read, “and now that my life has changed…” I’ve just been to your blog for an update. I am going to write you an email, my respected friend.

  35. I can emphatize, quite smugly I may add, with one for the comments about being on a “computer/blog diet” for the last few months Amy…but it may be coming to an end…and then finding the ‘ balance’ is really quite daunting on a daily basis…but since balance is relative in its personal definition…each one of us has to find ones own path of balance in this as in most other aspects of life…

    Thank you for a most thought provoking post Amy…

    • Seems we’ve both been managing our time with a sense of time and balance. Many thanks for maintaining our connection, Shama. You and your writings have become an important addition to my life.

  36. What a releif to find that I’m not the only one waondering how to handle this wonderful monster that has me by the tale. After two and a half months of blogging I’ve been wondering if I can really spare all the time that suddenly it’s taking. The blogs are a piece of cake!, As you say, it’s the keeping up with the fascinating world of blogging that eats up the time.
    But I’ve started Tai Chi which I hope will balance out some of this sitting. And I keep saying that when I’m more organised it’ll be different! It had better be. I want my life back…And yet what fascinating new lives I’ve been meeting!!!

    • It takes some time to find balance, Valerie. I had let myself wallow in blogging until the addiction burned out. Now I read as many posts as I can when I have a window of time, but that means I no longer get around to everyone daily. “Life with skin on” again has precedence. I now have a walking buddy. She and I share so many interests, the walks are never long enough. Tai Chi would be fabulous! If I can find a Qigong instructor, I’ll be signing up for that. Because this tiny West Coast Canadian island ebbs and flows with talent, perhaps I can “will” one here.

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