Humanity With Perfection


Special glasses may be required.

Beauty shines here from inside out.

A heart full of family means there’s no antidote for an Aunt’s bragging rights.


Two kids from the far northern climes of British Columbia fell in love – my grand-niece Paige and a sweetheart named Jason:

Paige and Jason at sunset in Northern British Columbia


Their engagement turned into a wedding and then into a family:

Paige and Jason are now Mom and Dad to Maria Rose.

On May 6th of this year, Paige made a simple comment on Face Book that she was missing her hubby.  Seems they are only apart when Jason is on an adventure with his buddies.  He was!  Some adventure!
Look what happened on May 10th:

(While the following photos were taken by Chris Gale, a friend of Paige and Jason, the full article appears at the World Wildlife Federation website:

Driving along the Alaska Highway, the guys discovered a young moose had fallen through the ice on a lake!  It couldn’t get out on its own!         ………..Photo by: Chris Gale, Northern Photography


With lots of help from other travelers on the Alaska Highway, they managed to get the moose out of the water. Look how its legs are skinned from the battle it fought to save itself. ……….Photo by Chris Gale, Northern Photography


“Free at last! Omigod, I’m free at last.  Hey, thanks, Guys!?  You two-leggers are skookum dudes.”  …..Photo by Chris Gale, Northern Photography.

That’s what life is like in the North.
The world stops for any living creature in trouble.
It’s why I especially LOVE Northern people.


Inhabitants of this planet!


These young people are an incredible example for us.


What a concept.


Jason, I’m so proud of you…
and of everyone who helped.
Chris, for capturing these shots for the world,
Thank You!


(Copyright concerns – I believe in spreading the evidence of humanity towards our wildlife. However, if the WWF – or Chris – want me to remove these photos, please let me know and I will remove them post haste.)

72 thoughts on “Humanity With Perfection

  1. Hi,
    Beautiful photos.
    How lucky that someone saw that moose in the ice, that poor animal trying so hard to save itself. I just think that is so wonderful that people came to help it out, and managed to get it out as well.
    I love the photo of the moose looking back at the people as if to say Thank You. 😀

    • Hi Mags…guess Kangaroos don’t have to worry about falling through ice in Aussie! 😀 That last photo put me in tears. I know animals feel gratitude…I have discovered stories that have floored me – plus I had a hummingbird fly off, then come back and hover 3 inches from my nose after I rescued her.

      • That is amazing about the hummingbird, it was like a kind of thanks as well. Our animals are so precious, and it is good that we can help them sometimes. 🙂

  2. What an incredible account Amy…one that does make the heart sing…that it was family who were part of this heartwarming rescue…is icing on the cake…you have so much to be rightly proud of Amy…:)

    God bless…

    • I know Paige is very proud of her husband and I suspect she is very sad that she wasn’t there by his side – helping out! She certainly would have been capable! I’m happy to see what a well-rounded young woman and mother Paige is! Besides receiving lots of love, Maria Rose is going to have a terrific role model.

    • Lucky moose for sure! It looked like it KNEW it was lucky, too. I saw in the photos that the men had a board which is the way to get weight distributed over the ice so they don’t go through and can get close enough to get ropes around the animal. Then, they could pull out the animal by supplementing its strength to crawl out of the water.

    • Betcha yer not seein’ many moose in Saudi, Totsymae! Or ice for that matter. I can hardly wait to hear what you are up to over there! If it’s not art lessons, you’re selling oil to the Arabs. Make sure some of it is Canadian!

  3. You know I love good news and this story is one that everyone should read. Paige’s husband is one capable, very intelligent and brave competent soul to assess the situation and go! I love reading about the Northwest territories. Thank you for bringing us this story.

  4. Awesome gesture … kind heart and one lucky moose … synchronicity — all for the highest good!! Warms my heart. Thank you for sharing! 😀

    Glad to hear Duc is eating!! YEA!! 😀

    • It does wonders for the heart to know that our humanity shows itself with such compassion. From a comment on Face Book, it looks like the story has been picked up by National Geographic (perhaps the Canadian edition).

      Yes, Duc is eating for three! I will take him off the appetite stimulants tomorrow and see if things level out. His poor little body must be almost traumatized. I couldn’t have done it a softer way (homeopathically) because his test results were far too high. Apparently this was the way he was eating while with the cat sitter. No wonder she worried about running out of his special cat food!

      • I shared it on FB and it’s been shared several times more … these are the type of stories that should fill the “waves” … something heartwarming, inspirational and real!! Thank you again for sharing! xoxo 😀

  5. Whar a wonderful story, with beautiful pictures, Amy – it seems we both have reasons to be proud of our families today. I’ve written about my daughter’s skydive for charity, as my Occupy Blogoshpere post this week. Are we still doing it? I’ve lost some emails, so I’m not sure and haven’t added the usual link to you. Here’s my link anyway:

    • Jacqueline, what a fabulous daughter you have – full of courage with such a generous attitude. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree!

      I’ve written a suggestion to you on your site about the Occupy. I will wait for your reply. 😀

      • Wow! Thank you so much for you comments, here and on my blog Amy – the thought that Rachael and I are similar doesn’t often occur to me!

