Occupy Blogosphere, Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big Leaf Maple


Sustainability: the capacity to endure.


TREES are phenomenal practitioners of sustainability.
Dr. Suzanne Simard,
a Forester at UBC in Vancouver, Canada,
discovered trees practicing underground networking.
It’s happening right under our feet.
Trees send underground messages to help one another
– survive and thrive –
in spite of humankind damaging their communities.


Do Trees REALLY  Communicate, Dr. Simard?



Let’s take a lesson


Community and Sustainability.


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39 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere, Thursday, June 28, 2012

  1. I’m not surprised that trees help each other survive and thrive. I just wonder why it took me so long to hear about it.
    While I was walking the Camino last month I often felt that some of those old trees along the paths were trying to tell me something and it was frustrating that I couldn’t hear their message.

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  3. Love the new look of your blog! (Well, it’s new to me since I’ve been gone a while.)

    Your message really resonates with me. Have you ever felt the energy vibrations of trees? They are all different and all lovely in their own way. The energy is most often smooth–a gentle hum. Unless they are stressed by power lines of toxins in their ground water. If people haven’t taken the time to “connect” with the trees around them, they are missing out on an experience that will reinforce our interconnectedness to all life. Our health and their health are completely related.

  4. I don’t know if this is going to sound weird, but I was at the funeral of one of our students, only 19 years old. And as you can imagine, my heart was bursting and I was almost lost in my grief for this young man. Then I noticed a huge tree outside, which I could see through the glass panel of the church. And that image gave me strength. I placed both my feet firmly on the ground and imagined a line from that huge and old tree through the soil towards my feet. It gave me a bit of peace. That tree has seen so much, many generations came and went, and still it is standing there. It gave me a sense of immortality. I calmed down and could think again. Am I making sense at all? I believe strongly in nature, the powers and forces unseen, yet so very active and real.
    Beautiful post. Yes, in my opinion trees do communicate.

    • Of course you make sense, Marion, and thank you for sharing your incredible experience. Imagine you automatically grounding yourself and aligning with its healing energy.

      You may have heard about the fifth dimension energy that is now fully wrapped around our planet. It’s up to us whether or not we allow ourselves to evolve into it. Your experience seems to be your reassurance of having tapped into the higher evolutionary consciousness available to us.

      The powerful energy of Love – you have shown your gratitude by telling the story. You “saw” that tree and accepted it’s gift to us.

      It’s not trite. It’s mighty.

      • Goose bumps on both arms while reading your reply. Is that called ‘grounding’? It came naturally to me.
        And I have not heard yet about the fifth dimension energy, but it does sound true, so true. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

    • Joss, I am seriously intrigued by the idea you have presented on your post about growing potatoes. I think of all the potatoes I had to hoe as a little girl…I would have loved this concept! And it protects against all the weird insects that like to eat potatoes in gardens.

  5. What a brilliant discovery – amazing what secrets nature holds, if we just take a closer look. There are so many lessons for us to take to heart. I’m so grateful to you, Amy, for sharing this and for generating the on-line ‘Occupy’ community, in which we can share our individual messages, to form a living, healing, sustainable support network. 🙂

    My contribution this week is on: http://wightrabbit.wordpress.com/2012/06/28

    • I first heard Dr. Simard on TED, but since I ran across her again, I decided she was Occupy material! I love knowing that science is finally able to discuss energetic communication.

    • Thanks, Toke! I’m used to it now, though I would like to change the font of the print. It’s bigger, but I would like another type. I can change it – for a cost. 😀

  6. I read a book call Dreams of Dragons some time back that speaks to the energy of plants and the energy of water. I think it’s really incredible. Also love your new look Amy. I’m about to do the same.

    • I devour any energy material, Tammy. I am delighted when scientists find ways of explaining what wise ol’ prunes (farmers especially) have known all along. Thanks for your “vote” – I’ll watch for your new look.

    • The earth healing itself? Yes, our Foresters teach about calves and cows in the forest. The cow is the old tree that’s been downed and a fresh new sprig shoots out of the decay! Nature is fabulous.

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