Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, June 21, 2012

However You Pray – Occupy Your Prayer

When I pray, I am like one who climbs into a tree when the fruit is ripe.

Though I climb but to find an apple for myself, that I may bring down and eat alone,

I cannot climb without shaking every limb of the tree so that many apples fall to earth,

apples that any hungry man who passes by may carry away and eat.

– James Dillet Freeman, Prayer the Master Key.


Every Thursday

we OCCUPY this space.

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Share something you’ve been wanting to tell the world.


Do an Occupy of your own and add a link in comments.


This space thrives on positive material.  Soul Dipper reserves the right to decline any submission that is presented with a flair for the negative, deemed  to be derogatory or could be surmised as slanderous.


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38 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, June 21, 2012

  1. I’m taking you up on your offer to use your space to speak something into the light that I want to share.
    I want to ask people to take a moment and realize…they’re good enough. Accept themselves just like they are. Tell the whispers in your mind that say….You should be a better person. Be a size…two sizes? smaller. Be smarter. Look younger. Speak more intelligently…
    Be aware of that inner critic and then be aware it isn’t reality. For me, as soon as I accept myself like I am…then I feel free to be or do or change to what ever I want. But best of all, I find, I’m more willing to accept others just as they are. The hard thing, is that I have to battle that inner critic each day because if I don’t, the tape loops and plays subconsciously… What makes you think you’re a good writer? Who would want to read your books? .
    The God I believe in has open arms of acceptance. Like a breath of fresh air…we are accepted as we are….and that in some awesome way allows us to change. Acceptance.
    Thanks Soul Dipper.

    • Yeay Barb! Thank you so much for this positive, life-changing TRUTH! You know, if just one person “hears” you today, there will be a wild party put on by our angels and guides! We’ll feel it in our souls.

      That’s what this Occupy is all about – laying out the gifts and wisdom we all have. Everyone can have their own say – here or linked to their blog.

  2. I’ve never heard this before: it’s wonderful. Permission to ramble: I’ve been to an exhibition on Alan Turing, the father of computer science, and the discoveries he made at the end of his life were epoch-making. He was onto something: the whole of creation is interlinked with intricate networks of algorithms, instructions for living. I believe when we pray we align ourselves with how we were meant to be in the bigger picture of creation. And our action – our words -have implications for others because our action sets other deeds and happenings in motion, just like your apple tree and the windfalls. The beauty and elegance of our world’s design stuns me. Our hunches and prayers, I feel certain, have a concrete place in a world of biological, chemical and physical wonder.

    • Oh, eloquent Kate, thank you for participating. Your “ramble” is perfect! I wonder if the “interlinking” is a bud to understanding the concept of oneness?

      Your alignment statement…we aim for how we were meant to be in the bigger picture. Many years ago, I heard “prayer realigns us with our target”. I couldn’t grasp its meaning. I carried it for years and gnawed on it.

      One day, a mentor “suggested” I pray for someone who really betrayed me. He told me to pray for two weeks and ask God to give that person everything I want for myself. I nearly choked! But I began. At first, I had to say, “You know God that I don’t mean this, but I’m practicing discipline.” Then I’d rattle off a few gifts and blessings for that person. Not all of them, mind you!

      As the days went on, like the apples, the process and content of the prayer scattered throughout my thoughts. As the prayers piled up, I slowly realized the target statement. I saw how that person was not different, but I certainly was transforming inside. When I was resentful, I was not who I wanted to be. I had to realign into – as you said – who I was meant to be.

  3. I really love your header photo honey, It is hot here and that wee piece of shaded grass under those trees looks so cool and inviting.. the prayer quote is awesome.. c

    • Thank you, Celi, for your welcome comment. I have been hearing about the heat wave in that “corridor” – it must be very difficult. I lived in Ontario a few years and the heat/humidity in June would almost finish me. I think your idea of siesta is a good one!

    • I suspect you have caught the essence, Raven. I believe just thinking about someone is prayer. Or doing their dishes, looking after their stock portfolio, or helping them with their seat belt. If the motive is love, it’s a prayer, from what I’m taught.

  4. ((((((((( Barb ))))))))))))

    Bless her heart…..she KNOWS.

    And from here:

    Perhaps the biggest tragedy in our lives is that freedom is possible, yet we can pass our years trapped in the same old patterns… We may want to love other people without holding back, to feel authentic, to breathe in the beauty around us, to dance and sing. Yet each day we listen to inner voices that keep our life small.

    Who you are is enough. What you do, in your relationships with your fellow–matters.
    Be the HUGE you you are. I triple dog dare ya! LOL

    Oh….and I love the header. And I love the quote.
    And I love Barb.
    She carried the message for me today……..bless her heart.

    • It’s my brother’s cottage in the interior of our Province, Charles. It brings the memory of the two of us working our butt off in April as we cleaned up the mess left by winter. I snapped the photo early in the morning. It’s the first time that he and I ever WORKED together…he’s 12 years older than me so was already off to his own life when I was growing up. Our visits were usually social, but I hope we find more projects.

