Power of Love’s Silence

“Silence Is The Best Answer Towards Evil & The Best Way To Avoid Evil.”  –  from the Engineer Vs Doctor site on Face Book.

My Beloved Guides, the title and the graphic you chose seems contradictory to the needs of the world right now. If you are going to say silence is more powerful than speaking up when it comes to evil, what is evil?

Which part of you is asking – your heart or your intellect?  Hearts recognize evil.  Intellectually, what is evil for some will have no effect on others.  Of course, there are acts, deeds and words evil to every human soul.  Souls on this planet can now shift much more to the heart.  5th Dimension energy has begun its influence on your planet.

As a planetary population, we haven’t been silent.  With the internet, people have been productively vocal and active about world evils.  I’m confused about Love’s silence being powerful.

Countries engaged in wars are now under the world’s microscope.  They risk losing the world’s, and perhaps their people’s, respect. There’s no NOW in war – it is historical resentments fueled by money.  In war, history is like heartburn: repeating itself and burning with acidic vehemence!  It’s a mystery how Love’s silence could be at work in these cases.

Instead of asking “what is evil?”, ask “what is Love?”  The God Self-ness in humans that is Love takes many forms and infiltrates various means and methodologies for self-expression.  Love can bend the laws of the Universe to ensure peace, but It will not break them.  Love gives humans their own will.  These wills carry varying degrees of Love and evil.

I can see Love in the actions of those people working diligently to bring down the evil forces within the World’s financial position. 

I can also believe the Love of justice and truth demonstrated by our Quebec students.  They are gallantly refusing to allow politicians to back away from a promise given years ago to not increase tuition fees. 

Then there’s  Avaaz which began with a love for justice and now sends many thousands, sometimes millions, of signed petitions to various countries, officials and circumstances that are dishing out injustice, abuse or bullying.  Perhaps they dole out double doses of Love since Avaaz gives each petitioner a sense of power to bring about positive results.

So you do see purpose in the title and the graphic.  There are times when Love sends a powerful message in silence as it works in the background.  Sometimes it’s appropriate to bang pots and and sign petitions.  In either case, Love fuels the soul and offers courage for action.

More of us are capable of being fueled with this silent Love.

Souls in higher dimensions are offering each human the opportunity to receive the 5th Dimension energy.  It now completely surrounds your planet.  It will rejuvenate, encourage and expose actions from the heart.  It will cause people to feel, even more, the heartache over injustices, abuses and dishonesty. 

We are aware that Love frightens.  Love hurts.  It’s not just sweet.  It can wound hearts and leave scars.  It is not simple to Love.  It is not for the faint-of-heart.  This is why humans hesitate to accept Love – people remember Love’s silent, deep and full power.  They know how it feels to be battered by Love.

Yet it is sought by all.

Silently, each soul craves Love – even the most evil souls.  There is no denying this craving.  Since Love is the language of the Universe, this 5th Dimension energy is available to each human soul.  Please ask for it.  Sit quietly, follow your breath in and out and ask for it. 

Cursing it, denying it, denigrating those who have it will not camouflage the truth:  Every soul is longing for Universal Love.  Simply ask for it and it will be received.  Be its conduit in human form.

Utter no sound.  There is no need for chatter.  Allow Love to transform.  Loved ones may sense a difference in your response to them and to life.  Those who have the courage to ask are the ones who will be able accept the simple answer.  Tell them it’s Love.

It’s here.  Now. 

♥♥Beloved Guides♥♥, thank you.


30 thoughts on “Power of Love’s Silence

  1. A beautiful new theme and a timely post of depth. I think there is an argument for not focusing on “evil” – the absence of love – and making the situation worse by feeding the dragon with our energy . . . rather the action of “Shi” as pointed out so beautifully by Shakti Ghosal in his post today. There appears to be a a certain unity among the bloggers today.

    Thanks, Amy, and thank you Guides.

    • Thank you, Jamie, for mentioning the theme. I thought I was only “trying” it, but it looks like it adopted me!

      Yes, I read Shakti last evening and was reminded of the rigidity I felt in my time in business. If I had learned about a Shi aspect to life and living, I would have thought it was a dream. In retrospect, youth seemed so uncivilized! 😀

  2. Sometimes a silent love can be the strongest love of all. It quietly leads by example and pulls others in. But always love leads the way.

  3. “They know how it feels to be battered by Love. Yet it is sought by all.”

    The happiness Love gives so outshines its cuts and pricks. A very thoughtful post, Amy.

    • It’s such a dichotomy, Saara, that we all want to love and be loved, yet can be so frightened of it. I used to jump in to love opportunities with wild abandon. That produced some scars, but Love sends along resilience if we don’t lock ourselves away. Now, I’m challenged by Love… It’s like love grew up!

