Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Beloved Guides and a reader, Jacqueline at Wightrabbit, said:


Stop waiting! 

Whatever you think you need to wait for…

Go ahead without it!


Let’s do it like this guy:

He landed on my chopping block.


He posed politely; I moved all around him, clicking furiously.


He cleaned his wings and hind legs.


Then I lost him!  I looked up from my viewfinder for one second.  Zap! He was back… WITH DINNER!


Every Thursday

we OCCUPY this space.

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54 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, May 31, 2012

  1. How could you capture these events which took place in few nanoseconds only! It’s simply wonderful. 🙂 You are a sharp photographer. Love these pictures.

    • Arindam, if I tried to repeat that, I wonder if I could! It was such a surprise to me that I lost my balance from my crouched position. Then to find the shot in focus! This little creature didn’t wait for anything. In spite of me fussing around him, he bolted, captured dinner and brought it BACK. I’m still in awe over the fact that he brought his catch back to the exact same spot on my chopping block.

    • That little insect (so far we have not been able to identify it) may be the Michael Jackson of the insect world. He was so natural about being photographed as I circled him. I think he knew he thrilled me when – BAM! Dinner.

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  4. Wow, Awesome! Amazing close ups of a creature – that would normally not stay still – posing and preening, then bringing back a ‘gift’! I love the lessons nature offers, when we take time out to look. Thank you for sharing these brilliantly captured moments, Amy. It’s truly great to have you back! 🙂

    • As you know, Jacqueline, life can do all sorts of reconfiguring with us, but we writers must write. It is fabulous being back. You fanned my embers, my awesome compadre.

  5. Ohhhhh…..he’s a clever one!
    Or maybe he’s a she?
    Very photogenic, and very well captured. Awesome photos!!

    Ummmmm…I think it’s a Sacken’s Bee Hunter. They like to hang around wood to lay eggs and they’re quick when it comes to dinner (obviously!)
    Yeahyeah……I know, too much time with a bug jar and a magnifying glass. LOL It’s not my fault. We got it for a small child and she kept finding things, tossing it at he-who-has-answers, saying ‘whazzat?’. He HAD to come up with answers dontchaknow. (yes, we have a bug book……or two…..*laughing*)

    • You may be right, Mel…or maybe it’s the Bee-Like Robber Fly which go after beetles, etc. As I perused the various photos of these insects, I decided that my little friend looked very gaunt. No wonder he was so fast! Then I saw a comment that some are very slim and some are fat and fuzzy. How’s this? http://bugguide.net/node/view/591948/bgpage. That is the Bug Page which seems highly appropriate for he-who-has-answers-for-the-bug. 😀

      • Hmmm…….could be–but she’s got awfully fuzzy legs compared to yours. Maybe yours just shaved to show off to the fella robber flies? LOLOL

        Great link, but I haffta tell ya, when I shared it with he-who-knows-everything…….the bugger (no pun intended!) had it linked already and listed in his favorites.
        (he doesn’t shave his legs to impress–in case you were wondering…….LOLOL)

        • Well, it was a strange one to these eyes…whichever it is, shaved or not! Can you imagine, Mel, what women are missing by having a stubbly legged man snuggling up to them? I like that “fur”. I think it makes me feel very fem! My bugs are good furry! 😀

    • Shakti, thank you for the question, but as I am dyslexic, I consider a decent photo a lot of very good luck! As one of the photographer bloggers has taught me, ‘just do it with all the heart available”!

  6. AAAAAhhhhh. I’ve missed you. I’ve been toodling around outside too, but didn’t think to take my camera. You’re so good at catching “life.” Thanks for the close-up and the reminder to stop and watch the wonder.

    • Hi Barb! I’ve missed you, too! And blogging period. But as you have also expressed, life has certain priorities and I’m grateful for them. It means I have loved ones, nature and healthy diversions.

      Right now, however, we have such a horrid invasion of tent caterpillars. I have to constantly go outside and pick the little devils off the bushes and plants that I don’t want them to devour. They have completely stripped my neighbours’ apple trees. My Ornamental Cherry is bare branched on top. The Mountain ashes are cleaned off of leaves. We don’t believe in using chemicals so we islanders moan and watch the little buggars wriggle their way down roads and up driveways!~ The trees will leaf again we’re assured. Who knows about the fruit??

  7. Our experience of time is relevant and dependent on our own size. So time we experience as ‘quick’ (and capturing him you clearly were from a human/photographic point of view! Amazing pics! Well done!) is hugely different to something so much smaller, like your new friend.

    To him, you may have appeared as some kind of tall tree, bending and creaking slowly in the breeze. We can imagine it took him 30 mins of ‘his’ time to go and find lunch. Maybe your fascination was picked up by him as brilliant crystalline waves of love energy, which he bathed and washed in before dining, or was he presenting an offering to his sun goddess as a way of expressing his gratitude for shedding such illumination on so small a thing? A thing that someone else may have tried to swat a few hours earlier…

    What riches can be mined from your images! Thanks so much for sharing. I shall go away and try to remember to shift my perspective at least once a day after enjoying these photographs so much. It may even help with fine tuning my own perspective somehow. What do you think?

    * * * You are my candle in the dark of night – thank you for being there. Love and light xxx * * *

    • Jinkspots, you continue to amaze! What writing! Look at the attention you have given this post. Look how you go through the window dressing to find the insights. We are both candles and through some divine process we share the flame! I’m sending loving energy to your family and you as you transition through to your new life. You do have such an incredible story to tell and a gift in telling it well. Be well and safe. Don’t let go of your blog family!

    • Thanks Linda. I’m going for a good walk today with a good friend which means the damned tent caterpillars will be unsupervised in my (dismally scant) beds. Thus, my little bee friend aside, insects are at an all time low in preferences today. I’m creeped out! God help any tics that think we’re good hosts!

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