  5. This is a lovely quote, Amy, which demonstrates the true meaning of ‘prayer’ even to those without specific religious faith. I love the idea that every prayer sent out will affect others, positively, rather than being a selfish plea, based on ‘want’. I’m also loving the comment threads that are appearing here – it is a pool of positivity, rippling through the blogosphere! I’m so happy you decided to carry on with Occupy, my dear friend! 🙂
    My contribution this week can be found here: http://wightrabbit.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/occupy-blogoshpere-21/

    • Happy anniversary, Jacqueline (and him-artistic-self!). Love to both of you. It’s a pleasure to hear about a loving, committed and happy marriage! It was great to read Kahlil Gibran again – ageless words so full of wisdom. I like your comment about not asking you what makes marriage work…if we have those answers, it often means we’re working hard at it.

      Yes, the Occupy is unfolding and that is largely due to your fabulous email to me! Rather than respond with a justifying monologue or creative excuses, I decided to get off my duff and POST. The Occupy will take on a life of its own, methinks. Any time you have ideas or suggestions, Jacqueline, please let share them.

  6. What wonderful comments you have engendered this week! I especially love the interconnectedness, the sheer sociability of your site. It’s so lovely, I’m starting to recognise the ‘voices’ that are drawn to you regularly… I feel as if I’m sitting in a room with a group of people who are all good friends, quietly listening and appreciating the good vibes!

    This ‘meeting’ has made me consider how I pray. The first thing I have realised is that it is not something I move to consciously do. I never say, ‘I’ll go and pray now.’ Yet I know I move to connect to whatever it is that is out there, within us, all around us, greater than us… is that praying? If so, and having undergone this exercise, I can tell you that I pray when I dance (and I dance as often as I can), when I take a walk, when I stroke the cheek of my child, when I stir a pot whose contents are meant for others. When I sing (badly, usually!) When I plunge my hands into the warm earth. When I hear my mother’s voice, so far away… when I am touched by the words of others, such as I have been here this evening. When I look at photos of old friends and remember their warm smiles and the fun we had. When I feel gratitude for the many blessings I see and feel around me…

    Reading this back, I seem to spend an awful lot of time praying. I’m not sure what that means, but it feels good to have recognised that.

    Thank you for the opportunities you create. And thank you to all your readers above who have commented and shared their wisdom. Another blessing x

    • Jinkspots, you certainly develop this week’s theme beautifully. Yes to all those marvelously expressed prayers. My mother used to say, “Food is love.” and I didn’t understand what she meant. I didn’t realize that every time she prepared a meal (she was not terribly domestic!), she saw it as an act of love. Think of all the “apples falling from the trees” when she was rustling up some sustenance for us! 😀

      I “prayed” for you this morning. I asked that a golden blanket of health and energy be wrapped around each of you. Your relocation to another part of Japan, the preparation of a new nest, the worry over the nuclear plant reopening, wondering what’s in the future for your child…when you want to shut out all of the stresses, sit with your eyes closed and visualize yourself wrapped snugly in one of the golden blankets. In my morning meditation, I hug all of my loved ones who are wrapped in these blankets. The Love I feel is indescribable. If I feel such joy and peace surely it is shared – like all those apples dropping.

      Thank you for being a part of my life.

    • If I could have all my blogging friends join me for a weekend, that is where we would congregate. My brother, who enjoys that view each morning while at his cottage, also enjoys world travel. He’d revel in meeting you visitors from around the world.

      Hope you are well, Shakti. BTW, I am a member of Probus which is a worldwide organization for semi or fully retired business people. It exists to provide camaraderie and connection through some social events, but largely through the stimulation offered by various invited speakers. For example, I see that the Probus club in Port Elizabeth in S. Africa had a speaker who was the Organist for the Sultan of Oman. 😀

      • That’s absolutely interesting, Amy. Indeed the Sultan is a great connoisseur of classical music and has recently set up the Royal Opera House in Muscat which is an architectural wonder from outside and cutting technology within. Shakti

  7. First, did you take the header photo, Amy. It’s stunning. I could look at it forever.

    What a great post. I love James Dillet Freeman. In my Unity stage, I read him regularly along with a group of other Unity writers who were less enchanted with the material then todays writers are.

    Well done and thank you.


    • Yes, I did take the photo, Jamie. It’s the view from my brother’s cottage in the interior of BC – Schuswap Lake – an early morning shot. It captures my peaceful hour with nature.

      If I had to write an epitaph for James Dillet Freeman, it would be: He understood.

      I never had a Unity phase, but have appreciated philosophies shared by those involved. What took your interest in another direction?

  8. A stunning photo for your header — so serene. Loved the quote that started this all off, and all the wonderful comments afterwards. I feel affirmed as I sit here this Sunday morning waiting for the rain to dry off my deck and the wind to fade to a breeze. Have yourself a lovely day — and once again, Thank You!

  9. I love your blogs Amy. I am nominating you for the beautiful blogger award. If you have already received this award, then simply ignore. If not, then read my blog for 06,25,2012 for details. Thanks and many blessings to you.

  10. What a beautifully serene place this is Amy…how very fortunate and blessed to be able to live here…
    Love the unspoken universality of this prayer….all the comments are a testimony to that…

    Many thanks and God bless you for sharing it…

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