Those Three Words…


Those three words caught my eye.

They came from thehealthywarrior on a post titled “Longing for a Transformation”.  When I first peeked, a short paragraph caught my eye:

“Since I know a little something about successful weight loss, (so far I’ve lost 175 pounds during my transformation), and I have another 60 pounds to lose. I have a story to tell. It is a little personal, but it is well worth telling.”

Well worth telling it is!  Her story is a lighthouse for anyone who wants a healthy body and a transformed life.

Carolyn, the author of thehealthywarrior, paid me a visit the other day.  Her note suggested I check her blog.  Look at the present she had waiting for me:

Thank you, Carolyn, from the deepest dip in my Soul.
After reading the fine print about acceptance, imagine my delight that I did NOT have to:
  • disclose my weight or dress size.
  • fess up to the amount of maple syrup I pour over my healthy breakfast.
  • give excuses for the large dinner plates I use.
  • proselytize over peanut butter not being a fatty food.
  • convince her that bread is a vegetable.
  • or, justify three, teensy teaspoons of sugar in a cup of tea.

Confession may be good for the soul, but, I know, Carolyn… it does little for the derriere.

Back to the Award.  The rules say I may simply accept and:
1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post. (Done)
2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. (Done)
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know. (Done)

In sharing this award, I decided to focus on healthy warriors of transformation.  I pass this Beautiful Blogger baton to some of the writers who consistently transform my road home:

Clegyrboia – A land artist – in Wales – of unique talent who encourages me to look again.

Kate Shrewsday – A writer of eloquence who shares her keen and delightful family as she divulges fascinating facts about history.

Read Between the Minds – Poet and Favorite Nephew of Aunt Bea who pounds my heart’s pavement with insights.

Into The Bardo – Eclectic writers who, gatherered by Jamie of Musing by Moonlight, are talented transformers of life.

Agrigirl – One of our planet’s best Eco-Moms who shares “green” with humour & knowledge as we glean views of  delightful family scenarios.

live2write2day – A registered nurse, kidney survivor, poet – and – author of “Winter is Past” who shares her talents and techniques with a degree of grace and patience that I need to study.

Jinkspots – Wisdom and gentleness are Jacqualine’s fingerprints.  Writing from Japan, Jacqualine and her family are in the midst of relocating to another area of the country – away from unhealthy plans to re-establish a nuclear plant.

(Please accept this award in whatever fashion enhances your transformation.)


The Road Home

26 thoughts on “Those Three Words…

  1. Thank you Amy for the kindness you have shown to me today. The reason why I presented you with the award was 1st, because you are more than deserving, and 2nd, to lead others to your blog so they can get to know you and see for themselves how awesome a person you are. But instead, you put the spotlight on me. I can only say that I thank you for being so kind and that I wish for you continued success with your blogging and helping others.

    • It’s my pleasure. You proved the phenomenon of service, Carolyn. When you give with loving and good motives, you will find yourself receiving many fold more.

      You have such an important story to tell. I look forward to further posts!

  2. Congratulations on the lovely award Amy.
    I salute “thehealthywarrior” on her 175 pound weight loss. Wow that’s something to sing about from the tree tops. You have a great family of readers here at your blog – I’ve always noticed the interesting comments they leave. I look forward to visiting them at their homes.

    • You are part of this family, Rosie. Even though I couldn’t identify your toes in that ring of pedicures! What a great trip you had…that truly is my kind of adventure!

    • You and I seem to share a strong appreciation for paths, roads, rivers, and other means of an opening, Suzicate. I like that photo, too, and didn’t even remember taking it. I must have been talking to my fellow-explorer friend who so patiently puts up with my zig-zagging along with the camera. Actually, since I’m able to produce some good shots of her, I hope I show my appreciation for her patience.

  3. Hearty applause and hugs! We are all transforming (hopefully) continually on one level or another. It happens cellularly on daily basis and I only hope to keep up with my cells! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your much-deserved award souldipper. I have no doubt that the places in which you shine your light appreciate and benefit greatly from what you do. I am extremely touched that you have passed the ‘baton’ to me too; touched and overwhelmed. We were driving along the highway when I read your note on my blog, as we actually packed up our old house and finished moving out just yesterday morning. Squashed in between cat, plants, bedding and children there I was, innocently composing my next post in my head when your notification email beeped on my phone (which is easily ‘smarter’ than me!) I’m not sure I can live up to it but I shall certainly try. Please bear with my while I figure out how to follow the three steps outlined above, as I have never received such an award before and, just as in every other aspect of my life right now, I am stepping into the unknown. Congratulations to the others too. I am already excited to visit their sites and see what amazing things they are also up to.

    Well done once more – and thank you, as always xx ps I love your little list of what you don’t have to do above! Your subtle little inserts of humour always make me giggle 🙂

    • I’ll send you the instructions for putting this on your side bar if you like – I can email the steps. Let me know if you want that info. I am so happy to give this to you. But before all this, happy “landing” and unpacking. Love to all of you.

    and i am so glad i made you look again *_*
    now we all have something new to explore thanks to this award
    big virtual hug

    • My pleasure, Kate. You resurrect History with flair, uniqueness and intrigue. I suspect the worst punishment in your household would be having to stay home when mom goes anywhere! You can turn a MacAulay-walk into an obscure character’s story with the flick of a leaf. Or the song of a bird.

  6. YOU are a beautiful woman, let along blogger, Amy. Thank you for passing this on. I will make mention of it in my next post. I don’t usually “do” awards but you are too special to me. Love and blessings.

  7. Whoa……she’s got some things to celebrate. Holy cow–talk about transformation!! Congratulations to the award giver(s)–they’re obviously walking the talk and in this world, we can use a few more of those sprinkled in.

    And now I have lovely places to visit! I love visiting as long as they don’t mind the visitor!
    I’ll assume they don’t–I’ve never landed in a place I haven’t been welcomed back to….a testimony to the vast amounts of beautiful folks out there!

    Congratulations to you Amy–and to all the transformers of the world! 🙂

    WOWZA what awesome photos!!!!

    • Thanks, a whole bunch. I just looked at one of your sunsets again the other day, Mel. Besides all the other talents you display on your blog, you really do fabulous photos.

  8. Congratulations to you Amy! Well deserved indeed. As always I love the uplifting serenity of your pictures.

    And yes, could you let me know how to put the awards on the side panel? I also seem to be sitting on a few and do not know what to do!

    God Bless.


    • Thank you, Shakti. I will gladly send the steps in an email to you.

      On another note…Re: Shiva’s Dance – I watched a few videos and, while I learned a bit from each one, they also give rise to many other questions. Since you can discern the authenticity of a good video, please feel free to send a link that you deem to be a good teacher.

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