To All My American Friends & Neighbours

Barack Obama visiting Canada in 2009

                TO:  All Americans who have chosen to live on this wee Canadian Isle
TO:  All Americans in the USA
in any other part of the world
~ especially all who so diligently read Soul Dipper ~


Partnering with the RCMP Honour Guard,

I salute you!

Thanks for being a great neighbour!

It means a lot
and not just to us!



34 thoughts on “To All My American Friends & Neighbours

    • It speaks well for both of us, Z&G, that we do appreciate our RCMP. You, too, must have behaved yourself through all those raunchy teen years! Or you didn’t get caught! 😀

    • Actually, Jamie, I may have been detoxing! I’ve been flu-y for a couple of days. Headaches are foreign to me and I woke up with a doosey. Then I remembered some of the great locally-grown, seasonal food I’ve been eating – mucho roughage. I’ve been eating fresh salads, kale, quinoa, strawberries, dark chocolate, cherries, red grapes and dried prunes. Duh! Still tired, but much better now.

      A reminder: Go gentle into that good feed! 😀

    • I agree, Charles. The reason we have been holding fire for the past decades is assuredly because Canada very kindly gave the USA Alaska (Including the Panhandle), Hawaii (our Haida Nation assured me that the Hawaiians are family members too wussy for the cold) and the San Juan Islands (which are Gulf Island family members too wussy for the cold).

  1. Amy aunty, I also wanted to thank all Americans. Because the large number of people who visited my blog. are actually Americans. So yes, I will take the opportunity to wish all the Americans “Happy Independence Day”. 🙂

    • Part of the reason so many Americans read blogs, I believe, Arindam, is due to the freedom they have thanks to all who have held fast to the right to live freely.

  2. Awwwwww…very kindly, ty.

    We had a lovely celebration of all that we have.
    And I forgave the Brit for his threat to run St. George’s flag up the pole……the sore loser…LOL

  3. What a thoughtful lovely message Amy! And I love the photo! You are such a kind woman.

    Hope you had a good Canada Day. July 1st was my Mom’s birthday. She was so proud when we moved to Canada and she discovered that Canada had the same birthday as her.

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