        I’m honoured by your suggestion and have given it serious consideration. Have emailed you privately with my thoughts – look forward to hearing yours! 🙂

    • Victoria, it’s good that we are comfortable with computers. I wish a couple of my elder aunts would have the opportunity to see some of the family pics that I post. They are both in senior residences that don’t have computers available for the residents to use…at least view family pictures!

  6. Wow! People can be so caring at times! I love this story. Someday all people will be like Jason, his friend and the others on the highway who stopped to help. Thank you for the upclose photos of that moose. Their shape intrigues me and I have never seen one up close.

    • Aha…the artist’s eye. When the moose was being created, there wasn’t a lot of attention to beauty! However, these creatures command a great deal of respect with their strong presence! During rut season, I once had a bull think my brown Bronco was either a cow moose or a pesky male competitor. He spread his legs apart, lowered his head and began to sway – all this in the middle of the road. I knew to turn around and drive away quickly lest my little car be kicked in or wear a moose rack.

  7. Wow, Jason, now we’re all proud of you! What a wonderful story. Thank you so much, Amy, for featuring it! Lucky moose. And you’re right: we are able to be this kind to one another.

    • Can you imagine Big Al at that scene? He’d want to dive that 5 year old bod into the freezing lake and save the floundering moose himself! I see you “twittered” it. Many thanks.

      446 years old? Put that way… Hold fast that quill, Will Shakespeare. Keep poking and nudging us, albeit with one a bit blunt!

  8. That’s amazing! I love stories like this — makes me feel that the world is a wonderful place after all (especially considering all the doom and gloom we usually hear about).

    • Bet these guys are amazed at the coverage they received for this act of kindness. I received a note from Paige’s mom telling me this post brought a few tears to the folks up North. They can be proud to have been raised with such respect for wildlife.

    • Thanks, Granny. Oh how I’d love to show you our North! Paige and her older sister, who are both incredibly gorgeous, would probably take us to their father’s fabulous log cabin for a stint of “true north, strong and free”. You’d see what I mean about Northern people! I think you, a South African woman who lived with snakes in her house, would survive well with simple things like grizzlies and bull moose in rut.

  9. Amy aunty this one is a really heart touching story. What Paige and his friends did was wonderful. These kind of souls bring inspiration to this world and hope to all of us, that yes this planet can survive by its own, until there is people like Paige.
    And not to forget, Paige and Jason are really a beautiful couple. Lots of good wishes for both of them. 🙂

    • You made me realize something, Arindam…different cultures may not be familiar with the fact that Paige is my niece. Her husband is Jason. I apologize if it was confusing! Yes, Paige and Jason are a beautiful couple – inside and out.

  10. As I look at those photos, I’m amazed that the guys didn’t fall through the ice, too. What they did took more than a little ingenuity, and courage. Thanks for posting this, Amy. Compassion is alive and well.

    • The boards distribute the weight, Charles, but also, the ice was still thick enough that they needed chainsaws to cut the hole bigger for the poor creature to be brought out of the water.

    • Yes, Nadira, we learn of the horrid, the negative and the nasty without effort. It’s fed to us constantly. It isn’t what we need. I love that my blog attracts people like you! Thank you, Nadira.

    • Yes, Jamie, these are good people. If Northerners could sell their attitude, the world would have a solution! Folks up North may have a HUGE dislike for one another, but they would never leave anyone (or any creature) alone to suffer.

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  12. I wonder how they kept from getting pulled in with the moose. It must have taken great courage and strength to save this beautiful creature. Thank goodness! And congratulations on being Arindam’s Post of the Week. No wonder. This is great!

    • There were other people who stopped as well who were helping. But, believe me, that little moose would have given every last ounce of his strength to get out so it wouldn’t be like pulling out dead weight! The poor thing, however, had been in the water at least an hour – because that’s when the first person saw it. That fellow got out and took a chain saw to the ice to make the hole bigger. As more men came, more gear was available and they were successful. Hurrah for my Nephew-in-law and all his buddies!

  13. I’m just following justanotherwakeupcall and we may have taken the same crowded bus over here…Lol!
    Poor moose but lucky at the same time! Great story and I’m glad Arindam featured your blog. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Sunshine, Many thanks for climbing aboard the bus! I’m so glad to have you here. I’m off to snoop at your blog now. I’ll take my shoes off before entering! 😀

      • Hey, how did you know we take our shoes off over here?? I love the idea and it keeps the house so much cleaner! 🙂 Erm, no need to snoop, just come on by and grab yourself a cup of coffee or ice tea…it’s always ready!!

        Have a great SATURDAY!! Yay!! 😉

  14. Hi Amy,
    What a lovely story. and great photos. As I read the story I also wondered what it was that prevented the brave lads from falling in the hole with the Moose.

    • The ice was still thick enough that they have to use a chainsaw to cut the hole big enough to make room for the poor creature to come out with their help. They used ropes etc. to finally help it out. Being the North, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a winch.

      But did you read about how the moose fell back in the water?! It came out on the second try. Poor thing must have been nearly dead with fear.

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