    • Thank you, Mish, for a favourable vote on the design. I still want to tweek it a bit, but I think I’ll keep it for now. (3 years later… 😀 )

      At times, I feel the Guides are saying the same old thing – Love. Yet there’s ever a tiny, almost houdini spin on it. I feel they feed us soupcons so we don’t overdose. 🙂

    • Raven, thanks for your visit and comment. But especially, thank you for the mention in your post. I tried to leave a comment, but, for some reason, there are no letters given in the “spam detector”. I tried 5 or 6 times to type the audio words, but they were never accepted. So here’s what I said, if you want to cut and paste them into your comment section:

      “Thank you for letting me know where you hang out these days, Raven. Your beautiful soul is definitely on this planet for sharing. I love your header photo.

      The mention…I’m humbled, Raven. I’m sending a big hug of appreciation.”

      I think it accepted my subscription. I’ll watch for it.

  4. I like your new format, and did so enjoy this. Love is such a powerful thing, I always wonder about the many in his world who have not accepted God’s incredible love for us, and found His peace in it.

    • The power of Love never ceases to amaze and humble. Well, not that the humility stays for long! 😀 No wonder we are given so many opportunities to feel it for another few seconds.

  5. Very nice format. It’s neat, orderly and easy to maneuver, thank goodness…..LOL….I’m not so good at the complicated, even though I complicate stuff ALL the time.

    Like the ‘love’ jazz.
    I’ve been here three times to read. And three times I’m amazed at what different things I hone in on. I don’t know why…shouldn’t be cuz that’s just how it works with me.
    There’s nothing more powerful than love. I know this and yet I can stand to the side and indulge in ‘intolerance’ and ‘impatience’ and ‘criticism’. I never feel good when I practice those principles. Ever. But they’re forever on my inventory. So is loving….that one never disturbs me…the others do….

    I know it’s about practice, practice, practice. I think my biggest barriers are pride and ego. *sigh* Go figure.
    I’ll keep at it and keep whittling down on the ugly ones.
    I know the rewards of loving and I’ve yet to discover that there’s such thing as being TOO loving.


    • My experience with being “too loving” is when my needs overtake the needs of the other. Lots of times that comes out as enabling, I figure. But I appreciate the idea of Love working in the background while I carry on minding the business that is appropriately mine.

      Practice – 🙂 never ending! That’s what makes the inner journey so awesome. Show me a bore person who does this work!!

  6. Beautiful new look, Amy 🙂
    Love: I am reminded of Aslan, CS Lewis’s incarnation of love, and the invocation that he is ‘not a tame lion’. There is danger and risk in this great love of his. I love this post.

    • Great analogy, Kate. I marvel over his work. Thanks for the reminder. (We have a young woman on the island named Aslan. She said she’s surprised at how many people ask her the name’s origin. Well…it’s the younger crowd. They’ll catch up.)

    • Many thanks, MJ. Exactly the reason for the mandate given to write about Love. Sometimes I’d rather be a humourist! 😀 I am astonished by the fear demonstrated in so many egoistic ways in the world – even the fear of putting some love on the table. I suspect we’ll find there is no greater cowardice.

  7. This is exactly what I was referring to about us all learning this lesson of love when I commented on your Aunt Nell post: https://souldipper.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/discovering-aunt-nell/ I think I have a lot to learn about the idea of soul’s contracting to learn lessons. Some of this evil is carried on and forward because the evil doer is learning a lesson/ or neglecting one? Sometimes I wonder if the whole of warring forces were to take one huge cleansing breath, in unison ( and a long one at that; like time out), if there could be a little more clarity. I recently viewed the movie “War Horse” and wondered how they would enact the scene where the horse becomes tangled in barbed wire. The silence in the film at that segment was like a cleansing breath and then a soldier from each side met in a common act of love. That’s what I imagine; but the love continuing after the silence. Beautiful post, Amy.

    • Oh, Leslie, I put off watching that because I wasn’t sure I could. Wasn’t that scene something? I think evil people must be so far removed from their soul that they’ll need a lot of “in between lives” time.

      Loving kindness, goodness, Love – it’s all possible. When we have experienced gentleness when we expected a fight, it turns us inside out! I have felt an overflow of love. I’m humbled.

      It’s so simple that egoists cannot even consider its power. Look at the world’s great Masters. Weak? Not a bit!

  8. Have been away from this for far too long Amy and have just seen your beautiful new design format…lovely 🙂
    The last few weeks of traveling back home were hectic and kept me away from all your wisdom and insightful posts…good to be back…in every sense of the word!
    The graphic in the Urdu script, my mother tongue , was such a delightful welcome back to your blog Amy!
    Love frightens. Love hurts. I often think it is because we believe that love absolves us of all cruelty…and it is this divide in ourselves that is the hardest to accept and live with…if only we could overcome and rise above this to be the love that every soul craves…

    Great food for thought Amy…many thanks and God bless….

    • Well said, Shama – and welcome home. It must feel fabulous to be in the folds of familiarity once more. I’m delighted that you found your script on my site. See…that connection at work again. 🙂

      Facing our dark side is never pleasant, but isn’t it wise to recognize it so it doesn’t blind-side us? I am better at observing myself as I age and instead of chastising, making the amend and moving on with hope of doing it less often!

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