Occupy Blogosphere, Thursday, July 5, 2012

Northrop Frye – literary critic, university professor, editor – July, 1912 to January 1991

Northrop Frye taught me about


It’s not doing what you want to do.

It’s wanting to do what you have to do.


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30 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere, Thursday, July 5, 2012

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  2. I’ve never heard of Frye but will have to study his work. The quote, “FREEDOM – It’s not doing what you want to do. It’s wanting to do what you have to do.” is very interesting. It is coincidentally something I’ve only started to realize. I’ve lately been immersed in the words of duty and community and can see where this directly applies(especially to me). Most of my life the word freedom was really just another word for ‘escape’. I keep viewing it now through a prism of responsibility.


    • Realizing that attitude is simply a decision means that another level of maturation has miraculously been achieved. Congrats if you managed to tackle that mountain! It’s worth it…I have fleeting instances of it which is just enough to keep me climbing!

  3. I’m back home from a visit to Texas – I’m here at my lovely home in Idaho – and feel truly blessed to live here.

    • Welcome Home, SDS! Off helping the folks again? I wondered where you were and if the notification glitches were happening again. I only use the Reader now – not emails – which I really like, but am still “testing”. Good to have you back.

      • Thank you, dear friend. It is good to be back. I love to see my parents but the emotional strain is a bit tough sometimes.

        • I can empathize with you – it’s really hard to be on 24/7 for two elders. Do both your parents try to talk to you at once – continuously? Vying for priority? I can see there was an advantage to being in my 40s and 50s when they were in their 80s and 90s. They’d do me in now that I’m in my 60s! Yep, you have my respect!

          • Oh, yes – they do talk at the same time. But my Dad is the more insistent and if he’s not heard, he becomes quite petulant. I swear, it takes me about a week to get over the emotional strain. Part of it has to do with seeing how frail they’ve become and how far away I am.

            • Even when Mom and Dad moved here to escape winter and be closer to me, I still felt I could never do enough for them. Then I realized they didn’t want me to live their lives for them! 🙂 They just wanted to know that I was a phone call away. That gave the comfort they needed to bump along and crawl out of potholes in their own way and time. I suspect motherhood feels a little like that – can never give enough. Glad you are defragging.

  4. Yes. It’s easy to the things that inspire us. Not so easy to do the things that we don’t want to face, but know we must. That’s where our courage and conviction is truly tested. Thanks for the reminder, Amy.

    • You’re an example of attitude, Celi. I imagine you made life fun while you were raising your family. It’s a choice: drudgery or one helluva way to get around a corner.

    • Please feel free to add a link to your comment, Victoria. This is about sharing. The number of people who show up on each Occupy show it’s worthwhile joining. And they’re from all around the world.

    • Could I have managed this as a slave, Charles? I was once given a glimpse of a past life regression…I was a First Nations daughter of a chief. Our village was ransacked and I was taken to a white man’s home as a slave. Even now, it feels as though spiders are crawling up my spine.

  5. Yaknow…..THIS is exactly what I missed when my silly ‘puter went nutz for a chunk of time……Think material.

    Frankly, I was a bit ify at the onset–but then I thought about it….and thought about it…..and thought about it.
    I’m kinda like that…LOL….bit argumentative on the onset cuz I want it to make sense in my world or it doesn’t apply! (bit of a pride/ego issue still, obviously….)

    And then, I shared the quote with the sister and told her I’d been tossing this around in my brain for a chunk of time–and I’ve decided I’m just so freaking proud of her I could BUST.
    She’s at that tough bit of the chemo/radiation….the part where it’s gonna kill cancer or it’s gonna kill you. And she still WANTS to show up even when she doesn’t wanna show up. She’s doing the deal regardless of how scary, regardless of how tired–she WANTS to do the course and she is. Oh, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her periods of whining and self pity–I assure her she’s certainly entitled to her humanness. But she rises above it and does it anyway cuz in the core of her being she WANTS to.
    Yup–about to the bursting point, I am.
    She’s made of good stuff that one.
    As are you.
    And THIS one–is a keeper of a keeper!

    • Wahooo – tell that sister of yours that I’m going to do double time in my meditation for her – learning this. She’s such a great example of choosing to have a good attitude. What’s the point of leaving fingernail marks in life when we can let it guide us? Yep, she sure is a trooper. Great genes, Mel…both of ya!

      Northrop Frye must be cheering. At a convocation speech at UBC, he ended with a statement about the University sending the students on their way. I choose to think of it as life sending us on our way: “Like a Spartan mother, it sends you out to stand or fall by the power and skill it has tried to give you: It is not careless about your fate, merely careful of your freedom.”

  6. Love the quote. Nice to introduce folks to Northrop Frye.
    I was also fascinated, no sorry I have to shout – FASCINATED – to read that you were a
    ” First Nations daughter of a chief. Our village was ransacked and I was taken to a white man’s home as a slave…

    • Don’t ask how I respond when I’m ordered around, Rosie! It’s been with me my entire life so that bit of insight explained a lot. I could have wasted time trying to find something in my childhood…it was a strong hangover from that particular incarnation.

      I know some folks have a hard time with that concept.

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