Dress Rehearsal For Authenticity

Waiting patiently,
meditatively –
The curtain rises.


Jane Fonda: Life’s Third Act


What a script.

Let’s bring this DRESS REHEARSAL

to an Oscar winning performance.

Speak your wisdom!


“Age disrobes authenticity”  –  Soul Dipper


30 thoughts on “Dress Rehearsal For Authenticity

  1. I saw this too and was pleased to see that someone with ‘name recognition’ is now promoting a ‘next step’ in maturity…which is an idea that’s been germinating for the past few years, and is now (hopefully) about ready to blossom! 😉

    • I hope we’ll see lots of mighty, silver-haired activists and rebels, William. It’s time we all quit being silent and letting fear of reprisal clamp our mouths shut. Yes, I know – truths can clash, too, but it’s better than being a bunch of suck-faces hiding behind pension cheques while the world goes to the greedy few who believe they are gods.

    • Mine is silver, underpainted with black, Stanka. The other day I was eligible for a free color and I declined. The hairdresser said, “Oh, I’m so glad. I would have a conscience about covering this natural effect.”

      Now, how to UNcover some of the other natural stuff… 😀

  2. Jane has put into words and actions, a germ that has been sprouting inside of me. I, too, feel happier and more eager for each day than I have during any other part of my life. Perhaps this is retirement, but i think it is more, because this feeling began forming even before I stopped officially working.

    I think her message about the third act is just as important for men as it is for women.

    Thanks for sharing this important message, Amy.

    • I agree, Linda, the message is definitely for both sexes. However, the patriarchal system brought us to this brink. It will likely take men to bring men to awareness – to a willingness to approach life with just and fair treatment. (It’s all seasoned with Love, but that scares some people.)

      We women have a role to speak up with everything our femininity can offer. It can no longer be hidden under a bushel. You know I’m not referring to anything sexual. We all know men who are open and will listen – even when it’s only a seed planting stage. If we package those seeds well, they’ll consider having the contents revealed. Men who are willing to listen and consider our point of view are often the same men who support effective women who are willing to make great contributions toward change.

      Both women and men need to speak up when approaches need more humanity, compassion and justice. As we age, justice is more obvious – especially when it’s missing. As we age, we know there are no winners in war. We’ve worked on our dark sides and are not afraid to wrestle our egos. It’s because we know our higher selves better and know that Self has far greater powers than our egos.

      More and more the message is saying that it will be women’s wisdom that brings our world into peace and order. I’ve been hearing that for a number of years from various people and gatherings in North America. In fact, it’s been said that it’s Western Women who have the major role because we have more voice than many of our sisters in other countries. Now it’s time for both sexes, but especially women, to use the feminine side of our being with as much emphasis and effect as possible.

  3. Good talk. Reminds me of Marianne Williamson’s “Our Deepest Fear” . . .

    We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

    • The good part of this, Nancy, is that our actions and their fruit will bear witness to all those marvelous traits! It’s time to be a Spiritual Activist or Mystical Radical. Example? Carolyn Myss – she roars. I like how she is one of God’s radicals and and how her strong means of expression have surprised even her.

      Yes, Marianne delivers a great message, too. In fact, Nelson Mandela thought so, too.

  4. I loved this! Did you happen to catch her stint on the Oprah Life’s Classes? This woman has a lot to say – I hope that people will listen!

  5. Wholeness, authenticity and wisdom…..she lives it well.

    I enjoyed hearing her speak–and she continues to speak with her passion, which makes the authenticity bloom.
    I like the truths she shared here–I’d like to believe this third act IS about finishing up the task of finishing up one’s self.

    I KNOW the freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation is our gift from G-d and the answer to altering the well trained perceptions we’ve created for ourselves.
    There’s that choice deal..and to choose in love rather than out of the rut we trained our minds to follow–is so flipping powerful it’s unreal.

    Just sayin’…..

    And I love what nrhatch brought up–she’s so right!

    • Nancy keeps a clear and consistent attitude about life. It’s refreshing to run into a person who stays away from the victim role. Yes, Mel, life does boil down to how we respond to the challenges we are given. Hmmm…does that mean I am a big lump of silliness after spending a weekend sobbing as I tried to get my sick little cat to eat? Quite a response to the possibility of losing him… On the other hand, give me a chance to be an advocate for a senior! 😀

  6. The beauty and wisdom of age is so well personified in this presentation…above all the confidence of being able to say…this is who I am…and I like myself, more than I ever have…amazing woman…

    Thank you so much for sharing this Amy…
    God bless…

    • Isn’t it refreshing? There is so much in the media that glamorizes youth that Ms. Fonda’s encouragement is a cool, refreshing drink of acceptance for aging.

    • If all else fails, this video of Jane Fonda’s can be googled on YouTube. Wonder what makes it difficult for some and not for others. Countries don’t seem to matter. You’re probably too early for the third act! 😀

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